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    Vice is a cool alternate, but there’s nothing so wrong with thier current identity that it requires a full rebranding to Vice. I’ve always felt like a rebrand to Vice would be a change for change’s sake that would wear off in due time. IF they ever were to do a more extensive rebrand, I’d sooner they rebrand to Floridians colors because they’re a bolder look without being as stark a departure. In fact, I think it’d be a great difference splitter between all thier identities: the inaugural sets used orange trim, pink is a Vice color, and pairing the two with predominant black would still give off the same vibe as the current identity with a bolder twist.
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    You guys are harsh XD Gonna be honest, I love the simplified take @Survival79 It takes the original (and I do love the original despite its flaws, the hockey stick that isn't a hockey stick is the only thing that *needs* fixing imo) and removes the major issues- the hockey stick and the outlines. The shark itself remains as simple as it was back then, but I like that shark! The current shark looks like it came out of manga as SFGiants stated (I've heard people refer to it as a Pokemon and they're not far off) and the alternate they have reminds me of the Street Sharks cartoon from the 90s, with its exaggerated jaws and teeth. The irony is that the actual 90s logo is far more restrained. Which may be why I like it? It's a product of a very small window in time. The trends of the 90s had solidified themselves but computer technology hadn't really taken off yet. So you have logos from a very specific couple of years that have just a bit of 90s-ness to them yet are still drawn by hand have that old school human touch as a result. The Florida Marlins, Colorado Rockies, and Charlotte Hornets' logos fall into that category for me as well. And so the Sharks logo just has that "feel" for me. It's got some 90s elements- the teal and an aggressive animal- but the animal isn't overly designed or overly shaded and the other elements- the stick and triangle- come right out of an earlier, classic era of the sport (see the Penguins' logo from the 60s). It's just got a really nice balance of elements- 90s influences, old school elements, the human touch of a hand drawn logo- that's really rare in sports. That window when all of those things were possible shut pretty quickly once computers replaced pencil and paper.
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    ATLANTA HAWKS After careful consideration of the replies, I have decided to go for option C, since it's more visually pleasing in my opinion. I took hints from the Calgary Flames, with red as the primary accent color for the association uniform, and black for the icon. I retained the triangular pattern the Hawks have been using since 2015, as well as the fonts used for the wordmark and the numbers. And like what I mentioned before, volt is now being replaced with gold, which is much better looking. The statement uniform's overall design was taken from their uniforms during the mid to late 90's, as well as from @72freebie's extra bold 90's series version. During the design stages, I was comtemplating on whether to use a gradient or not. Eventually, I settled on solid black, since the overall design is already aggressive in its own. In place of the full-body hawk are hawk wings on the side panels, both on the jersey and the shorts. Nostalgia is the name of the game for my city uniform concept, taking a page from the blue-and-green era. I initially went with a navy blue jersey, as a tribute to the era before the blue-and-green and the team's playoff stretch during the late 2000's and the majority of the 2010's. However, when I switched to white, it became much cleaner, so I went to it. If there was a mashup between the blue-and-green uniforms and the ones from the Dominique Wilkins era, you're looking at it. One interesting element in the overall look is the script at the front, which is a straightened version of the "ATLANTA" frame on the exterior of State Farm Arena. The vertical script on the shorts follows the same motif.
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    “Black Lives Matter” to Replace Player Names on EPL Jerseys June 13, 2020 - 14:38 PM When the English Premier League returns on Wednesday, jerseys will read “Black Lives Matter” on the back in place of each player’s name. “We, the players, stand together with the singular objective of eradicating racial prejudice wherever it exists, to […] Read More...
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    I'm back after playing a lot of Civilization 6 on my pc . Up next we have the Capital City GoGo. I 100% copied this from @Krz but I have his consent. Using the DC flag as stripes was just perfect. Washington's jerseys (current and previous) are inspired by the USA flag and the G League affiliate's should be taken from the capital city flag. There's quite a lot going on in the chest area but I'd say it's the same with the Wizards. These might be a slight upgrade than its NBA counterparts because of the font. I really don't like the Wizards' font. Or the Wizards name.
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    Two things I missed: 1. When ESPN aired NHL games. Growing up I used to worship hockey like nothing else and ESPN was where I used to watch games. 2. I also miss AFL on TNN when I was young. Honorable mentions: Remember when ESPNews was just about sports news and nothing else. Pepperidge Farm remembers.. Also anyone remember when Stump the Schwab on ESPN. I used to watch the show with my grandparents growing up.
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    I went ahead and modified the script to more closely resemble the real thing. The jersey pic on the left is game worn from the museum and on the right is the 2011 Pirates v. Cards: Here is my update: I also recreated the Josh Gibson in The Show as close as I could for my DD squad: I'm going to continue to go down the Grays' timeline at one point, but am going to start doing a late 40's KC Monarchs next.
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    I don't. Stirrups look really dumb and striped socks are a better alternative.
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    Sup? I've gotten into playing Out of the Park Baseball again recently. If you don't know, it's like GM mode on a baseball video game that's on steroids, and you don't do the fun parts like actually playing. With KBO coming back before MLB, I decided to start a save in Korea. I've had issues with a thin player pool, compounded by the fact that if a player isn't on a roster, they shrivel up and retire. i wanted to give the players a chance and set up a few teams that hopefully could turn up some diamonds in the rough from good play on an independent team. Being a psychopath, i found every decently sized stadium not being used by a KBO team full time and used that to place my teams. My ultimate goal is to make a brand that could blend in with the current crop of teams. Originally an independent league, I made a split league with the KBO minor league teams since they're at a comparable level. I've expanded real leagues like crazy before, but I love the pure identity of 10 teams playing eachother over and over and over. There's also an 8th team that is a team that folded in 1999, and not worth posting the graphics for. Seoul Owls Mokdong Baseball Stadium 10,500 Pohang Hammers Pohang Baseball Stadium 12,000 Jeju Colts Jeju Ora Baseball Stadium 11,650 Ulsan Arrows Ulsan Munsu Baseball Stadium 12,088 Chuncheon Cranes Chuncheon Baseball Stadium 10,000 Cheongju FlamesCheongju Baseball Stadium 10,500 Gunsan WingsWolmyeong Stadium 12,000
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    I miss announcers that I was fairly certain were drunk during the broadcast.
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    260 views and 0 replies nice here's all the logos together for no reason other than I wanted to see it.
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    It would be one of the bigger downgrades in recent history though.
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    VANCOUVER WHITECAPS Sponsor: HSBC Bank Colors: Deep Royal, Sky I decided to merge two different Vancouver logos, taking the basic shield and wave of the Whitecaps and mixing it with the earlier crown from the Vancouver Royals. As for the logo, I wanted to do something a bit different than what we see with the MLS Whitecaps, but keeping the twin blue motif and the use of a white jersey. With the NASL teams that are also MLS teams (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, etc) I am going to avoid for the most part the MLS logo and current jerseys and try to pull in elements of the original NASL design. But I decided that the hoop design of the original Whitecaps was not what I wanted for this version, though I did try to keep a horizontal hoop element, just in a new way.
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    I must admit that I misremembered what the early Rowdies uniforms looked like. But as my goal is to update and create new designs, I think I will stick with the green & gold hoops. With the logo reduced to a crest and the addition of a large sponsor logo on the front, I think the stripes works pretty well. On to the next team(s). Let's head out west, where we have 2 teams whose logos just needed minor tweeking. FC LA AZTECS Sponsor: You Tube TV Colors: Terracotta Orange & Black While the name Aztecs may be a bit tricky (cultural appropriation?) I think the design of the logo minimizes any concerns. The Aztecs go with Umbro as their kit producer, and they go with a relatively basic orange jersey & black shorts/socks combo. The main item of interest is the feather pattern on the jersey. Let's say it has something to do with Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent. The away kit features the same feather pattern, but changes up the colors with white jerseys. Coming right up: Vancouver.
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    I wish Miami would go with this scheme full-time, just to have one less red/black team:
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    I loved these uniforms. Easily my favorite alternates the Steelers have worn in my lifetime.
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    University of Indianapolis is already taken, Indianapolis State would be too close to Indiana State, and University of Indiana-Indianapolis is too clunky. Purdue University-Indianapolis works, but whatever - and PUI would just be nicknamed "Pooey." Let the world have an Ooey Pooey. It's fun!
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    Next up are the Quad City Steamwheelers. Went with a unique striping pattern that wraps around the shoulders and up to the collar on the front. The helmet is quite unique also with the smokestacks being moved from the front of the helmet to the side.
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    I'm trying to put together a NLB uniform database based on images and videos. Here is the first team I attempted, the Homestead Grays, circa 1940ish. I'm hoping I can tackle a lot more teams soon.
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    Yeah, it's crappy design, but if you're reading it as PA OD WE ER, you're just trying to be snarky about it.
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    My thought (many years ago) was to do dark green/slate blue/light green. I still stand by it, especially that tree-trim design.
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    HOUSTON ROCKETS Based from the replies I received, I chose option A. Like I mentioned in the poll, this option is based from the franchise's San Diego era logo. However, I made several tweaks to the logo, such as the extension of the lines toward the center of the rocket and the font used in general. Aside from this, as well as the roundel-less logo, I also added an H-rocket logo, inspired by the Houston Comets' H-ball logo and even from other concepts such as the NBA Project 32 by @SFGiants58. On to the uniforms! To be honest, I disliked Nike's rendition of the red-and-silver era uniforms. Those uniforms kinda like cheap knock-offs of the originals. I kinda dislike their current duds as well, not because of the inclusion of black, but because of the sleeve trims being different from the collar and the overall design being too generic. My association and icon uniform concepts should've fixed Nike's errors. The statement jersey that I made was based from their sleeved gray jerseys, in which the checkered pattern was taken from the Gemini Titan. Instead of an arched or straight script, I warped the statement jersey script a la championship-era jerseys. Finally, we go to the city uniforms. It's basically a mashup of the uniforms from the franchise's inaugural season in Houston and the old red-and-gold alternate uniforms. Plus, since city uniforms tend to utilize city nicknames, I inserted a "Clutch City" script in block letters. I tried "H-Town", but "Clutch City" looked better.
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    I think it gives the mark some much needed weight. The sticks are a bit too flimsy without the thicker black outlines. Personally I'd be much more inclined to give the whole thing a thicker border.
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    Then came a wave of nostalgia, the Kings dropping purple, the fact that the Cup-winning uniforms looked awful, and the growing popularity of that orange alternate. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually comes back, when 2007 becomes an even more distant memory. Granted, this argument can be used against the Bucs' new design. But still, '90s nostalgia has power here, power that the team should not resist to go with an ultimately superior design.
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    It's been quite a while since I've posted a concept here, but I made a design for the proposed Kraken name for the new Seattle NHL Team.
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    This is also why I think the Mighty Ducks logo has endured so much more than the Webbed D; it's the exact same era of design as the Sharks, and even shares a similar concept with the shape background and the inclusion of sticks. But they took very different approaches to those elements; the Sharks ended up embracing that aggressive animal motif full-on with their mascot animal angrily tearing through a hockey stick, while the Mighty Ducks logo ended up remaining more iconographic and staying much closer to the traditional "hockey crest" design despite it's early 90's traits and Disney flair. Both were huge sellers, and both became iconic for the same reasons but took different approaches to getting there. There's character and a vintage charm to those logos because they were in that transitional point where color was getting weird but design hadn't yet reached that point. It's actually pretty interesting to see design evolution captured in progress in logos like that. Actually, it's a similar story to the Kachina Coyote now that I think about that; that's also a traditional crest design (anthropomorphic animal holding hockey stick and skating, again very much like the Penguins' crest), but filtered through the lens of an era where experimental and weird sports logos were the norm; but even that's pretty damn restrained, visually speaking, for the decade. The Canucks' Orca could fit into that same group as well, hence why both of them are also enduring far past the era they were created, whereas designs like the Burger King and Pooh Bear are reduced to comic fodder. It's interesting to look at teams like the Coyotes and Ducks and see such a perfectly-illustrated timeline of sports aesthetics from the time they joined the league; both started out in the 90's with unorthodox logos and jerseys, then switched to far more "traditional" designs and logos by the mid-point of the 2000's. Nowadays, the majority of the public opinion is swinging back; people want both to go right back where they started because of the changing times of sports aesthetic; what the mid-2000's sports fan saw as kitschy and stupid, the modern sports fan sees as unique and interesting. Not all 90's designs were good (most thirds of that era come to mind immediately), but any design trend has hits and misses. I could see the 2020's being a design point that ends up seeing multiple teams from the 90's era rebranding to looks that are much closer to that era. We know the Coyotes are going Kachinas for the playoff home games they have, so maybe that era's already starting for them. The Senators' rebrand has been a saga in it's own right, of course, though considering the managerial dysfunction up there, it's hard to tell if they'll go right back to the 90's look or if they'll just make yet another version of the team identity if the rebrand ever even happens.
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    The wordmark can be integrated in the primary, but you would still have to provide the primary and a separate wordmark with your submission.
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    I prefer strirrups to be worn the way they are worn by the players who define baseball, for both good... ...and evil. To be more serious about it, I can go for a little variation. If some guys pull their stirrups up really long, I am cool with that. I can even live with two-in-ones. And I am slowly warming to the solid-sock look (though I cannot say that I am fully there yet). The one timeless absolute is that a properly-dressed ballplayer shows some sock. No one should ever be allowed on the field with his pants down to his shoes, or with pant legs missing the elastic.
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    Tom Seaver in the Mets' racing stripe uniform which he wore for only one season, 1983. Minnie Miñoso in the White Sox' mid-1970s uniform during his historic comeback at age 50 in 1976. Bob Gibson in the pullover/beltless Cardinals uniform. He wore this for five years, from 1971 to 1975, but it still seems so wrong.
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    The Prince Albert Raiders unveiled their 50th anniversary logo. The Raiders started as a Jr. A team in 1971 and moved up to the WHL as an "expansion" team in 1982. The green star represents their Memorial Cup championship, the gold stars represent their two WHL championships and the white stars represent their four national championships from their Jr. A days.
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    There’s ways to coat them so you don’t get them fogged up. Its going to be interesting when it rains or snows.
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    It helps your point that his shoulder pads look like manboobs.
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    The COVID-19 Collection
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    I am getting flashbacks on that one...
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    And then the AAXFL will eventually merge with the NFL (after playing 3 "Real World's Champion" games) and they'll create the Uber Bowl. Nobody will really care about pre Uber Bowl championships.
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    Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005. Super Bowl XLIV was in 2010. I guess it took five years for that gift to come in....
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    This: BO-RING! That S on the cap was just a basic text font with a little shadow dropping. Not a dam thing in the whole package to reference the name of the team-- no sea, no sailors, no trident, no ship, no navigation reference. And the whole forced notions of trying to call them the "M's", like the A's--- who came up with that?
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    They're a bit overdesigned, but I love the color balance and the modernization of the tree element. They got much worse when they dropped the green IMO. I'd go back to that design in a heartbeat over the boringness they wear now.
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    Thanks to @qckgnc's tip, here is Birmingham Bayhawks! Based on a google search, I learned that bayhawks are actually ospreys, which can be found in Alabama. I don't think there are a lot of them in Birmingham, but what the heck. The name has a nice ring to it. If you guys have a better idea for a team name please post them on the comments. Now to the jerseys. It is an update on the New Orleans Jazz threads with Bayhawks text. I never really liked the Pelicans branding and everyone loves the Mardi Gras colors. Switching to them as primary instantly makes better uniforms.
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    These should absolutely be brought back. The best Magic unis.
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    The laurel-leaf stripes don't look right if they're not black on gold as they are on all the Centurions. There's something distracting about them (BAY-BAY! WHY DON'T YOU JUST) meeting in the middle, even though that's actually truer to the logo than having them all go in one direction as they did on the old alts. Not really a fan of the S secondary the Senators used all those years, feels redundant and ugly, if you're going to have contrasting shoulder logos, maybe make the non-flag one a Peace Tower logo? maybe with copper-patina green in it? I was going to say to use the real Ottawa flag but I always forget that Ottawa's actual flag is the logo for a software company in 1993. "O-gistics: the dynamics of forefronts."
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    Making the angle shallower is probably the right move if you were going to bring that identity back, but if we're going to concede to changes here, why stop? I quite like the 25th anniversary sweater's colours more than that actual Mighty Ducks-era scheme. Is that on the table? And is the logo really that untouchable? It's a straight up Disney logo, and yeah. There will be people who will NEVER accept it for that reason. I don't think the Ducks' Cup look is a panels and piping design. That more describes their primary look today, in my opinion. The swooshy striping on the Cup uniforms was, I think, an attempt to do the 90s angled striping in a more contemporary (for the time) manner. Of course it can be. And probably should be. That doesn't mean every attempt at modernity is a good thing though. Experimentation implies that not everything attempted will be a success. That's fair, but it's also implied to a degree. The original Hornets were the originators of the teal and purple trend that the Ducks were riding and that was an identity chosen because those colours were both new and pleasing together. A huge part of marketing is finding colours that will resonate. Teal and purple was the perfect scheme to mix things up across pro sports. My larger point is that the Mighty Ducks were a pop culture brand among a collection of pro sports brands. Which made it stand out at the time and has given it a cache of nostalgia in the present that outweighs what would normally be ascribed to an identity with its on-ice record. Of course people can- and do- prefer the Mighty Ducks' identity to the present identity for reasons as simple as preference for the colour scheme or logo. I suppose my point in this regard is that nostalgic preference and aesthetic preference are not mutually exclusive concepts. One's preferences are, in part, shaped by upbringing and environment. I tend to like traditional aesthetics in sports, and I'm sure being a Leafs fan in a family divided between Leafs and Habs (aka the two most traditional teams in hockey) fans played a part in that. And so if you're someone who was drawn to the pop culture brand that was the Mighty Ducks in the 90s and early 2000s then you will be predisposed to having an aesthetic preference for it and similar stuff. It's not a "one or the other" binary where you're either a nostalgia zombie or a colour theorist championing eggplant and jade purely for its scientifically quantifiable complimentary nature Sometimes you just like what you like and nostalgia plays a role in it. It's broadly the same for everyone. Nostalgia cycles are totes real though. We're getting a wave of 90s alts in both hockey and basketball right on time.
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    When the Stars brought back light green, it had been over a decade since they'd won a Cup and even longer since the days of light green. True, but let's also remember that the Stars won a Cup in a uniform set they've largely rejected since: The same logic can apply to the Ducks. Dull? It was dark, dingy, and really messy. The uniforms, maybe. But those colors? I don't know, I think the Hornets have demonstrated that those colors can thrive outside of the '90s nostalgia context. No argument from me, especially since more orange leads to the "pumpkin guts" look. I know. Dark green and orange, perhaps with black and yellow-gold as trim colors. Use an ornithologically-correct duck logo, with the "D" as the shoulder patches. Have the '90s Eggplant sweater as an alternate. It's distinctive, doesn't come off as goofy, and keeps the '90s look around in some capacity. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that it was one case, while also trying to explain why the Jade/Eggplant set isn't as rejected as some '90s designs. True, but as I mentioned with the Stars example, nobody really seems to have a problem with the Stars' "star template" design being written-off. Why should it be any different for the uglier Ducks design?
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    If this isn't an argument for the Kachina jerseys I don't know what is.
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    The locals love the kachina jerseys, as do Coyotes fans in general (me among them). Given that the players like them and ownership is very high on them, going back to that direction was inevitable. Besides, this isn't a 1967 expansion team or an Original Six club. It's a team established in 1996 with an iconic look, I don't really feel there's a need for the Coyotes to try to be overly-classic looking. Appeal to the market's desires, and the market is pretty firmly in the Kachina camp. That, and the Kachina is when the team had it's most prolonged success; they've been mostly a disaster on ice since moving to the Howling Coyote outside of the 2011-12 season.
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