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    Thanks. I'm sticking with Rebeldes, since Tejanos is just a Spanish translation of the NFL Texans' name. Also, when the Dallas team uses the "Texas" identifier, it just look strange. Thanks! I'm more inclined to like the Rebeldes concept, since I wanted something really "out there" for San Antonio/the club that was the Marlins. Thanks! Thanks! I really wanted to do the Fiesta colors justice here, as well as a Cavs/Bucks-styled striped set. I'd say it worked pretty well. I opted to dump the face for a heraldry design, since that was more my jam. Thanks. Yeah, the face was a terrible idea. Like, it just looks doofy compared to other face designs, while also being slightly insensitive (despite trying to do the "respectable" angle - I've Washington NFL'd myself). That's why I've gone in the heraldry angle instead. Sorry, but I'm sticking with Rebeldes. So, with this update. I gave the Missions a new primary logo, while also improving the retro script. The tan is also lighter. The Rebeldes get a new primary logo that ditches "Señor Antonio" for a heraldry design, inspired by Texian Army flags. (From left: the "Come and Take It" flag of John Henry Moore from the Battle of Gonzales, Brown's Independence Flag from the Siege of Bexar, and the Troutman Flag of the Georgia Battalion from the Battle of the Alamo) The canons are my Tampa Bay Cannons design, while the cutlasses are a new element (I am unashamed in flipping assets I've previously created). The updates are above in the original posts.
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    I can't imagine Seattle's team would have a ton of reach beyond the northwest of the country anyways; Seattle isn't really a New York, Los Angeles or Boston-type city where the fandom is national in scale, so naming your team to try and make it appealing to people in markets that have very little impact on the place your team is actually located seems kind of dumb, especially in a regional sport like hockey where you know the brand won't be as ubiquitous as a team like the Red Wings or Leafs. That sort of appeal comes with time and success, not because you named your team a certain thing. You could name them the Seattle Rubber Puckies and they'd still be a big deal if they came out of the gate a dynasty.
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    - Really? - It's a bit of a reach to say that makes it offensive in anyway. I think it'll be fine. - Who cares what people outside the area think? The target demographic is the people of Seattle and its surrounding area. If Seattleites like it; I think that's more than enough of a reason to use it. - Yes, and we also have Ducks and Penguins. It doesn't have to be an intimidating beast.
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    In my continuing quest to expand my design retinue while also redoing old designs I decided to take a look at the University of New Hampshire Wildcats again. I've never liked their current logo, and always felt that the logo is a poor representation of a bobcat. In my old design, I made the logo front facing and stylized it differently. Much like the other designs I've redone, I'm not particularly a fan of it anymore. It's overly cartoony, especially in the eyes, and indicates my general inability to move away from a particular style in my logos back then. For my new design, rather than just updating the logo, I decided to challenge myself and go in a direction I haven't really gone in before. There's something I've always liked about the old school, hand drawn look of logos, and I wanted to depict that. I also wanted to move to a more realistic depiction of a bobcat than I had before. This includes more realistic eyes, head shaping, and markings than the logo I did back in 2013.
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    Charlotte Town FC would be fantastic, they better not mess this up.
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    If we do get Fortune, I'd love to see green as the main color so we can call the team the Greenbacks. I'm really hoping for a scheme like the mint green/blue that Mint City Collective, the support group, uses. It's a nice color scheme and mint is sorely underused in professional sports.
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    I'm hoping they do something very, very close to this:
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    The current one just looks overly bulbous to me, almost clumsy. Like, you ever see those plush slippers made to look like sneakers? Once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. I also appreciate the downward angle of the ball on the original. It’s subtle, but much more accurate to the way music notes are written (drawn?).
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    I don’t think anyone is suggesting the name Sockeyes because of the reference to fighting. Sockeye salmon are a huge part of the local history, economy and identity. That’s why it’s a popular name, much more so locally. It also alliterative and sounds professional. I can’t imagine anyone seriously being offended by Sockeyes. I think the reference to fighting in hockey mostly comes from those who don’t know what a Sockeye salmon is. We know it’s there, but it’s not the primary meaning, and the team likely wouldn’t acknowledge it. Sockeye salmon fight the current and swim upstream to lay their eggs. They get bruised and beaten up and yet they persist. If you need some kind of story, that’s how you market it.
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    The Carolina identifier I could take or leave though I’d prefer Charlotte... it’s the “All” that seems too stupid to even consider.
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    “All Carolina”, what? That sounds like a travel youth team for annoying rich kids, not a professional franchise.
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    Navy The Midshipmen's new uniforms feature chevrons on the shoulders evoking the same shape of naval ranks The players' names move to the front of the uniform mirroring that of their dress whites Their numbers are inspired by the numbers features on their ships Navy's helmets add their anchor logo full time, similar to last years fauxbacks
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    Adding to this, Town appended to the geographic name is fairly common in English football: Grimsby Town, Huddersfield Town, Ipswich Town, Luten Town, Northampton Town, Swindon Town, etc. If the MLS ends up with a Town FC and a City FC, all it would be missing would be a County FC.
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    That wolf head is pretty cool. It reminds me of Wolverhampton FC a little. I think there needs to be a little more depth of detail or shading on the forehead. It's almost TOO simple with all the open space. Also, while I definitely support a name and imagery change for the Skins, I think the colors should remain.
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    Washington Warriors I feel like the Warriors will be the name that Dan Snyder ends up going with, that way the team can use a spear on the helmet like they used to. A 'W' with 3 stars replaces the head on the former logo, with the 3 stars drawing from lots of different elements (DC flag, 3 regions of the DMV, 3 Super Bowl wins, 3 team names in franchise history). This still keeps the franchises historical look, while updating what needed to be changed.
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    Football - Moving north from 'Zona to Colorado, we also move back in time to get our look, to right before Colorado's National Championship. The helmets remain unchanged, with the CU Buffalo logo on both sides. Jerseys get stripes on the sleeves, which appear as Northwestern stripes with an extra small stripe on the top and bottom. COLORADO wordmark on the chests of all three, along with the accompanying number font. Pants remain stripeless, with the same logo as on the helmets on the hips. Alternate jersey is gold, which is a first(?) as an alternate and not a throwback, along with a black helmet. Hockey - Taking our talents to the ice, to a program that I feel, could conceivably field a D1 team, get's a similar look. Kept things looking classic, with the stripes on the sleeves and the hem. Also went with a tie-down collar. Buffs logo on the chest. Stripeless pants, like football, with the CU logo on the front of the pant leg. Socks match the hem stripes. Two helmets: black and gold. I imagine they could be interchangeable if this were real. Alternate borrows from the state's pro team's past, with a diagonal wordmark replacing the logo, which then moves to the shoulders. Baseball - Colorado is one of I believe I mentioned before, four Power 5 schools that does not sponsor baseball. To that end, I continued with the look establish by the two previous sports. I did go with the full stripes on the sleeves. The hats are either all black, with the CU logo or gold/black with the same logo. On the home whites, went with COLORADO, on the road blacks, Buffalo logo with the number moving to the other side of the jersey and the gold alternates, get the nickname BUFFS on the chest. Pants are as plain as can be. Socks are striped to match the jerseys. Basketball - Finally, to the hardwood, I went with a classic look, not unlike the throwbacks released earlier this year, if you can remember back that far in this crazy ass year. Did the Steelers' thing and cut the stripes in half around the arms. Went with a one color collar. Same style wordmarks as baseball, with the number underneath it. On the shorts, the full instance of the stripe is used on the waistband, with the cut-off stripe on the bottom of the shorts. Buffalo logo on the sides of the of the shorts. Alternate replaces COLORADO with BUFFS. C&C welcome!
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    The C should be on top. 5-second MS Paint fix:
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    I wouldn't say Shea was even "roughly equidistant" from LaGuardia and JFK. It was almost right next to LaGuardia, while JFK is on the southern edge of Long Island. That said, I think Jets was a great choice. It gave the team a fresh start, played off the Mets name and fit the modern, less stodgy feel that the AFL was going for at the time. The fact that actual jets from LaGuardia flew overhead on a regular basis was just an added bonus.
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    All of the other owners and anyone that's concerned with revenue cares what Joe from New York thinks about the name since they need more people than just the locals to buy merch. Granted, hockey by nature is more of a regional game unlike the other sports, but thinking exclusively about your home market is more like how minor league teams operate. Not saying it's a bad name or anything, just that their market isn't 100% just the Seattle area fans.
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    It's not even something that would be emphasized in the marketing besides like maybe some puns. If that's enough to turn you off, I'd dread to think what you'd be like back in the 2000's when fighting was way more prevalent then it is now. I don't see people throwing a fit over the Seahawks or Coyotes (and to a lesser extent, the Canucks) using Native art as a logo. As long as they avoid depicting an actual Native person and don't use a tribe name as their brand, I think it'll be fine. And? Who the hell cares about what Joe from New York thinks about the name, that's not the market they're appealing to. As long as it's received well in Seattle, then it's a brand that works. Do the Ducks stir much interest outside of the Orange County market? A penguin is a fat flightless bird. A leaf is an inanimate plant that exists to be eaten. A duck is a generally-harmless bird that is often eaten. Cardinals and orioles are small, harmless birds. Red socks and white sox are literally clothing. A cub is a baby bear. A packer is a dude who puts stuff away. A steeler is a dude who works at a steel mill. Blues is a music genre. A coyote is a smaller, less cool wolf. A senator is a dude in a suit. Lots of names can be derided for that kind of reason.
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    Really? I like the throwback logo, but I think the modern version they use is almost perfection. The weight and balance of it just feels much more solid and better executed to me. I do like the simpler, thicker yellow stroke around the throwback though. I'm not that bothered though. I still think the Blues have one of, if not the best looking logo designs in the NHL.
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    I've toured target field before and they have the 1924 trophy there so it only makes sense that they publicly acknowledge what they've always privately acknowledged
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    I wish they’d adapt the throwback logo for full time use. I think the shape of the wing looks much faster and more elegant.
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    This is the best thread I've ever read.
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    As a Washington Redskins fan, I totally embrace the name change. Although it is a sad day when we turn our backs on the teams whole identity by dropping the Native American theme entirely. Most of the suggestions for a new name are unsuitable and leave me underwhelmed. But one that really stands out and has the most potential is the 'Washington Redwolves'. This has the obvious advantage of retaining the colours. Keeping the #HTTR and the fight-song (with some updated lyrics). It would be a mistake to abandon the teams long and storied history...this could work nicely as a viable evolution.
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    Since the Mariners are now going on their 19th consecutive season without a playoff berth I thought they could use a fresh start. I've never been a big fan of their current logo, and I prefer the old trident "M" much more to their current serif S+compass logo, which feels too busy and like the forms are visually competing. I explored some visual themes related to the sea, water, ships, etc. and revisited the riffs on the logo for the city of Seattle that I explored with my NHL Seattle designs I posted a while back. I put them on baseball caps, because let's be honest the most important part of a baseball uni is the hat, right? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! 1. Simplified compass, retro color palette 2. Simplified compass, teal color palette 3. S + Anchor, navy-yellow 3. S + Anchor, retro colors 4. Abstracted anchor, navy-yellow 5. Seattle flag "S" wave, teal 6. Seattle flag, retro palette 7. Seattle flag, outlined 8. Seattle flag + ship wheel, navy-yellow
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    The tail on the Rebeldes script is awesome. Monogram, too. I love how the colors jump off the black like that.
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    Interesing @andrewharrington, I didn't see the logo that way but I guess it could be argued that it does look a bit bulbous (especially compared to the accurate depiction of a musical note). To me, the Blues logo is probably like the Ballard leaf logo which got 'upgraded' to a cleaned up throwback a couple years ago. Initially I didn't like the idea and thought the throwback logo had too many small unconventional peculiarities, by modern logo design standards. However, now that I'm used to seeing it, I think it's a great looking logo actually, and makes them look a bit more classy. I feel that the Blues throwback logo would even more easily fall into the same category for me. If they went with the throwback full time I'd very soon be championing for it over the one they currently wear. So yes, I'm biased towards existing material.
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    It's funny you say that, because usually, I think the problem with social media culture is that people apologize too much when they should stand their ground, then they'll get steamrolled by someone who was never looking for a peaceful resolution in the first place: never apologize, never surrender, never stop posting. But this was one of the rare times when the guy should have said he was sorry but kept doubling down on stupid.
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    Charlotte Monarchs FC(SC) gets my vote. I am so up to here with City FC this and United FC that. Otherwise, MLS should just change its name to North American Premier League.
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    I could see this coming a mile away. UA massively overextended itself trying to compete with Nike, and now that approach has backfired big time. In the long run this will now likely mean less apparel money for schools since there probably won't be any massive bidding wars anymore.
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    Jokerit in the KHL probably has the best execution of the colour scheme (minus all the ad patches of course):
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    I'm really excited for this. "Charlotte Town FC" and "Charlotte Crown FC" stood out to me at the beginning. ..but "Charlotte Fortune FC" is really growing on me. Ties in the historical relationship with money (the first gold rush in the United States was just a few miles away, and led to the establishment of the Charlotte Mint, producer of gold coins from the 1830s-60s) and more modern banking industry. Mint green and gold as a color scheme? Unique. Think of all the money-related merchandise that would absolutely fly off the shelves. I could live with "Charlotte FC," "Charlotte Athletic FC," and "Charlotte Monarchs FC" but I'm not crazy about the names themselves. I could be swayed one way or another with a good branding package. "Carolina Gliders FC" and "All Carolina FC" are big nopes.
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    That also ended up leading to the New York Nets and even the brief existence of the New York Sets, professional team tennis organization. Islanders? Come on!
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    This article says they switched to/picked to green and white because Sonny Werblin was born on St. Patrick's Day. I give more weight to the Hess story (particularly because I've never heard this story before). https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2018/9/20/17883204/the-titans-of-new-york
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    Quite right about the distance thing. Also, Jets rhymed with the brand new (1962) team that shared Shea, the New York Mets. And while probably not a direct intent, it name dropped this New York gang, which was famous already from the Broadway play and the movie: One thing that WAS a direct intent was the new color scheme of green and white, which matched the colors in the gas station logo of the new owner's (Leon Hess's) company:
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    It's been doing the "bounce" thing for a like a year(?) for me. I'm like 90% it's because of the ads, so I don't really know if there's a viable fix.
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    BXR usually uses classic logos on their licensed pieces, but that’s probably a function of the two biggest LA sports brands both having classic identities as much as anything, and the third has a pretty beloved throwback identity of its own. I did see this, though. Doesn’t have quite the same effect on streetwear as the old identity.
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    The Generals logo is one of the best I've seen associated with the name! Clever use of the W in the space between the stars! However, I would probably darken the green and make the gold more of a khaki/tan/sand shade (like on the Army's desert camo) to get closer to a "military" look.
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    I prefer lighter teal outlined in navy. I’d also appreciate dumping Fitz Quadrata for a less Roman Serif-y font.
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    Ugh, i don't like any of those names...i guess I prefer Carolina Gliders, because it's not a "euro-fied" name? Hoping they at least get the colors right, by embracing teal as the main color. No one in MLS uses it, and it can make for a sharp look if done well.
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    For comparison, side by side with the old: Massive, massive upgrade. Shows that the small details make all the difference.
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    I thought it was because they lost a turf war with a gang of the same name or am I am thinking of something else?
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    I don’t believe the Orioles acknowledge this. Personally, I would like to see the Cardinals have something at Busch Stadium commemorating the Browns pennant in the name of St. Louis baseball history. They do have a George Sisler statue and sell some Browns merch, but at the same time that pennant belongs to the Orioles as a franchise.
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    Took me a moment to realize the adidas logo was projected and not painted on the field. And yes, Miami whiffed on the shade of pink and by not having a pink shirt. Shame.
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    Any acknowledgement of real history instead of the recent retcon that happens all the time *cough*CLEVELANDBROWNS*cough* is perfectly fine in my book.
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    I think St. Peter's wrong about that. I can find lots of stats sites (albeit I don't know how "official") that show Walter Johnson as the all-time wins leader in franchise history. I don't think those Senators have ever been connected to today's Rangers. Of course by today's standards, that's how it would have probably happened. I think the Twins have simply chosen to not reference the history much, if at all. I like the decision. I am sure people will mock it as trying to add another title or something...but at the risk of opening up a debate, that's the history...just like the Dodgers and Giants (with the primary difference being keeping the name and pre-relocation success). Pretty good off-the-field summer for the the Twins between this and taking down the statue of Calvin Griffith.
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