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    Alright I'm about to double post: I want to see what board members think of chargers in white/white/yellow/powder Thumbs up on this post if you like the look
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    Why do the Cardinals always decide to bring out the red pants in the worst matchups possible
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    Homie I'm in love...bump what them haters talm' bout, THIS is what I wanted to see. Straight up. "Look at whatchu came to see...WE THE BOLTS, YOU BETTER bow when we play on thi-"--you know...
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    The color of the helmet looks faaaaantastic on TV. Everything else? Well,
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    The Chargers are going with the white over yellow combo today in Cincy: These are gonna look fantastic on the field, it’s just a shame the matchup will be ruined by the Bengals’ mono-black monstrosities.
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    Cardinals in red pants. Man, that's a uniform that needs updating ASAP. Just terrible.
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    I think it's always looked weird that the Rams had a navy helmet with the royal jerseys. I think it looks better now that the helmet matches the jersey
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    I really hope the Browns surprise us and break out some orange pants this season.
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    I love the chargers white on yellow.
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    Honestly the Patriots do not look bad. They just look like they are wearing alternates. They really need silver pants.
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    Not a big fan of the red heavy current roads but this is absolutely awful.
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    Not a fan of the Rams' eggshell or ecru or dirty white uniform or whatever, but it sure is nice to see bright colors coming back to the NFL after so many years of dark, sludgy, and completely similar navy/midnight/black uniforms.
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    LOL the Rams look terrible!
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    I may be in the minority, but I always loved the Bucs white pants with this uniform design. In fact, I love both pants and each combination with the jerseys; red over pewter, red over white, white over pewter, white over white. Each one looks great to me and loved that about the set.
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    Matching the helmet and jersey is one of the best things they did. There's no reason for it to be mismatched other than "it's always been this way," which is never a good reason.
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    Here are all of the new uniforms so far. Browns back to looking fantastic. You can see the quirk on the 7 here but overall it’s harmless. Good job, Browns. I dig the custom font with the classic look. It’s a nice blending of modern and classic. Ditto for the Chargers. I hope they regularly wear these yellow pants. They’re gorgeous. Washington looks fine for a holdover but could be better. I think they should have kept the helmet stripes and if they were going to use helmet numbers, they should match the styling as the jersey. White numbers with a gold outline. It looks especially weird here since both are on a burgundy background. Negligible change for the Colts. The classic font is good but I thought we’d see a serif on the 7. Pats look good but desperately need silver pants. The all blue is fine for a change of pace but this will get stale wearing the same pants 16 games a season. Also, you can see here how they’re intermingling last year’s Color Rush (see 72) with this year’s new set. Lack of attention to detail. If you’re going to bother changing the number font, commit to it and do it right. I was worried this would happen when they used the old jerseys for photo day. Bucs are gorgeous and we can just forget the last few years ever happened. Really hoping they wear the pewter pants with the white jersey but all white is still great, too. A massive improvement. This shows me that in addition to the terrible old design, the Bucs need that little bit of black mixed in. They use a lot of colors but it totally works. I still don’t think the Falcons are as bad as everyone is making them out to be. All black is okay but probably the weakest of the regular sets (home and road, not accounting for the gradient which will see use in only one game). White pants will look good with the black jersey and the white jersey will go great with both white and black pants. Looking forward to see how they mix things up this year. The red pants remain a question mark seeing as they have a black stripe which match nothing else. No photos yet from the Rams SNF matchup against the Cowboys so I’ll post this one from a scrimmage. In a live game, I’m not noticing a lot of the quirks that bother me as much. The bone seems generally harmless, I’m not catching the shiny finish on the numbers unless it’s a really zoomed in shot, and it’s hard to see the white and yellow trim. I’ll be curious to see the blue set. I know I won’t like the gradient numbers. The blue helmets look super bright on TV, almost too much.
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    The bone looks grey and the blue looks almost too blue, this set really is awful.
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    Alright I'm about to double post: I want to see what board members think of chargers in white/white/yellow/powder Thumbs up on this post if you don't like the look (personally I think it looks alright in pictures but in video it's not good. Very "college" for some reason)
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    The Bengals have to be setting a record for longest use of a dated uniform set. It’s absolutely insane this crap is still around. It’s like if the Bills ‘00s set was still in use.
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    Washington's helmets do look more out of place than I had expected. Bring back the stripes, or make the numbers white with gold trim. Tampa doesn't need white pants at all. Ever. Falcons look even worse than the general consensus was. Yikes.
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    Because it's their main color. How do you force that?
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    Bring back this logo
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    Someone made a similar thread years ago about this same subject, so that inspired me to have a crack at it myself. Below are some NFL scorebugs from past and present that I've recreated to the best of my ability: FOX 2006 - 2009: Made this game from last season look like it was from 2006. Regular quality version Bonus - Touchdown graphic: FOX 2017 - 2019: Sorry to all the Saints fans out there. Bonus - Touchdown graphic: WIP: CBS 2016 - Present This one should be easy to finish, I'll get to it eventually. WIP: FOX 2020 - Present Started this one today and it's going well, I just need the correct font in order to finish it. I do these pretty often so expect me to add onto this thread in the future.
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    They both stunk it up on the field (especially Cleveland), but the Bucs and Browns looked good doing it. The Bucs and Browns look like the Bucs and Browns again!
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    The Cardinals & Bengals both look desperate for an update. Meanwhile the Chargers, Browns and Bucks look absolutely wonderful today.
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    Tampa and New Orleans has the potential to be one of the best uni matchups annually. Why do the both have to be in combinations that hurt this? (NOLA is more at fault than Tampa)
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    The only logic is if a team wears blue at home, they must wear blue on the road. That is not sound logic.
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    Now that that's out of the way, lets move on to the next team! Team Name: Temple Lightbringers Metroid Locale: The Temple Grounds Conference: Aether Description: This team is based off the second game's overworld map in the Temple Grounds. The Temple Grounds are the home of an alien race called "The Luminoth" hence the light-based theme. The creature on the alternate is "Lightbringer," a scavenger that creates a protective field that shields Samus from Dark Aether's atmosphere. It's not native to the Temple Grounds but it fit the general theme so I included it. C & C is always appreciated, thanks for looking!
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    Ark is in the minority on that one. Most people here over the years have openly stated the biggest mark against the old Rams uniforms (as well as the LT/Simms era NY Giants uniforms) is having navy blue helmets with royal blue jerseys. Honestly never seen anything like that outside of those 2 teams. Never seen any team wear forest green helmets with kelly green jerseys, or maroon helmets with scarlet red jerseys. Considering the fact that royal blue helmets were doable in that time, it's always been an odd look.
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    I remember thinking of the Broncos as a "blue" team before I finally saw them in orange. But yea, in such a blue heavy division, it makes no sense that the Texans wouldn't brand themselves around Battle Red.
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    The only reason people don't like the red road uniforms is they think that if a team is mainly blue at home then have have to be mainly blue on the road and vice versa. Why is this necessary? Who knows. And it's pretty obvious that the Giants are a red and blue team, it's not like they wear green on the road.
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    This is not better than their current road uniform. It looks like you're forcing the road uniform to have blue in it just because.
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    They always wear the gray uniforms against Arizona I have no idea why but this is the 5th time time in 6 matchups (exception was a TNF Color Rush game)
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    Interesting. Might work. I tried to just do Eli. I think it's pretty sharp, the non-touching red and blue on white has a nice wholesome feel to it, reminds me a little of the Habs, too. I also took the liberty of darkening the grey, seemed a little light. I should have done black cleats, too. The Giants should only ever wear black cleats.
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    It is fire related. That’s how the sky looks right now. There are other pictures from a few weeks ago that show it to be more transparent, with the blue sky clearly visible (though not as transparent as the images suggested originally).
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    The bone jerseys would be somewhat passable if it wasn't for the completely different shoulder stripes than the home and all of the yellow and especially the white parts that get lost in it. Oh and if blue pants were worn.
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    I don’t think it even needs that much work either. Just needs to be cleaned up a bit.
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    the people of Texas should have had their daily routines messed with a long time ago. I applaud the mayor of Dallas for trying, but I have no sympathy for the Texas trash that couldn’t let themselves be inconvenienced by wearing a mask at Walmart. Maybe if they stayed away from bars they’d be in a better place now. MLB might actually save lives.
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    I will never understand how some Cubs fans on this forum think there is absolutely anything wrong at all with their uniforms.
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    Looking forward to the uniform debuts today!
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    If there's one team I would most associate with blue, it would be the Dodgers, and it works for them. But with these two I always think of them as... Red and Blue = Cardinals Blue and Red = Cubs Especially with how much red is on that chest logo.
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    Maybe you're absolutely awful. The only problem I have with it is the crotch sock, but that appears to be #87's decision.
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    ^ yep, there's a bit of a tie-dye treatment to the Tokyo men's USA jerseys (and some of the related merch, that's yet to be released )
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    To each their own, but I think that road look is top 5 in the NFL. Hell, the only quip I have about their uniforms is that I wish their white pants had the blue-red-blue stripe pattern, but other than that, I think they’re one of the best looking teams in the NFL (even though I’m a die-hard Cowboys homer). And I don’t get the love for the GIANTS word mark on the helmet personally. I think it’s one of the more overrated, generic helmets in the Super Bowl era. Their current mark I feel is more appropriate for an old, classic franchise like the Giants.
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    Football - I loved working with this color scheme. I also loved working with the identity as a whole. That said, lets get into it. For the helmets, I kept things pretty similar to IRL. Spear down the middle like a stripe, Spartan head on the sides of either a blue or gold helmet. Jerseys have the same color pattern from the spear stripe, minus the arrowhead. SJ at the base of the collar, Spartans on the home and alternate, San Jose State on the road. Pants have the same stripe down the sides as on the football sleeve caps. Hockey - Tried something a little different from football. I put the stripes up higher on the sleeves in almost a colored sleeve cap. This moved the TV numbers up to the shoulders. Spartan head logo on the front of all 3 uniforms. Single color hem line stripe. Spear down the sides of the pants, SJ on the front of the pant leg. Socks have the same stripe as the jerseys, minus the yellow of the "sleeve cap" Blue or gold helmets, both with SJSU on the sides. Baseball - For the diamond Spartans, same color head gear as the other two sports, this time with the interlocked SJ on the front. Script Spartans on the home and away jerseys, SJ on the alternate jerseys. Same style stripes on the sleeves, minus the background sleeve cap coloring. It just felt like too much on the baseball jerseys. Placket piping on the 3 jerseys. Spartan logo on the back up near the collar. Only went with one pair of pants, with the spear down the sides. Blue and gold socks for the rotation. Basketball - Basketball doesn't really deviate too far. Rather than go around the arms with the spear based stripe, I went with single color around the arms, collar and down on the bottom of the shorts. Spear design starts up under the arms and runs down to the shorts. Only went with Spartans on the jerseys. San Jose State just didn't look good and stack good either. So for the alternate I used the baseball script with the number offset from the middle. Spartan head up by the back of the collar and down on the front of the shorts. C&C welcome!
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