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    The fact that "clean" has become the new "fire/lit" makes me want to bash my own skull in. At least prior slang made sense in its own way. I can't begin to count the number of times I've seen people describe something overdesigned or cluttered as "clean."
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    I'm saddened the Rams are so lame.
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    Nobody could have seen this coming, though. Except for the thousands and thousands of people who saw it coming.
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    Anaheim is the right name, until they leave Orange County. Sometimes, I think it’s best to let the fans dictate what they want. This is one of those times.
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    Manfred, End The Season
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    Still think the Brewers should adopt powder blue as a secondary color. Drop the pointless royal blue and replace it with powder. There’s history there, it would blunt the “looks like Michigan!” complaints, and it would bring the Brewers into line with the People’s Flag of Milwaukee. Which they’ve already adopted in their merchandise. And seriously, they need a Texas Rangers-style flag sleeve patch on one of their jerseys. Maybe the roads?
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    Ancient Arab proverb - when one man calls you a camel, ignore him. When two men do, grab a saddle. To be clear, I agree that your posts about this are annoying and unnecessary, as well as your style of posting them.
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    Twitter sourced - to someone connected to the Cardinals beat - was that some members of their travel party were at a casino. Marlins were rumored to have gone to a strip club. Not sure that you blame Manfred for individual people being stupid. I'm reasonably certain that neither of those things were allowed in whatever protocol was agreed upon between the players, its union, and the league.
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    MLB's protocol more or less boiled down to "let the states handle it."
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    I actually like that helmet. I think putting numbers on the shoulder would make the home uniforms that much better. I'm still not sold on the chest patches that don't match.
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    Up with Anaheim, down with LA.
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    I think it's the way that both the tentacle and eye interact with the beveling: the eye really shines because the dark bevel and light top create a feeling of the brow being furrowed, giving the mysterious kraken an angry expression without actually giving it an angry expression. The tentacle also interacts quite nicely with the light and dark sides of the logo will not quite working on the flat version. I'm shocked to say this, but the beveling is used masterfully and might actually be necessary for the logo to work as well as it does. Just another way Seattle killed it.
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    Still doesn't look like a horn to me. Fantastic looking helmet outside of that though. I wish they had nailed the horn.
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    Los Angeles Angels is perfect, now that they’ve stopped pretending that Anaheim isn’t part of the LA metroplex.
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    The yellow and blue uniforms they had in 2016 weren't bad at all, they just didn't really seem to fit the Padres in my opinion.
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    The Anaheim Angels won a World Series. The Los Angeles Angels wasted the prime years of two Hall of Fame talents (Vlad Guerrero and Mike Trout).
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    Gotcha. I asked some friends that would be "in the know" and they said there was nothing going on there, and that area is well policed by the health inspectors so it would be very unlikely that any kind of event was being held that would be outside of the very tight restriction. Sure you can! As someone that used to be in Risk Mgmt, Governance, Oversight, and Compliance, he can certainly be blamed for not ensuring that there were proper mitigating controls that were mapped up to each possible scenario, and that those controls had adequate testing procedures in place to ensure that they were good enough. They had months to put a plan together. You can't control everything, but you can do your best to try to mitigate everything - and they did nothing.
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    I thought I was the only one. After reading the protocols available here for your reading pleasure it's shocking that they failed to account for a number of things most glaring what to do should a team have a mass number of positive COVID tests at one time. The 113 page document is silent as to how a decision to play a game under those circumstances is to be made. These things in this day and age are reasonably foreseeable and should have been front and center. There's no excuse for this on either side and to me this is as egregious as... The lack of mini-bubbles on the road. I initially had the same assumption as you that teams would be in mini-bubbles on the road using their own clubhouse staff, and the things you listed. That they didn't is mind blowing. I wonder if they got caught up in the idea that the players would be disciplined enough to do these things on their own and didn't account for human nature. I think this more or less sums up what I've been saying the past week or so here. One of the things we've learned from the various lockdowns nationwide is that human nature is such that we can't be cooped up for too long before we go nuts without either a release or a high level of discipline. It will be interesting at the end of the day to see the effectiveness of the NHL and NBA's course of action. True but I absolutely can and will blame Manfred and Tony Clark for poor health and safety protocols. There's more than enough blame to go around on both sides here. What individual players do on their own is one thing and you can only control it the best you can but to have a poor plan in place from the start is something else and I think the later in this case led to the former.
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    Funny, that doesn't seem to stop the Ducks at all from being an Anaheim-specific team in a major sports league. And really, if the NHL of all leagues can have a successful Anaheim team that doesn't bother trying to hock itself as a second-rate LA team, then surely a more popular league like MLB can afford the same luxury, right? And like, let's not kid ourselves; the name isn't "Los Angeles Angels" right now because Anaheim isn't "major league" as a geographic identifier, it's "Los Angeles Angels" because Arte wanted more money from TV deals. That's why he went to the much-memed "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" moniker that satisfied nobody first, as a weasley way to get LA in without skimping the deal. Again, the Ducks seem to get along just fine as a major-league Anaheim team. Have since 1993, in fact, with nary a hint of the name "Los Angeles Ducks" ever being considered for the club. I'm not sold on the idea of "Anaheim" inherently being a minor-league city name when we have another team in a major sports league proudly sporting the name for nearly 30 years now. And considering Anaheim by itself is bigger in population then Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and nearly at the same population as Cleveland, the idea that it's name is "simply not worthy of a major league" is kinda silly when those teams apparently are just fine as major-league market names. Phonetically, "Anaheim Angels" just sounds nice. "Los Angeles Angels" isn't bad, either, but that's still punching way higher then they probably should when stacked against a literal juggernaut like the Dodgers. Like the Chargers, except without the heartless relocation from a :censored:ty owner aspect.
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    You're right, it does defeat the purpose of a NOB, but it's a great idea for a one-off. FWIW, I gave it a shot, and it's remarkably easy to learn to pronounce Western Cree syllabics. I'm assuming his is 'western', because I couldn't get the word to pronounce right using the version that came up as default in a google search. One thing that instantly tripped me up was that it's not literally spelling 'Bear', but rather something like 'Maskwa' (or at least that's what the syllable guide says, and a quick google search indicated that was close to what it was supposed to be.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Cree_syllabics#:~:text=Western Cree syllabics are a,opposed to Eastern Cree syllabics. Initial Vowels Final ê [1] i o a î ô â ᐁ ᐃ ᐅ ᐊ ᐄ ᐆ ᐋ p ᐯ ᐱ ᐳ ᐸ ᐲ ᐴ ᐹ ᑊ t ᑌ ᑎ ᑐ ᑕ ᑏ ᑑ ᑖ ᐟ k ᑫ ᑭ ᑯ ᑲ ᑮ ᑰ ᑳ ᐠ c ᒉ ᒋ ᒍ ᒐ ᒌ ᒎ ᒑ ᐨ m ᒣ ᒥ ᒧ ᒪ ᒦ ᒨ ᒫ ᒼ n ᓀ ᓂ ᓄ ᓇ ᓃ ᓅ ᓈ ᐣ s ᓭ ᓯ ᓱ ᓴ ᓰ ᓲ ᓵ ᐢ y ᔦ ᔨ ᔪ ᔭ ᔩ ᔫ ᔮ ᕀ (ᐝ) [2] th [3] ᖧ ᖨ ᖪ ᖬ ᖩ ᖫ ᖭ ᙾ w [4] ᐍ ᐏ ᐓ ᐘ ᐑ ᐕ ᐚ ᐤ h ᐦᐁ ᐦᐃ ᐦᐅ ᐦᐊ ᐦᐄ ᐦᐆ ᐦᐋ ᐦ hk [5] ᕽ ᒪ = "MA" ᐢ = "S" ᑲ = "Ka" The dot after the ᑲ means that you should jam a "w" in between the "K" and "A" sounds, making it "KWA" (note - I'm not 100% certain about the "A" at the end, as the rules for W are a little confusing, but I'm pretty sure it goes by the "direction" of the preceding symbol, which would make it WA, so "KWA".
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    I think this is why it's such a great idea. People will look at it, say "What the hell is that?" and then get educated. The syllabary also looks cool as hell to those of us who only use the Roman alphabet day in and day out.
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    Am I off-base in feeling… shocked/disappointed that MLB’s protocols were so bad here? When someone mentioned that teams were staying in hotels where there were huge wedding receptions going on, or how the Phillies were providing visiting clubhouse attendants to Miami my reaction was just like… wait, they let either of those things happen in the first place? I guess my assumption was that baseball was creating a series of mini-bubbles on the road — staying in fully rented-out hotels, catering meals, players not supposed to go anywhere other than their homes, their hotels, and the ballparks, etc., and they… apparently didn’t do that from the start? Of course this was never going to work if your strategy was this close to “pretend nothing is wrong”. I really don’t think baseball’s approach is that flawed with good protocols, it just either seems like MLB’s original protocols were really bad or they’ve just been entirely ignored. You shouldn’t have team-wide outbreaks in this sport if you’re being intentional about your approach.
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    You're posts are absolutely annoying. Why do you spend the extra effort to type like that? You're not making any kind of point other than that you're very immature, and you're not funny. Anyway - again, no Phillies players test positive - yet they're missing 7 full days worth of games, so they're basically picking up the season after a long layoff, and they can't even practice since their facilities are shut down. We knew this season would be challenging and that there would probably be some unfair situations, but in this case, they were victimized by someone else's actions and will now likely not only be steamrolled, but players will probably get injured, and they won't play the full 60 games.
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    They had two decades of history with this name when entering MLS, and also Anglophone Montreal is a thing that exists. To me those are both more important than imitating Ligue 1, if the goal is to make your team relevant to your target local market.
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    The helmet in a vacuum is actually very nice, honestly the best part of the new uniforms. However, knowing that they scrapped arguably one of the most iconic helmet designs in football in favor of it just doesn't really sit right with me.
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    Interesting. 99 times out of a hundred I’ll go for the simpler version of anything. But here? Something is lost without the beveling. Just doesn’t work as well in a flat version.
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    I gotta admit... the helmet does look really nice
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    As it turned out, he was doing it right
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    Two of the Phillies three positives have been deemed "false positives", so the only real positive was the visiting clubhouse staff guy that we all knew was legit. So they really didn't have to cancel this weekends games or close CBP and ban practicing at all. The team will resume Monday, on one or two days of practice after sitting idle for 6 days. Screw the Marlins, and screw MLB. Am I doing it right? Or should it be ScReW tHe MaRlInS aNd ScReW mLb?
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    The Astros could see it coming. They saw the signs. [rimshot]
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    agreed, and unfortunately, things won't be getting any better next season. smdh.
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    ˙ʇuoɟ ɯsɐɔɹɐs ʎɯ ǝq oʇ ƃuᴉoƃ sᴉ sᴉɥ┴
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    If that's the "sarcasm font", why are you literally the only member here that uses it? More like it's something you made up that you think is funny but nobody else does. I don't ignore people because there's inevitably a long string of quotes that can't be followed if every few of them is just blank due to the 'ignore' feature. There's plenty of reasons to ignore people - I wouldn't have expected that someone would go out of their way to TyPe LiKe ThIs.
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    So to that end, all the alternate red jerseys get retired, meaning that is really all that changes for football, hockey and baseball. Basketball sees a little more change than the rest, with some subtle changes to the white striping as well as using the arched wordmarks. I think the fauxback got more hate from the giant W on the chest more than anything. Can't really see anything wrong with a simple racing stripe down the shoulders. IMHO, I think what Under Armour did for Wisconsin was good, but almost a little too subtle. Also, I just don't like the Forward stripe. I personally don't get it and don't really like it and wanted to take things in a different direction.
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    To me, Anaheim Ducks and Anaheim Angels are reasonable names. It's the use "of Anaheim" that were questionable.
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    Here are the San Francisco Giants: Logos I went back to the more upright 1994 wordmarks, and dropped gold from being an accent color. Beyond that, and a new primary logo, pretty much everything else remains the same. Uniforms I gave the uniforms a new patch based on the 2010 World Series Champion logo. I also added a fourth stripe on the socks to be inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge. The orange alternate features the orange brim, and the black alternate removes the gold dropshadow. The Cooperstown Collection keeps the "SF" away alternate with the headspoon piping, as a fauxback to the late 80's road uniform. The Spring Training set adds an orange cap for home games, and the team would use the gray crown cap for away games. That's the Giants, the Seattle Mariners will be up next.
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    The Diamondbacks no longer use the dark gray for their road uniforms and powder blues need to stay in the history books. They look awful. They were a stupid fad in the 1970s and they're an even dumber fad to revive today.
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    Like I said, “Serafines” sounds fantastic. It’s got significance to the lore of angels: Referencing seraphim calls to mind the disturbing form of angels described in the Bible.
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    That's totally right, and was my original criticism of the uniform. Stripes should be unbroken and non-terminated. You can't have both. This still falls in the category of 'looks good', but that is still a mistake that I hope they correct someday. The only exception that I can think of is the old v-neck jerseys that had trim on the neck, but that was necessary since it wouldn't have been possible (and wouldn't have looked good) to continue the stripes there. Even then, you didn't see (that I can recall) cuff trim stopping the flow of the pinstripes.
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    "Los Angeles Angels" is a fine name and finding out their nickname en español is "Serafines" to evade the "The The Angels Angels" problem we joke about makes me like it even more.
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    Ottawa has been confirmed to return to their original look. Buffalo going back to royal blue is also confirmed. Their are some rumors about Arizona going full time retro with a matching white Kachina and Calgary are also rumored to go retro
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    Yeah, you're just going to have to get used to that for a bit. Every little marketing slogan for Arkansas State was cause for panic from certain people that it was a clue as to what the next nickname would be.
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    The whole identity has a clear, crisp look, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the logos a big boost.
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    Los Angeles Angels is indeed a goofy name. But Anaheim is worse, for the simple reason that Anaheim is nowhere. I realise that it now has a population comparable to Pittsburgh and St. Louis. But the difference is that Pittsburgh and St. Louis are major cities, while Anaheim is a place near a major city. In Pittsburgh or St. Louis, there are lots of things to do; in Anaheim there is one thing to do. Anaheim is a name that belongs in the minor leagues, alongside the names with which it is teamed in the famous recurring Mel Blanc bit from the Jack Benny show: "Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc...amonga". It has no business standing alongside New York, Philadelphia, Chicago — or Pittsburgh and St. Louis; it is simply not worthy of a major league. The Rams knew this. Even the LA Kiss of the Arena Football League knew this! And the Angels knew this, as well, until the city bribed the team to include its name in the team's name. That mistake was rectified as soon as possible under the new ownership. The best name is California Angels. And please note that being the California Angels does not imply that it's the only team in the state. If two teams can have the exact same geographical marker without either one claiming to be the only team in that geographical area, then one team can certainly have a city name while the other has a state name. California Angels is the name that flows nicest, and that makes the most sense. Also, it's the name of the team when it had its most beautiful look. And the name has historical weight, as it is the name under which the team won its first titles (two of those times falling heartbreakingly short of the pennant that Gene Mauch would never win). It is the name of the team of Nolan Ryan, Frank Tanana, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, and Rod Carew. California Angels is by far the superior choice.
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    This may be the first sports logo in history that's actually improved by bevelling.
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    For the first few days it’s social justice message above number, names under. After that, everyone’s name will be under the number. If a player chooses to keep a social justice message above for the remainder of the games, they can.
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    With the games looking like they are being played in a TV studio, this really looks like a screengrab from NBA2k (or whatever game the kids are playing these days...)
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    Seriously. The white stripe makes the rest of it look dirty. F'ing idiots.
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