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    This is a great look, and huge improvement over their previous set.
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    I can’t believe the Hawks beat the Rockets to return to red and yellow.
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    The Hawks finally look like the Hawks again. Reminds me of the various sets used from 1974 - 1982, particularly the '78-'82 unis. I like it.
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    People gonna nitpick but Atlanta just became one of the best looking teams in the NBA. Bravo
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    Respect to the team for acknowledging that the name was no longer appropriate. I'm hoping Elks becomes the new name, pretty much everything can stay that way. Edmonton has an advantage over Washington because the logos and uniforms were pretty distinct from the name, so replacing them becomes much easier.
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    Meanwhile, a half-crippled, financially destitute 40-something year old forgotten former NFL lineman sobs as he puts a gun to his temple.
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    Good on Edmonton. They may have an easier time in not having to replace any of their existing elements, but that doesn't make this an easy decision. Their name has roots deeper than either Washington's or Cleveland's. It's hard to ask your fans to give that up. Interesting also that they're a community-owned team. That adds another level of people the team has to be responsive to.
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    Oh, i'd disagree with that. No other New York professional team goes by New York City in its name. Its name is derived from its parent company, City Football Group, owners of Manchester City FC and Melbourne City FC in the Australian league. So, very much within the "city" naming convention.
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    If they went through this whole public name-elimination process and still settle on Charlotte F.C., it'll be a huge disappointment.
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    It's insane how much better these are than what was before. Top ten easy. Some really terrific details too. On all three uniforms, the side panels feature doubled up versions of the collar and shorts cuff piping. The center stripe is base color of the jersey EXCEPT for the black which switches in the gold creating a look that is consistent in theme with the red and white uniforms while still being different.
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    Even if it was wrong, any country that has Maple Leafs can also have Elks.
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    Edmonton Elks sounds like it could have just as easily been around for 100 years, too.
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    Most definitely. It would be perfect if they were an Edmonton band instead of a Winnipeg one, but I love “Edmonton Elks” either way.
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    So I'm going to get this out there... I love this look. It's clean, everything works. People don't realize the Hawks are a very old team, and so I appreciate the old school look. I'm not too broken up about the team leaving modern behind, because the last two times they tried we got gradients and volt/triangles. With all of that being said...why wouldn't they last? If the team doesn't improve. Success defines longevity. You pointed that out with the Celtics, Knicks, and Bulls comparisons. The Hawks are a team bouncing from traditional to modern, and they keep changing because the team keeps being underwhelming. So management feels they need to keep changing uniforms to drum up interest. As nice as this look is (and I do think it's very nice) the team will dump it for something out there in five years if they don't start winning.
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    Jazz to honor Jerry Sloan with a patch. 1223 is the number of wins he had with the team
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    The white and red look really nice with the additional details and the logo on the shorts. However, the Hawks have always kind of pushed their design forward. These seem like a rubber band perhaps too far in the other direction. I feel like we have the Knicks, Celtics, and Spurs to go all-in on classic styling. The Hawks just needed to turn the dial from an 11 to a 7. This is a 2. Yes, in the abstract they're nice, but they're also just on the other side of being a template. And the logo is as generic as it can possibly get. No bird? Or feathers? Or a beak? The Hawks aren't the Lakers or Celtics. Cosplaying like them won't make it so.
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    I said it on page 1 of this thread but I’ll say it again: this is hands-down an upgrade over “volt” era The color scheme is fantastic (Chiefs and flames are only big4 teams that use it) Sure they have pretty great throwbacks, but also this is modern, sleek, and can be a long term solution. Bravo Atlanta.
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    From the Hawks' website: https://www.nba.com/hawks/forever
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    Sorry for observing the reality of the game. You enjoy whatever fantasy world where NFL retirees are all jolly, wealthy men with no issues whatsoever.
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    I don’t know, it makes sense to me; there’s pretty obvious cues with the striping and drop shadow numbers pointing to the very first Atlanta set (one that was just thrown back to recently). The bones of the uniform are quite clearly intended to evoke the original, and though the color scheme is not the original, it’s the more traditional Hawks color scheme and serves as a bridge of sorts across different eras (red and gold also didn’t come that much later than the original, either; it came only four years after the Hawks arrived in Atlanta).
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    More than that, I think these types of actions can and sometimes do result in real change. Marriage Equality was a punchline until enough Americans said "wait, why can't gay couples get married?" Which happened in part because lots of people and companies started normalizing it. A whole bunch of seemingly empty gestures added up to change minds. The more we can normalize companies and schools and individuals saying "yeah, systemic racism is a real thing", the more likely it becomes that we'll muster the political will to actually do something about it. Individually? Yeah, probably pretty meaningless. But taken collectively, they can literally change the world. So I'm loath to dismiss any of them, no matter how self-serving or crass. If entities feel pressure to do the right thing, they're still doing the right thing.
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    Houston Oilers I think the Oilers had one of the best logo/uniform sets in NFL history, and I've never really liked the Texans identity. In a perfect world, where the Titans would agree to allow Houston to change their name, here is a modern version of the Oilers.
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    Agreed. Even side by side, they're similar in broad strokes, but distinctive enough to not be the same. EDIT: Here's what they looked like playing each other: and lol:
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    the Bulls uni (and i guess the Wizards uni?) is the ONLY one where this blatant shoving Jordan Brand down our throats make sense. so unnecessary, especially when it's literally just a swapping out of the manufacturer logo. MAYBE if they would have changed the design to the Statement unis to reflect Jordan somehow, but that doesn't make sense to do, either. booooo
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    I wonder if the contrast would improve if the yellow and white were inverted on the wordmark.
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    I think any runs scored in those situations are being considered unearned runs so no effect on ERA. Still, vexingly stupid and I can only hope that it's not going to continue for 2021. That rule change is way too extreme for this sport.
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    Take notice, teams revealing uniforms. Do it like this. Clear looks at the uniforms. No extreme closeups. No fog machines. No weird lighting. Certainly you can add flourishes beyond a simple still photo, without going all pro-wrestling intro, as the Hawks have proven. As for the new togs, they are a tad simplistic, but erring on the side of under- versus over-design? Fine with that.
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    Yeah, I'll admit that it's clever. And while I know that's a tail, and the name says Redwolves, all I see is Redskins.
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    Now if you are going to go with a basic font, the least they could have done was bring back the unique 80's template.
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    Honestly? I'd prefer a team look nice, if boring, over something that tries so hard to be unique that it becomes kitschy. Ideally, you should brand for timelessness over trends; trends change often, and what's "hip" now might be looked at in the same way as jersey gradients in like 5-10 years. More reserved and classical looks have always had more staying power over the really trend-riding looks, that's just kind of the nature of it. The Hawks are a franchise dating back to the 50's, and they've been in Atlanta since the late 60's. They're not a young franchise by any stretch of the word, so should they really dress like one? The sort of wacky design aesthetic of blaring greens and detailed patterns would've flourished on a team like the Thrashers, born right as the 90's experimentational era was ending. For a franchise that was already nearly forty years old when they first moved to Atlanta and is now 52 years old? Hyper-trendy is the opposite of fitting. Hell, if you want to be truly pedantic, the team's origins lie in the NBL Buffalo Bisons, which were founded in 1946. That's 74 years that the franchise has been in operation.
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    The Hawks predate the Nique era by nearly four decades. They won a NBA Championship (the only one the team has) twenty-four years before Dominique Wilkins' rookie season.
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    Edmonton Emperors; they can keep the “EE” logo and colors, then have an emperor penguin alternate logo and mascot to help give a new, concrete brand direction. I really don’t know if that’s a good, meh, or bad idea, but it’s something I thought of and figured it may have some potential.
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    Whatever Washington does I think all they should do to their uniforms is change their logo and striping. I would say move the TV numbers to the shoulders like the Chiefs did and then pretty much adopt everything Virginia has done with their striping except the narrow space in between. Id like to see them have Burgundy, Gold, and White pant options with similar sock stripes to what they currently have on their white socks.
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    Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Personally, I don't find a ton of value in wondering whether things will end before they begin. At this point, I want escapism like live sports back because life without escapism seems to just put people at each other's throats.
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    Yeah, these are legit! Why wouldn't these last? The Cavs had LeBron's return to thank for switching uniforms. This Hawks set can be timeless. They can keep experimenting with the City uniforms for any other new designs. In other words, this set has far, far more staying power than the last set did.
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    Atlanta looks great. I prefer teams to find a way to make a clean modern uniform, but sometimes old school can’t be beat. I’m glad they didn’t go bland (classic doesn’t have to mean boring) because those panel stripes are wacky in a good way. Huge upgrade for the Hawks.
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    Great, great point, that's what I was going to say. I'm still not crazy about such a traditional direction for this team, but the white and red uniforms look a lot better than the black one.
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    For whatever reason, the black jersey leaked first and I skipped this thread. But the white and red jerseys (minus corporate logos) are fantastic. Red and yellow work so well together without black. The Chiefs know it and the Flames seem to kinda get it again. This is now my favorite NBA uni. Of course, I'd bet they'll wear the black one 60 times.
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    To get the other two sets embedded in the thread: Honestly, I love the white and red jerseys. They're great looks, and as far as BFBS (long time no see?) goes, the black jersey ain't bad either.
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    Definitely an upgrade over the volt set. Love seeing teams going back to the less is more look
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    Swap out the red for green and you have a beautiful Sonics jersey.
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