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    They did win "something," the Eastern Conference. I know there's a tendency to ignore team accomplishments that aren't league titles, and many discussions get reduced down to RINGZ, but I think it's fair to celebrate that era. People loved Iverson and that team accomplished a lot relative to their talent level. Certainly you could go too far with it, but we've seen teams throw back to and celebrate awful eras in their team history just for the fun of it.
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    I mentioned the 2004-2010 Utah Jazz set as one of the worst of all time, just a derivative and soulless pile of crap, but let's not forget its half-brother here: What a big nothing. Horrid.
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    Yeah. AI is beloved among both fans and players. I think the nostalgia for that particular set runs pretty deep and goes beyond just aesthetics. This is part of our culture now.
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    To me the white pants would be a slight improvement with the navy jerseys because IMO anything's an improvement over mono-dark, but it still isn't good. Gray pants, dammit... it's just so obvious.
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    Not to mention, if championships are a requirement for throwback-worthy status, then that elimates a lot of great options across the league, including quite a few popular sets already adopted in the classic edition program (Hornets, Suns, Grizzlies, Raptors, Jazz, Magic...and so on). Nostalgia extends much farther than championships, or even finals appearances. If it evokes good nostalgia within a fan base, go for it, no matter if it was a championship look or not.
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    Because fire emojis and drip and abbreviations and Marketingspeak
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    I don't blame a guy for not anticipating a 100% cessation of revenue while still owing 100% of his expenses. There's no 5-year business plan that accounts for that. It's a little like saying that it's my friend's fault that she took on a ton of debt to open a salon literally two weeks before the shut down, and is likely looking at filing for protection herself. Obviously Vince's financing model was significantly more complex and subject to more risk than simply getting a business loan. I do blame him for around a million other things, and there may have been some shady financing and overcommitments, but I'm not sure how many of the facts have been released.
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    It's so frustrating that they use #11 for everything on that site. It's only half the reference it should be, because it doesn't give you any sense for the number font, which is a big part of the uniform.
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    I’d rather have the flag further up with no obstructions rather than being covered up by face mask hardware and chinstraps.
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    Yeah they needed to jazz it up a bit
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    White pants should never be worn with a silver helmet. It's easy to make pants magically appear at any time, so I wouldn't bet any money that they don't have a second set that we either just haven't seen,, or will be unveiled during the season. I think we need more of a 'wait and see' mentality with this off season than any other, so... let's wait and see.
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    Yes but this upcoming season is the 20th anniversary of the Finals appearance and they already did a 70's throwback this year. This is easily the worse version of that look. All of the charm just sucked right out of it.
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    The new helmet is a good compromise between the two approaches for sure, but I loved the huge helmet logo for them since it removed the issue with the height of the sword pushing the flag up near the crown of the helmet. This one... made much better use of the space than this one did- Not to mention that it just looks really awesome, but I think I can still appreciate the newest compromise.
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    Neither should be an option.
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    Also, those Sixers took a game from a Lakers team that had swept the Blazers, Kings and Spurs en route to the Finals. Those Lakers were an all-time team that the Sixers made a series out of (or at least made a game out of). Making the Finals is a big accomplishment, as you say. There's nothing at all wrong with celebrating a conference championship.
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    Most. Not just you. I bet he's right.
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    This might be an unpopular opinion but I'm really not a fan of the AI throwbacks. The wordmark and font look tacky and the colors are all over the place. They only stopped that basic design wearing them 11 years ago and I think there are plenty of designs from the 70's and 80's that would be a lot more interesting to see.
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    DESIGN CHALLENGE #1: Logo in under 2 Hours | NYC Snappers It's been awhile since I worked on design for fun at home. It's been awhile since I've done any designs period...maybe close to two months now. Decided to go on sharpen.design and utilize their design challenge generator. The first one I got was sort of designing a sports logo, so I went with it. I decided to record the whole 2 hour process. From research, inspiration, sketching and vectoring to create a logo. I had a ton of fun. I wouldn't look at the video as a tutorial, or a "How To" but more a look into how I take on a project and how my thought process works. If you leave a comment on the video, you can even win a sticker of the final product! I'm thinking of doing this series every Monday for the time being. Let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqzsAGi-SFA&t=12s DESIGN CHALLENGE #2: Creating a Sports Graphic for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in MS Paint Another week, another design challenge. This one was actually...quite fun lol. Check it out if you're interested in seeing my process and the final product!
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    Guilty as charged Sammy Hagar can't drive my age
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    It is me or do these uniforms look worse as each day passes. Some teams you just can't do a huge overhaul to. The Rams did a good job in 2000, changed the gold, put the new logo on the sleeves and kept the Rams horn in one piece. The horn just doesn't make sense. That dumb name tag with the sewing machine running out of thread look is awful. I though the gradient Falcons jersey was bad but the Rams are actually worse because the numbers look ridiculous on the Blue jerseys(the font is terrible too) and it's their home jersey. Someone earlier posted that the shoulders looked like a radio station logo, pretty damn funny. This should have been a slam dunk but the Rams pulled a Charles Smith(one of the most painful moments for me as a Knick fan and for you youngsters, refer to game 5, 1993 playoffs Bulls vs. Knicks last ten seconds). WOW, the Buccaneers have better uniforms than the Rams, just Wow.
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    The primary keeps FC Dallas in hoops, but goes big with it. It's a similar idea to how teams that use stripes can take it to the max with a half-and-half jersey. This is the same idea, just rotated. The secondary brings back more traditional hoops with FC Dallas' typical blue secondary colors, but brings a brick look to give it some character. Dallas Burn fauxback!
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    Doesn't this illustrate the point though? We have a thread, where the sources are kinda similar, but under the new rules would be split into multiple threads that are in two different forums. Doesn't that just sound needlessly complicated, and won't people just make them in the wrong place anyway? As it stands, we're going to have a megathread that includes legit (Mavs) and speculative (everything else) until (at least) something is actually unveiled, which wouldn't be until sometime before the season, so who knows when? And since we're potentially going to be talking about a lot of teams (assuming that there's legit confirms at some point), we're going to have the exact issue that the megathread policy is supposed to avoid, no? And if it's "a fair bit of work right now to split that up", so it just stands, wouldn't future ones also be "a fair bit of work" to split, and just stand too?
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    Yeah, the mid-2000’s were a rough time for NBA uniforms. Just a whole lot of uniform/brand de-evolution between the Jazz, Magic, 76ers’ piping, and perhaps even the Raptors dropping purple and the Spurs dropping the fiesta (though that came a tiny bit earlier). I was a teenager then, and I don’t think a single rebranding or uniform change from that era captivated or impressed me in any way. That’s an era I wouldn’t mind skipping over forever when it comes to throwbacks.
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    These should absolutely be brought back. The best Magic unis.
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    Glasgow:Amazing look. My favorite of the entire series to be exact. Manchester: Great color scheme that I could've never imagined or thought to look so good in 1000 years. My only suggestion that could improve the look is to add navy to the middle two sleeve stripes instead of using the base color. Maybe for the alternate helmet too, you could put steampunk googles on the front of the helmet like the Iowa Barnstormers helmet below.
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    I love the overall look of this, especially the color scheme. The word "Steampunkers" is really clunky. I think you could easily get away with just calling them the Manchester Steampunk. Let it be like the Miami Heat or Utah Jazz. Or New England Revolution. While the main icon needs to be as clean as possible, the very idea of Steampunk implies an overabundance of rivets and widgets and layers of wood and brass and copper. I'd make a version of the logo that is the "official' logo that is as elaborate and ridiculous and 'realistic' as you can make it. Make it to where we want to see it as if it was a real moving object. I think the rivets on the pants is fine, but I think that an alt uniform set should lean even further into the aesthetic. More stuff everywhere. "Move On!" is okay, but in America, a common pop culture association with the word "punk" is from Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" when he says "Do ya feel lucky, punk?" (the real quote is slightly different, but this is how everyone remembers it, just like everyone remembers Vader's quote as "No Luke, *I* am your father. BTW, happy 40th birthday to that quote today!). So maybe your slogan could be "Do you feel lucky?" Americans, at least, would automatically mentally tag ",punk" on the end of that slogan.
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    I'm ok with the Suns wearing the 90s unis even though they only went to one Finals appearance. There are so many great NBA uniforms that haven't won a Finals series...I think the black Sixers unis are good enough to bring back for a few games.
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    Exactly, celebrate a team that won something and actually looked good. They don't need to celebrate a team that got their asses whopped in the Finals.
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    This video has appeared on this board before, but it’s worth the repost: https://youtu.be/Vmx29eKYQZQ
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    Based on that image, it's one decal, that is transparent where the segments are. I thought it was maybe multiple decals. It looks bad where the transparent part goes over the vent hole, and the front yellow part seems not to have been applied very well.
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    That Utah Jazz logo and color scheme is one of my favorites ever in the NBA. They handled the name situation right: much more Utah, much less Jazz. The uniforms had to change by 2004 but purple and sky blue should have stuck around forever. The Deron Williams-era set was so awful, completely soulless and derivative, some of the worst.
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    I'm usually a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms. I like classics. But you can't have a classic aesthetic if it's not in opposition to a modern one, and one team that should definitely look modern is the implicit Disney World team with a goofy name. Let loose! Have fun! Try different things! Who needs the Maple Bulls?
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    A downside to splitting and/or merging threads is that your 'last read point' gets lost, so you re-reading or missing out on stuff. At least, that has happened to me, in particular with the LA megathread.
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    I always felt that the helmet with the oversized logo looked particularly bad from the front. It just looks like two random red pointy things on either side.
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    Agreed. I understand the pinstripes are associated with the Shaq years, but my favorite Magic sets are from when they've gone all-in on whimsy. Specifically, the sublimated stars and the galaxy City set.
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    This is bad. I kinda assumed that part of the reason they split the design is that it'd make for an easier 2-part application. If they were going to make it one piece, they should've just put it against the darker blue with a bit of a keyline to make it stand out a bit more. I really wish they'd followed the Vikings on this one. As time goes on, that overhaul is looking better and better. The closest to a 'modern classic' we've had in 20 years.
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    For sure. I have friends that were saying "well I thought he was prepared to lose money for 2 or 3 years," but even the most pessimistic projections didn't have a $0-$0-$0-$0-$0 for the last five weekends of the season.
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    Pardon the cross-topic quote, but Bruhammydude found this in the LA topic and I thought it was interesting. I'm sure this is just a draft and that GUD doesn't have insider info. Confirms my thinking that white pants just don't look good on any Patriots uniform, though. To me mono-white looks worse than mono-navy when paired with that helmet and those socks.
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    I saw that GUD (gridiron uniforms database http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=main) added the new uniforms to their site, (if you click on the 2019 games on a certain combo, you have to change the 2019 in the image link to 2020, and you can change the letter after it to switch uniform combinations) and obviously it could just be just in case, but they have the Pats with white pants as well. Honestly looks sooooo much better compared to the navy pants. They also have orange pants for the Browns deep in the archives. Also just noticed that there's a stupid 1946 mark on the back of the inner collar (same goes with the Pats too, really man?)
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    Just because a fanbase isnt large doesnt mean the fans they do have care any less than the fans of a more popular team.
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    Your last point is interesting because not only did they make the same mistakes, but aesthetically they were in the same situation: Both of them had stale early 00s rebrands which initially coincided with some success (with the Rams changing their look after winning the Super Bowl at the height of "the greatest show on turf" and the Falcons updating theirs during the Michael Vick years). Those early 00s rebrands were grounded in the trending uniform aesthetics of the era. But, as time went on, those looks became dated, and in the interim, the franchises introduced throwbacks to arguably simpler, more classic designs, which were appreciated by many fans, both because they were improvements over what they were wearing otherwise and for nostalgic reasons. Then, leading up to the 2020 season, both teams proceeded to overthink and overdesign what should have been simple rebrands: instead of returning to popular throwback looks (which seemed to be the obvious choice in both cases), both teams attempted to split the difference of listening to and pleasing the fans, and going with something modern or almost change for change's sake. I think that the head-scratching design choices (e.g. "bone" away jerseys and pants, and no blue accents on the away look for the Rams; the gradient jersey and number font for the Falcons) coupled with frank disappointment shared by ostensibly a lot of people in not returning these two teams to popular throwback looks puts them in that bottom tier, whether that's really an indictment of the designs themselves or not. Personally, I don't think either look is as bad as Cincinnati or Arizona, for instance, which still cling to that 00s piping and panels look. From a purely design standpoint, and given that some basic traditions of football uniforms are followed, they're not awful: if Atlanta were to wear black over white at home and white over white on the road (with contrasting socks) and LA were to wear gold pants with both their home and away jerseys, they'd be acceptable to me. But, that's the whole "in a vacuum" argument. We don't operate "in a vacuum", so the uniforms must be judged both from a purely design standpoint and within the broader context. Your post kind of made that click in my mind, BBTV: how parallel these two redesigns are.
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    I think that's the list right there. Order doesn't really matter, they're all the bottom tier. Had Cleveland and Tampa Bay not reverted, they may have formed a whole other bottom tier consisting of just them, so all those other teams just slid down a tier. Falcons may have been in this list regardless, but it's still mind blowing that both them and the Rams would spend years on these changes and make basically the same mistakes.
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    Rams, Falcons, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals.
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    Although I do agree that the Cowboys and Patriots uniforms could be improved on, I do think calling them the worst looking teams in the NFL is quite a stretch.
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    I would much rather have a classic jersey be a regular part of the rotation than these worthless (for the most part) City uniforms.
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    Strange decision to have the gradients on the numbers and the gradients on the pants stripe go in opposite directions. Lots of strange decisions I guess.
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    Agree with pretty much all of this. But I do actually like the light blue one from that Williams era.
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    I raise you the Utah Jazz, who literally wore every color in the rainbow over the past 2 seasons (with regular, statement, city, and throwback unis).
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