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    I wonder about that. It's certainly possible, and I know a lot of people on this board said the same thing about the Rams when they dropped their metallic gold pants. But I can't help but be a little skeptical of it... I know it's the kind of thing we obsess over, but, considering the Saints' various golds never matched anyway, it's hard to imagine them deciding the non-metallic gold was the final straw. I think they just have terrible taste.
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    This is a gorgeous uniform and would instantly vault the Saints from bottom ten to top ten uniforms in the league, but it's safe to say they don't see it that way, and have no intention of doing it. Last season, they doubled down on their current uniform philosophy by adding plain white pants and socks to match their plain black pants and socks, and more or less dumping the gold pants altogether. Most of us think they look like garbage, but my guess is they are under the weird impression that they look good.
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    While looking up the values of ukrainian players I noticed that Olimpik Donezk has one of the prettiest logos in all of soccer. I thought that's worth a share.
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    Its pretty standard to include Sept-Dec of the previous year....this is nothing new.
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    I think they meant large amounts of orange and pewter, orange could have easily been used as an accent color on that uniform and improve it.
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    alright guys, so as some of you may know there is a new community that has figured out the process to mod new uniforms into NCAA football 14. this is a fantastic new tool, so theres a process that you can even mod your own designs into the game. I have began design concepts for each team, mostly my own design. so im here to share the template with you guys. my idea is you guys use this template, post your designs here in this thread and I will use my favorite designs and import them into my game. think this could be really fun for designers and uniform junkies.heres a couple that ive done obviously I need a lot more practice but this is my first couple that I have imported successfully ive attached the link to the template below. cant wait to see some of your designs.https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710755373803372595/713846468275994684/NCAA14_Jeresey_Templates.rar
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    Proud with how these turned out.
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    That set was bland, but think of how dreadful the two before it were. It must have been a breath of fresh air at the time. Pullovers with belly stripes and white front panels, untucked contrasting-collared shirts that crossed Eurostile with Tuscan lettering? That's truly awful stuff compared to the current package, a modern classic. It drives me nuts to see any vestiges of the Winning Ugly set popping up on merchandise today. It should be as dead and buried as the Mariners stuff that just said "M's." Two things I like a lot about the 87-90 set are a hat with a C and the full team name on the home jersey. I'd like that White Sox script to appear on jackets and miscellaneous tertiary stuff (it's a lot better than the new one they've tried to work in), and I wish they could get away with the curly C somewhere as well, though I have to admit the current hat is too ~iconic~ to replace. Slot it in wherever they're using that stupid batter logo now, I guess.
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    2 white at home color rush games is excessive. Why not do 2 orange and one CR or one Color Rush on the road like last season? Both against teams that rarely come to town too, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Was hoping for Tennessee in white over light blue vs. the Bengals in color in that Week 8 game.
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    I think they dumped the gold pants because of Nike’s allergy to metallic fabrics. It’s pretty clear, though, that a lot of teams think monochrome looks good, and I just don’t get that.
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    They have several excellent secondary strips to pull inspiration from. Any of these are much better and more traditional than the black they’ve been using lately.
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    Thank you @Tore! I appreciate it! I had been thinking a little bit about potentially making this city edition a 4-year rotation like the Vice campaign, and your comment helped motivate me to go for it! Here's the concepts for years 2-4: As always, C&C is greatly appreciated! I'm working on conceptualizing the court, warmups, and other marketing collateral and will post those concepts as they come!
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    don't do that...don't give me hope... also, Come one Saints, just redo to this and have all the golds match too
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    Rockies uniforms are very mehhh for me. Probably fall in the bottom half of the league, but I don’t hate em. What I didn’t care for though was the black vest Rocktober look. Maybe it still exists, I’m not positive. But why have the vest at all if you’re gonna wear a same color shirt underneath?? Come to think of it, wearing purple underneath the vest didn’t help either. Maybe vests in baseball should either be only white or gray. Just... make the black alternate into a normal jersey. Doesn’t seem like all that tough of a solution. Wouldn’t that sell better anyways?
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    I've always preferred the version of this jersey with the white striping added in; it feels like it just completes the set, visually. Slap the Peace Tower logo on the shoulders instead of the S and maybe have a touched-up version of the primary and this would be a real nice set for the Sens. I'm partial to the 2000's laurel alternate, but this would be a damned close second.
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    Football - One of the youngest athletic programs I think I've designed so far, sticks with a rather conservative look including the new logos unveiled not too long ago. Really, like I said, I kept it pretty conservative. I did reintroduce black to the color scheme as a stripe color and nothing more. On the helmets, the new C-Axe logo, green helmet with gold facemask and a white helmet with green logos and facemask. If the jersey stripes look familiar, that's because it was based on the old logo, hence the return of black. Keeping things in line with the "Gold Standard" on every instance of the stripe, is a glittery gold rather than the flat gold of the uniform. Used the condensed version of the number font. Alternate is gold, the green helmet gets glittery gold logos and numbers in place of the flat white. Hockey - The hockey club currently has a bit of a London Knights thing going on, and I kind of dig it, so I didn't really move too far past it. Stripes on the sleeves and on the hems. Smaller stripes on the shoulders. C logo on the shoulders of the home and away. Used the 49ers logo on the chests of said jerseys. Sock stripes match the hem stripes. Pants stripes are the same like the uniforms, but have a curve to them, similar to the axe from the C logo. Alternate replaces the 49ers logo with the C logo. Baseball - Went down the two-button pullover route for these. Hats pretty well match the football helmets, in terms of green base-gold brim with the C logo on the front, in either white or dazzle gold thread. Jerseys have the same striping around the sleeves and on the collars. Niners on the home, Charlotte on the road, CHA on the gold alternates. Pants have the same style stripe, with the curve taken out of it, toward the bottom of the pant leg. Solid color green socks for all three jerseys. Basketball - Kept a classic look for basketball, with the stripes going around the arms, rounded collar, waistband and on the bottom of the shorts. I can't explain why, but I get Celtics vibes from these, which feels odd because these don't even remotely resemble what the Celtics wear. Similar to baseball, Niners on the home, Charlotte on the road and I went with the 49ers logo/wordmark. I feel like it could work on both levels. I put CHA on front of the waistband, C logo on the front of the shorts leg. C&C welcome!
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    This kills any chance I will ever use any of AmFam's services. At least Miller Park could just as easily have stood for Frederick Miller, as many other Milwaukee institutions have over the years.
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    The Buccaneers should have just gone back to creamsicle, this looks so nice
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    I don't like the MLB fan cut outs. Too fake and goofy. I'd rather see empty seats.
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    The Washington Nationals' original logo and uniform package was the best the team has ever looked, and the only change they should have made was to swap the Walgreen's W for the DC logo across the board. with this cap logo with this cap logo:
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    I remember when I was 9 years old when Adam Vinatieri missed a chip shot field goal against the Chiefs at Arrowhead that would've won the game. And now I'm 30 and he's just now not on an NFL roster. Damn does time fly. Here, have some vintage (to my late Millennial ass anyway) Jackson and Berman with that game:
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    The best grey uniform the Baltimore Orioles ever had-
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    Minor League Baseball President & CEO Pat O'Conner has announced that he will be retiring on December 31, 2020. MiLB President & CEO O'Conner announces retirement
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    Nipun Chopra of SocTakes and Grant Wahl are both reporting that the Oakland Roots will move to the USL Championship in time for the 2021 season. Apparently, this is the result of the team having acquired developer Mark Hall's USL East Bay expansion rights. The San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate website is citing Chopra and Wahl in its coverage of the story.
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    More than that, the change to white numbers was mainly because the play-by-play guys had a really hard time seeing red on black from way up in the press box. They made frequent mistakes as a result and complained a lot. TV advancements aren't really going to help them there. (Source: someone I know who worked the games for local TV back in the day).
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    Next! Team Name: Tallon Desert Observers Metroid Locale: Chozo Ruins Conference: Tallon IV Description: This was a really hard locale to make a concept for. The Chozo Ruins is such an eclectic and detailed location and it was difficult to translate its indescribable atmosphere into a uniform set. Anyone who's played through this level can likely attest to a feeling that you are always being watched which is why I went with the 'Eyon' for the primary logo and another eye-containing creature in the 'Reaper Vine' for the alternate. Any C & C would be highly appreciated as this is likely a concept I will revisit. Thank you to those who commented and thank you for looking .
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    I feel like black shorts would look better.
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    Is Beloit deliberately trying to goad MiLB into contracting them?
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    More shots of Seaver in uniforms that he never wore in a Major League game. Here he is posing in the jersey that the Mets brought in for the 1978 season, the year after he was traded, and wore through 1982. The photo is from the spring of 1983, soon before the beginning of his second stint with the team. The Mets would debut their home racing-stripe uniforms that season, having brought in the racing stripe on the road the previous year. But they did not reveal the new home uniform until Opening Day. A 1987 picture showing Seaver in the road uniform that the Mets wore for only that year. Seaver attempted a comeback that season, and started a game against the Mets' AAA affiliate at Tidewater. Seaver later threw two simulated games before abandoning the comeback attempt. So the photo above is from his last professional appearance.
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    I think the womens' jersey crests are smaller than mens' jerseys.
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    Another issue is that LA’s stadium will have twice as many games with two teams playing there. That’s a lot of wear and tear on a field.
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    So the Charlotte Hornets unveiled new unis a couple of days ago and twitter went amok with both positive and negative takes on the unis. Last time I tried making some Hornets concepts it turned out bad. I've always found the Hornets a bit hard as so much of their identity is rooted in their inaugural uniforms. The Hornets colours are immaculate; teal and purple is a beautiful combination which brightens the oversaturated NBA which has too many teams wearing blue, red and yellow. My personal opinion is that the new uniforms lacked purple. The white is clean and very streamlined, but purple is as much a part of the essence of the Hornets as red is with the Heat. I must admit I am among the segment who very much liked the former unis they wore. I thought they were easy on the eyes and popped very well against other teams, especially other purple teams. So with this in mind I sat out to try again. I ended up making two different sets, one is a slightly revisioned throwback and the other is a more modern set following Nike's minimalistic approach. Disclaimer - I am not exactly sure I got the right hex codes for the teal and purple as other concepts seems to have a wide arrange of shades so I used the colours I got from the Hornets media guide. For the modern set, I kept the double pinstripes which was now newly reintroduced. I wanted to avoid being as monochromatic as the new uniforms but at the same time keeping it as easy and clean as I could. I've tried several different routes but for some reason "HORNETS" always look somewhat awkward on a pinstriped jersey. I'm avid to a fault on having team name on home unis and city name on away unis, however I found that "CHARLOTTE" always looked better, even on the association edition - this said I refused to buckle so I've kept Hornets on the home uniforms and from thereon out I keep away from using "HORNETS". The association and icon are basically the same, just some colours reversed really. The statement was inspired by the current statement - I considered using CLT, however knowing how fast memers would attack this I went for CHA instead. It's a more hyberbolic version of the association and icon and very purple. For the city edition I did something slightly controversial which might upset Duke fans. I originally wanted to do a "Queen City" uniform but it's been done so many times that I wanted to do something new. What I ended up with as a more state edition, or tar heel state-edition one might say. I knew I wanted to use Carolina blue as it is just a marvelous shade of blue. From there on out I felt it was only natural to do a slight homage to the Tar Heels, as it was Michael Jordan's team and seeing that Michael Jordan is the majority owner of the Hornets. It's not out of the ballpark to believe that a uniform like this might happen one day. The uniform is very basic and easy-going, athletic and very much college inspired which is not hard to see. It has a cube C with H logo on the waistband and some hornets on the sideshorts. As you surely will notice, the font in use for the modern set is not the same Hornets use. Reason for this is that I am beyond horrible at recreating fonts so I did some slight modifications on a font I have. It's not perfect but it somewhat works. Charlotte Hornets Association Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Icon Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Statement Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets City Edition Uniform Concept ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, it was never my intention of making a throwback set with some slight revisions. It speaks to the timelessness and greatness of the classic uniforms. They are so ingrained in my mind that I could not espace them. I was able to find a wordmark and numeral that somewhat matched the originals. The pinstripes are in different colours, just as the originals were. Instead of the usual horizontal double lines at the end of the shorts, I added them together and made a bigger "block". On the icon and statement editions for the throwback I kept it white as to contrast the teal and purple. I should've fixed some logos for the sides of the shorts but I was afraid it would be too noisy (same for the more modern set) - I just might revisit this later. Retro Charlotte Hornets Home Edition Uniform Concept Retro Charlotte Hornets Away Edition Uniform Concept Retro Charlotte Hornets Alt Edition Uniform Concept All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! As always I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented and strange times!
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    Well now that's just obvious and great.
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    Orange and pewter dont really belong together like this. The team made the right decision...
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    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I like the larger fleur-de-lis. Espeically with the color rush jersey and if they bring the black version of it.
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    All the Saints need is this uniform and the white version they've been using as color rush. That's it.
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    Not sure why anyone would be 'throwing shade' at teams that fleeced tax payers years ago - what good does it do unless it's directly relevant to some current topic? I dislike the Rams uniforms, but I'm not going to 'throw shade' at all the other teams who's uniforms I've disliked at the same time. Teams getting public money is disgusting. Infrastructure upgrades? Fine. Discounts on land? Eh..... maybe. But anything else? Gross. The Sixers are the latest team looking to take advantage of a special zoning thing along with asking for tax payers to fund a new arena on Philly's neglected waterfront. The team is owned by billionaire hedge-fund managers who had league-minimum payrolls all throughout 'the process'. - no way they should get a dime.
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    Football - Memphis has absolutely enjoyed the uniform's arm race. Since 2015 (according to the Helmet Project) they've worn 42 different helmet variations. 40 too many in my opinion. The first big step for me was to make a decision on colors. Blue and white? Absolutely. Grey or black? Grey has much more historical relevance to the Tigers so it really wasn't a hard choice there. With that, I kept the main helmet blue, with a satin finish. M-Tiger logo on the side of the bucket, with a grey and white tiger stripe down the middle. To those who are a fan of the full tiger stripes, the alternate is satin grey with blue stripes. Jerseys aren't that different from what they have now, but make use of the three colors better IMO. I also went back to their circa 2013 number font as well as back to their athletic wordmarks. Pants have the same style striping as the blue helmets down the sides. Alternates are grey with minimal white usage but really maintain the same style as the other unis. Hockey - Best I could tell, there isn't much of a hockey presence at Memphis right now. That opened the door to basically carbon copy the football style to hockey. For a split second, I had thought about doing a full sleeve of tiger stripes, but quickly decided against it. But the idea wouldn't go away entirely. Other than that, M-Tiger on the chest of all 3 uniforms. Blue and grey helmets, blue pants with the tiger stripes down the sides. Socks have the same stripes as the jerseys. Baseball - Like the rest of the uniforms, there will be tiger stripes, but to a lesser degree. First on the head gear, blue hats with a white/grey block M paired with a blue helmet with the full M-Tiger on it. Jerseys, home/away have smaller tiger stripe stripes on the sleeves. Wordmarks are angled and skewed on the same jerseys. Just wanted to try something different. Number under the wordmarks, M-tiger on the back, up near the collar. Nothing on the pants. Thought that the tiger stripes would be a lot on the pants. Alternate was a bit wilder than I thought it would be at first. Headgear is grey/blue with a blue M and the helmet is a lot like football. Grey jersey is a vest, with the undershirt rocking the full on tiger stripes. other than that, same style pants. Not much else is off the wall. Basketball - Really didn't deviate from the current uniform style with a few stylistic deviations. First, I dropped the shoulder designs and limited to under the arms down the shorts. Changed the same design to the tiger stripes on all the uniforms. Tigers on the home uniform and the alternate, Memphis on the blue jerseys. Onto the shorts continue the tiger stripes, with the main logo on the sides, cutting into the stripes. Alternate is just like the rest of them, blue and grey, minimal white. C&C welcome!
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    I was originally going to post my take on the Detroit Pistons. During the project I experienced severe issues with inspiration and a solid direction to go so I abandoned the Pistons(for now) and started on another motor-inspired team, less successful franschise but far superior directions and possibilities, or should I say easier? When the Pacers unveiled their new uniform and identity, I was pleasantly suprised. Navy and yellow/gold is always a stunner (excluding everything Sweden). I very much enjoyed the circular type chest treatment and the agency font is kinda cool, could of course be better but we should be grateful that Nike didnt try to make their own font for the team. I understand the farm land connection with the new logos though they probably could've come up with something better as I get a slight dissonance between the acres and car racing theme. Still, I used the alternate logo for the association and icon. Speaking of car racing theme - I've seen a lot of concepts for the Pacers and the vast majority of them either including racing flag or flojo, or both(!) I love the flojo, it's iconic and is identified with the greatest seasons this team has seen, yet. In tune with Nike's minimalistic approach I decided to go with the racing flags as the pattern could easily be incorporated in a subliminal way. I also considered the pin stripes for a long time. They were dropped as well as I didn't feel they would complement the direction I wanted to go with this team. The icon is the same as the association, only draped in navy. I based the statement edition on the current city edition, reducing it to a more cohesive and moderate uniform. As I've used the checkered pattern on the association and icon, I felt I could not use it on the statement, afraid of overkill. The statement is inspired by Indy 500 racing suits, only reduced down to something more simplistic. Instead of using Indiana as the wordmark I went with Pacers - usually I use the state name but for some reason I just thought Pacers looked better. I also added 500 on the waistband. I gotta mention that I to track down the right hex code for the colours, as couple of sites didnt seem to have the right tone - it didnt look right to me and some sites didnt even use the same codes. In the end I used the colour drop tool on the brightest pixel point on the Pacers uniform. My concepts for the Pacers are not the most original or inventive I've done. That said, I am very content with them. They are conservative and easy on the eyes and would really stand out against the Los Angeles Lakers, which is my measurement for teams using the blue/yellow colour combination. Though I could've used Brogdon as the player name on the back, I wanted to use Oladipo as he is very much the heart of the Pacers and is working his way back to his former self day by day. Nike always include a inspirational sentence or tag-line, if you will. The Pacers use "always lead", I changed it to "always driven". This has nothing to do with the whole, just thought I sounds better - more competition oriented(!) Lastly - I should've included a city edition. The reason for it lacking is that I find them especially hard to create. I have started on some city concepts for both Memphis Kings and Indiana Pacers. They are not where I want them to be yet - I'll post them when I feel they look acceptable enough. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Indiana Pacers Association Edition Uniform Concept Indiana Pacers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Indiana Pacers Statement Edition Uniform Concept
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    The Seattle Supersonics deserve a rightful return to the NBA. The association has never quite felt the same after the team relocated and then evaporated from existence. We've all seen alot of different concept of the Sonics and I thought I might be fun to show my take on the Sonics. First off, I decided to abandon the yellow/gold which was a hallmark characteristic of the Sonics. I would absolutely not mind the Sonics to return to form with green and gold, but with the Celtics taking the green and gold(even yellow!) torch I felt it was time for a change. So I turned at my colour map of the NBA; there are only three teams currently utilizing green(Pelicans with their mardi gras uniform excluded). Celtics with white and gold, Bucks with cream, blue and black and the Jazz with the trifecta of navy, yellow and green. It was of course a foregone conclusion that the Sonics would use green as the primary colour, but what about the secondary? Purple would be too 90s Bucks, however I was really considering using red. Red was eventually discarded as it made the uniform look too christmasy(cf. Bucks mid to late 00's). In the end I decided on orange; an energetic and aggressive colour which I think is fitting for a resurrected Sonics franchise. Thats basically how I imagined this concept: it would be the return of the Sonics. Now green and orange would be a very unique colour combination in the NBA. Another point, and this is stupid, is that orange is as close to yellow/gold/bronze as one gets on the ROYGBIV scale and I envisioned it would not be too insulting for the Sonics diehards to accept this evolution. I must mention that I have a slight disgust for the majority of the team colours in the NBA. There is simply way too much oversaturation of red, blue and yellow colour combinations in the NBA right now and it's such a shame. 13 teams using red as either primary, secondary or tertiary colour versus four teams with purple, three teams with orange, two teams (excluding the Jazz) with green and finally only one team with teal. 13 teams with blue as either primary, secondary or tertiary colour as well, and thats excluding the Cavaliers which has adopted black instead of navy. As the Clippers are the current team in the rebranding spotlight, I sincerely hope that Mr Ballmer has the wisdom and foresight to adopt a completely different colour palette! With that off off my chest - back to Sonics! I really wanted to do a concept based on the Sonics uniform from the early 00s, however that specific uniform design has been way overdone and many have nailed it far better than I ever could hope to. I then went the classic route instead and looked to the mid 70s uniform the Sonics for inspiration: a traditional and classic uniform - in other words: timeless. Certainly not a fan favourite to be sure but the design is beyond any fad. Less is always more in my honest opinion. I considered substituting the white trim with black for a while as it made the uniform glow with aggression - it also gave it this tiny little homage to the last incarnation of the Sonics. For the wordmark I went with the same font as used by the Indiana Pacers. I tried alot of different fonts and the Agency font just won out. I used the last Sonics logo and recoloured it green and orange while removing the great wordmark on the top. Kevin Durant's speech last autumn when the Warriors played the Kings in an exhibition at KeyArena sealed the deal on which player I wanted on the uniform. I've been working a long time on the template in use and I hope it looks good enough now to showcase the designated team efficiently. I am currently working on some side panels(just for fun) for the Sonics but all in all I prefer the design as it is now. In hindsight, I might use the sidepanel when I get to the Statement edition. As always - all comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Seattle Sonics Association Edition Uniform Concept Seattle Sonics Icon Edition Uniform Concept
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    It has been a while since the last time I've posted. I've been busy with alot of work and life so I havent really had too much time dedicated to my concepts, unfortunately! Ever since the news broke that Kemba Walker is a Boston Celtics and not a Charlotte Hornet anymore, I thought this was the time to release my latest revision of the Charlotte Hornets. It's by no means finished and by definition this a hasty upload by me. I've been working on the Hornets since on and off since forever but I have reached this mindblock so I hoped I might get some constructive critiscm and suggestions of direction. As mentioned, this is very much a work in progress and the stalest concepts I have, so please help me! One thing I knew from the start was that I did not want to use the pinstripes - some like them but for me they dont really add anything. I've brightened the teal and purple a smigde to make the colours a more fun. I've also done some editing on the uniforms template in general, some minor details as the seam on the back jersey, breathingholes on the numbers and other things. My original idea was including a beehive pattern on the sides but it felt too busy. I tried using the beehive pattern on the wordmark and numerals and again it felt busy. At the moment I have gone for the more clean look. The sharp, angular stripes on the shorts are somewhat inspired by the city edition. Even though it doesnt look like it, I was trying to mimic wings. I really like the Hornets uniform set but the numerals just doesnt work for me so I added an outliner. As mentioned earlier, I am a firm believer that home uniforms should use the city team name and the away and alternates should wear the city name - Charlotte Hornets is not the Los Angeles Lakers so I have enforced my belief here. I tried to recreate the wordmarks as perfect as possible but to no avail - I am a novice when it comes to Illustrator, and a horrible one at that! As you can see, I kept Walker on the uniforms. Even though Terry Rozier is going to Charlotte and Kemba Walker is a Boston Celtics, it just wanted to do a homage to Walker. He has been a (the only?) bright spot in Charlotte and is arguably the greatest Hornets of all time. It would be a sting to use Rozier, pun not intended. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! I need just about every suggestion possible! Charlotte Hornets Association Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Icon Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Statement Edition Uniform Concept
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