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    Apologies for Saints-jacking this thread again, but I’d love to see the Saints adopt the darker, brassier gold of the Color Rush to their helmets. If I may: Even better, with gold pants: This would be a perfect Saints uniform, in my opinion.
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    Needs Stripes™ on the socks, especially the white ones, but absolutely, that looks outstanding.
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    If your alternate uniform is your best uniform, then your team is run by idiots. Wear your best uniform.
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    Ooo! I’ve got one too! noun destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. And yet, despite those dry words, when you capitalize it everybody knows you’re taking about one specific Holocaust. The Civil War they're referencing was literally a fight against white supremacy. Not exactly the kind of thing we should be making light of by associating with a college football game.
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    Which one? The current uniform has about four.
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    Congratulations to everyone who participated! Personally it felt good to flex those creative muscles again, even if I didn't place as high as I had hoped. But that's a testament to the calibre of artists we have on the board. And huge thanks to @pollux for putting this on! I know it's a lot of work, but it is very much appreciated.
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    back on topic... THESE SUCK.
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    The Hammers got some proper kits again.
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    Pairing it with a bright (but not too bright) green could work nicely
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    Just go with a bigger FDL on the helmet, minus an outline or two. That shade of gold is perfect.
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    I don’t love the black-heavy away jerseys like I did when I was a kid (they’re more a relic of the era), but the jersey the Diamondbacks won the World Series in was a modern classic, a great fusion of “things appropriate for a 90s expansion team” and “things consistent with traditional baseball design”. It’s one of my favorite baseball jerseys ever — just look how good it looks against the Yankees. It’s still a shame they ditched it to play Astros dress-up.
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    For some reason I prefer the full body katchina to this. It comes across as a bit too cartoony for me, where as the full body gives it a bit more context and looks a bit more complete as a logo.
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    Diamond Backs is still better than D-Backs.
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    After six weeks and ten events, it's time to close this in style! Over the course of the contest, 20 designers submitted a total of 130 entries, and 13 of you picked up at least one medal this time around! In addition to this, 8 designers entered all the events this year, a whopping 40% of the participants! Therefore, for your efforts, here's a personalized badge to celebrate this. @-kj, @bucknut42, @charliehustle, @GriffinM6, @HRC4, @Jake3roo, @Josef_Bretones, and @officeglenn, you can show this off proudly!
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    Well, yeah, obviously they shouldn't wear any uniform that doesn't seem special or worthy of wearing, so by that measure the alternate will be something the fans want to see, at least occasionally. My problem is with teams that seem to know the look they've designated as alternate is clearly the one most fans prefer and/or is their most recognizable and "iconic" (overused term, I know) look. You saw this for years with the Brewers and Padres in baseball, made all the worse by the cynical way management would answer the fan's requests for these uniforms by tossing out the alternates as though that should satisfy them. Both those teams finally capitulated. I think this is exactly what's currently happening in Miami with the Dolphins. The team knows fans will buy the primary uniform because it's the "real" one, while simultaneously selling the clearly superior throwback, double dipping the sales. Meanwhile, the team is only playing two or three times a year in their best look. Seems dumb to me.
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    Almost as if "best" is a subjective judgement.
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    Kansas City Chiefs The Super Bowl Champs get a fresh logo in their redesign. The old lettering in the logo that looked very similar to San Francisco has been replaced with a geometric font that gives an old-school Chiefs vibe. The sleeve stripe point up, like a chevron, and the pant stripe is the KC turned 270*, both playing into the arrowhead-theme of the jersey. The Chiefs don't get an alternate because they don't need one.
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    Mississippi in the style of Saudi Arabia
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    I really wanted to participate in my first Logolympiad and the results have been much better than I originally expected. It has been a pleasure to compete with all the participants because they have put it really hard. Following their work and voting has been like participating in the FIFA World Cup for me. Congratulations to all. I am looking forward to Event 1 of Logolympiad XI. Regards!
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    Today we will see the last 3 central region teams, starting with one of my favorite designs so far: Grant Park Rangers Stadium: Soldier Field (New in 2020 after several years at SeatGeek Stadium) Sponsor: Virgin Mobile Colors: Red, White & Green EPL Affiliate: Liverpool When Chicago was announced as one of the founding NAPL franchises it took Liverpool no time at all to jump on the market and the Reds have been a stalwart partner with GPR ever since. The team began play in Soldier Field, and opted to reference the iconic park that stood just outside the stadium gates when deciding on a team name. Grant Park Rangers have played most seasons downtown in the Loop, but did have a short 5-year stint out in Bridgeview at the smaller SeatGeek Stadium. But for most Chicagoans, GPR are as linked to the downtown loop as the park that inspired their name. The logo of GPR is a shield composed of a green center with two red side panels ( thanks, Liverpool). In the green center is a depiction of the central square of Grant Park, complete with its gardens (in green), walkways (in white) and the iconic Buckingham Fountain at its center. Below the park image is the monogram of GPR, which features the G and P of Grant Park surrounding the larger R of Rangers. A bit confusing to the uninitiated, but pretty standard in monogram style. On some occasions this monogram will also be shown alone, without the other shield elements. Atop the shield are three red six-pointed stars, another callback to the city, and in this case the Chicago city flag. It does not take much imagination to guess that the Rangers' home kit links them with their English club. Liverpool red is the dominant color from jersey to socks. There are occasional hints of white and green most years, but red is by far the overwhelming image. The away kit has changed often over the years, but in most years, including 2020, the dominant color is white with green as a secondary. The combination of green and red in some kits has led many in Chicago to refer to the Rangers as the "Chicago Welsh", though my favorite fan name is "Rangerpool".
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    maybe their mascot could be kazuchika okada.
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    Mississippi retired its flag, to be replaced with one that doesn't have a symbol of the Confederacy. I've been critical of what I've seen as empty gestures, but this is not one of those, this is actually fixing something broken. I did see that the new design has to include "In God We Trust" on it, but I guess you had to do something to get it through.
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    I've been saying this for a while now too. Couldn't agree more. It would be such a clean look and also very unique. I think logically that would be their next step.
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    And this is why we can't have nice things. Reducing people who disagree with you by comparing them to inanimate objects or animals does nothing to further discussion. We're done. Have fun y'all.
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    This isn’t “did you just assume it’s gender?” or “all males are evil.” This is a pair of organizations changing up a name due to a particularly heated time in race relations at the moment. It’s not tumblr folks here.
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    Even though New Orleans is my sworn rival, that is a gorgeous look right there. Makes the Falcons' jerseys look even worse in comparison.
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    Don't worry history buffs, I am fairly certain that changing the name of an annual football game between two schools in Oregon will not remove all traces of the American Civil War from our history books, museums, and collective consciousness.
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    It's been a ton of fun to participate in these events with everyone. I can't tell you how many times I said to my wife, "I can't wait to see what everybody else made." It was great to see all of the different approaches and styles, and great designs across the board. Thanks @pollux! These events were challenging and fun, as well as a welcome distraction.
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    I'm surprised that @charliehustle didn't pull down one gold. He was so consistently good, and to miss that top spot with all of them is pretty shocking. Congrats @Josef_Bretones. You absolutely knocked it out of the park on these.
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    Onto the honors! Tied in third place, @jmoe12 picked up a gold, a silver, and a bronze for a total of 6 points. @charliehustle picked up two silvers and two bronzes, also for 6 points. In second position, @scottyeagle received a gold, a silver, and 3 bronzes, all in consecutive events, for a total of 8 points. And in first place of the LOGOLYMPIAD X Medals Standings, @Josef_Bretones picked up 4 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze, for a total of 17 points, winning a medal in 7 out of 10 events! In third place of the points standings, @scottyeagle scored 120 points! In second position, @charliehustle scored 135 points! And winning the Points Standings, @Josef_Bretones scored 164 points! Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated and voted! I hereby declare the games of LOGOLYMPIAD X closed!
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    I'd prefer it to be their away uni, if allowed.
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    Last one for today, rounding out the central region teams: MOTOR CITY 1 Stadium: Keyworth Stadium (expanded to 17,900 in 1997) Sponsor: Door Dash Colors: Claret & Sky Blue EPL Affiliate: Aston Villa One of the more unique names in the league began play as Motor City 1701, commemorating the founding of the city of Detroit. Over time, the team has continued to shorten it, first to MC '01 and now simply MC1. The team has had two EPL affliliates over its history, and both have worn the Claret and Sky. For their first 8 years of existence, MC1 worked with West Ham United, but the past decade has seen the West Ham move on and MC1 has aligned with Aston Villa as their second sponsor. The crest of Motor City 1 has several elements which speak to the racing and automobile connections for the team. Most obvious is the use of a checkerboard flag pattern, but we should also note the motion lines around the "1" in the upper section. Finally, the team opted for a more modern and italicized font, also to denote speed. The home kit for the "Racers" is also heavily influenced by their current and former EPL affliates. Typically a claret jersey with sky blue sleeves, the 2020 version incorporates a sublimated checkerboard pattern as well. The claret jersey is paired with sky blue shorts and claret socks. The away kit uses the same colors, but swaps out to a white jersey, claret shorts and sky blue socks. The jersey on the away kit has a Sampdoria style "racing stripe" across the chest.
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    If they're spying on the worst team in the NFL then it means they're spying on everyone. Or they really were shooting a feature on an advance scout and didn't know the rules about shooting the field, but they lost the benefit of the doubt more than a decade ago. Also their employee was suspiciously quick to ask if he could just delete the footage. This punishment seems to indicate that the Patriots totally did that :censored:.
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    NORTHSTAR UNITED Stadium: Allianz Stadium Sponsor: Dish Network Colors: Navy, Sky blue, Gold EPL Affiliate: None, former alliance with Leeds United was dissolved when they dropped from EPL. The Twin Cities have been home to Northstar United since the 1992 league expansion. The team, initially affiliated with Leeds United, has been independent for several years. The team colors still reflect this initial pairing, as blue and athletic gold remain the primary colors. Their crest, which features the state of Minnesota as the primary feature, also includes a representation of the North Star as well as the team name, separated by a bi-color U in United as a representation of the Twin Cities. The primary kit of NUFC is navy with a vertical sash in sky and gold on the jersey. This is paired with sky blue socks and shorts. The away kit, also subtly implies the Twin Cities home of the club by using alternating diagonal stripes in two shades of gold on both the jersey and socks. .
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    Yes that looks great! Why they ever went away from that unique gold.
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    While I understand that "civil war" can refer to any internecine conflict, it's unusual that it wound up in Oregon, when you would expect it in either 1) a state where the two universities are clearly in the northern and southern parts of the state, hence, a clear allusion to the American Civil War 2) a border state like Missouri or Kentucky. It doesn't mean anything to me because I don't live out west and I don't like college sports, let's just not pretend this is improving anyone's material conditions. It's cheap talk and you get what you pay for.
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    Ugh, I hope this is wrong. I hate the super dark blue/black that a lot of MLB teams use on their hats (Mariners included!)
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    Growing up in Ohio, I’ve always said Miami (Ohio) and Miami (FL) or added their nicknames for clarity.
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    lol the thread got Saint-jacqued, one more indignity for the woebegone Falcons.
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    The NFL went with a uniform distributor who decided that making fabric colors we had all previously seen with our own eyes is now impossible. Have we ever done NFNS -- Nike for Nike's sake? Because that's the underpinning of most of their design and textile decisions, it feels like.
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    Every single thing about that uniform looks silly. 1. White hat looks like something to be sold to fans, not worn on a field. For reasons beaten to death, white hats are silly in baseball. Looking from the stands, I don't want to see a bunch of white caps running around, and they get all sweaty and dirty. 2. The helmets didn't match. The literal point of helmets is to be like a hard hat, so it should match. No exceptions. 3. The team name is "Diamondbacks", not "Diamond Backs". It's not an ideal name for a team, just due to its length and relative obscurity (it's perfect for a minor-league team where identities are usually super localized) but splitting one word into two is never the right solution. They nailed it with the A-chest jerseys that they won the WS in. Those were great.
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    While I agree with your overall sentiment that teams should look their best for as many games as possible, I can definitely see the appeal of reserving an alternate for special occasions, even if it may be your “best” uniform. A perfect example for me would be the Buccaneers, if they brought back the creamsicle uniforms. While it would probably become my favorite of the Bucs’ uniforms, I no longer want them to base the whole set around the creamsicle, the away option wouldn’t work nearly as well as the home, in my opinion. Sometimes, reserving those iconic uniforms for only a few games keeps them feeling special. Other times, its best to go all-in on that look that is most iconic (the Chargers being a perfect example, with powder blue.)
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    Updating these series to include other Under Armour schools. Wisconsin The Badger's shoulder stripes move forward (the state motto) on to the front of the jersey building on the motif introduced by UA The badgers keep their slick font from their UA days Subtle sublimated stripes on the front of the jersey are a nod to the sweater worn by Bucky Badger The stripes come to a point evoking the roof of the Wisconsin Field House an iconic feature of Camp Randall
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    I need one of those Celtics Irish pub jerseys with Acab on the back, just for the laughs.
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    That Royals cap looks like a 'Free Cap Night' promotion. I'd like to see another angle just to make sure there's not some insurance company sponsorship patch on the back.
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