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    In the past, I had thought the UNLV logo was supposed to be a cowboy because of the hat. In my defence, the UNLV logo wasn't one I really saw that much, I'm not American so the Civil War isn't something I really know all that much about and when I think Civil War hat, I think of this little number. But when you go through the UNLV logo history, it's clearly not a cowboy. Especially the first logo wearing the above hat and the second logo with the stars in the R. The 1980-Pres. logo is pretty much this guy from the old Looney Tunes cartoon, whose whole thing is being a Confederate Southerner. (For some reason I have a really strong memory of this cartoon, I vividly remember him yelling "Belvedere" and then the main character dog putting Belvedere in a New York Yankees jersey)
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    OK, I think this thread has run its course. We know where the UNLV mascot came from, we know they're considering changing it. No one is changing anyone's minds on the issue, and while the discussion started as one relevant to sports and graphic design, it is once again perilously close to being completely derailed. Thank you to all who kept things civil and on topic for as long as you did.
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    That is absolutely the confederate character they were going for. The “Colonel”. It’s an officer’s uniform, common enough in pop culture. When Yosemite Sam was portrayed as a Southerner, he got the same getup. As did Bugs Bunny when he impersonated “General Brickwall Jackson”. The mustache, the wife brimmed gray hat; UNLV can give him a feather, and a little fringe, but they can’t pretend he’s something that he isn’t. And they can’t erase the stain of the confederacy from him. Even if “Rebels” as a name can be adapted to something less odious, that logo still has to go.
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    LOS ANGELES BROWNS Reality: The American League St. Louis Browns spends decades in mediocrity, barely surviving in St.L alongside the Cardinals. They moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles after the 1953 season. The Browns very nearly moved to LA in 1942, however the vote to move occurred on December 8, 1941, a day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. A single day difference may have changed the course of history for the MLB had the Browns been the first Westward team. What if?: The Browns move to LA in 1942 and take hold of the city almost immediately, replacing the LA Angels Pacific Coast League club. The Browns became the Yankees of the West. I stayed classic with the uniforms, updating some of the final St.L Browns looks for the home and away. The monogram is in the same style as a classic St. Louis browns monogram. The Home Plate is the only really modern aspect of the uniform sets, using a graffiti script and sublimated graffiti.
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    LOS ANGELES STARS Reality: The Angels begin play in LA in 1961 as an expansion club. Their name is derived from the city they play in and the Pacific Coast League club that they replace. They play as the California Angels, Anaheim Angels, Anaheim Angels of California, and Los Angeles Angels. What if?: The Stars make their way to LA after the Federal League Newark Peppers move back to Indianapolis and name themselves the stars, based on the flag of Indianapolis. The club exists in Indy for nearly 40 years before succumbing to Westward expansion. Fittingly, the Stars take the name of the Pacific Coast League Hollywood Stars, and eventually make the change to LA Stars after a few decades of trying to decide if they represent Hollywood, California, or LA. I enjoyed updating the PCL look for the modern MLB with elements of the Angels. The name and logo will preclude Houston from using the Astros monicker.
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    My racist Aunt posts stuff like this on Facebook a lot, usually preceded by, “this is the last thing I’m going to say about this: (insert obviously inflammatory, bigot-ish statement), and that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Sorry, snowflakes!” She then, of course, goes off in the comments, desperate to get the last word in, since that equals a “win,” I guess. Your chest-thumping followed by “I’m happy; don’t put your misery on me; enjoy being triggered” is real high-brow stuff.
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    That’s fair, and I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to members here who are from the south. I simply mean when it comes to the overall mentality of white supremacy that permeates parts southern culture, Mississippi is particularly embarrassing. Not to condemn the entire southern population, just the sect that operates in that manner. My apologies for not being more careful with my words. I also say this as someone who’s grandfather is from Mississippi, so I saw a lot of that up close. But, yes. Back to talking about the UNR satellite campus.
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    SAN DIEGO WHALES Reality: The Chicago Whales fold with the Federal League in 1915, despite being the original tenants of what is now known as Wrigley Field. The San Diego Padres are a 1969 expansion club, adopting the name of the Pacific Coast League Padres. What if?: The Chicago Whales join the Giants and Dodgers in the 1957 move West, leaving Chicago to the White Sox and the Cubs. There are more Whales in the Pacific than in Lake Michigan anyways. The home and away aren't too far off from the current set. I originally used blue, light blue, and yellow but they ended up looking far too much like the Brewers. The all tangerine tradition uniform harkens back to the experiments of the late 70s and early 80s. The wavy, horizontal pinstripes of the Home Plate compliment the Gaslamp monogram.
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    "Caring about Toronto wasn't invented until the 2010s" is up there among the dumbest thoughts ever proffered on this board.
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    "Oh, Belvedere . . . come heeeere, boy." ____________________________________________ "Say hello to my uncle up in Boston." "South Boston. Alabama."
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    Agreed. Although I would still maintain that even though the Golden Knights have created a good solid identity, I still dislike the team name. Kraken COULD be apart of a very good identity package. But I am skeptical. And I just don't like the name based on the way it sounds. Too minor league-ish and it just feels at odds with the nomenclature of most of the other NHL franchises. In saying that, I could equally predict that if they did go with Kraken, in 5 years from now it will feel/sound totally fine and I may even like it. Funny how that often works.
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    DALLAS MAVERICKS It's not a coincidence, given that I posted my Hawks concept uniforms before this (Trae Young and Luka Doncic). The Mavs have one of the most modern logo sets in the NBA today, despite being used for less than 20 years. But when I saw a concept logo back then, I thought that this could be a basis once the team (or Mark Cuban, probably) decides to revamp their overall look. I took the stylized "M" from the aforementioned logo, but since many people are clamoring for the cowboy hat "M", this new "M" wears one, and like the inaugural logo of the franchise, this one is behind a basketball. I love the double-blue color scheme of the team, thus, I retained this color scheme. I also made two additional alternate logos, one is the new "M" behind a star, and the other one is Dallas' triple-D logo, but with the star, instead of leaves, as the additional accent. If SMU did it before, why don't the Mavs? The overall design for the association and icon uniforms is inspired from the bottom of the new "M" and the lines found on the wordmark above. I chose navy over royal blue as the icon uniform color, because it looks better, plus, navy blue wordmarks on a royal blue background tend to be unreadable from afar, and it's also an homage to the early years of the double blue era in which Dirk Nowitzki earned a name for himself. Ever wonder why the jersey scripts are italicized? They're inspired by the wordmarks found on the courts the team used during their stay at Reunion Arena. I went with a fauxback when it comes to my statement uniform concept, which is a simple royal blue uniform patterned after the blue-and-green era jerseys but with a v-neck. Since the font used all throughout won't fit (I tried it, but it came out either really small or just indescribable, you can refer to the Warriors' Copperplate font fiasco), I decided to go for a western-themed font. To be specific, I used the NOB font of Texas Rangers. The "Diddy uniforms" have been considered fan-favorites, with the original green version being the most popular. This specific version became the foundation for my city uniform concept. There are several differences between mine and the original uniform. First, I reduced the color palette to just navy blue, green, and white, with a touch of silver as an accent. The shades of navy blue and green that I used came from the ones used during the blue-and-green era. Second, I used "Dallas" instead of "Mavs" to highlight the "city" aspect of the uniform. Third, though the overall design is different, it follows the same motif as the originals. Finally, the triple-D logo makes its way onto the shorts, for the same reason as the second.
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    The NFL will likely lose $3 billion this year, even if they play all of their games, just because of crowd limitations or elimination. The European soccer leagues are not facing such huge rates of infection. It also seems that the players over there are not taking this as cavalierly as US sports stars have been.
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    I don’t stand by that position anymore on the Padres. Even then, it was just a hypothetical, darling. In trying to tell the “woke” to STFU, you reveal what a snowflake you are. All anti-PC folk strike me as snowflakes upset that the world won’t put up with them anymore.
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    The first one is named for a literal color, while the others are just settler groups. Indiana could easily be named for tires. Also, stop treating "wokeness" like it's gangrene.
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    UNLV really shouldn’t change the name. Rebels is fine. Ole Miss should change. It’s all about context. Still waiting for the wokeness to come for Stanford, Indiana and Oklahoma.
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    If they can't confirm that getting it gives you some sort of immunity then I'm not sure how sports are going to actually come back here. You're not talking about the brightest and most conscience of society when talking about pro athletes and coaches, so I'm not sure how even a bubble system can prevent the spread. Does the NBA even have a plan for how they're going to safely get prostitutes into the bubble? I'm not really joking, because you're trying to tell mostly young guys with no regard for anything who are used to banging women in every city they go to that they're going to have to go without for a few months. I would assume that somewhere in that 100 page bubble plan that there's a "p....y provision".
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    Sup? I've gotten into playing Out of the Park Baseball again recently. If you don't know, it's like GM mode on a baseball video game that's on steroids, and you don't do the fun parts like actually playing. With KBO coming back before MLB, I decided to start a save in Korea. I've had issues with a thin player pool, compounded by the fact that if a player isn't on a roster, they shrivel up and retire. i wanted to give the players a chance and set up a few teams that hopefully could turn up some diamonds in the rough from good play on an independent team. Being a psychopath, i found every decently sized stadium not being used by a KBO team full time and used that to place my teams. My ultimate goal is to make a brand that could blend in with the current crop of teams. Originally an independent league, I made a split league with the KBO minor league teams since they're at a comparable level. I've expanded real leagues like crazy before, but I love the pure identity of 10 teams playing eachother over and over and over. There's also an 8th team that is a team that folded in 1999, and not worth posting the graphics for. Seoul Owls Mokdong Baseball Stadium 10,500 Pohang Hammers Pohang Baseball Stadium 12,000 Jeju Colts Jeju Ora Baseball Stadium 11,650 Ulsan Arrows Ulsan Munsu Baseball Stadium 12,088 Chuncheon Cranes Chuncheon Baseball Stadium 10,000 Cheongju FlamesCheongju Baseball Stadium 10,500 Gunsan WingsWolmyeong Stadium 12,000
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    Growing up in Atlanta, I've seen the clip of Hank hitting his 715th home run so many times that he looks completely normal in this uniform. I'd argue he's more known for wearing this uniform than his previous ones.
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    The last thing we need is another red blue team
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    Most star players love playing on the road in Toronto, coming to the All Star Game in Toronto, hanging out at OVO Fest during the summer, but there are still a lot of minor inconveniences that come with moving to a new country that are a hindrance to free agents. I can't really blame them either. I've lived in Canada my whole life, and if I were a pro athlete in a league with 29 Canadian teams & 1 American team I'd prefer to stay in my home country. Thankfully Giannis isn't an American and won't have the same issues next summer . Even though it goes against just about all of my ideas about good sports branding, the Raptors have managed to simultaneously use 3 different distinct identities successfully. The primary red/black/silver look will always be associated with the championship, with both the black/gold & throwback purple looks being nice to break out once in a while. I'd rather they keep these looks separate than try and mash them all together. Based on the reports, I can't seeing this change being much more than the Rockets & Warriors updates we saw last summer.
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    I'll never understand the narrative that Miami got hosed in that game. Regardless, there's no way they would have ever been 2010s Bama with Coker in charge. Coker was a subpar coach who only got the job because Butch Davis' players wanted him.
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    I'm so glad I don't run into the same people you run into them. I have an online record of being a Cooper skeptic going back to 2016 after the Lightning had a dismal regular season (they finished with the sixth best record in the East and weren't inside the playoff picture for good until the end of February). And while I know Stamkos missed most of the 2016-'17 season, the fact of the matter is the Lightning had enough talent outside of him that they should've never been in last place in the entire conference in the middle of January (proof) and they should've never missed the playoffs. That was a fireable offense. That Ottawa Senators team who took the Penguins to double OT in Game 7 of the Conference Finals? The Lightning were more skilled, by a comfortable margin. That was a missed opportunity in a very weak Atlantic Division because the Lightning, for the second straight year, didn't start playing hockey until the second half of the season rolled around, and that time they didn't have enough time to climb out of the hole they dug for themselves. Last March, I'm not sure I'll ever forget the groan I had when I heard the news about Cooper getting a contract extension. I get why it happened - the Lightning didn't want a scenario like what happened with Trotz the year before with the Caps where they go on to win the Cup and then the head coach walks because his demands aren't met but, you know, Cooper has repeatedly been outmaneuvered in the playoffs and if such a repeat situation had occurred a la Trotz, then something tells me that it would've been an acceptable outcome because, you know, it would mean they won the Cup. That was such a pre-emptive move, awarded on the merits of what the Lightning had accomplished during the regular season even though everybody already knew that the regular season accomplishments weren't going to be what anybody cared about when it was all said and done. As it turned out, those accomplishments became a punchline. You said Sharks East, I would probably say Ducks East myself, but that's six-in-one/half-dozen the other. All three teams in the last decade are synonymous with strong regular seasons, win a few playoff series, but trip themselves up short of the finish line. I align more with the Ducks because, much like them, the Lightning have blown their share of 3-2 series leads over the years.
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    MLB doesn't limit uniform changes to 2 teams per year. In any other year there might be three or more changes. Why the eff do you think they wouldn't allow teams to make their scheduled changes for next year, just because San Diego and Milwaukee didn't get their year this year???
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    Dude. That literally means nothing. Your entire argument makes no sense.
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    I can't help the people you might encounter and deal with so I'm not discrediting your word on this at all...that being said, whatever arrogance our fanbase might have, I would sure hope that got extinguished after having the most embarrassing playoff failure in North American sports history last year. Literally nothing short of winning the Cup in, well, our next opportunity now I guess (whether that comes this year or not) is going to make that stain go away anytime soon.
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    They could crown conference champions based on record, but not an overall NBA champion. That might be the best they can do, but they should probably just call it all off and tell the Bucks to cry to the Expos.
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    Before this gets inevitably locked, figured I'd comment. As someone who's fairly southern. Rebels means people who fought for the Confederates. It probably once meant the people who broke away from British colonialism, but Confederates tainted it. UNLV could easily adopt cowboys or Pioneers, both work with the rejected Vegas sign logo really well and while they can be interpreted the wrong way, it's an improvement that doesn't require much change. Ole Miss already has the Landsharks thing going, they should've adopted that yesterday.
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    Change the name. Can't retcon your way from the original symbolism and meaning. Mind you this was really stupid to begin with given that Nevada was admitted to the Union during the Civil War and its Constitution explicitly defers more to the Federal Government as a consequence.
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    Time for some updates! First, for Tampa. I used the team's original electric blue colour, and it definitely pops out more. Great suggestion. Next, I added a triangle to Pittsburgh's alternate. I think it definitely breaks up the chest stripe nicer that my original design. Lastly, a small update to Vegas, making the side panels like a V. Not sure why I didn't think of that when I made it.
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    I love it when people not from Toronto try to explain what Toronto is. If the indications of this thread are true and most of you Yankees never gave Toronto a passing thought until 2015 then you're really not positioned to be talking about what Toronto is or isn't It's like that one guy who tried to suggest the Maple Leafs should abandon text on their logo because having a logo that relies on one language doesn't fit a "multi-cultural" and "progressive" city like Toronto. And I had to remind him that the Maple Leafs existed prior to 2015 and are rooted in an era when Toronto was merely the cultural capital of English speaking Protestant Canada. That is to say that the Maple Leafs are so old, and so ingrained in the city, that they predate the assumptions many Americans have about it. So where does that leave the Raptors? Well they're far newer. 1995 is far more modern than the Leafs' founding date of 1917. This allows the Raptors a lot of creativity. In fact the Raptors are far more a product of the multi-cultural and progressive Toronto than the old timey Leafs are. This allows them a lot of freedom. They can play around with their uniforms in ways the Leafs can't, they can celebrate local culture in ways the Leafs can't. The Raptors having "Drake Night" is fun. The Leafs having "Drake Night" and rolling out black and gold unis is cause to burn the arena down. Both of these attitudes can co-exist by the way, and within the same fanbase too. Cities, especially cities as big as Toronto, can have multifaceted and complex identities. So what I'm getting at is that the Raptors have a degree of freedom with their identity that the Leafs don't, but at the same time...where do they go with it? Having no restraints (or less restraints than the established team you share a building with) can be both a blessing and a curse. Lights Out, you say that they shouldn't have to dress up as "Canada's Team" to attract fans, and can rely on cashing in on Toronto first and foremost. There are issues with that, however... 1) If they're going to lean into being a TORONTO team first and foremost then break out the paint bucket tool because it's time to dress them in blue and white. That's the Toronto sports scheme, from University of Toronto, to the Maple Leafs, to the Argos, to the Blue Jays. And while the uniformity is appealing in a "what if we were like Pittsburgh?" sort of way? I think it does the Raptors a disservice to stick them in a creative hole. U of T, the Argos, Leafs, and Jays all have that colour scheme because they're older and more established. Let the Raptors do their own thing. 2) It ignores the fact that the Raptors have, especially since 2015, done a fantastic job cultivating fans across Canada. There were "Jurassic Park" viewing parties across the country during the Raptors' Finals run, and TSN's announce team worked hard to work the rest of the country into the festivities. With three pointers often being referred to as "from Winnipeg" or "from Montreal," etc... Abandoning the Canadian colour scheme may not be the best way to nurture a nation-wide fanbase that's at its peak thanks to a title win. 3) The purple isn't distinctly Toronto. No Toronto team had purple before them, and purple has never been associated with the city in any way. Purple was adopted because it was the trendy colour in the early and mid 90s and the team was all about capitalizing on merch in their early years (if the Jurassic Park cash-in didn't make that clear). In fact the original colours were purple, black, and neon green. The neon green got switched out for red due to ownership wanting something distinctly "Canadian" in the inaugural identity. Which means that if any part of the inaugural identity has any sort of relevance to the team's locale it's the red, not the purple. 4) The biggest issue with your take...you (and others) have said that Toronto had no wide-spread appeal in the US prior to the 2010s. Ok. So if this is true then your solution is for the Raptors to embrace a colour scheme when they were irrelevant to most of the rest of the NBA? Seems counter-productive. If we assume the "WE THE NORTH"/Drake stuff was the start of the Raptors being taken seriously in some way then doesn't it stand to reason that keeping the basic building blocks of that brand (red, white, black, Drake alts, etc...) is the way forward? Don't get me wrong, I love the 90s throwback and the purple stuff. My primary Raptors hat I wear is purple with the 90s logo. Still, it's best saved for the occasional throwback where you can make a fun 90s night out of it. The brand going forward should be rooted in the team's most successful and culturally relevant identity, however.
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    BigRed618-- You are correct, the Strikers are Ft. Lauderdale's, so the Twin Cities get back their original NASL team, the Kicks. FT. LAUDERDALE STRIKERS Sponsor: Royal Caribbean Cruiselines Colors: Red, Gold, Black The greater Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area retain the Strikers. I kept the logo from the new NASL version of the Strikers (because it is pretty awesome) with just a minor adjustment to the font. The uniforms also reflect the original squad from the 70's, with red & gold hoops over black shorts. The Away uniform keeps the black elements while providing a cooler white combo for those humid hot midsummer games in South Florida.
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    It's more likely that it's a function of player preference, since sleeves were shrinking way before the Nike BS about their performance materials started. These photos are from the 1994 season, and players were already either having their jerseys tailored or tucking the sleeves in underneath their pads. I think it's time to put aside the "everything was better back in my day" schtick and accept that some changes are legitimately due to function rather than fashion.
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    The Kachina has so much more character. I'm not obsessed with the jersey like a lot of people are, but the logo itself is just so much more interesting than the howling Coyote. I don't dislike the howling Coyote, but it's not very memoriable and is overall just a bit too bland for me.
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    This is late-stage capitalism in a nutshell. Pro sports franchises in the US are some of the last businesses to be infected by the disease of extracting profit from every single asset on the balance sheet. Franchises have typically been owned by the very wealthy but for almost a century they were viewed as trophies and membership in an elite club used to show off. When you apply the same set of financial metrics that investment bankers use for industrial sectors to sports this is what you get. Combine this mindset with heavily leveraged purchases (McCourt et al) the franchises are now forced into a profit motive above all else just to satisfy their creditors. A good comparison is the financialization of the casino/gaming industry, it went from being a cash cow; internally financed and privately held independent businesses to a couple of highly leveraged, publicly traded conglomerates that now charge for every single service that used to be comped.
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    The MLB has become one of the worst run leagues in America. No wonder ratings are going down and popularity is decreasing, everything has been a joke lately. They can't figure out when to play and turn it into some CBA crap, Owners want ads, the Commissioner called the World Series Trophy a piece of metal, the Astros Scandal, etc.
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    Nah, that's pretty apt. I'd like to recommend a video on a similar subject. It does a good job of talking about how racist stereotypes like Aunt Jemima emerged from the late-19th/early-20th century and how they evolved from blackface to being one of the few kind of roles that African-American actors could have in Hollywood.
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    All this Dodgers talk led to something real weird. Enjoy this sacrilege. OAKLAND GIANTS Reality: The NY Giants were convinced to head to San Francisco by SF Mayor George Christopher. Their 1958 move was allegedly contingent on a second club moving to California. The Brooklyn Dodgers would be this second club. What if?: The Giants are lured by Oakland Mayor Frank Mott with the promise of the construction of the baseball-specific Oakland Coliseum. The Giants still need to convince an East Coast club to move West with them, a more difficult task with the wildly successful Browns already occupying LA. This Bay-crossing abomination was the perfect opportunity to move away from the Golden Gate imagery and into the Giant redwood imagery that I've always wanted to try out for the Giants. The home and away have sublimated wood grain pinstripes. A new logo features an ancient, giant tree. I modified the under-used California Redwoods (UFL) helmet stripe for this because I've always loved it and it's a travesty that it only lasted a year. SAN FRANCISCO DODGERS Reality: The Dodgers join the Giants in Westward expansion in 1958, heading to Southern California instead of The Bay. The Dodgers take over LA and are still one of the most storied franchises in the MLB. What if?: The Dodgers avoid LA, already occupied by the Browns. Sick of playing second fiddle in their home town but still eager to keep their rivalry with the Giants they head to San Francisco. San Franciscans are unsure of the MLB club replacing the Pacific League Seals but warm to the Trolley Dodgers quickly. Yet another California abomination, but yet another nickname that makes perfect sense in the new city.
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    We're veering into Pointless Realignment territory at this point, but I'd agree on the Panthers being way more expendable than the Lightning.
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    NEW YORK TIP TOPS Reality: The Brooklyn Tip-Tops played in 1914 and 1915, and folded with the league. The Mets wouldn't arrive in New York until 1963 as a replacement for the departed Dodgers and Giants. The Mets name is shorthand for the corporate name, New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc. What if?: The Tip-Tops, named for Tip-Top Bread made by the owner Ward Baking Co, hangs on in New York as other clubs move West. A corporate brand never sits well with the MLB, but tradition prevails and the club goes forward as the NY Tops. Much like the T's, I've kept our reality's branding for the Tops, assuming they'd eventually get there.
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    BALTIMORE TERRAPINS Reality: The Terrapins played in 1914 and 1915, and folded with the league. Baltimore eventually made the Majors in 1954 when the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954. What if?: The Terrapins survive and become as well known as other clubs that have existed for over 100 years. The O's monicker never comes to fruition, but a nickname at least as unique as Orioles lends to a similarly fun and classic look.
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    Looks like everyone loved Vegas, so we will go on over to Fresno. Fresno Monsters Fresno holds a special place for me because way back in the day they had a NAHL team to go along with their WSHL team (quite smart when you think of progression through the system), and this NAHL team gave me the opportunity to experience my first higher level juniors main camp. Being one of the younger kids there at 15 among others that ranged up to 21 was terrifying, and it was extremely hard to make any type of impact based on the fact almost every player had at least 30 lbs on me. Anyway, I really like the rebrand the team had when it went from 2 to 1 team. They struggled at first, putting the claw "M" into the Florida Panthers shield, but corrected it by using just the roundel. I think the claw can stand alone by itself, so I removed the circle restricting it and let it shine. I also made the green a little more vibrant just so the jerseys aren't so drab when using the green as the primary. I was thinking about using their full monster logo as their new mark, but it seemed very busy for the front of a jersey. I started making an update that would only be the head of the monster, but it felt too similar to what I just did with Las Vegas. If you think I should still go that route chime in, if not, it is ok because I got my fill of the full monster logo by putting it on their pants. Right now, I believe the Monsters are using a home/away striping that matches the white jersey the Stars use. They are also primary black for their dark, which confuses me when they have such a unique scheme for their division. What I did was make the green their primary, like it should be. Then went ahead and gave them their own striping that was loosely inspired by San Jose's original look for the white jersey, and just carried that over to the green jersey for consistency sake. I also decided to add gold back into the mix because I think the prior use of it by the NAHL team looked so good. Have not decided if we will head South or back out to Utah for the next team. Also, just learned that the "Provo Riverblades" are a brand new expansion to the division for next season, and I absolutely hate their logo. So that will be a fun, clean slate to deal with. If only I knew what a Riverblade was. Could be thinking about moving the Anaheim Avalanche up to Bakersfield just because that whole Ontario/Anaheim Avalanche team has been a disaster and makes no sense. Was thinking about calling them the Bakersfield Sound (a sub genre of country music), or the Bakersfield Roughnecks (for obvious reasons). Help on that would also be appreciated.
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    ATLANTA HAWKS After careful consideration of the replies, I have decided to go for option C, since it's more visually pleasing in my opinion. I took hints from the Calgary Flames, with red as the primary accent color for the association uniform, and black for the icon. I retained the triangular pattern the Hawks have been using since 2015, as well as the fonts used for the wordmark and the numbers. And like what I mentioned before, volt is now being replaced with gold, which is much better looking. The statement uniform's overall design was taken from their uniforms during the mid to late 90's, as well as from @72freebie's extra bold 90's series version. During the design stages, I was comtemplating on whether to use a gradient or not. Eventually, I settled on solid black, since the overall design is already aggressive in its own. In place of the full-body hawk are hawk wings on the side panels, both on the jersey and the shorts. Nostalgia is the name of the game for my city uniform concept, taking a page from the blue-and-green era. I initially went with a navy blue jersey, as a tribute to the era before the blue-and-green and the team's playoff stretch during the late 2000's and the majority of the 2010's. However, when I switched to white, it became much cleaner, so I went to it. If there was a mashup between the blue-and-green uniforms and the ones from the Dominique Wilkins era, you're looking at it. One interesting element in the overall look is the script at the front, which is a straightened version of the "ATLANTA" frame on the exterior of State Farm Arena. The vertical script on the shorts follows the same motif.
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    Brian, I hate to say it, but I don't think you will like what I have in mind for New England. Still the Tea Men, but not so much like the photos you posted. But, first things first, before I unveil more teams, I thought I should give some setup. In 2020 the NASL, as America's top flight soccer league, has 26 franchises, structured in 2 divisions (East & West) with 13 teams each. Each team plays a home-away series with each division rival (24 games) and 1 game against each inter-division foe (another 13 games) for a 37 game season. The top 5 teams from each division make the playoffs, with the division winner getting a bye. The top 4 overall teams (the 2 teams in each division championship) are then eligible for CONCACAF tournaments. Since there is no relegation between the NASL and the 2 second tier leagues (Canadian Soccer League and United Soccer League), the NASL devised an alternative tournament for the bottom dwelling teams. The bottom 4 teams in each division play in a "Relegation Tournament" which does not impact their place in the league, but does impact the losing franchise financially. The 8 teams play, with the winners spared and the losers continuing to play, until there is a single elimination game, played the night before the league championship. The loser of that game is "Relegated", which in the NASL means that they receive none of the leaguewide television revenue. It is what has been dubbed "The Shaft" by NASL fans. The NASL's multi-network TV contracts bring in approximately 260 million dollars, so the each team garners about 10 million, with the league champion receiving an additional share for 20 million (with a requirement that at least 51% of the additional share be distributed to the players as a championship bonus) while the Shaft "winner" gets no television money. You can imagine that this creates a huge incentive for the teams to avoid that ignominy (and cash flow problem). Ok, That sets it up. And so you can keep track, here are the 26 cities in the league. No team names (except those already released) so that there is some mystery to this. EAST WEST Atlanta Anaheim Boston Dallas Chicago Denver Detroit Edmonton Ft. Lauderdale Los Angeles Memphis Minneapolis Montreal Portland New York Cosmos St. Louis Philadelphia San Diego Rochester San Jose Tampa Bay Rowdies Seattle Toronto Blizzard Tulsa Washington DC Vancouver And here is the next squad, as I start with the teams that need only minor logo adjustments (many will need a lot of change). Toronto Blizzard Sponsor: Air Canada Colors: Claret & Sky The big change here is the color scheme as someone in the NASL needs a West Ham, Aston Villa scheme of Claret and Sky. The home kit features a "snowfall": cascade on the jerseys and color shifting on the shorts and socks. The away uniform shifts the colors with a white jersey and claret shorts, and shifts from a snowfall pattern on the jersey to a sublimated mountain or iceberg.
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    Gary Anderson on the Titans is the funniest example He looks like somebody's uncle won a sweepstakes where you get to sit on the sidelines in full uniform. I guess they couldn't find him a navy blue bar for his "facemask".
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    SAN ANTONIO SPURS While I'm still planning for some logo updates, as well as new logos for a few teams, I'm tackling NBA's silver-and-black team this time. I'm not a fan of their current primary logo, since it looks incomplete without an additional element on it. However, I don't wanna go overboard with fiesta colors, although I'm a fan of it. Therefore, I picked the Spurs' championship era logo as the primary once again. I'm not gonna post that as a new logo, since I'm just recycling a mark of excellence. The association and icon uniforms that I made only have slight tweaks compared to what they're wearing now. The side panels now contain a small gap between the thick and thin stripes, to somehow blend with the rest of the striping, which also contains gaps. I also recycled the striping on the beltline, and I included the SA-ball logo on the center of the front beltline. As for the script logo and the numbers, I didn't include the gaps, since I liked how the numbers looked like during the fiesta era. I retained the overall statement uniform design, but I don't prefer its unconventional approach at the front. It's been a while since the city name was front and center, thus I brought it back, albeit in a modern font. I initially made the font western-looking (e.g. Playbill), but I had second thoughts to it since it might not complement with the rest of the design. Though I mentioned earlier that I don't wanna go overboard with fiesta colors, I made an exemption when it comes to the city uniforms. The side panels were taken from the Aztec design on this warm-up jacket, while the script was taken from this warm-up jacket.
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