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    The Pats new uniforms looked better on the field than I was expecting. I think with silver pants they could have a solid look
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    Pretty sure that's navy, not black.
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    The Broncos need an update to their uniforms, but having said that, they’re wearing their best uniform right now. Much better than the orange* jersey. *-The Broncos belong in orange, but not with this set.
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    What team is this? I can’t tell without the giant city name on the front or the team name down the side of the pants! This is madness!! All kidding aside, the Browns look like the Browns again. The minor tweaks fall seamlessly in place with the traditional look of the Browns. Such a substantial upgrade over the mess they had before it’s like night and day. Hope it never gets tossed aside again.
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    I love the Bills white helmet. There’s just something timeless about it, as opposed to the red helmet which looks dated. I also really like the grey mask for them, because it’s a little more neutral, rather than the white, which stands out more off the helmet. Kinda like how the Rams white facemask looked a little odd with their navy helmet with white horns. It stands out and not in a good way. Blue or red wouldn’t look terrible, but not as good as grey. The navy also needs to go. I still don’t understand why there’s trance amounts there. The only place it works is the numbers, because it keeps the outlines from bleeding into the jerseys a ton...
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    I'm a big fan of the brown facemasks. IMO that's by far the best option for them. The brighter orange really looks nice, too. I'm excited to see both road combos. Halleluiah to white striped socks!
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    I think Bills look great in both red and white helmets. Buffalo fans, there are worse problems to have
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    Football - Okay this is bad on me as a designer, but I cannot remember, for the life of me, what the inspiration for this design was. I'm really struggling to remember what it was. Anyways, despite the relative modernish look of the uniforms, I did try and keep things pretty simple. Two helmets, navy and white, both with the FIU Panther logo on the sides. Uniforms have this pointed stripe coming down the shoulders similar to how the Colts do things. Block font to match the block FIU. Pants have the same shoulder stripe down the sides, on the hip is the leaping Panther logo. Hockey - With no hockey history, I get a fun slate to work with. Went down the arms with the same pointed stripe Flyers style. Full FIU logo on the chest. Similar styled stripe on the hem that is basically a stripe split in half. Pointed stripe goes down the side of the pants, Panther head logo on the front of the pants. The socks were a bit of a question mark, but I settled on single color stripes for those. Navy and white helmets with FIU as the sticker. Baseball - One of the most reserved baseball uniforms I think that I've designed, but it still has some modern elements. Really, at first glance, there's not too much to it. Simple placket piping and striping around the arms. At closer inspection though, the striping and piping is split like the striping on the other two jerseys, to keep a modern schtick to it. Pants have the pointy stripe in the normal fashion. Panthers on the home, FIU on the road, Florida International script on the gold alternate, accompanied with gold pants. Basketball - For basketball, again, simple but modern. Pointed stripe around the arms, single colors around the neck. FIU on all 3 uniforms. Panther head up near the back collar. Shorts are relatively simple. The front has the FIU Panther logo on the right leg, stripe down the side C&C welcome!
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    I too think Denver's uniform is a modern classic. The blue over white look from last night was refreshing to see again. I love the way the stylized stripe on the helmet, with three pieces, represents the three horse hair pieces from the logo. Love the way the white logo fits on the helmet shell, the way that white is balanced in the numerals and pants (when the pants are white). Even still love the big swoosh, because as far as I am concerned that's Denver's aesthetic and nobody else's, no matter how many imitations there were in the early 2000s. The uniform the Broncos wore last night is very good.
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    In terms of teams that have not put out new uniforms in a long while, the Broncos are most due (maybe the Eagles too). That leg stripe just looks so dated.
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    The Broncos apparently going with the old "D" logo in the endzones.
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    I don’t know if it’s a massive improvement, but I still love the extra pop the new orange gives. Overall, this set is a proper update to the Browns. There’s a couple nitpicks (a full serif or none at all on the 7s), but you know that the Cleveland Browns look like the Cleveland Browns once more. This should’ve been what they were angling for in the first place back in 2015.
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    Gray > brown for Cleveland. I'm not a pro-gray-masker, but it worked really well for them.
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    Arkansas State is postponing its next game now. This season is so dumb and pointless.
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    At this point I don't think any of the pre-2010 MLS brands are so egregiously bad that they need to be wholesale changed. I'd rather the teams hold onto them for the most part, imperfect as they may be. Giving something time and equity to take root and be established in your market is something that no branding agency can fix.
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    Huge mistake. People liked it!
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    This is definitely a big improvement over 2015 and the set before that. Although if they would have done this in 2015, the general public would have trashed them for not changing enough. "Lolz Browns just changed the facemask! Losers!"
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    That's been true of the Broncos since the 70's. I'm fine with the blue helmet/ orange jersey/ white pants at home, and blue and white on the road. That's just the Broncos. I'm just tired of this particular uniform. A refresh is in desperate need.
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    All the Bengals need to do is put some orange on the current Color Rush and then make black and orange versions of it.
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    They should sign Vinatieri unless his advanced age makes him a covid risk.
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    They went from this: To this: So I was confusing the royal they moved from the center stripe to between the white stripes that stayed and the navy stripe they added. What a disaster of a redesign that was.
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    That wasn't really an alternate. Pants aren't decreed as alternates, the jerseys are. Teams can wear a particular pants as many times as they desire. I thought the Broncos orange jerseys looked better under Reebok. Many teams looked better during the Reebok era.
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    A new Stars cup will hopefully shut up the “Bring Back the All-Star Template” crowd. Seriously, that template blows.
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    I'd rather the Finals have two teams that haven't been to the Finals since before the salary cap was introduced over having a team that can't ever actually finish anything worth a damn. The Lightning have had multiple golden chances at a Cup the last decade and blown every single one of them.
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    How about no? Tampa's been in the finals since the cap came into place, Dallas hasn't. I'm pretty sure like 30/32 fanbases are rooting for the Stars at this point.
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    I'm not sure if this is unpopular or not, but the Broncos' blue uniforms are lightyears ahead of the orange jerseys. It's not even close.
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    One helmet rule: White helmets Two helmet rule: Red and white. Standing buffalo throwbacks are too good to not have the choice to use them. But yes, the navy outlines need to go.
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    I really don’t like the red helmet, because it forced the logo to have a keyline. The fewer keylines a logo has, the better.
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    Controversial? I've never heard of these as being controversial. They're very plain and don't really grab much attention. They wore them for, what, 7 or 8 seasons max? And I can barely think of anything memorable the team accomplished during that time. Honestly, the first word that comes to mind when I see these is "forgettable," which is almost the opposite of "controversial."
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    Growing up in Western NY, it is a travesty the loss of the red helmet. They look so generic with the white helmet. Leave everything the same and bring back the red helmet.
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    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I really posted concepts here, but I've been making more concepts recently as stress relief from the world. It's been about 5 years since I posted NFL stuff here so I'd like to think my skills are a bit better this time around! I finally have enough to share some, so here we go. Some of my rules here: - 4 uniforms for each team. No more, no less. It's arbitrary, but the first couple teams I made had 4 and I'm going with it. No mixing and matching, there will be exactly 4 uniform sets for each team. - No restrictions on number of helmets/jerseys/pants/socks. With only 4 total uniforms, this gives me a little flexibility. - No yoga pants. With the exception of some monochrome looks, pants and socks won't match. White jerseys over dark pants will almost always be paired with striped white socks. Some teams will be vastly different, most will be somewhat similar to what we see now. I'm doing this in my spare time so I'll be working at my own pace. I'm not going to be making new logos or creating custom fonts or anything like that, and I'm really just doing this for fun. C+C is more than welcome, however! Teams Buffalo Bills Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Chargers Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars New York Giants New England Patriots Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers With that said, let's go to my first team! (1/32) - Buffalo Bills My design works as a combination of their current uniforms and the sets from the 90's. I've always loved the red helmet for Buffalo, an the white helmet works well, too. So why not use both? I've found Buffalo's royal blue and red tend to bleed together at times, so I made sure they don't touch in my design with the exception of the collar on the white jersey. The red helmet is 90's inspired, while the white one takes from today's and removes the navy blue. The sleeve stripes also take from today's uniforms without the navy blue and with alterations to separate red from blue. The numbers are single color, which I think works very well. I've included two combinations with a red helmet and socks to be worn as the primary sets, and two with a white helmet and blue socks as alternates. Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate I've got the Chargers and Rams ready to go. First person to respond picks which one of those I post next!
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    Someone made a similar thread years ago about this same subject, so that inspired me to have a crack at it myself. Below are some NFL scorebugs from past and present that I've recreated to the best of my ability: FOX 2006 - 2009: Made this game from last season look like it was from 2006. Regular quality version Bonus - Touchdown graphic: FOX 2017 - 2019: Sorry to all the Saints fans out there. Bonus - Touchdown graphic: WIP: CBS 2016 - Present This one should be easy to finish, I'll get to it eventually. WIP: FOX 2020 - Present Started this one today and it's going well, I just need the correct font in order to finish it. I do these pretty often so expect me to add onto this thread in the future.
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    I say this every season, and the current two topics seem apropos: the Chiefs and Bills make for the best NFL uniform and color combination: Just a perfect match-up of everything -- contrasting colors, traditional uniforms, both home and road look great. It's the ideal football uniform contest.
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    So does the black. Oh well.
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    That grey looks so out of place
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    I get it. I think my broader point was that I had forgotten they're one of the gray facemask teams. And while I'm hardly a member of this board's anti-gray mask cabal, I concede that they look particularly lifeless on the white Bills helmets.
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    I'm going to go the other way on this, regarding the helmet. I thought it was too bright, and didn't like the color. It needs to be toned down a notch, as it looks like it glows. That isn't a good NFL look, IMO.
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    Quite frankly, I’d prefer if the Broncos stuck with what they have now forever. It’s a modern classic, associated with the high points of the franchise. Also, finally winning a Super Bowl in the first season of the “new” set helps their legacy (thanks to not wearing “blowout loss orange” jerseys).
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    I can't understand why people like the navy jersey more than the orange one. Besides orange being a superior color to navy, the stripe on the navy jersey is so dated. They just need to make the color rush jersey the primary.
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    Why would the Patriots even get a new number font if they can't tell the difference between old and new? Seems like a pointless change.
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    The teams that need new uniforms the most are the Broncos, Cardinals, and Bengals. Frankly, I'd like to see all of them go back to the set they had previous to the ones they have now, like the Browns and Buccaneers did.
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    Texas State especially looked fantastic. The all-maroon look they used against SMU showed promise and that promise was fulfilled this weekend. Too bad they lost after tying the game with an amazing punt return only to miss the PAT and lose in OT. They were at least the better looking team, and that's what really matters on this part of the internet.
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    I believe it was not silver but "buffalo nickel."
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    Yeah, I think the DHGate leak is probably the closest to what we'll actually see.
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    Its not white pants by themselves but the fact the Jints took a classic asymmetrical uniform set with two constants and brought it to Cowboys levels of disconnectedness. The moment that everybody turned on the white pants was when they started wear it permanently at home instead of an once-twice a season alternate which is what it was.
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    The team name isnt the problem with connecting with the community. The :censored:ty product that has been put out there for years is the problem. They were filling the stadium up when they were competitive. No one wants to go sit and bake in BBVA Stadium to watch bad soccer. I wouldnt mind a redone logo, but please keep the colors. They are unique and well liked here. I'm sure most are indifferent to the name, but they have had it long enough that when you say Dynamo here, people know who you are talking about. Re-naming the team will force them to start from scratch with educating the community on who the team is. Perhaps they have seen the success from new teams entering the league so they got the wild idea of acting like we got a new team will bring people in.
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