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    And the first NAPL team is: Golden Gate FC Stadium: Kezar Stadium (Upgraded to 18,500 in 2007) Sponsor: Lyft Colors: Golden Orange, Tawny Orange, Black EPL Affiliate: Hull City (Former), Working on affiliation with Tottenham but not yet official.
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    Seems like some revisionist history here. It felt like a massive segment of hockey fans were rooting for Vegas to fail before they started playing. People saw a Canadian city passed over in favour of another Sun Belt franchise. Even the fans who weren't rooting against them weren't expecting the kind of immediate success they had. Seattle does feel different, but just because it seems like a safer bet by the league.
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    Hey guys! I'm back with another Rochester one-color rebrand and wanted to share. This time I took on the Red Wings, one of the oldest professional sports teams in America. I drew inspiration from the team's look of the mid-century, and completely abandoned all other colors - they're the RED Wings after all, and I'll never forgive them for joining the BFBS crowd. Wanted to keep a retro feel for everything, while also keeping it tied to my Royals concept for city-consistency (like a similar wordmark). The primary logo is my version of the ball and wing they used to often use, while also taking notes from the 80s art-deco style logo they had. Some alternate logos stemmed out from that! The uniforms take a lot from some of my favorite Wings unis of the past, like that beautiful sleeve monostripe home jersey. I binged Ken Burns' Baseball quickly and love Ebbetts Field Flannels, so I wanted to go for that mid-century look. Kept it pretty simple and old school, wish more teams would even now! Here's some of the moodboard of Red Wings past that I took inspiration from (featuring Bartolo Colon in a terrible black jersey, because it deserves to be seen) Finally, a different kind of uniform template than what may usually be posted here - but I also do a lot of kids illustration stuff, so here are some models for the new team look! Thanks y'all, hope you like!
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    The Washington Redskins have to change their name – and no one should ask why. This very word has always been utterly racist, therefore degrading, and historically absolutely unambiguous. Welcome the new Washington Warriors, a team with a name that owner Dan Snyder has suggested in the mid 2000's. Colors remain unchanged – except for black, a supporting color – was dropped. UPDATE: DC Football logo now has a consistent yellow-gold outline.
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    We can't just sequester old people to their homes forever. And masks are to prevent spread to others, not to protect against infection. If we all just wore masks and washed our hands for a few months, we'd make a huge dent in the spread of the illness. It's what other countries have done. Italy was an epicenter and is down to something like 80 cases. We can get there too!
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    And a second West Coast squad for today. Emerald City FC Stadium:Centurylink Field Sponsor: Starbucks Colors: Pine Green, Emerald Green, Spring Green EPL Affliate: None (Had an affiliation with Birmingham City until 2010)
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    NHL is doin' NHL things again
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    I saw a gag on Reddit that said 2020 is proof time travel exists; someone keeps coming back to try and fix things but instead makes them worse. I.e., the appearance and sudden disappearance of murder hornets. And, presumably, an alien invasion. Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.
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    They better lean all-in on the Platypus
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    With information so scarce it's hard not to read into every little thing. If this is the color scheme I gotta say I'm pretty excited. Dark green, neon green, and teal/silver is a great color scheme that is very unique and beautifully fits Seattle. At the risk of assuming too much, I definitely get more of an Emeralds or Evergreens vibe from the colors than Sockeyes, Thunderbirds, or Kraken. Given the newly announced arena name... I could see Evergreens being especially on-brand.
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    There's a value in knowing the percentage of positive tests as well as the total number of positives. The number of tests performed today is greater than at any day in the past (this is a general statement that will be found to be generally true until such time as the virus has entered serious decline). As such, the number of positives can be a red herring. Please note that I am NOT poo-pooing the virus. As a scientist in my real job, I look at way too many numbers and see how they can lose their value when not properly viewed.
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    Here are the Minnesota Twins: Logos I gave up on trying to incorporate Kasota Gold into the Twins' scheme, as I've finally acknowledged that it doesn't work. The only place it appears is the outline of the primary logo. I also adjusted the "TC" to be a combination of @SFGiants58's iteration and the real-life version. Uniforms The away uniform now matches the dual-striping inspired by the "TC" logo. This inspiration is also transferred to the sock pattern. The number font is customized as well to match the home wordmark. The navy alternate now has a white wordmark with a red outline, inspired by this BP jersey, along with a white front-panel cap, inspired by the 70's batting helmets. The off-white 60's throwback returns for Sunday afternoon games. The Cooperstown Collection keeps the new powder blue uniform in rotation. I reserved the red jersey and cap for Spring Training. That's the Twins for today, the New York Mets will be up next.
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    So what I was getting at is that if a simple rope pulldown was all that was needed, but some people decided to make nooses, the scene I'm picturing is a bunch of rednecks sitting around thinking it's funny to make a noose... and likely cracking "jokes" about it. There's simply no way - especially down there - that people didn't know what the noose represents. It seems to be clear that it wasn't directed towards Wallace specifically, but nooses in Alabama? LOL, that's not done simply for usability purposes.
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    I don't see why they need to rush. People seem to think they are entitled to getting a team name after a certain amount of time or something. It is what it is, Seattle aren't going to be playing for a while yet. Be patient, jeez. It's an interesting time, just sit back and enjoy the speculation.
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    The helmet is such a massive downgrade. It really brings down the whole set. I'm also not a big fan of the mono-black look. The Falcons desperately need to wear white pants at home.
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    It’s like no one has deduced the problem with striping on the set the Broncos have had since 1997...
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    They also have a very slight (and inconsistent) curve to the vertical strokes, making it even worse. It looks like it's melting, or like it's a bad photocopy of the actual logo.
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    One day the Reds will realize red and white are the only two colors they need. The black accents look worse as time goes on.
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    Decided that I was having too much fun on the NASL project using the PES KitCreator, so a new soccer project. In the Mid-1980's, after the folding of the NASL, a new league starts up, the American Soccer League. It struggles at first, but in the mid 1990's it gets a major investment from the EPL, who decide to use the league as a spin-off of the Premier League to boost their own global footprint. The league is renamed the North American Premier League (with both US and Canadian Teams). Some teams build direct ties to EPL clubs, but most receive support from the EPL general fund. By the 2000's the NAPL has major TV contracts, with veteran EPL players finishing their careers in the USA or Canada, and also serves as a major talent development pool for players from the Americas, Asia and Africa. This series will introduce the teams of the NAPL, with logos and uniforms. There are a few rules here: 1. No NASL, MLS, or USL names will be used. All original names. 2. No city names will be used. Each club will have a name based on a city's nickname, a famous neighborhood or district, or some unique aspect of the city. The name will be clear to those who live in the city, but we won't see the city name in the identity. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS ON TEAM NAMES FOR ANY CITY YOU THINK SHOULD BE INCLUDED (Top 50 markets only). Here is the league logo to get us started.
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    a real insult to the dignity of the Northwest Dodge Dealers Civil War.
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    I appreciate a mildly subversive use of naming rights. I don't even think they're a good investment: everyone resents them, and if you don't get in on the ground floor of it, no one observes the new name anyway, or they just call it "the arena." The Amazon brand does not need increased awareness. Neither does AT&T, but having the Cowboys play in "Anderson Cooper 360 Stadium" would surely cause more problems than it would solve. Semi-related: I'm surprised more telecasts don't cite advertiser conflicts as a reason not to use venues' corporate names. Down in the AHL, the Chicago Wolves still refer to the BMO Harris Bank Center in Rockford as "the MetroCentre" because they're sponsored by a bank that is not BMO Harris. (I myself also still call it the MetroCentre, but I am not sponsored by a bank.) There must be language in the contracts to account for this in the bigs, because otherwise I'm sure this would happen a lot.
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    we're peakin' at just the right time
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    Another factor to consider is that it's "indoor" season in Florida, Arizona, and Texas. That may have something to do with the surge in cases we're seeing there as well. Things were bad in the "Union" states back in March and April and then we saw improvement as the weather warmed up and we weren't locked up indoors. We're kinda seeing the same thing play out in the south as it gets really hot and people are spending more time indoors. (There are plenty of legit sources out there who say that the virus transmits much more easily indoors so yell at them if you disagree.) Whatever the reason, the NBA playing in Florida is probably not the best idea right now. Then again, I think all sports should pack it in for 2020 and try again next year. I'm not crazy about every game I watch being nothing more than a stark reminder that we're in the middle of a pandemic.
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    Moviebob is a fat idiot who posts on Twitter, mostly about comic book movies. He loves Hollywood liberals, and hates southerners and Bernie Sanders supporters in equal measure. He believes in eugenics despite being hideous himself. I think he wrote a book about Mario 3 that was really about how his family didn't love him.
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    Agreed. "Climate Pledge" is Branded Content for Amazon's climate work. All of the zero-waste features they're incorporating into the arena are really cool and exciting and should set the standard of expectations for arenas to come. But I can't think anyone will hear "Climate Pledge Arena" and think about zero waste or whatever; it more immediately sounds like a more aromatic wood cleaner, given our general expectations for arena and stadium branding.
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    Totally off to the side, but man, how did we go from this... ...to this??? I dont even know what to call that shade at this point...
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    These were clearly the bottom of the barrel before the Rams. Congrats ATL.
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    I still think these look terrible and that they should scrap much of it and focus just on the throwback, which is almost perfect. But it's amazing how much less I dislike these after seeing what the Rams revealed. #perspective.
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    It's stupid when helmets don't match hats. To match, they'd need to either have white helmets and then paint stripes onto them, or just wear red caps. The white pinstriped helmets would look way more absurd than the already silly white caps did.
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    I feel like there's room for improvement in the typography and the scaling of it all. I think that simply swapping the star and the bear would make it better.
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    At best, this set is weak and lifeless. At worst, it's sloppily executed. There's nothing to be proud of here, I'm not sure why Charlotte Athletics would be crowing about this.
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    Raspberry Racers revision is still on the to-do list, but in the meantime, here's a set for a fan favorite, the O'Rangers. Nothing flashy, nothing complicated, just a classic jersey set for this Original 16 team that lets their performance (and their color... and their fans) do the talking. It should be incredibly obvious where I found my inspiration, but I think it works. Their baseball-style wordmark felt the most worthy of being featured prominently out of all the teams, so I've used it as the crest on the white jersey, probably for the only time in the series; I guess that's your dash of uniqueness for this team.
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    It looks like it was drawn on paper, then poorly autotraced on Inkscape.
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    Without the full context of how the rest of the divisions look, the placement of Denver within the Continental League’s North Division may raise some eyebrows. The southernmost team in the division, the Bison have oftentimes found themselves occupying the bottom slot of the division too in the past 20 seasons. However, back-to-back playoff appearances in 2016 and 2017, as well as a 91-win finish last season bode well for the talented ball club. With just a 12-14 record on the season so far, Denver will need to turn it around to continue their recent streak of winning seasons. It’s unlikely that the Bison will ever replicate their period of dominance from 1973 to 1979 though, when Denver won three of their four championships and made the playoffs in seven straight seasons. SS Dustin Reeves and SP Colin McKendry are the stars of the Bison, though their supporting cast is deep in talent too. At 26-years-old, Reeves is one of the top shortstops in the league, and is known for his aggressive batting and potentially award-worthy defense. Soon-to-be free agent McKendry joined Denver via a trade from Jacksonville in 2016 and has since pitched to a 2.52 ERA with the club. He’s praised for his excellent control and durable arm. Other stars include 3x Gold Glover at 1B, Miguel Tafoya, and five-time All-Star Alan Sullivan, the highest paid catcher currently with a $24.6 million per year contract through his age 33 season in 2023. The Denver ball club is named after the national mammal of the United States, the American bison. Denver is on the edge of the Great Plains, the historical habitat for bison. Once numbering in the millions, the animal was nearly driven to extinction by overhunting and bovine diseases (Wikipedia). Also worthy of note, the bison has historical and cultural significance to many Native American tribes. The Bison is an appropriate name for a team from Colorado, Denver is one of the few teams to feature yellow heavily. The color scheme comes from both the Denver city flag and the Colorado state flag. Both existed before the club was established in 1959, as a part of the first UBA expansion. The sleeve logo is simply the Bison across a baseball, a beloved logo from Denver's dynastic years of the 1970's that made a reappearance in recent years after the red and dark brown phase of the 1990's. The jerseys are pretty simple, though the lack of number on the front isn't typical of a UBA team, despite New York sporting the same style. The Bison also feature a second cap, though it's worn only at home, mostly with the red alternate. Denver doesn't shy away from wearing their alts though, but the red is only worn at home and the blue only on the road. So, as far as my inspirations go, I used the formula of Angels + Blue Jays = Bison to make this team...just kidding. Or am I? I chose a non-unique color scheme for a Colorado-based concept here, which meant I returned to the drawing board after having already finished the team once before. The yellow-heavy look is a bit of a risk, but from what I've seen, most Colorado concepts haven't done it before. As for the main roundel logo, I'm curious to how it will be received. I think there's too much negative space in it, but I couldn't figure out how to balance it better. I also went back and changed up the bison, which is why the second cap is now different from the original teaser. As always, let me know what you think and thank for you for all the great input so far!
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    https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/multiple-people-wwe-test-positive-covid-19-314076 Florida's government might nuke any sports restarts before they happen. Wear a mask people. You can get one with your favorite sports team or all-red with white letters of you need to. Just wear a mask and wash your hands.
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    Thanks for all the support guys! I appreciate the feedback. Here is another preview: Four teams get a faux-wool texture added to their uniforms. Here they are... See any differences from their current uniforms, other than the texture?
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    I don't think it'd play well here in Seattle to put Amazon's name on the arena. Upon seeing an initial headline saying that Amazon had bought the naming rights, my knee jerk reaction was basically, "Ughh, eff Bezos and eff Amazon." Upon seeing that it will be called Climate Pledge Arena, my main reaction is, "Okay, at least it's not Amazon Arena."
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    You can keep your corner of the internet where ever it resides, thanks
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    so what are they gonna be, "Spaceknights" now? Shoot, just reclaim the "Citronauts" moniker and be done with it. That's a more fun nickname, anyway.
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    Every single thing about that uniform looks silly. 1. White hat looks like something to be sold to fans, not worn on a field. For reasons beaten to death, white hats are silly in baseball. Looking from the stands, I don't want to see a bunch of white caps running around, and they get all sweaty and dirty. 2. The helmets didn't match. The literal point of helmets is to be like a hard hat, so it should match. No exceptions. 3. The team name is "Diamondbacks", not "Diamond Backs". It's not an ideal name for a team, just due to its length and relative obscurity (it's perfect for a minor-league team where identities are usually super localized) but splitting one word into two is never the right solution. They nailed it with the A-chest jerseys that they won the WS in. Those were great.
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    I'll gladly take your 2 points. Hahahahahahaahahahha.
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    Like what I've mentioned before, I prefer the double-blue scheme, but to somehow satisfy fans of the old colors, I present to you my take on a blue-and-green Dallas Mavericks. Yes, I didn't take away the silver, but it's now limited only to the logos. Blue is still the main color. I initially thought of the front script and the numbers (association and icon) having the same outline style, but I went with green numbers instead, for uniqueness from the script. The statement uniform is a fitting tribute to the old green uniforms, while the city uniform was inspired by the second iteration of the Diddy uniforms, which features the double-blue scheme. One not-so-obvious fact: the silver I used for the city uniform is the same shade used by the Cowboys for their mismatched primary light uniform.
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    You're telling me that a racetrack with all those garages... and garage doors hasn't figured out a better solution to pull them down than freaking nooses? In however many decades it's been in business, you mean nobody has said "maybe, I say maybe, we I say we should install something to pull these there doors down"? Isn't that like building a house and forgetting all the doorknobs? Serious question - how common is it to know how to tie a noose? I'm not a boy scout or fisherman, and really only know how to tie very basic knots. Is tying a noose something that a lot of people know how to do?
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    Well then they should have kept their original colors. If you change your colors, you can't then complain when someone else takes your old color scheme.
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    I like the update they just made. which seems to be so subtle nobody noticed; not the mothership, not Wikipedia, not nobody. But it’s a huge improvement over the original: removing extra key lines is always an upgrade.
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    I don't hate it either, but it will look much worse in real life because of the highlighter shade of yellow that they chose. It would also look better with white pants.
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    The pick axe looks completely forced in all of these logos. This is awful.
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    My wife says to me as I'm writing the article on the front page last night: "Why does it look like an IUD." Now I can't unsee it.
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