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    Looks pretty dumb to have Atlanta & ATL next to each other as if there was needed clarity.
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    The colors definitely should stay. If I recall correctly, they are the only club with orange as its primary color.
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    https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/nfl-super-stadiums/full-episodes/nfl-super-stadiums (at around 31-minute mark)
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    I've always liked their identity and the colors in particular. I guess that the weakest element of it has always been the name, but I don't see a need for a change. Really though, please don't go Houston FC, Houston SC, Houston United, etc
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    A lot of those bolt designs seem to be created around the idea of showing that all avenues were explored. Avoids a lot of the, "But what about..." I often hear when I'm presenting my own work I know. A nice way to show, "We explored this and just doesn't work." Showing a client it doesn't work is much better than just showing the client 1 really good design and verbally shooting down their suggestions.
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    Y'all, San Jose got the Quakes back 12 years ago, I think we can move on.
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    As stated in the general thread -- real case of misplaced priorities. The name and colors aren't the problem, the problem is that their stadium bakes in the sun and they've put out garbage teams for a decade and maybe their marketing team needs to get fired.
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    I'm not sure why that should be considered a problem. I love quirks like that. The Giants had possibly the best regular look in the NFL before they blew it with those dumb white pants.
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    Some of those bolts are really, really bad. Glad the branding ended up where it did. A nice evolution pulling from a traditional look, while still being modern and cohesive.
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    They should go back to their roots and bring back the San Jose Earthquakes name.
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    Skip Bayless is an outdated, stick-up-his-ass, moron whose entire schtick is "what if internet trolling, but on TV ". The sooner he goes away, the sooner literally everyone's life will improve.
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    Thanks for the comments! I went ahead and re-colored the concept in the current color scheme to give more of an in-real-life glimpse at the concept. As far as the direction I went, I always want to push the norms. For me, the challenge I gave myself from the beginning was to take both the orange and pewter and make them work, instead of trying to pick one theme over the other. As far as being compared to the Jets and Browns, I would definitely note that my series is in a vacuum, so while some things may compare to something in real life, I'm building around the idea that those existing elements for other teams are non-existent in this imagined NFL -- so the Jets sleeves don't exist, and the Browns well...I'll leave that up for suspense.
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    That's really neat, actually. Love seeing some creativity done with the fields, I wish more teams would do little things like this!
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    A rebrand of the Houston Dynamo would be an asinine waste of time, effort, and money. If Dynamo management wants "to increase [the team's] prominence within Houston", they would be far better served by rebuilding the organization that made six trips to the MLS playoffs in its first serve seasons of existence, including four MLS Cup Championship appearances and a pair of league titles. By contrast, the club has just two playoff appearances in its last seven MLS seasons. It is the lackluster on-field product - exacerbated by middling marketing efforts and a stadium that offers little in the way of protection from the region's unforgiving heat during day games - that has undermined the club's fan engagement of late. As such, ownership needs to commit to building a consistently competitive and compelling team. As for branding, the Houston Dynamo sports a unique color scheme within Major League Soccer, a name that's simultaneously a nod to modern North American and traditional international naming conventions, and a crest that strikes me as a solid mid-tier logo in the league. Further, as noted, its an identity that has graced a pair of MLS Cup Championship-winning sides.As I've noted elsewhere, it drives me crazy when I hear so-called die-hard soccer supporters grousing about the sport's supposed lack of tradition and authenticity in the United States and Canada, then turning around and advocating for clubs that have actually managed to build championship-caliber tradition to abandon the team identities that adorned it. A club doesn't establish authentic tradition by swapping-out its identity of a decade-plus at the first sign of supporter apathy or discontent. That's minor league-level trend-chasing, not a commitment to maintaining tradition.
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    You sound like someone took your Pokémon cards at recess
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    Why wouldn't they wear the pewter pants with the white jersey a few times? smh...
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    Happy NFL kickoff everyone! As such, here's another installment: Team 6: Tampa Bay Buccaneers I thought the "Alarm Clock" set, for all its missteps and mistakes, was a step in an interesting direction. For this set, I wanted to do something completely different than most concepts. I decided to completely drop the orange (a color associated with the Buc's years of underperformance and mediocrity), and focus on more silver, pewter, and black. The helmet reverts to something more akin to the team's previous look. The uniform design is meant to mimic the curves of a pirate's cutlass, and I went for a more elegant take on a block font. The pewter color rush is retained as an alternate (it's a fairly good looking color combo too). It's a bit more of a different take as compared to others, but I think its something that sill holds merit. Up Next: It's time to Bolt Up!
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    Reminds me a little of this layout from the last few years of Municipal Stadium.
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    They've asked players in interviews which combo is their favourite and I've seen several say all white. I don't get the league wide monochrome obsession
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    TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (Follow this project on Dribbble)
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    Looks like the Bucs won't be wearing the white jersey/pewter pants combo at all this season which is disappointing.
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    The team name isnt the problem with connecting with the community. The :censored:ty product that has been put out there for years is the problem. They were filling the stadium up when they were competitive. No one wants to go sit and bake in BBVA Stadium to watch bad soccer. I wouldnt mind a redone logo, but please keep the colors. They are unique and well liked here. I'm sure most are indifferent to the name, but they have had it long enough that when you say Dynamo here, people know who you are talking about. Re-naming the team will force them to start from scratch with educating the community on who the team is. Perhaps they have seen the success from new teams entering the league so they got the wild idea of acting like we got a new team will bring people in.
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    This is an interesting topic and not sure how Giants fans feel because I'm not one. But seeing the word in bold capital letters feels more, well, "giant" to me than lowercase "ny". I think the latter works much better as a secondary mark, but I also feel like all NY teams like to put those letters on everything as it probably sells better.
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    Uh, what? The striping is absolutely not the same as the originals. The Adidas set is way closer to the originals than the Reebok aprons visually; it just combines both small stripes into one large stripe.
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    while we're touring away kits for the newly promoted sides -- I love this Leeds shirt. Dark blue and green! The underutilized color combo of my dreams, and the gold trim works really well too.
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    If they get rid of Dynamo, you can almost guarantee it will be something along the lines of United, FC, or SC. I don't know what color scheme they would come up with, but I would think of it as a downgrade given the rarity of orange in MLS.
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    I like the idea of taking their color rush uniform and promoting it to the main road while demoting the white and red road jersey as an alternate/throwback, but I do have problems with it. 1) The old Giants uniforms from the 70s-90s people like look way too similar to the Bills current set sans helmet color. Furthermore, the home version really doesn't age well in my mind and looks very outdated compared to the road. 2) I don't agree with the Giants on the helmet thing, which was only done when the team moved to NJ in 1976 and didn't want to "lie" about their location in the first place. The square nature of the NY works a lot better on the helmet. 3) The Giants have played like total trash in those white color rush uniforms.
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    So players can tackle each other and grab and tear jerseys for 60 minutes can't switch the same jerseys after the game? Weird.
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    Well, the Giants' gray pants are pretty much the same as the gray pants worn by Detroit, Seattle (when looking their best), Las Vegas, and up until this season, New England. Are all those teams wearing dreary pants too?
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    It's not what he says, it's just the smug-arrogant way in which he says everything. He could tell me I'm an amazing person and I'd want to punch through his mouth out of the back of his head. His fellating of Tom Brady throughout that one entire SB was nauseating. I forget the number, but I think it's the one where some backup QB dropped 41 on the sorry-ass Patriots. Goddam. Which one was that? 'Liil help?
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    I mean c'mon, JayMac. It's America's Team we're talking about here! Man up! This isn't some trivial crap...this is Dallas Cowboys football, and we can't have a sissy leading the squad.
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    I posted it in the NHL Changes thread and I'll say it again here: there is not a single hockey jersey with diagonal text that wouldn't be improved by placing the crest on the front instead.
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    Going to undergrad in Portland, just as the Timbers started to get good, helped foster my appreciation for other teams. Then I moved to Milwaukee (no club), then Denver (a club that most of the metropole pretends doesn't even exist). I'm more of a "does the crest look good?"/"do I know people from there?" guy these days.
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    Well, the point is pretty much moot to me by now, because I’m getting my team in 2023. But the Zombie Quakes are about as comparable to the expansion Browns as you could get. Sure, the uniforms are back. But everything else? Yikes. That was a weird time to be a soccer fan in Northern California. I even switched to the (gulp) Galaxy there for awhile simply because there wasn’t another option (Beckham helped). I’m still a bit annoyed we lost the original Earthquakes, but it definitely helped contribute to my non-regional love of the sport as a whole.
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    No way. White over red would be way more symmetrical and colorful and there's enough white as it is here.
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    I think it was assumed that it would be this but with a white script:
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    How can we forget Snoop's "Gin and Juice" video?
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    I really like the colors, I'm apathetic on the name, but that crest is just not good in my opinion. I'd like to see it simplified but I wouldn't be heartbroken if they don't. As others have said this is a major case of misplaced priorities.
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    You'd think! I would say that "Dynamo" is a good name as far as the Soccer Epcot model goes, and their color scheme looks good and is pretty distinctive. Unfortunately modern MLS thinking assumes that a black roundel and a generic name will solve all the ills. Maybe giving the community an empty vacuum to fill organically is what Houston needs after all; I tend to think the community just wants a product worth paying for, which they haven't had since Brian Ching. And some shade from the Texas sun probably would help too.
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    All good points. I knew the black numbers would be a stretch, but I gave it a rip. Football - widened the shoulder numbers a little bit. The black alternate also turns grey, seeing the return of the original Rivalry helmet. Hockey - Same on the shoulder numbers as football. Also turned the breezers black, and the black alternate grey. Baseball - Dumped the football style batting helmet, black alt becomes grey. Basketball - Alt turns grey.
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    I'm definitely not a fan of the black shoulder numbers. I like d the idea of them bringing back the wider shoulder numbers from the Earl Bruce era. With the Vapor Fusion I think that's always a possibility with the shoulder/yoke extending further down. Hockey: I think black or dark grey breezers look better than red. All red is a Wisconsin thing and should be avoided. I also like the idea of grey being used over black as they are the scarlet and grey. As far as a baseball helmet matching the football helmet, not a fan of that either. Michigan does it for their catcher's helmet but they don't for batting helmet because it's taking the logo branding too far. I do believe the softball team for Ohio State may have done this, but softball teams to be a bit different when it comes to helmets.
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    That's likely. It fits in the timeline. Incidentally, the governor who got New Comiskey built (by stopping the clock on the floor of the statehouse so they technically didn't miss the deadline) just died. They should honor him with a clock in right field that always reads 11:59.
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    This is a gorgeous uniform and would instantly vault the Saints from bottom ten to top ten uniforms in the league, but it's safe to say they don't see it that way, and have no intention of doing it. Last season, they doubled down on their current uniform philosophy by adding plain white pants and socks to match their plain black pants and socks, and more or less dumping the gold pants altogether. Most of us think they look like garbage, but my guess is they are under the weird impression that they look good.
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    Since we're here, let me take this moment to remind us all of this glorious yet obscure nugget of regional-naming history... As in the Pee Dee Pride...one of the greatest sports team names ever. I'll wait to see who can identify the place this team was based (no Googling!!!!). In even more obscure regional naming talks...up here where I live now exists the regional name "Siouxland". Depending on who you talk to, it extends from a point just south of Sioux City Iowa (and its tri-city compatriots North Sioux City, South Dakota and South Sioux City, Nebraska) to as far north as Sioux Falls, though some apparently dispute that--generally speaking, its northwest Iowa, northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota. Up here in Sioux Falls, though, at some point in the past somebody somewhere took to calling the northern reach of Siouxland "Sioux Empire"--the bigger mall in town is even named Empire Mall. I'm guessing that was to assert some level of dominance over the rest of the region? (since there really ain't jack else around here--Omaha is the closest half-major city at 170 miles away.) But I'm sure all of you care about that, right?
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    Both of these make sense though. The Texas Rangers are named for the legendary law enforcement bureau of the same name. Walker wasn't a Dallas Ranger after all. Florida panthers are an actual subspecies of cat. I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a Miami panther.
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