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    I haven't read the reactions in this thread and I'm not going to because your wrong opinions will bother me. Here's my take: This identity RULES. It's a hat trick in game 7 of the finals. The logos, the colors*, the jerseys are all so clean and sharp. The name is silly, but they managed to spin it into gold so who even cares? It's the Minnesota Wild of 2020. I am using my time as a Seattle resident as an excuse for adopting this team as my western conference favorite and will be purchasing some Kraken gear ASAP. *I was so worried they'd go with red and black and thus wouldn't match the aesthetic of the city's other pro franchises while also being too close to so many other NHL teams.
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    This kind of toxic attitude is exactly what's holding the sport of hockey back commercially. Establishing a grassroots connection and growing hockey in a new market should be a good thing. Who knows, in the next 10-15 years we might see a wave of kids being drafted out of Vegas minor hockey who would never have started playing if it weren't for the Knights. I could understand being upset that Quebec City didn't get awarded a team, but it's incredibly petty to actively HATE a team because they've had success in a non-traditional market. The suggestion that the expansion process was somehow illegitimate is completely ludicrous. Every team agreed to the expansion draft rules and knew the deal well in advance. Immediately after they selected their players most people projected that they'd be a basement dweller, so this wasn't part of some diabolical plan Bettman came up with. They weren't even given a top 5 pick in their first entry draft. I'm sure the Seattle group knew the name would be polarizing, which is why they unveiled the entire brand at once. I know the whole "release the Kraken" thing will be worn out long before the puck drops for the first time, but they've clearly put a lot more thought into this than just that. The Islanders don't lean into the maritime/nautical theme much, so it seems like Seattle is picking up that ball & running with it.
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    Passes the true test, now Washington......you got some work to do.
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    In the history books, it stays as-is. I don't think anyone is calling to erase history. If they have banners in the stadium then that's a trickier situation. They should not put the Redtails or Warriors or whatever logo on the banners, but they should also not use the R-word. I'd assume that the now-former logo would be OK to use along with a WASHINGTON wordmark, but maybe they don't even need a logo at all. Just say "WASHINGTON" and put the logos of the actual SBs on there.
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    Here's the true test... seeing it against all the other logos on the mothership page.
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    I will be coming back to this again I swear but here's a preview of another team I guess? I'll go back and make a new redleg, but overall I'm happy with my Reds look.
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    Boy, I go away for a couple hours and this thread gets all negative and nasty. So I'll counter. Having let it sit for a couple hours... I like this identity more. I love that their primary is a monogram. I think the secondary Space Anchor logo is brilliant. I love the color scheme, uniquely theirs and yet appropriate for the locale. I love that they don't have any white on their home uniform. This is already one of the best jerseys in the NHL. I think they knocked the thing out of the park, and can't wait to see them on the ice. Personally, I'm not a fan of being a fan of team you don't have any real geographical connection with, but given my local options here in New York I might have to make an exception. And while the plural of anecdote is still not data, I know four people in Seattle (well, okay, three in Seattle and one in Tacoma) who bought season tickets today on the strength of this unveiling. Sure seems to be resonating with the locals.
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    Seems like such a wasted opportunity when they could have gone with the faux-leather helmet for the entire season
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    Serious question: How long has it been since we made it all the way to the unveiling without ANY leaks or even teasers? There was literally nothing here until we made it into the livestream. That has gotta be a record.
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    As it turned out, he was doing it right
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    We never address the converse here: how much would-be elite talent in Quebec never makes it to the pros or never picks up the game at all because the sport has left the province behind to chase McMansion Hell down south? Because if the QMJHL's anemic numbers at draft time are any indication, it's a lot. Is that a tragedy on par with Vegas-suburb kids not picking up hockey? If not, why not? When we're talking about draft picks, even with expansion it's ultimately a zero-sum game; players getting drafted out of new places necessarily means players not getting drafted out of old ones, so I don't know how we celebrate one without lamenting the other.
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    Damn...I probably wouldn't have chosen Kraken as the name, but they knocked it out the park. Salute the general, folks.
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    So now we have only the Bears and Chiefs left as the remaining teams who understand how socks should work with dark pants. That sucks.
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    Washington should always go Burgundy over Gold at home, and White over Burgundy on the road. Unless they're playing the Cowboys, in which case White over Burgundy at home and Burgundy over Gold on the road. I hate the white pants, and especially mono-white for them.
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    Admittedly very much so, but I'd imagine any fan would get spiteful and vindictive if you endured years of a certain subgroup of people among the bigger fanbases basically calling your team worthless and counting down the days until they move because "hockey doesn't belong down there!". It feels gatekeepy in the worst way, even as a person who loves the Leafs as well. Oh, I'm all for Florida going to Québec if they can't get their together and prove that they can make the market work. At this point, it's put up or shut up for them; and unlike in Arizona, there's already a far more successful team in the state that can just take over that market if the Panthers leave. They're totally and completely expendable, and I would not shed a single tear if they left...well, okay, that's a lie; I'd likely shed at least a few tears of joy for the return of the Nordiques, but that aside, it wouldn't kill me if the Panthers said they were moving to Québec the day after they get eliminated from the play-ins. My bigger beef is with when people do it with the Coyotes, since that's a situation ala Atlanta or Nashville where prior ownership spent years putting out a complete trash heap of a product, made a very limp effort of marketing it in the region and...well, the bankruptcy saga and everything that unfolded from there is obvious. It's hard for me to look back at old posts from that time on places like HFboards, see people basically gleefully counting down the days until the team was moved, and not kinda get why some of the other fans of those teams are so defensive and bitter. It'd be like if a bunch of people gleefully counted down the days until the Whalers were moved; it just feels dirty, y'know? Maybe I'm just really bitter at having been a fan of teams that were often (and still are) prime targets in that omnipresent relocation discussion, I dunno.
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    I tried to change my name to "forum poster" to honor this stopgap switch and the board told me it wasn't allowed. Then I put in "iloveboobs69420" as a joke and that was allowed! Great, just great.
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    The Toronto Maple Leafs sell banners like this that include Cups won while they were known as the Arenas and St. Pats. It's not a big deal. @BringBackTheVet is right though, that officially lists will probably refer to the '82, '87, and '91 Super Bowl Champions as the "Washington Washington Football Team." Official records and fan merch are two different things entirely. Why do you still want to use a slur?
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    All correct, and well said! The difference is that Sinterklass is himself an example of cultural drift from the legends of the very real Saint Nicolas of Myra. The drift from Saint Nicolas of Myra to Sinterklass is far less clear cut. It involves a great degree of cultural diffusion as the early Christian Church spread westward and northward out of the Mediterranean and into Germanic and Celtic Europe. Saint Nicolas got conflated with a number of European pagan figures, the most prominent being Odin. An old man with a beard who flies around in the sky with flying animals in late December. This mixture of Saint Nicolas of Myra and Odin (with a few other pagan elements tossed in) morphed into Sinterklass. Who, as you outlined, was picked up by Thomas Nast and reinvented as Santa Clause (Father Christmas was a separate syncretism of early Christian concepts and pagan beliefs who got folded into the Saint Nicolas/Odin fusion of Sinterklass later on). Nast drew on a lot of the traditional Sinterklass imagery (beard, red and white outfit, etc). While modern Santa is very much a result of his creation the elements he played with were arrived at by close to a thousand years of mythological drift. I admit this may be me splitting hairs, but it seems as if Nast just took Sinterklass and gave him a makeover to be more marketable He most certainly drew from a variety of sources (and made some other stuff up) but he was mostly rejiggering a concept that had evolved through centuries of mythological drift. The kraken, as a concept, never really got that. Partially as a result of early modern Scandinavia viewing their viking/Norse past with a sense of embarrassment. Studying this stuff was pretty rare in the centuries after Christianization, with a lot of it written off as "pagan barbarism." So a lot of the sagas we now consider classic Norse literature were just sitting in dusty libraries for centuries, neglected by historians and literary scholars alike. In short? Society wouldn't let the kraken properly drift A myth can't drift if no one is spreading it. The late 18th century saw the stirrings of what would becomes the Nordic revival movement, when academics began to study older Norse history seriously, no longer confined by the view that the "pagan" past should be written off as "barbaric." Enter Erik Pontoppidan, a Danish scholar and clergyman. He would have been aware of the kraken myth thanks to this revival. And he also wrote travel log literature. He came across unrelated tales of giant squids and slapped the "kraken" name on them. A few movies later and here we are re: what the kraken is in popular imagination. It may seem like splitting hairs but I see far less cultural drift in the case of the kraken. Whereas Santa Clause arrived to us, via Sinterklass, as a result of centuries of Christian and pagan cultural diffusion. Of course you could argue that the kraken myth entered the popular consciousness later and therefore the process was "sped up" as societal development tends to speed up the further along you are. That would be a very fair point to make. Ok. That's really interesting. Heh. Thanks. I know I'm in the nichiest of niches one this one but it's what it is. It's far easier to accept thanks to the excellent identity. I really do love how even something as basic as the number font gives me a salt-cracked seafaring vibe. It might bring me around in due time. Today isn't that day though. Anyhow that was a very interesting read. And again, my apologies for my earlier loss of composure.
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    Y'all talk about being a minor league name, a cartoon logo would be really minor league.
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    Disagree strongly; I'd rather they play up the mystery angle instead of running with the monster aspect and end up looking kitschy. There's something to be said for making such a dumb name work through tasteful and reserved imagery. If they rolled up with a primary of a squid smashing a hockey stick to bits in its tentacles or something, the backlash would've been way worse for the name. You can't use a name like "Kraken" in a major league and have some cartoony or overbearing monster squid logo as your primary logo, it'd be a one-way ticket to getting absolutely lampooned. They did the best they could, even if I detest the name.
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    I felt like Barney Gumble During Springfield's prohibition days. "Seattle Kraken?!? This better be one of the best identities I've seen in my life!" Takes a look at logo, colors, and jersey. "You got lucky....."
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    They'll still have one of the best logos and uniforms in the sport. That's pretty worthwhile. I honestly don't get this argument. It doesn't make any sense to pretend that they're trying to ride some sort of pop culture wave that barely existed a decade ago. There's absolutely no evidence that they chose the name for "pop culture relevance" or to tie in to any meme that only makes sense to a small percentage of the population. Sometimes I think we forget how much the internet echoes back to us.
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    Forget the entire season. Ditch the logos in the sleeves and make that your set. How much more unique could you possibly be than to just have a leather texture helmet? They’re also one of the oldest teams in the league, so it would fit.
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    OK. You've done your duty for the day.
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    Did The Simpsons ever predict this happening?
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    Visually, this is by lightyears the best identity in the entire NHL. I love everything about it: colors, the spiky "S", the red eye, the bevel, the anchor's top part which is the Space Needle, the great wordmark. Everything. 10/10.
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    As much as I love the two logos individually, something about this mash-up just seems a little off. I think it might be the decision to ignore and obliterate the tentacle by splitting the vertical stroke of the S that way, part in front of the anchor and part behind. I don't think we've seen the official branding guidelines, but I suspect they specify that the primary logo must always have its outline, so the negative space is preserved.
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    So no official documents have been sent out yet... internal site for assets still has coming soon, but based on what we have seen in renders here are the 4 options Washington can wear this season. Dark White
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    The kraken isn't from Greek mythology. It was originally a giant fish from Scandinavian folkore! This is what I'm talking about people! Kidding of course. Mostly.
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    I think any assertions that the team picked the name based solely on a meme are ignoring more relevant things like local context. Look at this list: Seattle Sounders FC Seattle Seahawks Seattle Dragons Seattle Mariners Seattle Seawolves Seattle Kraken Seattle Storm OL Reign Out of eight Seattle pro sports teams, five names with nautical themes. Two mythological creatures (maybe three if you count Seawolves?). One weather name and one royalty related name that's maybe also a weather pun? Kraken seems to fit the theme in the market.
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    LMAO this is the kind of hyperbolic, emotional, overreaction that I get so much enjoyment from. I was waiting for you to say "screw it, I'm done See ya later NHL, I'm out." Sooo funny. I have strong ideas about what I think works and what doesn't work too, but at the end of the day you just have to accept that not everyone shares your opinions and maaaayyybbbeee you're wrong? I have experienced all too often a design for something that I was sure I would never like, only to at some point come around to it in some way. At the very least, leave that possibility open for yourself instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Or keep doing it. I don't mind, I find it hilarious to read.
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    Absolutely. The Seattle Kraken concepts were some of the worst I've ever seen.
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    Fanatics is just awful period. It's really unfortunate that they've been handed the keys to every major American sports league's official shop, plus a few others.
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    I'm sure it's completely coincidental that today's brand unveiling featured multiple exhortations to "Release the Kraken!" and that said tagline is plastered all over the souvenir merchandise that went on sale. Nothing whatsoever to do with the pop culture meme that is Liam Neeson's Zeus bellowing the line in Clash of the Titans.
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    Are those the only two options? Seriously? They chose it because it offers a whole lot of branding opportunity. Same reason any team chooses a name. In this case, they get to continue the nautical theme that defines Seattle sports while going in a unique direction. They get to be whimsical and dramatic at the same time, which is a tough trick to pull off. I really don't think there's any great mystery why they chose the name, and it isn't any of the silly strawmen being dragged out here.
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    Kraken is a great name. They own the name Kraken in sports now, so great branding decision. Plus it's just a sweet name. Sockeyes? That's awful and would be universally be getting made fun of right now if that was their choice, but instead Kraken is getting loads of praise. I can't think of an expansion team hitting such a home run when it comes to the entire identity package right from the get go. Maybe the Texans, but this feels so fresh. and LOVE the Ice Blue color.
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    There is no chance that Seattle's NHL franchise would be dubbed the Kraken if not for Liam Neeson's Zeus bellowing, "Release the Kraken!" in the 2010 film Clash of the Titans. None. I'm 55 years old. In addition to being a rabid sports fan and graphic design/branding enthusiast, I've loved mythology, science fiction, movies, television, and comic books since I was a child. Prior to the release of the original Clash of the Titans in 1981, even a devoted pop-culture nerd (I plead, "Guilty.") would have been hard-pressed to find more than sporadic mentions - let alone appearances - of the creature known as the kraken in American cultural life. I recall reading about the kraken in a couple of collections of myths and legends, its being mentioned in passing in the Jules Verne novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and creatures identified as krakens appearing in a handful of comic books. I also recall giant squid - identified with exactly that terminology, "giant squid" - in some movies and on television. All of that said, the notion that kraken was a familiarly "cool word and image" to a large swath of the American public throughout the 36 years of the 20th century that I drew breath... well, that just doesn't ring true to me. Hell, even after the release of the 1981 Clash of the Titans, it was a pretty limited subset of society that would have been likely to conjure up images of a cephalopod-like kraken and consider said creature cool. For starters, the kraken that visual effects and stop-motion animation legend Ray Harryhausen created for the film was decidedly un-squidlike. Rather, it resembled a reptilian simian with a fish's tail and four arms ending in clawed hands. Further, Harryhausen's stop-motion Dynamation technique was already beginning to feel a bit dated when compared to even the earliest of the computer-assisted special effects technologies that were beginning to debut. Finally, Sir Laurence Olivier's introduction of the kraken in the 1981 film was hardly anything to get one's blood-racing. Rather than Neeson's aggressive delivery, Olivier's order to "Release the Kraken," was delivered almost half-heartedly. It was not the sort of impassioned exhortation that would have electrified an arena full of sports fans to rise to their feet and join in... or, inspire an NHL team's ownership group to select a name. Now, it strikes me that the first widespread notoriety that the mythical kraken achieved via 20th century pop culture was in the 2006 motion picture Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. This kraken was depicted - via CGI - as an enormous, destructive, many-tentacled cephalopod. The special effects work was impressive and the creature certainly made an impression. That said, nowhere in the film does a character utter the line, "Release the Kraken!" Rather, Davy Jones orders his men to "Wake the Kraken!" This is not the stuff that the most prevalent kraken-related memes have been made of. "Wake the Kraken!" hasn't been the rallying cry of those Seattle NHL enthusiasts who have been championing the adoption of a gigantic, mythical cephalopod as the team's namesake mascot since Seattle Hockey Partners were officially granted an expansion franchise just over 19 months ago. "Wake the Kraken!" wasn't the exhortation that introduced the identity of Seattle's NHL franchise today. Nor was "Wake the Kraken!" the slogan plastered on the souvenir merchandise that went on sale this afternoon. No, the meme that fueled the adoption of Seattle Kraken as the latest NHL team identity came to cinematic life - and subsequently burst forth from all manner of media platforms - thanks to Liam Neeson's gruff, gravelly 2010 command to "Release the Kraken!" The odds are that if Neeson never delivers that line, Seattle's NHL franchise is taking to the ice as the Sockeyes, Sea Lions, Emeralds, Evergreens, or any number of other identities, because Kraken would have been on the radar of precious few people.
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    They could have simply put WASHINGTON in the end zone and it would have looked natural. Putting the rest there just draws even more attention to the controversy. How can someone as stupid as Dan Snyder become so rich? I can't think of another single instance of someone who's bafflingly stupid, to the point where you'd think he has actual poo in his skull instead of a brain, becoming filthy rich and working in Washington.
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    Thank goodness, the dropshadow and outline were wholly unnecessary and the logo looks a ton better without them.
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    At a certain point, it's good to reflect on just how much you might be arguing to argue. This in response to "you can have a different view, I respect that"? Not sure what else you're looking for.
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