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    I never claim to be a historian, however, I have to emphatically reiterate that we do our research (and lots of it) because we know there are people out there who will appreciate those intellectual details (or, in your case, become infuriated by them ). Kidding aside, I only took offense to the way you characterized it because it implies that we just wing it and generalize without knowing better or even trying to learn or understand the history and significance of the material we’re using as inspiration. I learned far more than I ever wanted to about the origin of this legend, but it was very clear early on that it just wasn’t going to work for people if we were completely authentic to the original stories, so we had to bend it a bit to make it successful in a commercial context (unfortunate, but this is America, after all). Believe me, I understand your frustration as an actual historian. In hindsight, though, I’m proud that we did our best to intelligently link together seemingly incongruous things and respect the authentic history of the myth as much as possible while making it accessible for the audience (more on that a few quotes below), and I think the balance is working pretty well. Could it have been better? Sure. Nevertheless, it’s exceeding expectations (especially my own), and I think it’s shaping up to be a benchmark identity, which is cool. To put the Clash/Pirates/pop culture debate to rest, at no time during the process were any of these things mentioned by the ownership group as a reason for choosing this name. It was more than likely in the heads of the fans who suggested and trumpeted it, but the ownership group was never intent on using its pop culture cliché-ness as a springboard. I’d be surprised if they didn’t embrace some of it, though. We’ll see if the “Release the Kraken” slogan sticks around or was just limited to the launch product. Solid discussion. Definitely. We tried to give every piece a little connection to Seattle, the sea, the folklore, and/or history. If I had to guess, a person who posts online as “VancouverFan69” with a Canucks avatar is rock bottom on the club’s priority list, and I think they’re just fine that you have no interest in their club. Surprisingly, he was reluctant on this name. Opinion was very split on it in general, but they committed to it because they were convinced that it was what the fans wanted. Honestly, the design of all this stuff was just finalized in the past couple months. There’s not even a physical prototype of this jersey yet. Obviously, there are all kinds of circumstances that dictated the strategy a bit, but people were getting antsy for news. To that point, I understand why they pulled the curtain so early, and also why they passed on having product in the pipeline pre-launch, as they were able to suppress leaks and truly do the unveil on their own terms. Ultimately, the unveil seems like it’s been a success even if it’s not quite as polished or tightly planned as anyone would have liked, and I think having the uniforms as part of the unveiling contributed to that success. You’re right. It’s a tough one to find an alternative name for. There are some nice nautical terms that you might be able to spin a Kraken mascot into, but there’s also a risk of creating dissonance for your audience with that approach. Boundless Blue and Shadow Blue are the tonal complements to Deep Sea Blue and Ice Blue. They’re essentially just support colors (though Shadow Blue does take on a minor role in the sleeves and socks). Primary colors are always Deep Sea Blue, Ice Blue, and Red Alert. Yes. The keyline is always tethered to the monogram to contain the eye. Without the eye, you could just reverse the logo and you wouldn’t need a keyline at all, but the eye just doesn’t work without the darkness behind it. See above. Not ideal, but those are the circumstances everyone’s dealing with. I would say prepare for summer 2021? I’m glad you brought this up, because it’s a big reason why the creature is so ambiguous in the mark, and why there’s only one tentacle depicted. As you noted, the myth has been conflated and misinterpreted over the centuries, but I think what we have here can reasonably reflect any of the historical depictions, whether it’s a more snakelike form, the giant fish with the tentacle-like necklace, or the modern squid/octo forms. Seattle Hockey Club was tossed around a little, even as a name for a Kraken-based identity. I think that would have materialized more like the Greyjoys; a group of people who use their habitat’s most ferocious beast as a symbol for their clan. First, I don’t love the name “Kraken,” but I like it a lot more than I used to. I think the identity is doing it justice and catalyzing a similar shift in public opinion. That said, Seattle Kraken *sounds* decent. Not great, not terrible, but fine. Whether it’s professional or appropriate Is obviously up to the individual, but Edmonton Kraken and Washington Kraken both sound atrocious, so no, it’s not the same thing.
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    Finally, they look like the Padres. Very nice.
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    I bet for as many loudly angry Skins fans who are going to wear their slur hoodies for as long as they can, there are probably just as many who are relieved they can finally support their team proudly and without guilt. And, ultimately, it's sports. If fans can buy a new jersey, they will. Doing a two-step from Skin to WTF to Sentinels or whatever opens two new merchandise spending sprees. The final name will probably do better than the interim one, but I have to imagine Fanatics and the NFL and Daniel Snyder (I have no idea who actually makes money from merch sales) aren't actually that unhappy to essentially unveil two new uniforms and brands in two years.
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    I just want to say thank you for all your work. As a longtime board member and Seattlite. I really appreciate the insider info from the source. Also I was never in love with the name during the whole process but I absolutely love the entire Identity and already have gear on the way. You guys knocked it out of the park.
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    There’s absolutely no reason to rethink this. How do you rethink the retirement of a racist name? Just because people with one brain cell hate the choice doesn’t mean Snyder or anybody for that matter need to bend to their will.
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    the padres look great!
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    In this case? Yeah, they are imaginary. When we equate "treating people with respect" with "PC", we show that the term doesn't really have any meaning at all. The old question was "Would you call a Native American a _____ to her face?" Maybe now we replace it with "Would you tell a Native American that she's being too sensitive?"
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    I'm not going to explain context to people who willfully choose not to understand.
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    If we're not allowed to use naughty words and slurs, and the R-word is now officially a slur, shouldn't the filter replace it with ? Just axin'. Regarding the "they're going to play as WTF for 2 seasons!" - no they're not. At least not definitely. The usual timeline is something like 18-24 months (league rules state 24), but as long as the merch producers have time to get stuff ready, the ad partners have time to put the new logo on their ads, and signage can be produced, it can certainly be expedited. Every rule in the history of the world can be waived under the right circumstances, and I think all reasonable minds would agree that this is one of those. The bigger deal is getting it right, and there can be no timeframe on that. Given the other issues that the team is dealing with right now, and the uncertainty at the top, while multitasking is a thing, the key decision makers may not even be able to focus on this for a while. Hopeully whatever design firm they're using is really good at their jobs (and hopefully they're not giving Nike a lot of rope.)
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    The Krakens are now my favorite team and I want a goddam hat NOW NOT NEXT YEAR.
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    Everyone seemed to have a couple different favorites at one time or another. Regardless, I want to keep the public “what could have been” talk to a minimum and let the team have its moment for now. They united around Kraken and I’m excited for the lead up to dropping the puck. We trusted them to pick the right name, and they trusted us to bring it to life; gotta give them their space.
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    "Problem" is that your trivial opinion thankfully doesn't count anymore. But you can still feast your eyes on memorabilia, videos or whatever is needed to make your eyes watery! Hail to the new era!
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    We get it for the thousandth time... McDonald's is red and yellow, so are the Hawks, Chiefs, and Flames(another former Atlanta team)
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    That's what I was going for. You'll get used to it.
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    yeah, the name has nothing to do with the brand and certainly doesn’t inspire the logo or uniform.
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    honestly, Canada has a much better solution than we do. “Native American” is kind of clunky, and it opens the door for bigots to joke about being native-born Americans. “First Nations” is so much more dignified, not to mention perfectly descriptive.
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    That says a lot about you honestly Pretty sure you missed the joke.
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    Ok, now I have to. Washington staff member, front office personnel, player, coach, and possibly cheerleader of the Washington Football Team that plays in Maryland and is headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia EDIT: LMFAO, well played mods.
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    Washington Washington Football Team Edit: Good job mods!
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    Are you (still not) aware of the situation in Washington regarding their football team – for the past 40 years? Textbook case of apples-and-oranges comparison intended?
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    Right. Snyder will eventually benefit from that without any doubt. Again! In fact, he – the white billionaire – is the reason why this team has kept the name for more than 20 years (with Snyder at the helm), since he quite frankly didn't give a sh... about the team's racist nickname a bit. However, since main sponsor FedEx threatened to end the alliance with Snyder's team, he all of a sudden, within just two weeks or so, has collapsed under the pressure, ready to change his team's identity for obvious reasons, a topic that he didn't want to deal with for the past 20 years or more during his tenure as team owner. Racism has become a problem for Snyder not because of racism itself, but exclusively for financial reasons. Another classic example for "money rules the world". On the other hand, better late than never.
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    From a friend that works for the Panthers: "Just wait on the accents and alternate colors. " This gives me hope.
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    The fans already revolted because of the team itself. There's probably a hockey twitter account dunking on them despite it being the wrong sport. Historically, we'd be yakking about how they were destined for Los Angeles, but that era is done. I'm from Arkansas and a lifelong fan of a team that once used Native American iconography. If Washington's football fans are such pathetic losers that they can't get over a name change (names being the least important part of the brand), then they deserve the embarrassing team they've been provided. Most likely, they're normal humans and will just get over it because being a slightly better person without doing anything isn't that big of a deal. Again, I'm from the famously redneck doofus state of Arkansas. You know, the one that shut down schools because it was scared of non-whites back in the 1950's which isn't as far back as you might think.
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    You keep equating “roots” to “peak”, but that’s not always true nor is it always the intended context. Ultimately, the audience for this rebrand and its story are Hawks fans. Most other NBA fans will likely “trace” the Hawks’ history back to Nique because that’s probably as far back as thier Hawks knowledge goes (if they even care much for NBA history at all, that is), but I would imagine most Hawks fans - as would fans of any team - understand thier history and the context of “roots” in this regard. Especially when the Hawks just celebrated thier 50th anniversary in Atlanta recently. If the Jazz changed uniforms tomorrow and said “we’re going back to our roots”, as a Jazz fan I know my team’s history: I know they wouldn’t be talking about the mountains (the team’s “peak”), they’d be talking about what Pistol Pete wore. I would imagine the context Hawks fans have of thier own history - coupled with recent celebrations of thier 50th anniversary and an inaugural Atlanta throwback - is something that helps “roots” make sense for this uniform. They’re the intended audience, after all; not outsiders. As I’ve stated before also, this uniform has very clear homages to the inaugural uniform and the inspiration to it is rather unmistakable when you look at the two side by side. This is a very good example of how, in some cases, “roots” =/= “peak”. They are equal and overlapping in the case of, say, the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are not in the case of the Atlanta Hawks.
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    Don't want to turn this into another Washington FT thread -- but if the team is wearing road unis at home just to avoid offending, you know change is soon.
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    Staff member, front office personnel, player, coach, or gimp suit cleaner of the Cleveland Baseball Team that plays in the American League and is headquartered in the state of Ohio.
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    There's a reason the baseball team chose to be the Nationals instead.
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    I live in Maryland, about five minutes outside of the city. Most of the Washington fans I've talked to or seen posting on social media really don't seem to care about whether or not Snyder caved to the imaginary "PC police." We just want the controversy surrounding the team to be done with and for the team itself to start trying to win.
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    Wait until you try it without the S. @infrared41 did a good job coming up with that one.
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    Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. Washington Football Team. NICE!
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    Just gotta try it out now. Washington Football Team
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    You think it's a silly name. Other people love it. Who's right?
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    The only thing I hate about the Padres new look is designating the brown jersey as the primary roam, rather than a traditional sand/grey one.
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    I like it when teams "own" color schemes. I get that it's totally normal and acceptable for teams to share schemes with others in their league, but I'd rather Atlanta "own" red and yellow - since Houston has basically abandoned it - and let Miami own black-red-yellow (unless Miami is going to commit to the Vice scheme.) They could still sell the black jersey as a fashion one or some special one that they wear once in a blue moon, but a yellow jersey would have made for a more appropriate alt IMO. Also - all the backseat moderator votes are in. The next person that posts anything McDonalds related in a thread about the Hawks or Chiefs is banned. Grow up.
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    Nothing says trying to look like the real victims more than people calling out for giving into the fact that the name has seriously negative connotations. Oh yeah, just go hide into this 'cancel culture' excuse thingy. That'll totally bring the nickname back.
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    While the name absolutely had to go, I will miss the overall look of the Washington Football Team. The logo I actually thought looked sort of dignified (I can’t speak for those who feel differently, though). And the white jersey burgundy pants is one of my favorite looks ever.
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    Thank goodness, the dropshadow and outline were wholly unnecessary and the logo looks a ton better without them.
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    Old England Patriots
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    Absolutely not. The perfect example (as stated previously) -- Would you call someone a R-word to their face? No. Would you call someone an Indian to their face? Also no.
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    As someone who thinks the Weagle is pretty overrated, yeah I'll vouch for that. Why not.
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    I was completely wrong. The uniforms actually look very good. Same goes for the font that I didn't really like at first sight. All in all, this is way better than their previous sets. Good job, Hawks.
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    As terrible as the name is, I will likely buy this hat eventually.
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