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    (Just to get this in on the record before the lock so people can see) For a pretty basic answer to @walkerws’s comment, Canada has three different indigenous populations. There’s the First Nations (akin to Native Americans), the Metis (who are the decendents of early French settlers and First Nations) and the Inuit (the northern population who “Eskimos” refers to). The naming of the team refers to the Inuit population. This part is coming from my own fuzzy memory and internet comments, so take it with a grain of salt, but "Eskimo" is accepted as a collective name for the three different northern indigenous populations/groups in Alaska, one of which is the Inuit, but Canada only has the Inuit and "Eskimo" is not considered the proper term for anyone in Canada. As the article says, the Eskimos did relatively recent consultations with Inuit communities about the name. The Eskimos said the findings showed there was considerable support for the name and no real consensus on it being offensive or not, which is partially why the calls to change the name haven't previously had the same staying power like the calls for Washington or Chief Wahoo. The context of this article is in response to the Eskimos announcing yesterday they are going to be increasing engagement with the Inuit community about the name in the wake of Washington and Cleveland’s announcements. After the Eskimos announcement, an Nunavut MP tweeted out saying that the fact there was no consensus means the team should change the name. Another Inuit lady who was part of the consultations tweeted out that she told the Eskimos the name was offensive and that the consultations were “BS” because they were invite only and not open to the general public. This is an ongoing story right now, so just because they said here they are going to be keeping the name now, doesn’t mean it’s going to stay for much longer. (The apparent clubhouse leader for a potential new name is absolutely terrible, but that discussion is for another time).
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    THIS IS AN OFFICIAL MODERATOR WARNING This is a thread for a rebranding concept. This is not a place to bring in your insecurities/issues/qualms/fragility/whataboutism/anti-PC rage against the rebranding of the team. Any posts about the issue have been hidden. We have already suspended a member for trolling a Washington NFL concept thread with irrelevant whataboutism and straw grasping. Don’t think that we won’t do it again. ANY MORE POSTS IN THIS THREAD ARGUING ABOUT THE OPTICS OF THE REBRAND AND NOT THE CONCEPT ITSELF WILL BE DELETED AND THE POSTER WILL FACE DISCIPLINARY ACTION.
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    Thanks! I'll tweak the primary to more resemble the tertiary design. Thank you! SAN ANTONIO REBELDES - Fiesta Fury It was tough to come up with a Spanish-language alternative to Missions. Texas (well, San Antonio anyway) is a relatively pluralistic region when it comes to the Hispanic population (39.7% of Hispanic descent in the state and 60.7% in Bexar County).1 Since the Astros name isn't technically Spanish and the Rangers celebrate an organization known for discriminating against Mexican-Americans, it would make sense to have a Spanish-language sobriquet in Texas. Rebeldes made sense as a name since it honored the Tejanos (Texans of Mexican descent) who fought in the Texas Revolution, most notably at the Battle of the Alamo. The logo emulates a Tejano rebel. With regards to the colors, I opted to include the "Fiesta" colors with black. Since Fiesta San Antonio honors the Texas Revolution, it made more sense than doing it for the Spurs. I've gone on rants about why the Spurs shouldn't use Fiesta (TL;DR: it goes against the organization's culture under coach Popovich), but it should be fair game for other clubs in the city. The font is the same one from the Missions, with black outlines and fiesta interiors. The secondary logo follows this pattern. I also threw in a roundel, for black backgrounds. EDIT 7/10/20: I replaced the face with a heraldry design (featuring the Alamo, cannons, cutlasses, and a star). The heraldry design now appears in the tertiary roundel. Here are the originals: Logo sheets, home & road, main alternates, secondary alternates, primary jacket, and heritage outerwear. The uniforms use a modified version of FenwayParkJF for the cursive scripts. Said scripts have teal strokes with an insert of the fiesta colors. Striping features color blocks of fiesta colors with black outlines, which also appear on the socks. The Wyoming font returns for the numbers. There are also sand road uniforms, a la the Padres. The alternates include both teal and black jerseys. The teal set has a teal-billed cap, while the black top has fiesta lettering for the insignia and numbers. That second set of alternates has a teal-billed cap with the home uniform, alongside a vintage design. Said vintage alternate carried over from the Missions design. The primary jacket modifies the road script to have a free-standing fiesta tail, while stripes appear throughout the design. The vintage outerwear carries over from the Missions piece. Los Rebeldes can be a fantastic look, using local culture to set them apart from the rest of MLB. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up in the next batch, we have updates, a long-awaited rant about a particular fandom, and a few fictional clubs! 1 “U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Texas,” accessed July 5, 2020, https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/bexarcountytexas,TX/RHI725219.
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    I've been trying some new stuff lately when it comes to design, and after seeing Iceland's incredible new identity, I decided to try something in the modern design style that Iceland and the Montreal Alouettes have utilized so well in recent years. As I'm wont to do, I decided to go back to a team that I'd made a design for previously. Awhile back I made a logo for Leicester in my European soccer redesigns thread that I'm, honestly, not very fond of looking back. I'd redo it, but I can't seem to find the original file anywhere, so I thought it was the perfect team to try something new and different with. The design uses more of an outline style rather than the illustrated style and features only two main colors. Overall, the linework is designed to mimic the fur color of the original logo, with most of the head featuring yellow, and the snout featuring white. Rather than place the flower behind the logo, I decided to integrate it into the actual shape of the fox's head and ears. Finally, I wanted to keep the traditional roundel but kept it a simple circle with the ears protruding beyond it. Below is a comparison with the current logo
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    Interesting. I think the white numbers look less boring because of the extra contrast. I’m also not worried about multiple blue teams wearing white numbers because they all have unique accent colors. Meanwhile, the Blackhawks, Devils, Hurricanes and Senators have long worn white numbers with black trim on their red jerseys, and we survived. I guess I’ve just never liked that the numbers on the blue jersey don’t coordinate with anything else; they’re the only thing in the identity that’s gold trimmed in white (other than maybe a wordmark). This is actually what sold me on it:
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    OFFICIAL MODERATOR WARNING - any derailing of this thread with diatribes about the team name will lead to disciplinary action.
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    Ahead of his time,
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    I like it! Their last set was pretty bleh, the tartan is an obvious choice but still looks great. Kinda unsure about the monogram, but overall upgrade
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    Here's another one that slipped on by... UC Riverside, out of the Big West, changed their look recently. Here it is. All the info is here.
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    Yeah, that's two too many; the Senators should always be in black sweaters, and the Hurricanes should come up with anything else.
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    I don't think any alterations need to be made outside of using the minimally tweaked Winter Classic logo. Fans have been clamoring for the original look since 2006 and I just don't trust management to not screw things up if they start overthinking things. The white-outlined numbers are fine.
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    OFFICIAL MODERATOR WARNING - any derailing of this thread with diatribes about the team name will lead to disciplinary action.
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    Here's my concept for the renamed Washington Generals of the NFL. What do you think?
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    Since the Mariners are now going on their 19th consecutive season without a playoff berth I thought they could use a fresh start. I've never been a big fan of their current logo, and I prefer the old trident "M" much more to their current serif S+compass logo, which feels too busy and like the forms are visually competing. I explored some visual themes related to the sea, water, ships, etc. and revisited the riffs on the logo for the city of Seattle that I explored with my NHL Seattle designs I posted a while back. I put them on baseball caps, because let's be honest the most important part of a baseball uni is the hat, right? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! 1. Simplified compass, retro color palette 2. Simplified compass, teal color palette 3. S + Anchor, navy-yellow 3. S + Anchor, retro colors 4. Abstracted anchor, navy-yellow 5. Seattle flag "S" wave, teal 6. Seattle flag, retro palette 7. Seattle flag, outlined 8. Seattle flag + ship wheel, navy-yellow
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    There is no room for the 'Redskins' to be an acceptable team name in the present day. This coming from a life long Skins fan, it pains me that the name garners so much controversy. But looking at the issue objectively, it is only the name itself that is the problem not the Native American idea the team adopted in 1932. The whole reason I chose to follow the team at all as a kid from the UK, was because of the imagery, colours and of course they were the sworn rivals to "AMERICA'S TEAM"! This rebrand is an attempt to answer the issue, by ditching the name but keeping the history and ethos of the team. There is a-lot of brand equity in the original logo, but certain details always bothered me. The head inside the circle, with yet another pair of feathers crudely tagged on.
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    I mean, the pants stripe on the retros was gold trimmed in white; So there is some coordination in the identity for white-trimmed gold.
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    Perhaps a golden beveled W in the middle of the stars? Like a roundel?
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    As a Redskin fan myself, I am absolutely thrilled that you kept 'our' colors and an overall link to the past identity. That is really important to me and I'm sure to many other DC fans as well. I would love to see them keep the framework of our fight song too. Hail to the ___________________s!
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    Stock car racing on road courses is so, so great — NASCAR should run more of them (though the Cup race should stay on the oval at IMS).
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    Not a fan of the face, or the name. But you mentioned a better one, I think. And one that a San Antonio baseball team once used. Why not Tejanos?
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    Just want to introduce this back into the conversation. In light of recent events. I embrace a name change, but would be devastated to abandon the Native American theme altogether in favour of something completely different.
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    Well if more kids are open to going to a place like Howard that will change. The national media will go wherever the talent goes.
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    Finished up Detroit along with a bevy of updates and a new league logo. The new league logo is simplified, taller, and sleeker. Retains the two halves divided by the white stripes. Conference logos are the upper and lower halves of the badge. Detroit Mechanics: Standard Detroit automotive team with a more unique name. Font and uniforms are classy but bold and blocky, and the stripes on the helmet and pants are a nod to the Lions. Tried a lot of directions for Detroit but ended up here. Las Vegas Gamblers: I wasn't happy with anything for the venom, so I started over with everything but the colors. Logo reflects poker chips, roulette wheels, and cards, all staples of the gambling industry, with the iconic Las Vegas star taking the spotlight. The wordmark also takes cues form the sign. Seattle Emeralds: Ditched double green, opting instead for gem-inspired beveling on both green and white. The beveling is also placed throughout the uniforms. Minnesota Lumberjacks: Removed white form the color scheme, added plaid to the axes, and updated the font. Uniforms are redesigned with plaid in the striping. Jacksonville Cyclones: I wasn't happy with blue and black, so I opted for double blue instead. Overused, I know, but it works really well. Font is redesign again. Uniforms are updated with better hurricane flag stripes. That's all I've got for now. Only a few teams left. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
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    FC GASPARILLA Stadium: Raymond James Stadium Sponsor: Royal Caribbean Colors: Red & Black EPL Affiliate: Southampton When Tampa was announced as one of the cities to receive a team in the EPL's 2nd wave of expansion, many expected the team to revive the Rowdies moniker from the old NASL, but the ownership decided to celebrate one of the region's most legendary figures, the pirate Gasparilla. The legendary Spanish pirate, along with the festival which bears his name, are iconic in western Florida, and the team identity celebrates both. With a shield capped by a tricorner hat and adorned with both a skull and crossbones as well as the crossed red stripes of the Floriday state flag, there is no mistaking FC Gasparilla for any other club. The pirate theme carries over to the kit, as the home kit features red & white hoops over black shorts, evoking the image of a traditional sailor's shirt. The away kit's jersey is a shimmering gold, with a hoop-based color fade, dubbed the "dubloon kit". Both kits are NIKE produced, and both will make you say "Garrr!!" Note: The skull & crossbones element of the logo is not original, it comes from a design available on scalebranding.com: https://scalebranding.com/ Up next: our last 6 teams, from the Northeastern region, representing Toronto, Montreal, New York, New Jersey, Boston and Philly.
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    Pigskins. Still the skins. The fan base latched into the hogs identity and it still has a little mythos left today. Is football related. Original. Exclusively theirs. Could have a gnarly looking hog as the mascot. Or go as more simply and use the aspects of an actual football as the logo. Keep the colors and emphasize the Washington more than the Skins.
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    Except the Washington NFL team's name is a slur. The Blackhawks are specifically named after Chief Blackhawk.
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    Add black stripes to those socks and you’re on to something.
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    Taking a bit of a break from clubs that have changed and going with a team that has only slightly changed nicknames in our reality and in the what-if reality. CINCINNATI REDS Reality & What If: The Reds spent time as the Red Stockings and the Redlegs, but have been the Reds for just about their entire history. I reworked the 2015 All Star Game logo for a new Mr. Red logo and slightly updated the wishbone C. The home and away have matching scripts because I love a script more than a block font script. The Tradition uses the Redlegs monicker, has a 3/4 button up, a pocket, and sublimated pinstripes. The Wishbone C is a bit thinner for this look as well. The Home Plate REALLY leans into the Redlegs name and brings back the pinstripe vest and pillbox hat. I hate it and I love it.
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    Apologies for Saints-jacking this thread again, but I’d love to see the Saints adopt the darker, brassier gold of the Color Rush to their helmets. If I may: Even better, with gold pants: This would be a perfect Saints uniform, in my opinion.
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    For the Bucs, I took a look back to the Creamsicle days and even further back to the days of Gulf Coast piracy. Whereas the Oakland Raiders on the opposite coast are the dark, grimy, more despicable and blood-lusting barbarians, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take after the more bright, flamboyant pirates who used to sail the high seas in search of fortune and treasure. Bright and shiny copper helmets/pants pair with jerseys featuring geometric lines reminiscent of the jewels found in pirate’s booty, while the famous Creamsicle uniforms inspire the striping as well as the more vibrant red-orange.
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    I have modified the forced perspective for a more traditional profile. Wrapped the feathers round to echo the existing team logo. Also updated the hair highlights for texture.
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    Thanks for the feedback folks, much appreciated. Here is an updated version taking on board all your comments. Feathers increased in size and reshaped to loose sharp edges. Modified nose, mouth and chin. Addressed the neck - reshaped now as a bust. I am not sold on the highlight to hair, this is a tricky one to get right.
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    Next up are the upcoming expansion team in 2021, Louisville: The logo is straightforward: it's the fleur-de-lys, which appears on the city flag, but with horseshoes. It works the rumored "Racing Louisville" name, but I'm slightly partial to a more traditional North American nickname. It goes in the colors of Louisville City. The home has white & purple hoops, the standard look for the team, and incorporates a design based on the mosaic on the wall of the Muhammad Ali Center. The away is a combination of the silks (uniforms) worn by the jockeys that rode the only 3 mares to win the Kentucky Derby. The kit has bluegrass green shorts.
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    Storm Troopers vs Darth Vaders.
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    Suspension has been set at one month.
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    I did originally intend for them to be called the buckeyes, but I had trouble making a good buckeye mark. I may revisit it again, but I'll stick with Oaks for now. That's a top-notch idea you've got there, but I'm happy with the way Vegas looks. I spent a lot of time cycling through nicknames and imagery before deciding on this look, and I really like how it turned out. I'd love to see a Vegas concept with the look you're describing.
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    There ya go!! Now it feels part of everything else. Nice update!
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    I would hope Spiders is what's chosen, despite its pitiful history, it would make for one of the more interesting brands in sports hopefully
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    Plus a team with historical names to draw on, it looks like Spiders is #1 according to the odds makers. They can maintain the block C while adding an alternate logo with spider. I've always liked the Richmond identity and this could be similar.
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    "Pigskins" is just too corny to be the name of a professional franchise, IMO. Washington needs a name with more gravitas than that. The logos are kind of neat in the same vein as the Cubs' walking cub logo.
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    Yea, the Brewers and Padres are right there with the Chargers as teams who finally went back to the identities the fans have been clamoring for, for the most part. The Dolphins aren’t as clear-cut of a case for me personally, as if forced to choose I’d probably pick the current set over the throwbacks, showing just how subjective these opinions are. For them, I think a mix between the throwbacks and the modern set would be ideal.
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    CLEVELAND GUARDIANS Reality: The Cleveland Indians, for over 100 years, have called Cleveland home, forming when the AL proclaimed themselves a competing major league. Their predecessors, the Blues and Naps, lending history and color to the club. The team still struggles to distance itself from their famous, and infamous Chief Wahoo logo. What if?: Art Deco sweeps The Land in the 1920s, the Hope Memorial Bridge and its Guardians of Traffic is completed in 1932. The Naps take this chance to rename their club, a decade and a half after Napoleon 'Nap' Lajoie took his talents to S̶o̶u̶t̶h̶ ̶B̶e̶a̶c̶h̶ Philly. A newspaper contest results in the Guardians. Changing Indians to Guardians seems like an easy win for everyone. The Guardians of Traffic are criminally underrated art deco statues from a time when Cleveland was the fifth largest city in the US. The Home and Away are pretty straight forward, the Tradition uses elements of the Naps and early Indians and a new Ohio logo. The Home Plate uses Cleveland's nickname, an art deco font, and has six-string sleeve piping.
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    The states people most associate with members of the Society of Friends (the denomination called "Quakers") are Ohio and Pennsylvania (both of which were free states). As such, the Quakers were among the most ardent abolitionists (because of their belief in all mankind being equals and their friends).
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    It’s because in this timeline, the Federal League Saints have been in the city since the 1910s/‘20s. I agree with H-town on the Hammers. While it’s a fantastic adaptation of the Braves’ design (and the peach is lovely), it wouldn’t really work with the Braves around. Unless you want to turn the Braves into the Brewers (or rename the Braves as the Brewers, which would be nice), it likely won’t work. Also, from a historical POV, Hank Aaron going to the team owned by Calvin “I moved my team from DC because I didn’t want African-Americans at my games” Griffith seems odd. That’s not got much to do with the concept, but it’s a historical tidbit to consider.
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    First off, I love the change to the Americans. It’s respectful and clever without pandering. I think you’re on the right track here but the logo needs some refinement. I would enlarge the feathers and curve the yellow tips at the bottom. The straight lines and angles are really harsh and clash with the rest of the feather and logo overall. The curve at the bottom of the logo is awkward. Maybe define the chin more and bring that line straight back, more or less. The black detail on the cheek touching the point of the highlight on the nose is awkward. I might reduce the size of the black detail and give it a little more shape on the mouth side if that makes sense. Lastly, I think you need to add some white highlights to the hair to give the logo some depth/shape. The hair is a lot of black space that feels very flat. You have a good start here. I’m looking forward to seeing this project evolve.
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    in accordance with davidmiller5, here are the changes for Atlanta which I think look great and were exactly what the team needed. I added a bending hammer underneath the new Atlanta wordmark, which i think could work but is something I'm playing around with. Your guys' comments and critiques are very helpful and this is why I am posting this project on here.
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