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    Was curious how the logo would look with a flat S. I kinda like it...
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    Isn't "Empire" a terrible name for a sports franchise?
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    With the games looking like they are being played in a TV studio, this really looks like a screengrab from NBA2k (or whatever game the kids are playing these days...)
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    Part of what makes the beveling work me is that is adds on to the "mystery" of the Kraken. It makes it feel that it is actually hiding under the S, whereas the flat version doesn't give that same feeling. I can still see why people would like the flat version better, but I personally prefer the bevel.
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    The logo is great. The colours are great. The home striping is a bit derivative, but the away is unique and knocks it out of the park. The problem with the 'Create-A-Team' critique is that anything that isn't super traditional gets labeled trendy or nikefied or edgy or whatever else. Its a can't win situation.
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    wtf is wrong with nike man. clippers in white against the lakers in yellow. how do the clippers not wear blue? teams always wore a solid color against the lakers on the road. barf
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    "Los Angeles Angels" is a silly name. "California Angels" doesn't work when you have other teams in NorCal (A's and Giants) and SoCal (Dodgers and Padres). "Anaheim Angels" is the clear choice, being the name the franchise won their sole World Series title under in 2002, but Moreno is desperately trying to pretend like the people of LA care deeply about his team sitting in Orange County. Instead of owning a smaller slice of the market he's uncontested in, he's trying to pull a Spanos and be the eternal B-tier to the Dodgers; which is silly, because the Ducks are proving there's more than enough people in Orange County to support an Anaheim-embracing club.
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    This may be the first sports logo in history that's actually improved by bevelling.
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    Can they set up a bunch of hot dogs, ice cream helmets, $12 beers and nachos up so he can knock them off the counter, getting nacho cheese on his blazer?
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    So I’m trying a whole new shape and arrangement of the logo altogether after thinking on the comments of @-kj, @OmegaRed and @Brian in Boston. I totally ditched the arch. I agree that it creates a really awkward space for the statue. I also couldn’t some up with a great shape for the bottom of the badge that didn’t just plain look weird. Now the Apotheosis stands on top of of the crest which features the team name and year 1764, separated by the river stripe. I think it gives everything some more room to breathe and puts the Apotheosis in a place of prominence at the top of the crest. I also switched up the monogram to be inspired by a Cardinals hat logo from the 1940’s. Let me know what you think of the new design and thanks for taking a look.
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    And also being two months behind on the culture. No, cute AT&T girl, no one is making sourdough anymore. No Facebook, no one is clanging pots and pans for pandemic workers anymore and certainly no one is doing Zoom dance parties and hangouts with friends anymore. And why do all DSW workers pull their masks down in their recent commercial?
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    The logo looks much more major-league without the beveling, by the way.
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    That brown, gold and "sand" color scheme is so complimentary, and works so well for a city like San Diego
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    Bubble basketball is good!
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    Lakers having names below the number is weird and stupid.
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    I'm really not a fan of road pinstripes, but I gotta say those look really good. I'm glad they resisted the temptation of adding a front number.
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    The '72 Project Train rolls on! Football - So here's the deal Wisconsin (and by extension, all the red teams in the Big Ten), how do you make them look visually distinct from each other and maintain their traditions and individuality? Well in the case of Wisconsin and Nebraska, they both have a damn near identical look. You and I here know the differences, but does the causal fan just watching a game? So what I did for Wisconsin: remember the Adidas Unrivaled uniforms with the racing stripe down the shoulders? Well I combined that with the same double stripe they've worn for a while now. The helmet doesn't change much at all. And for whatever reason, I had a tough time changing the red jerseys. It worked on the white uniforms, but I didn't like it at first on the home reds. So the home reds don't change that much, road whites get the new stripe setup. Pants stay the same. Alternates do the Michigan State route from a couple years ago, with an alternate that isn't that much different from the home but is different in some way. Also showcases the alternate red pants and helmet. Hockey - Like football, there isn't much that changes of consequence. Kept the same Rangers-esque script on the home and away, with the Red Wings-esque away sleeve coloring. Double stripe on the pants and the socks. Alternate jersey is a color inverse of the white jerseys, with the motion W on the chest instead of the wordmark with some slightly different socks. Baseball - The last of the Power 5 schools that doesn't have a varsity baseball team, much of the same style carries over from the previous two uniforms. All red hat with the W and a white paneled hat with the W. White jersey has the new striping, red away does not. Both do have arched Wisconsin and the number on the chest. Pants have the same stripe as everybody else. Alternate is just like football, which also gives the option for an all red uniform with the red pants. W on the chest instead of the wordmark. Basketball - I'm still unsure of this one. Much like everyone else, the white jersey has the same style as the other white jerseys, with a large red block of color and the stripes cut out of it. Red jersey doesn't quite have that and looks more like a classic basketball jersey. The alternate is a color flip of the white jersey and does something similar to the PK80 jerseys Nike unveiled, with the logo on the chest instead of a wordmark. C&C welcome and wanted on this one.
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    Oh, what a happy coincidence and definitely not backdoor naming rights.
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    Which would explain why it’s not funny. Hard to be funny when you start with a political agenda.
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    Presson has literally confirmed it won't be Empire. At this point, I have to imagine it'll probably be a name that distances itself from the former name as much as possible.
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    What are you trying to accomplish with your constant use ofo MiXeD cAsE? It's really annoying.
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    Check out this clip if you think this doesn't look like 2K.
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    If that’s the case, then flip the ad. I can’t believe they messed with the badge, too. Flipping the badge on your kits is bad form enough. But to do it on your road kits in your inaugural season? Makes me wanna bang my head against the wall.
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    I agree, it took me a while, but I'm really liking the fact that the Padres have embraced the gold and brown.
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    Manfred's a :censored:ing coward, should have a yellow streak where his damn spine should be.... you had spine when you banned Joe Kelly for trivial bollocks for 8 games. Just kick the Marlins out.
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    The Whalers retro merch gets it right. A white “key background” on all applications eliminates the nasty “blue touching green.”
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    Why in the blue hell would they move to Ontario?
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    Babylon Bee is The Onion for people who feel victimized by The Onion.
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    Who’s in charge of the in-arena production here? Good on the PA guy to very quickly pivot to overwrought intros for “home” teams for 22 teams at once, can’t be easy. But are we going to listen to the intro to Kanye’s “Power” as generic pump-up music 15 times a game, every game?
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    Los Angeles Angels is indeed a goofy name. But Anaheim is worse, for the simple reason that Anaheim is nowhere. I realise that it now has a population comparable to Pittsburgh and St. Louis. But the difference is that Pittsburgh and St. Louis are major cities, while Anaheim is a place near a major city. In Pittsburgh or St. Louis, there are lots of things to do; in Anaheim there is one thing to do. Anaheim is a name that belongs in the minor leagues, alongside the names with which it is teamed in the famous recurring Mel Blanc bit from the Jack Benny show: "Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc...amonga". It has no business standing alongside New York, Philadelphia, Chicago — or Pittsburgh and St. Louis; it is simply not worthy of a major league. The Rams knew this. Even the LA Kiss of the Arena Football League knew this! And the Angels knew this, as well, until the city bribed the team to include its name in the team's name. That mistake was rectified as soon as possible under the new ownership. The best name is California Angels. And please note that being the California Angels does not imply that it's the only team in the state. If two teams can have the exact same geographical marker without either one claiming to be the only team in that geographical area, then one team can certainly have a city name while the other has a state name. California Angels is the name that flows nicest, and that makes the most sense. Also, it's the name of the team when it had its most beautiful look. And the name has historical weight, as it is the name under which the team won its first titles (two of those times falling heartbreakingly short of the pennant that Gene Mauch would never win). It is the name of the team of Nolan Ryan, Frank Tanana, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, and Rod Carew. California Angels is by far the superior choice.
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    U of A in September! Well, they’re a cupcake matchup already, so we might as well get them out of the way early
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    I love the embrace of brown and gold. Not sure if I'm sold on the sand or the pinstripes, but overall it's a unique identity that I much prefer to their years of generic mediocrity. Also that matte Nats helmet looks great.
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    I've been told numerous planned uniform updates were put on hold due to production issues associated with the pandemic, particularly schools that were supposed to be switching to the Vapor Fusion template this year. It's possible Florida State was forced to make the number changes in-house as a result, thus the Mach Speed template still being in use.
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    Please go to my "Draw the Indian Head" thread.
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    It's actually the right decision so you easily know if a guy's last name is Peace or not (Jordan Clarkson looks a lot different from his Lakers days and I was confused when I saw him). One of the ways it feels like 2K is because fans have been replaced by cameras, providing angles we generally don't see during life basketball games. It does lead to a bit of an uncanny valley feel.
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    For the first few days it’s social justice message above number, names under. After that, everyone’s name will be under the number. If a player chooses to keep a social justice message above for the remainder of the games, they can.
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    Meanwhile, in baseball that’s actually being played, uh, Shane Bieber has struck out 27 in two starts against one walk and zero runs.
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    When these first came out, I was not a fan. These really have grown on me and they are beautiful and unique but still classic.
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    Proving that it's not a "manufacturer logo", it's just advertising space.
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    2020 NBA Draft hat? Looks legit. Not my pic, found online.
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    Yeah, kinda the worst possible vindication for people who have said the NHL's product needs to sell itself as it is and it shouldn't try to be like the NBA at every turn.
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    Pirates have one cap, and should only have one cap. Yellow P on a solid black cap. Nothing else is needed. Yes, this included the black P on mustard and the pillbox caps. All unnecessary. (that said, I am a sucker for the old BP hats having the yellow brim/ black P outlined in yellow. But BP is different, not a game hat)
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    So far, the indications are that they intend to keep the navy outline in every application of the logo. And with very good reason. Just doesn't work if the tentacle isn't dark, and if the red eye isn't staring out through the murky depths. The Whalers connection is interesting. Their logo never looked better than it did in its first incarnation on the white sweater. I don't think it worked quite as well on the greens; making both shapes white loses something. But both of those were infinitely better than the later version, with silver and extra outlines fighting to be the most pointless addition. Really, all I think the Whalers needed to do was give the first logo a white background to maintain the color balance on every application. Exactly what the Kraken have done with theirs.
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    Without the added accoutrements the logo would have been more negatively received, guaranteed. The reception would have been more along the lines of "that's it?" than majority approval. People love to find the hidden elements; it's almost hard-wired into most of us by now. As sports logo design afficionados I'm sure some of us would have seen the merits of keeping it as a simple and traditional blackletter style letter S, but even then I'm sure there would have been many forum members on here who would have disliked it for not being creative enough. Personally I think it absolutely needed to have something extra, especially given that they ultimately went with Kraken. We're in the arena of myth, stories, entertainment where marketing rules all - I can't imagine how they could have justified not playing with the idea of having a creature in their logo. Credit to them that they managed to do it in a very subtle way.
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    As it turned out, he was doing it right
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    Is this like when someone posts a selfie, and says how awesome they look?
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