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    Orange and pewter dont really belong together like this. The team made the right decision...
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    I miss the orange on the NHL logo. Just saying.
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    I'm not sure why he said 3 other uniforms (maybe because at some point they'll have a Classic uniform), because the Pistons will only have the Statement and City uniforms outside of the "normal two," and as for "new design elements" that could be anything, haha. Sadly, for the Statement uniform, it's only the "new" design element of the Jumpman logo coming in for the swoosh (ZZZzzzzzzzzz). As for the City uniform, yes, it will be a new design from last season, so everything will be "new" in that regard. I gotta warn, though, it's nothing to write home about. Sigh.
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    It means the end of the independent entity known as Minor League Baseball (dubbed the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues prior to 1999) serving as the umbrella organization overseeing the individual affiliated farm leagues. Owners of affiliated minor league baseball teams are currently franchisees of MiLB and their leagues. Under Major League Baseball's proposal for the reorganization of affiliated minor league ball, Minor League Baseball / MiLB would cease to exist as anything beyond a brand name. Going forward, minor league baseball team owners would be franchisees of a development system owned, operated, and overseen by MLB. MLB would dictate which level of competition each affiliated minor league circuit competed at, which geographic region each affiliated minor league circuit covered, which markets were assigned to each level of competition, and which MLB franchises that affiliated minor league teams operating in said markets could / would establish development agreements with. MLB's goal? To cut costs and streamline player development. MLB leadership believes that the player development needs of 30 MLB teams are best served by 30 AAA teams, 30 AA teams, 30 Advanced A teams, and 30 A teams. The Short Season A and Rookie level leagues of affiliated minor league baseball will be eliminated, replaced by players formerly assigned to those levels receiving training at their respective MLB franchises' spring training facilities in Arizona and Florida. The number of minor league players each MLB team has under contract will be reduced and strictly controlled. Further savings will be realized by ensuring that each of a Major League Baseball team's four MiLB affiliates is situated as close as geographically possible to the big league club's market, as well as said club's other minor league teams. Additionally, MLB will take control of broadcast, merchandising, and sponsorship rights for affiliated minor leagues and teams, splitting revenues with the MiLB clubs on a 50-50 basis. As for the current MiLB teams that don't survive the cut, Major League Baseball officials are apparently going to suggest that they join either collegiate summer leagues or independent minor league circuits. What such a move will do to the valuations and financial bottom-line of the current affiliated MiLB teams that don't survive the culling is, apparently, of no concern to Major League Baseball.
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    The Buccaneers should have just gone back to creamsicle, this looks so nice
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    I re-did it and posting for y'all that only browse these boards.
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    Dude, LeBron wears 23 because of Michael Jordan. In fact, he also thinks nobody should ever wear 23 again and has been thinking of switching back to 6 for years. He doesn't care about this Jumpman logo on the jersey nor should anybody else and the fact it's even a subject here is ridiculous.
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    It's been a long time since I've posted here, but the recent return of baseball got me in the mood for MLB concepts. I'm working on a "traditional" MLB redesign series, which I plan to post when finished, but I've started to think it's inevitable that Nike will eventually roll out a league-wide alternate uniform program like they already have in the NFL and NBA (Color Rush, "City" Edition, "Statement" Edition, etc), possibly in the next year or two, and personally, I wouldn't be opposed to this scenario. While I am certainly no fan of these programs in general, I like the outside-the-box thinking behind many of the looks, which has produced some tremendous individual alternates that IMO could be used forever or as a foundation for an entirely new set (Broncos Throwback, Saints Throwback, Heat Vice, Jazz Red Rocks, Nuggets rainbow fauxback, etc). I also like the thought process behind having an alt uniform which uses a nickname for the city, mainly because there are so many unique city/state nicknames out there that deserve to be showcased. However, I hate how often these alternates are being worn in the NBA - for some teams, it's seemingly half of the entire season, and I sometimes forget what a team's "regular" colors and uniforms are. But with baseball playing 162 games in a (normal) season, I think there is ample opportunity for teams to get creative from time-to-time without diluting their brand - as long as they are only worn once or twice. So, if Nike were to unveil "City Edition" alternates in the MLB, here are my ideas for what those alternates could look like. I've started with my hometown Baltimore Orioles, as I (obviously) have the best understanding of the city itself and the team's history. I have ideas and plans for other cities I know well enough (DC, Philly, Pittsburgh), and I would like to do more, but I might need assistance with the inspiration - so I can't commit to completing the entire league yet. I've come up with four different uniform options. I wouldn't want them to be worn all in the same season, but rather, think of these as a potential rotation of "City Editions" that would each be worn once-twice per year over the next four years. First is an overview of all four, followed by a detailed description of the inspirations behind each one: Option #1 is called "Maryland Pride." It's mostly based on the Maryland flag-covered one-off uniforms the O's have worn for Maryland Day the last few years, but done (hopefully) in a more creative and tasteful way. Baltimore's nickname "Charm City" adorns the chest, in an orange-on-black-dropshadow script that is inspired by the many murals throughout the city (including two that are visible along Russell St as you enter the city towards Camden Yards) and their primary logos of the past. The MD flag pattern is found on the sleeves, hat brim, and socks - which themselves are a nod to the sweet stirrups the UMD baseball team wore a few years ago with their black alts. I added single black headspoon piping as a nod to the mid-late 90s home uniform, and the swinging cartoon bird as the sleeve patch for something fun and different. With this uniform, the team would keep their regular home pants. I've named Option #2 "Memorial." It's an all-orange getup reminiscent of their 1971-72 alternates, which they've thrown back to a few times, and pays homage to the team's ballparks and lineage from the St. Louis Browns. The chest reads "BALTIMORE" in the same font as the old Memorial Stadium (typeface courtesy of John Adsit), and the T-striping on the shoulders and sleeves are taken from the 1939 Browns uniforms. The sublimated brick pattern at the bottom of the jersey and the gold trim throughout are nods to their current ballpark, Camden Yards - specifically the warehouse and the plaques marking every home run ever hit along Eutaw street. The short-lived alternate cartoon bird from 1964-65 serves as the cap logo, because it has more white to contrast the orange front panel. Option #3, or "Birdland" (couldn't think of anything better), is primarily a mash-up of my two all-time favorite Orioles uniforms - the 1939 minor league Orioles road and the 1956-63 road, with the headspoon piping and cartoon bird sleeve patch. The chest features the city's unofficial nickname of "Birdland" (also refers to the ballpark itself) in a black script trimmed in orange with two oriole birds-on-a-bat from the 1939 look. I also included subtle pinstripes because a) I am a sucker for road pinstripes and b) they were present on the 1939 home uniform... though I left the base color gray rather than white/cream because IMO that is too Yankees-esque for the Birds to ever bring back, even for a one-off. The orange numbers with black trim and the orange-brimmed cap are from the 50s-60s era road, with the script "B" replacing the original bird logo because there are already two birds on the jersey. Lastly, for a modern touch, the socks are based on a Stance design from the last few years (not sure if they still wear these). Last, but certainly not least, Option #4 is called "City Lights." It's an ultra-modern twist on one of the Orioles' OG uniforms (literally) - the all-black 1901 road. On the chest is the O's current road "Baltimore" script, but without the tail, and stylized like the famous Domino Sugar sign in Locust Point. The pattern from Baltimore City's flag is featured subtly through the uniform, on the shoulders, socks, and front panel of the cap. The cap's logo is the original bird, used from 1954-62, as I think it's thin lines pairs nicely with the script treatment and "neon" vibe I'm going for. With no white on this uniform at all, I think the orange really pops off the black, and it might be my favorite of the entire set. So, which one is your favorite? Any and all C&C appreciated!
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    Giving the Avs slate numbers on the road would be a marked improvement, especially if they dumped black breezers for burgundy ones. Black's presence on the uniforms, outside of the breezers, is minimal at this point. Edit: thanks, @TalktoChuck
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god, this is one of the best ones. How the hell does a blurry font "herald the team’s energetic commitment to basketball development "??? Is it supposed to look blurry like how things do when viewed behind a flame that just ignited? Is it supposed to be shaking... which has nothing to do with igniting?
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    All the Saints need is this uniform and the white version they've been using as color rush. That's it.
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    God I forgot how freaking GORGEOUS that uniform was, from head to toe.
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    Exactly. Like, American Family Insurance Field.
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    On to the next team! Team 4: Tennessee Titans The current Titans uniforms (and to an extent, brand) is a mess. It tries too hard to look cool, and I think that the logo set and brand is somewhat dates. As a result I decided to overhaul the whole Titans look. First is a new color scheme: light blue and red have been dropped, gold has been added, and the shades of silver and navy have been tweaked. A new logo has also been introduced. In simple terms, its essentially the current logo minus the flaming trail, resulting in a look that is meant to resemble a Hoplite's shield. A new wordmark and font has also been introduced. For the uniforms, I wanted to try and use the "sword" yoke, but strip it down a bit. A new silver helmet continues to build upon the "hoplite" look, and the team can choose from navy/silver/white jerseys and pants. Up Next: the Black and Gold of Steel City
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    To be fair, they're probably trying to wear those close to as many games as they would have in a full season to promote/sell them and make up for lost revenue.
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    Me too. It was unique to the major North American sports. I guess, technically, it still is, being black and silver. But orange made it better.
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    Rockets black jersey bugs the hell outta me, why is the color red and the arm holes charcoal? This was much better
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    Do we have the technology to put gifs in the maker’s mark position?
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    Really hoping this thing evolves into something more fitting for the event within eight years. The candidate logo was definitely better--totally agree there. Beyond what colinturner95 pointed out earlier, is it possible that even the L is a different font than either the two or the eight with its rounded corners? The one, redeeming thing I saw in this was what's called the "retro stripe" version that at least pays homage to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics logo.
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    That font absolutely screams middle school in the 90s.
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    Wow. I’m actually surprised at how much I dislike those Hornets jerseys. All of the elements people have been wanting are basically there. But the execution? Yikes.
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    I can’t believe that no one of the Cavs, Pistons, Knicks, Pacers, Jazz, Suns or Trail Blazers brought up that the Jordan logo is not something fans want on team apparel. Unless Nike is making all the decisions now and the NBA didn’t have a say.
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    It's an interesting design philosophy. If you're looking to spread a message about diversity, than it's something that does it well. But I can't help but feel that this is more of a vanity art project than an actual logo. It's also fairly interesting that they introduced the logo this early. Technically, we are not even in the 2028 cycle yet. It will be interesting to see how well this ages in 8 years. That is my most serious concern. I do also prefer the candidate bid logo over this one, probably because it was a single logo that fit the city well. Paris was also great with their as well. Come back to me in 8 years. Maybe my mind will change. Oh, and Chris is going to have fun keeping with the designs for this logo!
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    Hmm. I totally get (and really like) what they’re trying to do and why they’re doing it, but from a strictly design standpoint, I don’t think this is the best way to go. Having what’s going to amount to dozens (if not more) of different logos is really a bit much. And frankly, none of the ones I see are good. What I think they could have done to achieve the same goal is to create one logo that could easily be single-color, then have these different designers/olympians/celebrities design and contribute to tons of different backgrounds and assets with which that simple logo could be placed upon. Murals, patterns, photography, painting, ink sketches, animation, whatever; they could go crazy with as many LA backgrounds and assets as they wished, and swap them in and out for digital use while the logo remained the same. I think it would’ve actually been more colorful, diverse, fun and evocative of LA that way. I just don’t think this strategy of infinite (bad) logos was the way to do it.
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    You'll probably hate the road, but I am sharing it anyway.
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    What's this about a neutral-site World Series? It's actually starting to make me wonder why there needs to be 162 games at all. Or 154. Or 120. Start in May, end in mid-October, and have a reasonable amount of off days in between.
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    NBA and NHL aren't cheap, they should count. Other than the layoff, they've played near-full seasons and mostly normal postseason draws under normal rules. It's baseball, always the most asterisk-demanding of the four, that feels cheapened. They will have played about a third of a season and let over half the teams qualify with a neutral-site LCS/World Series and phony-baloney magical leadoff doubles in extra innings. And given the time and resources that go into building a short-window baseball contender, either winning the wacky year or -- perish the thought -- having hoped for the stars to align in 2020 only to have it be the wacky year and then badly losing the wacky year feels like it would have to be a critical blow to a franchise. Imagine the Padres winning the West and getting dropped by an 8 seed that wouldn't be near October in a normal year. That smarts. I'm not saying there shouldn't be extra qualifiers for a shortened season, or that neutral sites and everything about the pandemic present a unique set of challenges that will make a world championship a well-earned achievement, just that it's so far removed from anything before and, God willing, anything after that it will pretty much demand a footnote.
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    I absolutely love the silver numbers, but they still work best as an alternate look.
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    I have no issue with the black numbers on the road, and I actually prefer the black breezers and helmets to any other idea I've seen mocked up. What bothers me the most about the new uniforms is that the back numbers and captain patches are outlined in silver while the sleeve numbers are outlined in slate/burgundy. If they do nothing else, they really need to switch the sleeve number outlines to silver.
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    Hell, I'd excise black entirely from the shoulder logo, too. That works just fine being slate.
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    Very good. They're just about done with the first phase of competition with the final games of that round being held this weekend. Only team has been knocked out in FC Edmonton, who has been crappy this season.
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    Of course a Flyers fan is going to prefer the orange and black NHL logo...
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    I'd be shocked if any contract between City Football Group and Messi doesn't include language that stipulates a soccer-specific stadium for New York City FC has to be completed before Messi ever suits up for the Major League Soccer club. I simply don't see Messi's people signing off on their client playing the home half of his MLS schedule in a baseball stadium. Frankly, Messi playing out the last two years of his contract with NYCFC is likely the cudgel - pardon... incentive - that City Football Group is hoping to use in order to finally get a soccer-specific facility built for their MLS side. As such, they'd likely be only too happy to accede to the inclusion of such a clause in Messi's contract.
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    While I prefer Miller Park, they could have done much worse.
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    Probably doesn't hurt much for the Lakers. And the Celtics were 6-0 against Jordan in the playoffs. (I didn't even know they also swept them in '87.)
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    @DenverKing reddit award quality set! Shouts out to you! I appreciate the time you took to explain the inspiration for each uni. I’m looking forward to what you do with the Marlins, Athletics and Padres. Great Work!
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    I really hope Nike brings the city concept to MLB, but I doubt it will ever happen. All are great concepts. Birdland is my personal favorite.
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    Well, Intel's brand history has all been in lowercase sans serif, but still a valid point about the current brand landscape. I feel like a better option would've been keeping this font but lowering to "e" to evoke the original logo. Quick and dirty mockup: I do have to say I like the diagonal squares applications. Overall, I'd say a lateral move though.
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    If ESPN wants someone to give their opinion on the officiating, they need to get someone who doesn’t do it through the filter of “back our boys in gray” at every occurrence. That was atrocious
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    FWIW, LeBron posts rap lyrics on his IG stories like a college girl on spring break and he apologized when made aware. And hip hop, especially the more ‘conscious’ artist (FWIW definitely not 21Savage), is rife with antisemitism (Jay Electronica, Lupe Fiasco immediately come to mind). There’s many of the issues outlined by the admiral at play here along with poor education about antisemitism in that it is basically reduced to the Holocaust without a discussion about how the persecution and tropes developed along with the religion- to-race development in discrimination. So while yes you would hope someone with LeBron’s reach would know better, I’d wager a wide swath of the population has the same blind spot. What he said about Morey needing to apologize is pretty bad but again he’s far from the only person who will gladly look the other way so as to not displease the CCP. But in the context of racial justice in America today, his views on China are pretty irrelevant. The situation he can more directly influence is here. Where does the expectation that athletes need to be perfect come from anyway? They weren’t elected, they’re just really good at a sport. I’m not much bothered pointing out hypocrisy of athletes when elected officials And public servants display a far greater level of hypocrisy in ways that is directly related to their actual jobs
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    Ignite would be a fine name for a G-League affiliate of the Miami Heat.
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    The Marlins have played four games against the Blue Jays this season, two in Miami, two in Buffalo, and they've worn nothing but powder blues. This madness has to stop, especially considering how great their home and road sets are.
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    Two thoughts ... 1) I feel very much the same about MJ and the Jazz (THAT MOTHERF****R PUSHED OFF!!!!!) 2) I thought the Cavs were getting a new statement jersey? This is slightly disappointing.
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    I didn't realize that I had both halves of the Fleckening back to back like this... definitely didn't plan or notice that until now Football - first big order of business: clean up the color palette. gone is black and grey from the logos and the overall scheme. Went with what I think is the more unique color scheme of brown, gold and white. Overall, went back to an early 2000's looks, around the Jason Babin era with a New York Jets esque look. 3 helmets, all with the Bronco logo on the sides. Jerseys have colored sleeve caps with flanking stripes on the bottom and the sides. Back to a basic number font. Just looked the cleanest to me. Nothing on the pants stripe wise, Full W-Bronco logo on the front side of the hips. Hockey - Simplified the sleeve cap look down to a stripe for the other sports, which hockey gets to show off first. Stripes around the arms and the hem line. Bronco logo on the front of the home and away uniforms. W logo on the shoulders. Same stripes on the socks. No stripes on the pants, full W logo on the front of the pant leg. Alternate keeps one of the real life uniform elements, replacing the bronco head on the chest with the wordmark/number treatment. Full W logo moves to the shoulders. Baseball - One of the more unique sets so far in this series, based solely on the fact that each jersey has a corresponding set of same colored pants. Before we get to the toes, lets start with the head gear. Two sets, brown/gold and tri-color. Both have just the W on the front, for both helmet and hat. Jerseys remain pretty mundane in full honesty, with the stripes around the arms. Broncos on the home and away uniforms. Bronco head on the back up near the collar. Stripeless pants, but striped brown socks for all uniforms. Alternate has one change, in the addition of a Western Michigan script that replaces the Broncos wordmark. Basketball - Went with a classic approach to these, with the stripes around the arms, rounded collar, waistband and the bottom of the shorts. Arched Broncos on the home uniform and stacked Western Michigan for the other two uniforms. Full W logo on the sides of the shorts, W only logo on the front of waistband, Bronco logo above the name on the backs. C&C welcomed as always! If the gold alternates were a straight up throwback, I'd agree with you. But since it's not, just looks pretty damn close in full honesty, I'm gonna stick with the modern version of hockey Goldy.
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    Now I want to read the deep dive into old floors and new floors and general standards of NBA flooring. Didn’t Kyrie show up to Milwaukee a couple years ago convinced a fauxback court was actually one that hadn’t been updated in 40 years?
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    This is more pleasing to the eye. It doesn't read as being skewed left because your eyes are moving top to bottom, left to right. Obviously, if you had a freestanding "NHL" wordmark, it wouldn't retain that slant. The reason they changed it in the first place coming out of the lockout was "we want to signal the league is moving in an upward direction," which was pretty corny considering everyone knew the league would be lucky to simply not make things even worse.
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