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    BALTIMORE RAVENS Follow this project on Dribbble
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    That is a grotesque use of the word "choke". Not every time you lose a series is it a "choke", especially when some of those have come at the hands of superior opponents. Jeezus. They lost to a better team in 2014 and 2015. 2016 stung being up 3-2 against Pittsburgh, but they lost to a better team then as well. 2018 and 2019 are a different story in that they should've beaten Washington once up 3-2 and then failed to score a goal the rest of the series. 2019 speaks for itself. Losing to the Bruins this year - a series that is a 50/50 sort of deal as it is - would more than likely fall into the first camp, not the second (unless they get swept again or something along those lines). But lighten up on "choke" there; you look ridiculous.
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    I'm tired of calling them Christmas colors. I'm going to call them Hungary colors. Every time someone does a Bucks or Devils concept in red, white, and green, I'm going to post about how the ravenous Magyar lusts for Mitteleuropa in his black Asiatic heart and then link to Bela Bartok music.
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    interesting indeed. now on twitter as well...
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    I just realized this is also Don Cherry's résumé.
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    In my opinion, NOB’s below the number just look awkward. There’s an afterthought sort of look to it, as if someone said “well, I guess it could go here” and just slapped it on, in contrast to arched-over-number looking more deliberate. I’d argue it doesn’t functionally help longer names as much as it would seem, either; Gilgeous-Alexander, for example, still takes up a long row of space that extends around the whole back when below the number, so long names are going to be a bit space-encroaching and functionally awkward no matter where it is or how it’s laid out: So - again, just my opinion - you may as well go traditional and arch it over the number.
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    Just thought I'd make a quick tweak of the NFL shield. I really miss the curl of the L from previous iterations of the shield. C&C Welcome.
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    I wanted to go back to the team's roots while also keeping the contemporary feel alive. I'm also working on the script based on the main logo:
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    Except that photo isn't 'from a distance', it's either blurry or at the wrong angle. If anything, it shows that the segmented horn isn't the first trouble-spot that catches my eye. ETA - Any time someone tells me 'to be honest' (much like 'no disrespect intended'), I feel like a heaping pile of BS is forthcoming.
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    Sure, when it's blurred out or barely visible in 3/4 view. Come on, you guys are kidding, right?
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    More MLS logo releases = more logo refreshes! Charlotte's logo is okay, I suppose, but I wanted to do my take on the basic edits that others have done. I put the crown on top and focused on the monogram, as others have rightfully done, but I remove the fun but somewhat silly "Minted 2022" in favor of making the crest a ridged coin. Speaking of coins, it's only appropriate that the Mint City sports the league's only quarter jersey. The subtle gradients reconcile the Panther blue with mint green. The dynamic checkerboard flag pattern represents Charlotte's role in motorsports history. The away is a depiction of Romare Bearden Park in downtown Charlotte. Please let me know what you think! I'll try to finish my take on the new St Louis design soon.
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    I think you'll be surprised how quickly the billionaire class will look to spend other people's money.
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    I can't stand those blue numbers on the Rams jerseys. They look like they're made of fruit roll-ups.
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    The bone color is odd and, in most cases, odd doesn't necessarily equal bad. But this is one of those exceptions. My brain reads them as dirty. I'm a guy who tends to wear white undershirts to the point where they disintegrate. And when they get to that point, they're usually a color remarkably similar to these uniforms. It's not a pleasant association. Alternately, you could read 'bone' as a really light khaki. That, on its own, isn't a bad color. But when placed next to the brightness of the blue and yellow helmets, it stands out as a really odd color choice. There's a common thread of criticism on these boards for when a team applies a color to uniforms not otherwise seen in their brand. The Twins home set, with the use of gold, is one such example. It's logical criticism, and the same could be applied here the Rams' use of bone.
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    Wish there was a Sonics version available...
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    If anything, the small detail being lost the further away you get in-of-itself makes the design overdone and needlessly complicated. It’s more a loss than a win for the poor design choice they made
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    You must have posted the wrong photo,
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    Red and green don't seem to have the same contrast as the other pairs of complementary colors. Maybe contrast isn't the right word, but unless separated by some other color (like how the Devils green yoke has a white stroke) it plays with my eyes a bit, whereas purple/yellow and blue/orange don't. FWIW, while the Devils absolutely nailed it when they changed to red/black (not sure why they decided to fix what wasn't broken last year), their red/green sweaters were among my favorite of all time growing up. I also think that the Bucks previous set was their best all time look, so there's too good examples of red and green working together. "Red and green = christmas" is the same as "red and yellow - McDonald's" as far as annoying comparisons goes. Maybe I'm just not a "christmassy person", but a large hockey crest and big numbers is enough for my brain to understand that it's a sports uniform and not an homage to St. Nick.
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    Indeed. "Facing a better team" isn't a choke.
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    Hornets posted a teaser on Instagram showing just white pinstripe lines on a teal sky background. I’m guessing that means they are getting completely new home and road uniforms, kind of an updated take on the throwback pinstripe designs.
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    1) Complementary 2) the Bucks looked great when they wore forest green and red, as do the Minnesota Wild
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    Ehhhhhhhh ... I don't know? Template wise, it totally does. But, traditionally, it's really only a Kings, WNBA and, recently, OKC and Memphis thing. I wouldn't mind more teams using it. But, keep tradition where tradition should be honored. And, in that same breath straighten the surnames on the Pistons' jerseys like they should be!
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    Recently I've been drawing a lot of Hockey players, doing a full history of a particular players uniforms. While doing Jack Eichel's, even though he hasn't played a game in these yet, I drew the new Royal blue uniforms they will wear for next season. While doing so I had an idea for an Alternate Uniform. So the first two pictures are of the Home and Away set they will wear this coming season and the final is of the Alternate concept I removed white from the color pool and using the 2018 Winter classic Shoulder patch logo as the main crest, It comes off as a Faux throwback. I wanted them to be seen as a whole Set. If you'd like to my uniform projects, I post them on twitter @JaredGrubbs
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    I recently worked on a concept for my alma mater. Any feedback or suggestions for tweaks would be much appreciated! https://www.behance.net/gallery/102863797/St-Bonaventure-Bonnies-Rebrand-Concept
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    I haven't seen an official showing of what the Kraken will look like fully when they take the Ice in later next year. I wanted to take a crack at the guessing the full uniform as well as designing an Alternate uniform. Taking what has been released already, the logos and home and away jerseys, I went to work thinking up what the full uniform will look like. There is a small concept photo on the Kraken's website where you can see a very small game of hockey being played with one team wearing the official colors of the Kraken so I zoomed in and took some of what I saw into account. I came up with the sock design by taking the sleeve patterns and adapting them to the socks. The pants have went back and forth with just having a plan dark blue pants and one with stripes down the side. I decided to post the ones with the stripes just so have a bit more to the design. The alternate I wanted to lighten the uniform up and add a bit more of the Red coloring to it by added some piping to the outside of the yoke and the outline of the numbers. Please let me know if there's been an official release of the uniforms that maybe I've missed. If not, let me know what you think!
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    Hail to the Red... Bulls! They already own teams in a number of other sports, so why not?
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    All the Rams had to do was go with their throwback set, maybe tweak the colors a bit and do whatever silly Fibonacci ram horn logos they wanted as long as they kept the actual helmet the same. They had a clear path and instead decided to cram in as many ideas as possible, creating a set that's at best divisive. As for the actual jerseys? Well, the Pooh Bear looks "acceptable" when it's blurred or at great distance, too; that doesn't make it good. It's the equivalent of saying "well, it doesn't make my eyes bleed, so it's gotta be excellent!". Like, sure, it's not ugly in the sense of being garish, but it's also still the exact same Nike monochrome trite, just with a bajillion gimmicks thrown onto it. Saying the helmet gaps aren't noticeable at a long distance or with blurring or because of a very specific angle is basically damning the design by faint praise.
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    Agreed. And I think it looks better than what it replaced.
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    Count me as a vote for Edmonton Oilers. Sounds like it goes perfectly together, and I can already picture a logo: A circle with an oil drop at the top, and "OILERS" below it dripping oil.
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    This powder blue bs needs to be wrangled in. Had a bell notification from jomboy. It was a video of Alvarez getting hit in the junk with a 105mph comebacker. What was really jarring was the Phillies in road grays against the Jays in the damn powders. It looked terrible. Something has to be done about that .
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    The 1-8 seeding Sucked. Tired of people complaining about how the #1 and #2 seed SHOULD BE the Conference Final or the people complaining about how Pens / Caps, Crosby / Ovechkin SHOULD BE playing in the Conference Final not in the 2nd Round. Hey '09, 1-8 Format, Pens / Caps, Crosby / Ovechkin met in the 2nd Round. 11 years under the 1-8 Format, Crosby / Ovechkin, met 1 time in the Playoffs 5 years under the current Divisional Format, Crosby / Ovechkin have met 3 times in the Playoffs Lets go back in History. Say Lemieux (Pens) and Gretzky (Rangers) play the bulk of their prime years in the Patrick Division. 1-8 Format and the 2 BIGGEST Stars of the Game only meet Once....Once (Johnny Dangerously reference) during this time, How pissed off are the Fans / Networks / Sponsors that these two don't meet more often? Sure sure you can say well IF Team B doesn't do their part and win their Series the two will never meet blah blah blah but under the Divisional Format, Lemieux and Gretzky are almost guaranteed meet every year. What's the better Format for Business (Network / Sponsors / Viewership) Lemieux / Gretzky only meeting Once in 11yrs or Lemieux / Gretzky meeting 5,6,7 times in 11yrs Besides, 2015 the Puck Report did a story about how only 16% of the #1 or #2 seeds (1-8 Format) actually succeeded in advancing to the Conference Final and or Stanley Cup due to League Parity. Hell, 2012 SCF #6 NJ vs #8 LA (#8 LA took down #1 Van in the First Round, #8 LA took down #2 STL in the 2nd Round, #8 LA took down #3 PHO in the conference Final....so the #1 and #2 seeds didn't even make it to the Conference Final). I didn't hear people bitching and moaning about how it isn't fair that the #1 and or #2 seed Was Not in the Conference Final, like I do over the Divisional Format You Play who you Play, doesn't make a difference if it's in the 1st Round or the Conference Final. Take care of your OWN business and it won't matter Do you honestly believe as Ovechkin was Hoisting the Cup above his head, he was thinking to himself, nah this is total BS, we SHOULD HAVE played the Pens / Crosby in the Conference Final not in the 2nd Round?
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    Came back and just noticed another thing: the lighting on the bezel doesn't make sense. If this "a" was a physical object, it'd be impossible to have light and dark edges look like that from a single light source. When adding a bezel to typography, a common way of making it look natural is having segments facing north and east one color, and segments facing south and west the other color. Here, the top and bottom of the "a" has different lighting than the middle bar, which couldn't exist in 3D space.
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    Catherine O'Hara as Brooke Shields covering "Whip It" by Devo is one of the greatest achievements in television history.
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    Conrad you tease! Should be interesting. Their current set is clean, but I thinking bringing back pinstripes in some sort of way to the days where they had more swagger is smart.
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    Man, that stadium is something else. SoFi and the Cowboys stadium make the rest of the league kind of look like garbage. CenturyLink is 20 years old now and I'm sure there are going to be calls soon enough to replace it. While I think that would be a mistake, I also look at these new stadiums and wonder how you could not (fully paid for by Allen billions, obviously).
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    Nice touch by the Lakers to add the Gianna tribute patch to the Black Mamba uniforms:
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    If I’m being honest I don’t really see what’s wrong with this particular joke. Women can be a distraction for some players. Ask Craig Janney. He didn’t say “women exist only for the purpose of sexual pleasure for men”, which is how a lot of hockey people I know decided to take it and a lot of that has to do with who said it. It’s a lifetime achievement uproar. If he’d said “there’s no nightlife to distract them” it would’ve ostensibly meant the same thing and nobody would’ve thought twice about it. I guess the issue is he made that joke after making his women’s college hockey joke, which means he didn’t learn anything. My question for years has been who is Mike Milbury for? He should be fired because he never adds any insight of value, he was a comically bad coach and GM so he has no credibility, and because he’s a dumb dinosaur. There's hundreds of former players who would be better at the job. it will be nice to rid ourselves of Roenick and Milbury in one calendar year. Lose Pierre and we’re set.
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    The blue set definitely works better in real life, but the bone looks so much worse. Makes me miss the mismatched temporary set.
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    I feel the purple is too dark. Functionally it's not far from black, so it doesn't stand out. The wings on the sleeves don't work because of that, I think.
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    DAMN DONNY!!! Donovan Mitchell is something else! These playoffs are starting to feel like Wade '06 (if us Jazz fans are ever so lucky)
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    Love the presentation. Uniforms look great too, this got me real excited for the rest of the series. I would maybe add more purple to the alt, it seems a little to close to the saints all black home set color wise
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    Here are the Washington Nationals: Logos The interlocking "DC" becomes the primary cap insignia, inspired by @SFGiants58. I combined the roundel of their current primary logo with the DC to create the new primary. The curly W still stays on for the Cooperstown Collection, though. I also brought the "Nationals" script to the primary homes full-time. Uniforms The home uniform is essentially the Spring Training jersey which has supposedly been brought on as an alternate. The primary cap is red with a navy brim, however, and the away is an inverse of that. I also flipped the colors of the away wordmark to match the home. The red alternate features the returning "DC" logo, and the World-Series good-luck-charm navy alternate remains mostly the same. The Cooperstown Collection is a clear fauxback to the racing stripe, pinwheel cap Expos. The Nationals are also the only team to utilize a white uniform for Spring Training, which again features the interlocking "DC" logo. And with that, that completes the series! I hope you all enjoyed following along!
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    This one is so much better:
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    @SCalderwood don't forget, the Cavs had Navy alternates in the 2000s when Lebron was first with the team, of which I am a huge fan (and have one) They need to bring back the navy jersey as an alternate instead of the black, IMHO.
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    But that's a good thing? Nobody's forgetting that they were named a slur, and nobody probably will for the next 50 years, it'll still be a simple Google search away even if they do. What theyre doing is eliminating imagery connected to the racist past. What does adding the old logo do to this comic? Why does it really matter.
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    If there's one thing the Wild shouldn't do, it's replace their insanely clever primary logo with a wordmark.
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    I honestly think the Cavs looked the best after Lebron left for the heat, up until he came back. Anytime they focus on just wine and gold is a win for me. The wolves wont change their set, but I wouldn't mind it. I live in the Twin Cities and I always hear "oh they are okay, miss the retro uniforms".
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    How about this? Those two aren't the only "complete changes" of a team's main 3 uniforms. Also, a reiteration of the official news we know about 2020/21: - Mavs wearing Green throwback unis - Grizz wearing first black uni from them coming to Memphis
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