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    It's best to rip off the bandaid 100% in these instances. From something I saw on twitter, their chosen new name is being held up with trademark issues.
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    Clearly the name is the reason they have had so much pressure to change, but it'd be best to move on from the identity including the logo (despite the "not racist" declarations). You have great colors, great uniforms, just find a dignified name and slap a new logo on the helmet. Clinging to remnants of the Redskins/Native identity seems like folly to me. Red Wolves is cool. Red Tails is cool. Some sort of pig reference is great. This move could take the team's identity from pariah to one of the top brands in the league (in terms of perception, I know they're already worth a :censored:-ton).
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    Pay tribute to the fans while retaining a linguistic link... My vote is for the Washington Red Seats.
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    I can't believe that realtor trademarked "Radskins."
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    The name and the logo go hand-in-hand; I don't think you can change one without changing the other. Letting the logo stay would just keep the wound partially open, especially if the new name doesn't really have any indigenous significance. As @_J_ said, just rip the bandage off. I think, in all likelihood, we'll get the Washington Football Club for at least a season, with blank maroon helmets and maroon-and-gold jersey with either a "Washington" wordmark above the front number or no wordmark at all. They might even pull a Browns and use the helmet as the primary logo.
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    Personally, I think Red Wolves is a very good name.
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    But “Redtails” has the benefit honorIng a military unit that long went unsung and ignored, unlike the rest of the military fetishism our country has endured since 1990.
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    Let's keep it focused on the Washington NFL franchise, everyone. We can discuss the Cleveland MLB team when they actually, officially make some kind of change. Also, close-up pictures of spiders give me the heebie-jeebies.
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    Washington's NFL team needs a name that... 1) Completely breaks from their former name and imagery depicting Native Americans. 2) Can retain the unique burgundy & gold color scheme the team has. 3) Will be popular with fans, sponsors, and communities, in a very divided nation where everything can be viewed as offensive. 4) Will re-establish strong corporate ties, perhaps bringing in new sponsorship opportunities 5) Fits well into the lyrics of the beloved "Hail to the Redskins" song. There can be only one choice that can do all this. I present to you the new Washington franchise in the NFL: Hail to the WheatThins!!!! (Hey, it is still better than the Ottawa RedBlacks.)
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    The Red Wolves is painfully generic. I feel like it is a nickname of a college team after removing its Native American nickname. I believe this is the nickname of Arkansas State. The Red Tails is a better name. Although, at this point, that may sound like the organization pandering to the masses. Warriors is generic too but it sounds great together. This is my favorite of the three but still not great, IMO.
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    So does this mean speculation on names is allowed now?
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    I hope this first part of my post isn't frowned upon by forum rules: I just wanted to say that I used to defend teams like the Redskins and the Indians. I've changed my viewpoint quite a bit over the last year. These names would not be acceptable if they were introduced today, therefore they should not get a pass just because of team history. I apologize to any fellow board member for any ignorant posts I may have had regarding this topic in the past. Having said that, I think the colors should absolutely stay for the franchise. As far as a team name, Red Tails works I think. While some might find it "boring" I think it fits fine for a franchise as old as Washington. It isn't flashy and gimmicky, and there is some historic significance.
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    No. While I understand the argument that even though it's the same lineage, Ernest Byner never played for the Red Tails, but to the fans it's all the same, and they're always going to remember and honor the players from the past, so even if they "officially" dropped the lineage, that doesn't change the reality. That they're remaining in the same city is what really separates it from the Cleveland Deal, which is something I've done a 180 on and now support.
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    The sig of @Jimmy! reminds me that the best name out there is Washington Federals. It is appropriate for the capital, and sits beautifully alongside Nationals. What's more, the USFL Federals' logo is spectacular: A version of this, recoloured in burgundy and gold, would be wonderful. This is the identity that the team should pay whatever to whomever to acquire.
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    I'm fine with that, that's a relatively unique combination compared to RWB variants.
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    Maroon "W" in the same circle without feathers would be a good compromise for this season on short notice.
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    I have a bad feeling that the next season or two will involve a really mediocre placeholder logo. I’m thinking back to the OKC Thunder.
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    if they pick Red Wolves they'll go from having the worst name from a PR standpoint to having the worst name from an aesthetic standpoint
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    Since new name suggestions have popped up that are just “Red[insert noun]”, I’ve felt each one is lazy, a cop out, and lacks overall creativity. I get the basic reasoning behind them, but c’mon... Theres also this:
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    Say no to any singular nicknames. They’re mostly terrible in the NBA, NHL and MLS. Personally, I love the Redtails as the main option. IMO, it’s best option and most unique. I would hate that the main historic rival of my favorite team would have an amazing name and team colors, but to have an identity like that in pro sports would be awesome.
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    Redtails is the best choice, and it's not even close. It sounds great, it honors a great group of people, makes for cool imagery, and strokes Snyder and Rivera's military boners. Warriors is generic and stupid, and completely alters the flow of the name. Red Wolves is dumb and amateur. As for changing colors, hell no. I'm glad they seem to be sticking with burgundy and gold. The colors are my most important connection to the team as a fan that has no connection to Washington DC.
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    The Dips name would be in step with how the team has performed as of late.
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    I feel like there could have been a name that was respectful enough to keep the logo, like Natives or Americans. But it’s probably too entrenched with the current brand and it might have been better to just rip off the Band Aid and not use Natives as mascots for a sports team. As for the name...
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    Their commander, who went on to be only the second African-American general, was a born and bred Washingtonian. That plus the whole “nation’s capital” thing gives them plenty of connection.
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    But is it, really? Red Tails is the nickname for the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of Black military pilots during WWII. While it's referencing something revered in American Black history, it's hardly cultural appropriation to the level of Redskins or Indians or Braves, particularly if the visual iconography centers more on fighter planes.
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    If this team were smart they would have had a team name and logo ready to go in the event that a name change was necessary. This team isn't smart so it's no surprise they're caught with their pants down.
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    If this were Minor League Baseball, you know it’d be a red-tailed hawk wearing a helmet and pilot goggles with contrail lines coming off the wings.
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    The current 2D logo is like, one of my favorite sports logos ever. Really hope they're just using it.
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    Interesting piece from Forbes: What the Redskins Rebranding Process Looks Like From Here Lots of other good info from people who have been involved in rebrandings across pro sports.
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    Hopefully it'll be ":censored: Dan Snyder."
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    Washington Pigskins Football. Check. Hog related. Check. Unique. Check. Tons of logo and mascot options. Check. Still the skins? Yes.
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    They've already stated that the colors weren't changing.
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    Further revision of the Washington Redwolves re-brand. Working with the existing Burgundy and Gold enables the new team to keep the heritage of the former franchise, while presenting a brand new ethos. Whatever new name the team finally decides, it must look to the future yet link to the team's storied history. The Redwolf head has been tweeked. Spacing the eyes and raising them slightly. I looked at many colour combinations and this was the best solution working with the restricted palette.
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    Other than their commanding officer being a native Washingtonian, you mean. And the natural connection all military units can be said to have to our national capital, particularly one with its very specific roots in the HQ in Washington. If you’re going to exclude it because all military imagery should be off the table, I’m with you. But if any other military-inspired names are in the mix, this one should be as well.
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    Red Wolves makes absolutely no sense to me and seems more generic than Warriors.
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    Am I the only one who thinks Red Tails is a horrible name?
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    I don't get such a push for Red Tails. The Red Tails from World War II had nothing to do with the DC area. If it was an NFL team in Montgomery, Alabama or even Birmingham, I could see it do to their location to Tuskegee. Otherwise it just sounds like something forced.
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    I tried to sneak this into a previous topic before the mods broke up the party, so I'll say it again here. I don't think Washington will get the pass that Golden State did, for this exact reason. For a non-zero faction of the "change the name" crowd, that name is still going to represent a wink-wink callback to the mascotization of indigenous peoples at this point. If they want the controversy to go away they need to not use a name that can sound Native, even if it's a well-intentioned one. The NBA Warriors skirted the issue since nobody really cared in 1969, especially not for a basketball team and one that was essentially nomadic at that point. Better yet, the pivot to the cable-car and bridge-centric hyperlocal branding ended up being the most successful brand in franchise history, so they have permanent plausible deniability on the generic-Warriors front that Washington won't get. (The flipside is, I get the sense that Golden State doesn't seem to be linked in the public mind with the franchise history in Philadelphia, including Wilt's 100 point game and the first-ever NBA championship. How much of that is due to moving and how much is due to burying the Yahoo-esque racist logo, who knows.)
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    As cheekily-but-wisely proposed by Washington City Paper all the way back in 2012. Also the first outlet that I think banned the actual name as a matter of house style, which leads me to Considering how many writers and outlets joined them in the past year, unofficially or officially, this is probably not the "but what about cancel culture" hill to die on, in the end.
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    This is a good logo. I Really Mean It
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    It looks like they're just dropping the name to show the sponsors that they're doing it...I don't mean this nearly as cynically as it comes off. What I mean is that they're doing so in a hurry to the point that I would not be surprised if they just play the season (assuming it happens) out as "Washington" and come up with something that will be released in about a year. Lukas suggested in his blog that they could have an "in case of emergency, break glass" name/identity at the ready, but I'm not getting that sense. To be honest, I kinda hope they play the year out nameless. I hate that as a permanent solution but to hastily try to put something together right now might make it more likely that it won't look good in a decade, be it akin to "Wild" or something military-related that comes under fire as the winds change more. I am both surprised and disappointed that the current head coach is a part of the discussion. First, as is the case for most that work for Snyder, his presence is temporary. It would be like if the Dolphins had rebranded earlier and had it designed by Nick Saban. In five years Rivera's going to be gone but the team's primary identifier will carry him forever. Also, I'd be stunned if it doesn't turn out to be military themed.
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    The logo is not racist, similar to the Blackhawks or Seminoles. As cool as the idea of Red Tails is, I feel like it's sort of forced at this point. Almost like they're obligated to honor a minority. Washington Warriors does roll off the tongue, but it's extremely generic.
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    Washington Deadspins in honor of the bloggers who were too precious to type out that nasty old name.
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    Cheez-its was sitting right there for you...
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    Red Wolves, Red Tails or Warriors. If it takes two years for the NFL/Nike to redesign uniforms, I can't even imagine how long creating a whole new identity will take.
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