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    Really like how the purple socks look with matching sleeves for once instead of black undershirts and purple socks which clash. Think this could be an upgrade for the rockies. Lean into the purple. Maybe use the road hat with the purple brim at home with purple sleeves/undershirts/socks
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    Not the first to blend Bucco and a skull, but easily among the best. The biggest problem with the logo, now that I've been looking at it, is too much red. Plume or scarf, one of those should be orange.
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    The more purple, the better for the Rockies. Except I'd stick with black belts and shoes, purple shoes are probably a bridge too far.
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    You guys can nitpick the Avs uniforms all you want, I am still ecstatic they got rid of these....
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    Two New York teams playing in New Jersey. What is this...the NFL??
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    Why is there hair on the foot if it's a print?
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    This fact is all the more bothersome when half of them (Nuggets, Clippers, Celtics, Bucks)* shouldn’t be wearing black at all, in any form. *Normally I’d include the Lakers, but they get a pass just for this year in my book because of the special Kobe tribute. They shouldn’t wear black again after the conclusion of the playoffs, though.
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    As someone who absolutely loved the Avalanche jerseys when they debuted in 1996, I'm torn on the new look. On one hand I think the home jersey has never looked better. Replacing the black and white stripes with the thicker grey is such a monumental improvement, you wonder why the jersey wasn't configured that way to begin with. Especially since that pattern was already on the socks. The road jersey, on the other hand, is simply dead on arrival without some blue separating the grey from the white. The shoulder patch looks really unremarkable on it too. Never should have gotten rid of the footprint.
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    I suspect the voluntary switch to #6 was to downplay the absurdity of #23 being retired in Miami. At this point the jumpman logo is no big deal as a brand. But I do believe Cleveland actively promoting it is ridiculous. Cleveland does not want to be reminded of the shot.
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    It's been a long time since I've posted here, but the recent return of baseball got me in the mood for MLB concepts. I'm working on a "traditional" MLB redesign series, which I plan to post when finished, but I've started to think it's inevitable that Nike will eventually roll out a league-wide alternate uniform program like they already have in the NFL and NBA (Color Rush, "City" Edition, "Statement" Edition, etc), possibly in the next year or two, and personally, I wouldn't be opposed to this scenario. While I am certainly no fan of these programs in general, I like the outside-the-box thinking behind many of the looks, which has produced some tremendous individual alternates that IMO could be used forever or as a foundation for an entirely new set (Broncos Throwback, Saints Throwback, Heat Vice, Jazz Red Rocks, Nuggets rainbow fauxback, etc). I also like the thought process behind having an alt uniform which uses a nickname for the city, mainly because there are so many unique city/state nicknames out there that deserve to be showcased. However, I hate how often these alternates are being worn in the NBA - for some teams, it's seemingly half of the entire season, and I sometimes forget what a team's "regular" colors and uniforms are. But with baseball playing 162 games in a (normal) season, I think there is ample opportunity for teams to get creative from time-to-time without diluting their brand - as long as they are only worn once or twice. So, if Nike were to unveil "City Edition" alternates in the MLB, here are my ideas for what those alternates could look like. I've started with my hometown Baltimore Orioles, as I (obviously) have the best understanding of the city itself and the team's history. I have ideas and plans for other cities I know well enough (DC, Philly, Pittsburgh), and I would like to do more, but I might need assistance with the inspiration - so I can't commit to completing the entire league yet. I've come up with four different uniform options. I wouldn't want them to be worn all in the same season, but rather, think of these as a potential rotation of "City Editions" that would each be worn once-twice per year over the next four years. First is an overview of all four, followed by a detailed description of the inspirations behind each one: Option #1 is called "Maryland Pride." It's mostly based on the Maryland flag-covered one-off uniforms the O's have worn for Maryland Day the last few years, but done (hopefully) in a more creative and tasteful way. Baltimore's nickname "Charm City" adorns the chest, in an orange-on-black-dropshadow script that is inspired by the many murals throughout the city (including two that are visible along Russell St as you enter the city towards Camden Yards) and their primary logos of the past. The MD flag pattern is found on the sleeves, hat brim, and socks - which themselves are a nod to the sweet stirrups the UMD baseball team wore a few years ago with their black alts. I added single black headspoon piping as a nod to the mid-late 90s home uniform, and the swinging cartoon bird as the sleeve patch for something fun and different. With this uniform, the team would keep their regular home pants. I've named Option #2 "Memorial." It's an all-orange getup reminiscent of their 1971-72 alternates, which they've thrown back to a few times, and pays homage to the team's ballparks and lineage from the St. Louis Browns. The chest reads "BALTIMORE" in the same font as the old Memorial Stadium (typeface courtesy of John Adsit), and the T-striping on the shoulders and sleeves are taken from the 1939 Browns uniforms. The sublimated brick pattern at the bottom of the jersey and the gold trim throughout are nods to their current ballpark, Camden Yards - specifically the warehouse and the plaques marking every home run ever hit along Eutaw street. The short-lived alternate cartoon bird from 1964-65 serves as the cap logo, because it has more white to contrast the orange front panel. Option #3, or "Birdland" (couldn't think of anything better), is primarily a mash-up of my two all-time favorite Orioles uniforms - the 1939 minor league Orioles road and the 1956-63 road, with the headspoon piping and cartoon bird sleeve patch. The chest features the city's unofficial nickname of "Birdland" (also refers to the ballpark itself) in a black script trimmed in orange with two oriole birds-on-a-bat from the 1939 look. I also included subtle pinstripes because a) I am a sucker for road pinstripes and b) they were present on the 1939 home uniform... though I left the base color gray rather than white/cream because IMO that is too Yankees-esque for the Birds to ever bring back, even for a one-off. The orange numbers with black trim and the orange-brimmed cap are from the 50s-60s era road, with the script "B" replacing the original bird logo because there are already two birds on the jersey. Lastly, for a modern touch, the socks are based on a Stance design from the last few years (not sure if they still wear these). Last, but certainly not least, Option #4 is called "City Lights." It's an ultra-modern twist on one of the Orioles' OG uniforms (literally) - the all-black 1901 road. On the chest is the O's current road "Baltimore" script, but without the tail, and stylized like the famous Domino Sugar sign in Locust Point. The pattern from Baltimore City's flag is featured subtly through the uniform, on the shoulders, socks, and front panel of the cap. The cap's logo is the original bird, used from 1954-62, as I think it's thin lines pairs nicely with the script treatment and "neon" vibe I'm going for. With no white on this uniform at all, I think the orange really pops off the black, and it might be my favorite of the entire set. So, which one is your favorite? Any and all C&C appreciated!
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    I'm not convinced that it's a print, considering the team's mascot...was a big, hairy ape-like creature that would clearly have a foot pretty much exactly like the one in the logo. Seems more likely that it just being the foot of Howler, or just Bigfoot in general, was the intent rather than a footprint in the snow kinda deal.
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    I don't understand why anyone, especially people involved in MLB's decision making, think extra inning games are this huge problem that needs sorted out. It makes MLB extra money, the fans who like it get more baseball, and the fans who can't be bothered to watch 14 inning games go on with their lives. I won't put it past Manfred to implement it for good of course, as it's just another rule change that doesn't address a real problem, and he really likes adding those.
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    It's the MLS. If a team isn't putting together weird payment deals to skirt the rules that really only to apply to teams not in LA, New York or the PNW, it wouldn't feel right.
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    I thought the footprint gave some type of life to the name avalanche. The rounded "C" logo to me is cheesy and its very close to Calgary putting the province and country flags on their shoulders. From a distance some could say it looks like targets.
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    I haven't watched hockey until the last few games of this playoff, and the Flyers don't look like they even belong on the same ice as the Islanders. Everything that goes the Flyers way seems to be just luck or the result of way too much effort, while the Islanders just seem to be able to have the puck in their offensive zone whenever they want. If you didn't tell me this was the playoffs and I watched what I've watched, I'd assume the Flyers were a fledgling squad going up against the defending champs. EDIT: and the Flyers "too focused on drawing up power plays to know that there's racism" coach decides to review a goal that everybody knew was legit, only to lose (of course) and then see his team give up the PP goal on the penalty directly related to that moronic challenge. Alain Vigneault - that's a man that takes his martini shaken... not stirred.
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    I re-did it and posting for y'all that only browse these boards.
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    Updated stripes as well as the version with red pants.
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    I'm not saying they should use the foot anymore, but at least it complimented the logo. The C emblem just looks bland and doesn't look like a supporting logo to the primary.
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    The equator must have moved from the last time I looked at a map or globe
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    Well now that's just obvious and great.
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    TENNESSEE TITANS Follow this project on Dribbble
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    Probably did it for Super Bowl reasons, since we all know that venue will DEFINITELY host a future one.
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    Ha! Fair enough, you got me. That road wordmark would look good on the home jersey. Purple bordered with black, with white keyline to separate from the pinstripes. Maybe that second outline could be silver, but the silver inlays are just awful. I've also never loved the arched script, especially when they have a much more pleasing arc version on the cover of their magazine. The first-and-last-larger doesn't work at all on an arched script.
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    I wonder about some of the long-term impacts. Assuming we get back to normal. I think MLB is a candidate for some of what we've been talking about sticking. I honestly think we've seen our last DH-free game (well, until Ron Gardenhire or someone screws up their lineup card). I hope the runner-on-second thing does not happen. I know, it's probably akin to the NHL shootout and I assume it won't be used in postseason but it's a tough pill to swallow. I am actually OK with the 7-inning double-header, though when fans come back, that's a bad optic unless you pair them on one ticket, which doesn't seem likely. I support MLB going back to a 154-game schedule but I don't want it getting too small for the simple fact that I like being able to decide to go to a game on a Tuesday and drop 14 bucks for mediocre seats. As discussed above, the NBA and NHL didn't change a lot. I suppose I could see a reduction in the regular season in favor of some sort of "mini season" to determine the last few playoff spots (There's already been NBA talk of a play-in between 8 and 9, right?). Integrity-wise, it's bad, but it's a way to add more games that generate interest/excitement. Then there's the general fan experience regarding food, drink, etc. I foresee a few precautions becoming general practice.
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    It’s definitely a step in the right direction. Games at US Bank have a much stronger light source and look like an overcast day. The sun is bright but muted a bit so it isn’t glaring. Not quite outdoor football but a far cry from the old days of domes.
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    That's kind of not "so close" when big portions of the identity, such as the wordmarks and the monogram, are the problem. What they have right boils down to "nice color scheme and pinstripes at home/placket stripes on the road." If we're using the American grading scale, this is a C- minus package. Same! While I don't really like the set that much, I do appreciate that the Rockies (like the Royals and Mets) have largely stuck with their initial look since their founding (albeit with BFBS phases for the Royals and Mets). I could imagine a very simple tweak to get rid of the inlays and a tweaking of the "CR" to improve it, while also making purple the cap/undershirt/sock color. Basically, take the '90s road jersey and make a whole set out of it. I've even tweaked the "Colorado" wordmark to not look so awful (seen here with the current design). I would pick the top option within my render.
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    That's cheating, the Reebok era killed a lot of teams.
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    It also has nothing to do with the team anymore, though. Howler, the mascot that logo was tied to, has been retired for like two decades at this point. They've moved away from that imagery, so the foot logo is essentially a relic of a mascot that isn't even a thing anymore. The C is a more state-focused icon, which doesn't have as much risk of becoming superannuated. That, and having the State Flag C as the Avs' secondary is a nice callback to the Rockies, which helps tie the two Colorado-based NHL teams together in spirit.
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    The Avs putting the C on their shoulders makes a lot more sense than the Flames putting the Alberta flag on their shoulders. They are the Colorado Avalanche after all, and they also recolored the C, unlike the Alberta flag, which clashes terribly with the Flames' jerseys.
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    I'd laugh if they flipped back stripes color on Association uniform and called it a "New design elements". Fun Fact: Pistons were the last nike team that won championship before nike took whole league in 2017/2018 season.
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    Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but is there a general consensus that the Rockies uniforms are bad? Personally, I like them, and I like that they've been consistent from day 1. I agree they could use more purple, but I think the example above -- where the purple is showcased in socks and black undershirts -- does the trick. I wouldn't classify the Rockies as a classic set, but I think they managed to get it right out of the box.
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    If the Rockies won't change their uniforms at least going with purple socks and accessories would be a huge upgrade, maybe even purple undershirts. Also about "the shoe rule" I saw that changing before 2020 so it's not just a "2020 is different" thing. I wonder if the rule was dropped/changed or if they just stopped enforcing it. I don't mind some of the more colorful designs but I think insisting that the colors must be team colors makes a huge difference... for example, Miguel Rojas' Marlins colored Jordans look way better than Bryce Harper's neon green cleats:
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    For anyone wondering if 2k21 would show uniform changes, it does not. Even the hawks and hornets are the same as last year.
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    This is the most god damn frustrating series to watch. Islanders have outplayed the Flyers 5 out of 6 games. OT loss off an icing. OT loss off an icing. OT loss off a broken stick. Tied 3-3.
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    NBA and NHL aren't cheap, they should count. Other than the layoff, they've played near-full seasons and mostly normal postseason draws under normal rules. It's baseball, always the most asterisk-demanding of the four, that feels cheapened. They will have played about a third of a season and let over half the teams qualify with a neutral-site LCS/World Series and phony-baloney magical leadoff doubles in extra innings. And given the time and resources that go into building a short-window baseball contender, either winning the wacky year or -- perish the thought -- having hoped for the stars to align in 2020 only to have it be the wacky year and then badly losing the wacky year feels like it would have to be a critical blow to a franchise. Imagine the Padres winning the West and getting dropped by an 8 seed that wouldn't be near October in a normal year. That smarts. I'm not saying there shouldn't be extra qualifiers for a shortened season, or that neutral sites and everything about the pandemic present a unique set of challenges that will make a world championship a well-earned achievement, just that it's so far removed from anything before and, God willing, anything after that it will pretty much demand a footnote.
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    Ottawa is a point out of qualifying for group play with a game against Halifax left. That game is on Sunday with the winner will more then likely moving on the group play stage. I don't know if the delay helped them, but they do have a signature victory over defending champion Forge FC.
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    Orange and pewter dont really belong together like this. The team made the right decision...
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    Yeah, this is another case where naming rights are no good if you don't get in on the ground floor. Unlike a lot of more recent naming-rights deals where it's not finalized till relatively late in the game (case in point: Milwaukee's own Findom Forum downtown), it's been Miller Park since well before they even broke ground on it. And as far as corporate names go, it was a highly agreeable one: it stood for a local company, and the name of the company was a person. (They even got extra credit for being the Brewers and playing in a park named for a brewery.) It was of a kind with Busch Stadium and Coors Field, and to an extent the Great American Ballpark. This has the graceless feel of lower-echelon NBA/NHL arenas, like whatever we've been calling SLC's old Delta Center lately, or the infamous jobing.com Arena. I think this could be ameliorated somewhat if they called it "AmFam Stadium," because a building that hulking is not really a park, and it's definitely not a field. And the real idea there is that it would be sort of an update on County Stadium. But it's a cumbersome name whether it's AmFam or American Family. Not every company is suited for naming rights.
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    Well the current road jersey for the Avs doesn’t have the steel blue aside from the collar, socks, and logo. So it’s very minimal. The 90’s jerseys worked much better, because the mountain pattern actually had blue in the striping, not just silver. The silver bleeds into the white, so it looks like they are essentially a burgundy and black team on the road, while looking like a burgundy and blue team at home. The home even fixed the striping mismatch with the socks. They now both are silver separating the blue and burgundy. But the road is now the problem. Apparently the Avs can only have one good jersey. The collars definitely suck too. But that’s the Adidas template for you.
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    I miss the orange on the NHL logo. Just saying.
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    The Nets played four seasons at Rutgers in Piscataway. And yes, this is in the 1977-78 season, as that was the only year that Bob Carrington was with the team.
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    Messi's staying at Barcelona for now. Why? Because he wants to avoid having to engage in what would likely have been a protracted, ugly, and expensive legal battle to ensure that he could walk away from Barça without his new club having to pay an exorbitant buyout fee. Said fee, north of $800 million, is too rich a price for any club... even for a player of Messi's caliber. That said, Messi is on record as saying that team management - led by president Josep Bartomeu - is a "disaster". While Bartomeu supposedly said he'd be willing to step down immediately if Messi pledged to stay, what's to hold him to that? Technically, his term isn't up until elections are held in March. New manager Ronald Koeman has reportedly informed Messi that the player will no longer receive the special treatment he has long enjoyed as the undisputed star at Camp Nou. How's that going to sit with Messi? There's no question that FC Barcelona needs to be rebuilt, but can such a makeover be accomplished while simultaneously meeting Messi's desire to compete now? There is a single season remaining on Messi's current contract with Barça. In January - just four months away - he can begin to negotiate with any other team in the world. In June of 2021 he will be free to leave. Though it appears that FC Barcelona has won the current contractual battle, they may yet lose the war for his ongoing services.
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    Hey, one less headache. City group deserves a SSS out in the middle of nowhere, like what Red Bull has. I don’t think any NFL owners come close to City group, sadly.
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    Would love the old number template return. I think a double outline would do wonders. What is the grey striping on the road jersey was the blue? Could they do a thin blue strip between the white and silver?
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    Huh? The roof of Sofi Stadium is ETFE – or Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene. Its like the roof in Minnesota and the sun will shine thru.
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    Really hoping this thing evolves into something more fitting for the event within eight years. The candidate logo was definitely better--totally agree there. Beyond what colinturner95 pointed out earlier, is it possible that even the L is a different font than either the two or the eight with its rounded corners? The one, redeeming thing I saw in this was what's called the "retro stripe" version that at least pays homage to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics logo.
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