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    Embedding GIFs of celebrations and then whining about them is one of the stranger thread-derail tactics I’ve seen here.
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    Really no different than an NFL team celebration in the end zone...it’s just really awful that players are clever and like to have fun...
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    Having fun? In sports? How dare they!
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    So if the word you typed is (your words here:) "an unabigious[sic], utterly racist word, just like the N-word" then why would you not only use it, but then complain that it was edited? Would you expect to be able to type the N-word?
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    Simply beautiful!!!
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    Why is having fun and celebrating dumb? It's pro sports - people pay to be entertained. Grown-ass men falling over like bowling pins makes me laugh. In fact, I think celebrations should actually count. So there'd be judges, and based on the quality (or lack thereof) of the celebration, you'd either get an extra point, or maybe kick off from 5 yards closer (or if the celebration really blew, you'd get penalized 5 yards.) The catch is that no celebration could be called more than once. Think of the drama! A team is down by 8 in the closing seconds, so it'd usually be game over, but they score and then pull out their haymaker celebration, then wait patiently while the judges decide their fate. Then they get awarded the bonus point, go for two, and win the game by one.
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    How dare a team trying to drum up fan support in a non-traditional market do non-traditional things?
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    1. It wasn't just your comment. It's been modified across the boards. That aside, had it been limited to your post, we don't send messages when we do a mod edit. The reason for the edit is stated in the edited post. 2. Thanks! 3. That is correct. 4. Seriously, look up how free speech actually works. 5. Yup, but we aren't allowing the use of that racial slur in any future posts. We think it's a good decision. 6. We already have. Try it out. For the record, we aren't planning on removing every prior reference to the word in question. All we've done is stopped it from being used from this point forward. Again, we think it's a good decision. 7. No kidding. 8. Someone's reaction is overblown and ridiculous here and I'm pretty sure it's not ours. 9. No, it really isn't. Your reaction might be in the running, though. 10. Seriously, look up how free speech actually works. 11. If that's the case, then why are you having a fit over this? Words are just words, right? All we did was replace one word with a another...well...more with a paragraph actually, but I digress. You get the point. 12. Show us the "proper context" for the use of a racial slur and we'll take it under advisement. 13. You're free to make that choice. You are welcome to come back any time you want. 14. OK, but in the future if you do find a reason, feel free to post it. As always, thanks for your input.
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    Sir, this isn’t an airport. No need to announce your departure.
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    That was me. I'm just calling for consistency. If it's been officially* designated a slur, then it should be treated the same as other slurs, and considering how language that even an 8-year-old uses is censored, a racial slur certainly should be. I honestly don't see the issue, though as I noted in my previous thread, the way it's censored might be able to be improved. I have no idea what Red Sox dude is arguing. For a minute, I thought he was arguing that it should never be seen again and that it's the same as the N-word. Now he's arguing that he wants to use it with impunity. I really don't know what his point is, but whatever it is, he's not capable of articulating it. In conclusion - history is just that. The past. Nobody is changing the past. But the future exists to be shaped and molded, and we're moving forward without slurs. I absolutely don't see the problem here. As for the "free speech" argument - learn what the hell that means before complaining that an internet message board is taking away your rights.
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    My god. I'm not a mod, but as someone with a little common sense, I'll attempt to respond to this. NOBODY IS ERASING HISTORY. That's never been mentioned as an intent of the name change. Never mentioned by the team, by the league, by the mods of this forum, by anyone. Yes, it's silly that a slur is OK and bizzach is not, but it is what it is. When you look in the history books, it's going to have the R-word in it... I think. If the history books simply refer to the team as Washington, then maybe it makes sense for the site to change, but I don't think that's happening. Ernest Byner played for the Washington R-Words and nothing can change that. That being said, while history isn't being censored, there's no reason to use the word moving forward. We can discuss Ernest Byner and Mark Rypien without using the word. There's simply no reason to type it anymore. Also - it takes time to go back and edit everything. Just look at the team. They have to change all their signs, graphics, advertisements, merch, etc It is a process. While the admins of this forum take it way too seriously and treat it like we're debating actual public policy that's going to impact millions of American lives, it's not practical to edit everything within the relatively short amount of time this has happened.
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    I thought you were done posting in this section.
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    The new look has its flaws, but you're insane if you think it's not an upgrade over the previous set.
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    ...that's not a good reason to revive an old identity?
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    , MOD EDIT The government will not arrest or kill you for things you say, but your employer can fire you, a message board can suspend you, and any non-government org has the right to determine what's appropriate and what's not for their space. In short - shut up and go away. 90% of what we fight about is silly on a sports logos message board. I'm going back to the wrestling thread... in a few minutes. I already proposed a solution to your problem (I think. I thought I knew your problem, but now I'm not sure) and you accepted it. Give the mods more than 30 seconds to consider it before freaking the hell out. PLEASE - we've been doing fine in this thread. Stop making up reasons to blow it up.
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    To *hell with grey face masks!!!!! *Some minor exceptions.
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    i'm really not trying to get into political discussions here at all, nor am I trying at all to backseat mod, but in regards to this whole thing and the free speech angle, besides it being, as mentioned, a Canadian site, free speech protects people from Government persecution, not private citizens running a website about sports logos (which is NOT persecution). I am absolutely a big believer in free speech, but this is a private site who (if the American Constitution applied and I'm not at all certain how websites are applied across "borders"), has the right to enforce restrictions as they see fit. They're not tracking down your private messages on other sites or in your life away from here and restricting your speech in any way. They simply created a rule for here. And we have the right to agree or disagree with that by choosing whether or not to post here. If we choose to be a part of this site, we agree to abide by their standards. Simple as that. This is my only post on the subject and I do not take it personally if a moderator decides to remove it.
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    You don't recall any choreographed celebrations in either MLB or NFL? You've got a selective memory. Search "Brewers bowling ball". Name an NFL team, and I guarndamntee that the entire defense ran into the end zone and posed after an interception last year.
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    Then why the hell do you keep referring to it? For the record, CCSLC isn't a "state." It's a message board.
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    Considering that this board and the mothership are Canadian enterprises that, and all the free speech arguments, don’t apply.
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    A moderator provided a detailed answer to your question. I know because I'm the mod who answered it.
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    Oh that’s rich. I didn’t provide you a chart, but you can throw out your Native American “friends” as the end all be all on the matter. Well I too have a Native American friend that would disagree with your friends. They aren’t a monolith, but the fact of the matter is if some feel negatively about the name and the imagery then that’s more than enough to let it go. Especially considering the race of the man that can make that decision. If a Native owned the team then there might be an argument. I’ll say it again, the wolf tail used in that context bore a striking similarity to old R-word logo and that is a problem. It’s not about whether the logo was respectful or tasteful, but about the use of the Native American image. Simple as that. That group of people, save for your friends, have made it clear they are tired of being used as mascots. I don’t get what you are fighting for here.
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    The Krakens are now my favorite team and I want a goddam hat NOW NOT NEXT YEAR.
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    Everyone seemed to have a couple different favorites at one time or another. Regardless, I want to keep the public “what could have been” talk to a minimum and let the team have its moment for now. They united around Kraken and I’m excited for the lead up to dropping the puck. We trusted them to pick the right name, and they trusted us to bring it to life; gotta give them their space.
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    Please. The NBA and NFL were putting on shows and such before the NHL. The NHL you're still expected to show up in a suit if you're a player. Also the name thing is silly. Is Kraken a dumb name? Yes. But those other leagues have the Magic, the Bills, the Phillies, etc. And if those names didn't have decades of history and came out today we'd be laughing at them as much as we are Kraken.
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    Yeahhhhhhhh, Edmonton isn't the city for a team named the Mountaineers. It's a totally out of place name.
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    I think everyone understands that you're making the comparison because of the red base and alternating white/yellow stripes. The thing is that those similarities are inevitable and happen all the time... and and as long as McDonald's isn't also their jersey advertiser, then it's purely coincidental and fine. Hey did you know that the Golden State Warriors look like Ikea and Nesquik?
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    Gone Red Sox
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    This gets better and better. I love it when racists try to justify being racist. Literally everyone can see it except you, guy. You should leave like you said you were going to, because you keep digging that hole deeper and deeper. Edit: Oh wow, looks like the thread left me behind. Oh well, hopefully this will be the last word on that ridiculous little blow-up.
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    Within about 10 seconds of seeing the new Charlotte FC logo and secondary monogram I started wondering why they didn't design the main logo to include the monogram. That and I cannot recall having seen a soccer logo with a crown where the crown was not above the shield or rondel. So, here is my version, along with the original. I made mine quickly so the font size and all the lines are not exactly how I would want them, but you get the idea. Actual logo My version:
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    These are absolutely stunning with high socks and gold accessories like Tatis.
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    There are definitely names that are better suited to different sports and different markets. Kraken absolutely suits hockey over the other major sports and it suits Seattle over other markets, given Seattle's ocean themed pro teams. Washington are in a tougher spot because they're an old, historic franchise and will need a name that honours that. Edmonton the same. A brand new expansion team Seattle has a completely different brief and they have some licence to have a more modern, trendy name.
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    I've made it clear I just dont like the name and why, but despite that the best thing they have done with the brand is leave the Kraken as unseen. Outside of a single tentacle in the negative space and a red eye, we have no concept of what we are dealing with. Keeping that is important, I think. As much as I can say the name might have a hokey/campy feel the visual identity of the team is quite professional and they've taken what really could easily be a garrish minor league brand and elevated it to being on par with the NHL. The second we see the Kraken is the second I fear it on merch. Once on merch, then comes a 3rd uniform with a big ass Kraken. I think the thin line between and minor league brand and an NHL brand with this name is keeping the mystery. It gives it that extra step. I hope we never see it. As long as they can keep line, I think the team can transcend an iffy name.
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    Interesting that this technically is a rare in-season unveiling.
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    The D'backs will just end up going back to their original purple and teal in a few years anyways since none of their other motifs have really stuck -- Something the Marlins should do too.
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    I never claim to be a historian, however, I have to emphatically reiterate that we do our research (and lots of it) because we know there are people out there who will appreciate those intellectual details (or, in your case, become infuriated by them ). Kidding aside, I only took offense to the way you characterized it because it implies that we just wing it and generalize without knowing better or even trying to learn or understand the history and significance of the material we’re using as inspiration. I learned far more than I ever wanted to about the origin of this legend, but it was very clear early on that it just wasn’t going to work for people if we were completely authentic to the original stories, so we had to bend it a bit to make it successful in a commercial context (unfortunate, but this is America, after all). Believe me, I understand your frustration as an actual historian. In hindsight, though, I’m proud that we did our best to intelligently link together seemingly incongruous things and respect the authentic history of the myth as much as possible while making it accessible for the audience (more on that a few quotes below), and I think the balance is working pretty well. Could it have been better? Sure. Nevertheless, it’s exceeding expectations (especially my own), and I think it’s shaping up to be a benchmark identity, which is cool. To put the Clash/Pirates/pop culture debate to rest, at no time during the process were any of these things mentioned by the ownership group as a reason for choosing this name. It was more than likely in the heads of the fans who suggested and trumpeted it, but the ownership group was never intent on using its pop culture cliché-ness as a springboard. I’d be surprised if they didn’t embrace some of it, though. We’ll see if the “Release the Kraken” slogan sticks around or was just limited to the launch product. Solid discussion. Definitely. We tried to give every piece a little connection to Seattle, the sea, the folklore, and/or history. If I had to guess, a person who posts online as “VancouverFan69” with a Canucks avatar is rock bottom on the club’s priority list, and I think they’re just fine that you have no interest in their club. Surprisingly, he was reluctant on this name. Opinion was very split on it in general, but they committed to it because they were convinced that it was what the fans wanted. Honestly, the design of all this stuff was just finalized in the past couple months. There’s not even a physical prototype of this jersey yet. Obviously, there are all kinds of circumstances that dictated the strategy a bit, but people were getting antsy for news. To that point, I understand why they pulled the curtain so early, and also why they passed on having product in the pipeline pre-launch, as they were able to suppress leaks and truly do the unveil on their own terms. Ultimately, the unveil seems like it’s been a success even if it’s not quite as polished or tightly planned as anyone would have liked, and I think having the uniforms as part of the unveiling contributed to that success. You’re right. It’s a tough one to find an alternative name for. There are some nice nautical terms that you might be able to spin a Kraken mascot into, but there’s also a risk of creating dissonance for your audience with that approach. Boundless Blue and Shadow Blue are the tonal complements to Deep Sea Blue and Ice Blue. They’re essentially just support colors (though Shadow Blue does take on a minor role in the sleeves and socks). Primary colors are always Deep Sea Blue, Ice Blue, and Red Alert. Yes. The keyline is always tethered to the monogram to contain the eye. Without the eye, you could just reverse the logo and you wouldn’t need a keyline at all, but the eye just doesn’t work without the darkness behind it. See above. Not ideal, but those are the circumstances everyone’s dealing with. I would say prepare for summer 2021? I’m glad you brought this up, because it’s a big reason why the creature is so ambiguous in the mark, and why there’s only one tentacle depicted. As you noted, the myth has been conflated and misinterpreted over the centuries, but I think what we have here can reasonably reflect any of the historical depictions, whether it’s a more snakelike form, the giant fish with the tentacle-like necklace, or the modern squid/octo forms. Seattle Hockey Club was tossed around a little, even as a name for a Kraken-based identity. I think that would have materialized more like the Greyjoys; a group of people who use their habitat’s most ferocious beast as a symbol for their clan. First, I don’t love the name “Kraken,” but I like it a lot more than I used to. I think the identity is doing it justice and catalyzing a similar shift in public opinion. That said, Seattle Kraken *sounds* decent. Not great, not terrible, but fine. Whether it’s professional or appropriate Is obviously up to the individual, but Edmonton Kraken and Washington Kraken both sound atrocious, so no, it’s not the same thing.
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    Nice typo. Probably more accurate, though
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    Next up - the Devils. You don't see much new under the sun with New Jersey concepts. Here's some new jerseys for the Devils.
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    Now you get it. See how easy that was?
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    Again, if words are just words, what's your issue here? Again, show us the proper context for using a racial slur when talking about a football team and we'll take it under advisement. Until then, and I hate to be so blunt, deal with it. For the third time, and I can't stress this enough, please look up how free speech actually works. I'll provide a clue and you can take it from there, OK? CCSLC is not the US Government. CCSLC is a privately owned enterprise. Hell, it's not even American, it's Canadian. Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure the US Bill of Rights does not apply to Canada. Finally, I'd like to offer some friendly advice, step away from the site for a while before you end up doing something you shouldn't.
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    Just a suggestion - maybe enclose the replacement text inside of brackets so that it's more obvious that it's a replacement and not what the poster actually wrote. So like if I wanted to use the word [staff member, front office personnel, player, coach, or possibly cheerleader of the Washington Football Team that plays in Maryland and is headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia], while discussing players that played on the [Washington Football Team] championship teams from like 40 years ago or whenever that sorry-ass team ever won anything, it'd be clear that it was essentially a MOD EDIT
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    ' More like: Blue and green for 10 years! Then Red, yellow, and orange for five! Then navy and crimson for a few!
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    And now presenting... the Dallas Cowboys! This team bothers me with their inconsistent uniforms so I decided to give them uniforms that match their branding! Although for cowboys fans in this forum, I gave them back their mismatched pants & sock options if the team desires it...
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    I will be coming back to this again I swear but here's a preview of another team I guess? I'll go back and make a new redleg, but overall I'm happy with my Reds look.
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    That monogram reads as SLT to me. It's an interesting idea, but overally there's so much jammed into such a small space. The apotheosis disappears into the background and the text elements have no room to breathe. I think you've got a good set of elements (even if I'm not a fan of the font), but the arrangement doesn't work.
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