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    The misstep the Giants made was choosing the wrong pair of gray pants to keep in the first place... ... those are the ones they should have kept. Setting aside the fact that it pairs better with the helmet (IMO), its a much simpler design for one of the mose barebones basic uniforms in the NFL. Also, on the point of gray pants, I like them because with them being more neutral, it allows the white numbers to "pop out" more.
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    UNC vs Syracuse looks EXCELLENT, both teams wearing their best combos (would look even better with clear skies and some sun)
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    Well, then, yes... I could see that. If you feel the gray pants are out of place, then they should design completely different white pants, more along the lines of the color rush pants. The current white pants with the vestual gray separations just look like odd replacements. But those color rush pants would look terrible with the current white jersey, so you'd have to redesign that, too. I dunno, I'm just a fan of the quirky, gray pants at home, no blue on the road jersey, illogical matched uniform. You can't really argue me out of it, because every point you make about why it's "wrong" I actually agree with, except those are all the very reasons I love it. It's a uniform that would never be designed today, because it makes so little sense, but still looks so awesome. And the white pants don't "suck" so much as make me sad.
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    The whole playoffs has been a mess. I can barley recognize who is who now. Everyone is wearing black? The Rockets, Nuggets, and Clippers have all recently got new uniform sets, and are all wearing black alternates? And black isn't even a regular color for Denver. The Celtics (who may have the most classic jersey in the league) are wearing black? The Lakers are wearing black? (Kobe, I know). The Jazz wear their sunset jerseys which are completely different colors than their normal jerseys. OKC was wearing grey and gold? The Clippers trying to become the west coast Nets wearing black/white?
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    The commentators for the App State - Charlotte game are saying that Charlotte is wearing illegal uniforms because of the pale gold numbers on white jerseys. Maybe they should come join this board.
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    Yeah...unfortunately the mods may need to be on their toes for the next few months as more of these tributes are released and worn. Say it looks bad if you feel so, but this really isn't the right forum to delve into it further than that.
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    Why? edit: my response was to the now deleted post. To be clear, I am not asking why we should quit being racist.
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    Team 7: Los Angeles Chargers It's hard to change an almost perfect set, like the ones the Chargers introduced this season. Ideally I wouldn't change anything, but for the sake of this project, I decided to make some slight modifications. I decided to place less emphasis on the yellow, and more on the powder blue, as is evidenced by the powder blue facemask and pants (which replace the yellow options for both). The wordmark was also placed on the chest to help fill the uniform out a bit more. The yellow has been changed from an athletic gold, to a bit more of a "volt" shade, which ties into the "bolt" aesthetic and modern feel (another reason why I dropped the yellow facemask and pants). I decided to keep the royal blue color rush alternate because of its popularity and nice mix of retro influence and modern design. Up Next: Fins Up!
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    Thought I’d put this in the week by week thread since it appears to be just for week one. Not a uniform change but a field change. 14 year old Ravens super fan Mo Gaba passed away earlier this offseason. He was both blind and diagnosed with cancer. He was heavily involved with both the Ravens and Orioles and even announced one of the Ravens draft picks in Braille. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/29/us/baltimore-ravens-mo-gaba-death-trnd/index.html Today the Ravens announced “Mo’s Rows” which is a whole section of seating with cardboard cutouts of him and one of his mom in the center. Additionally, they’re painting the “MO” in “Baltimore” gold with the rest of the word white. A touching tribute. Who is slicing up onions here?
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    popular opinion: those tie-dye nets uniforms looked like butt then, they'll look like butt now
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    I think it was inspired by acid wash jeans at the time.
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    Yeah. In a Costco. The teams have to flash their membership cards on the way in.
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    The Celtics wearing black in a game 7. sigh.
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    They are the Atlanta "ATL" Falcons, like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/11/us/college-campus-outbreak-covid.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimes I hope everyone enjoyed a week of college football. It really shouldn't be happening.
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    Seahawks post their jersey schedule for the first time ever. Usually they just post it a day before the game
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    It's a drab look overall. Not necessarily bad just plain. Their road look in particular for me...way too much red for the New York Giants. The helmets are blue but it seems like everything from the neck down is red It's a drab look overall. Not necessarily bad just plain. Their road look in particular for me...way too much red for the New York Giants. The helmets are blue but it seems like everything from the neck down is red. It overpowers the helmet which for the Giants is where the eye should be drawn. And definitely go back to the blue helmet with GIANTS on it. The lower case ny bunched together just doesn't carry the same punch
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    No. It was announced earlier this month and is releasing in September. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sneakernews.com/2020/08/02/nike-kyrie-s2-hybrid-tie-dye-ct1971-400/amp/
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    Kyrie recently released a new tie dye version of his shoe, this has to be related.
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    Apropos of nothing, but it really annoys me that those Nets unis are called "tie-dye" when it's nothing like a tie-dye design. It's more of an airbrushed pattern, I'm assuming in reference to the numerous airbrush artists that little the Jersey boardwalks.
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    Not sure if you’ve heard about restaurants and bars generally lately but...
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    I've always loved the tie-dye Nets uniforms back with Derrick Coleman, Kenny Anderson and Drazen Petrovic. However, they are missing an opportunity with the Swamp Dragons identity, uniforms, court, etc!!! Forget throwback go with the fauxback!
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    Don't care about the rest of this petty argument, but the white pants do not suck my good sir.
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    Wait. If the Giants gray pants bug you because there isn't enough gray in the rest of the uniform, how come you aren't bothered by the gray they left on the white pants stripes? Seems like you're just moving the goalposts to fit your argument. The white pants suck.
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    A Nets tie-die throwback might be one of the best timed throwbacks in recent memory, with Kyrie and KD playing next season. I’m sure that given the time it takes to get things approved and set that it wasn’t planned that way, but man, those are going to sell (and possibly be associated with a very strong season, as well).
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    Megatron's butthole is one of the worst new stadiums in recent memory, which is great for me because it gives me one more thing to laugh at Atlanta about.
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    So they’re the “Atlanta ATL falcons”?
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    Goes without saying but FOX used the new graphics they used in the Super Bowl and XFL on their preview show that aired on Sunday.
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    I don't think I'll be going back to the Cowboys uniforms, at least for the moment. For the most part I think the concept currently presented is really the "ideal" version, or at least from the C&C I get that vibe. I may revisit/tweak it later, but for now let's keep rolling! Team 3: Indianapolis Colts Much like the team's i have already done, the Colts are simply iconic, perhaps even more so. The over the shoulder stripes and blue horseshoe is one of the best looks in the NFL, and its hard to mess up. I didn't want to mess much up with the current formula, so I kept most of the changes from the newest redesign (most notably the serif block font, and yes I got rid of the stupid back Nike swoosh on the roads). The changes I did make focus around the helmet, with tweaked striping to match the pants/jersey, and the gray facemask replaced with a white one. Up Next: The phalanx is on the move
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    ESPN unveiled their new college football graphics package. The full reveal can be found here. This is the new main score bar:
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    This means that the 49ers will be wearing the white throwbacks week 17.
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    New look end zone paint for Panthers this week.
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    Thank you so much for the honest feedback! I really appreciate your input. Looking back, the Sudbury jerseys do seem pretty minor league-ish or almost like lacrosse jerseys, which isn't what I was going for. I mocked up new versions before getting this message, but I'll try it out as well! Thanks so much! Thank you for your perspective! It's good to have someone from Sudbury here to talk about the design. I can consider a more classic design as well, but I do really like the evergreen pattern, and I'd like to use it in some way. Here are my updates, which tone down the trees a bit and add a red accent. I took the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys as inspiration for how to include a red accent without going overboard. Let me know you think!
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    Those Kybrids are actually related to USA Olympic Teams rather than Nets. From nike site:
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    I don’t know how one can be shocked or surprised in a world that’s already seen the Baby Cakes, Rumble Ponies, Biscuits and Sod Poodles.
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    If they're trying to pass that off as a nickname for geese, they'll be called the "Beloit Sky Crap" by people far and wide within hours of the unveiling.
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    Rams going bone at home for the opener and then some random game in December . Also Buffalo white at home week 3? I think either one of the Chargers-Bills or Rams-Bills games (maybe both) will be color vs color.
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    There was a load of that last year in 2019. In fact, most times that teams have done that to them. But this year? Just once. The Rams did it just for Dallas. In 2008 and 2014 the Rams were doing it just for Dallas. The ploy and gimmick to force the Cowboys in navy became popular in the 1980s. Many other teams in history have done it just for Dallas. Baltimore and Cincinnati were the other two teams that had a chance to put them in the navy. But neither of them will be. The Bengals have a white color rush, they could have been one of those teams, but instead they chose to do that for games against teams like the Titans and Bengals. I was bummed that neither one of the Bengals or Ravens won't be doing it. But not all is lost. There's a chance for the NFL to have a 17 season game. The Cowboys might not have to wait another 8 years again to visit Baltimore or Cincinnati, if the purported 17 game season comes true.
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    What a terrible looking matchup...
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    Let's end the week with the Crosstown rival Cubs and White Sox! CUBS (1964-68) CUBS (1982-89) CUBS (1991-93) CUBS (1994-96) CUBS (1997-Present) WHITE SOX (1976-81) WHITE SOX (1982-86) WHITE SOX (1987-90) WHITE SOX (1990-Present) With powder blue used prominently on the Chicago flag, I figure either Chicago team could pull off powder blue roads and have it feel right. C&C appreciated!
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    That is incorrect. The Giants have grey facemasks.
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    Everyone loves beating a dead horse!!
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    I hope the Nets do a throwback court as well.
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    They've asked players in interviews which combo is their favourite and I've seen several say all white. I don't get the league wide monochrome obsession
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    Some of those bolts are really, really bad. Glad the branding ended up where it did. A nice evolution pulling from a traditional look, while still being modern and cohesive.
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    https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/nfl-super-stadiums/full-episodes/nfl-super-stadiums (at around 31-minute mark)
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