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    THE (EXPLETIVE) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS I already had the Saints done, pretty much, but went back and tweaked them today after getting some inspiration from the new Vegas Golden Knights jerseys (which are AMAZING). The change was to add, much like with Cincinnati, some detail in the sleeve cuffs and jersey collar. I sublimated some French ironwork into the cuffs, collar and jersey stripes, but the intention here is for the pattern to be VERY subtle -- something you can see while holding the jersey in your hand, but not too distracting on TV or in person watching the game. If you use social media, you may notice the new SAINTS wordmark. That is the font the team uses on its social posts now, and I quite like it as an upgrade. The gold is, out of necessity, switched back to a brass color (because, why in the world are the Saints not brass?). We also go back to the original logo without unnecessary strokes, which is made much larger on the helmet. There's also some LSU inspiration here: the shoulder stripes are straight out of Baton Rouge, and the white primary home uniform is a nod both to LSU and the Saints' past as a team that loves to wear white at home. The BIGGEST intention with this concept was taking one of the plainest NFL uniforms of all time, in their current state, and giving them the the identity that truly fits the wonderful brand. I used a version of clarendon, which complements the ironworks design really well. The numbers are dark enough on the white jersey to be visible, and have a brassy, shiny finish. And of course, a "Mardi Gras" themed alternate. I did not want to go super crazy here, so the move is just to recolor, as the shoulder stripes and pant stripes naturally can be sequenced like the Mardi Gras flag. The helmet is plain, instead of striped, to look more like a bead.
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    What if they replaced the white with black, and changed the bottom stripe to black like this?
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    3mm/yr x 10 years = 30 mm = 3 cm = 1.2 inches. Pretty sure 10 years is a bit aggressive to be making hyperbolic doomsday predictions. I mean, Boca Raton is 13 feet above sea level.
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    Can we just be done with numbers on one side of the helmet? It looks bad no matter how you dress it up.
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    Waiting for Tennessee to shoot their next uniform reveal in a barrel of Jack Daniels...
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    Blue wordmark + thicker red outline is absolutely the way the Marlins should go. I honestly don't think they need any black on the wordmark at all.
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    I honestly thought the NFL should’ve went ahead and played a 10 game, 12 week regular season. 6 games against division rivals, the remaining 4 games against corresponding cross conference division, and 2 mandatory bye weeks per team. They could even utilize the remaining 5 vacant weeks for make up games before starting the playoffs. If no makeups necessary, then no big deal. Start the playoffs early. Playoffs would be in bubble cities. Considering the Super Bowl is in Tampa Bay this year, then the bubble cities would be Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa Bay, and even Orlando if needed. Example Bills 2 Patriots (H, A) 2 Dolphins (H, A) 2 Jets (H, A) 1 Cowboys 1 Eagles 1 Giants 1 Washington Playoffs Wild Card Weekend (Jacksonville/Orlando) Divisional Weekend (Orlando/Miami) Conference Weekend (Miami/Tampa Bay) -Skip Pro Bowl- Super Bowl Weekend (Tampa Bay)
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    Remove the bye week before the Super Bowl, push the playoffs back a week, and add a make up week after Week 17.
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    Do the Patriots run a spread offense?
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    Ah, yes, black and white. The colors of Iowa State.
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    The Marlins colores can look absolutely great. The current execution is simply a swing and a miss... You don't need a 96 inches 4k tv to see the details on these t-shirts even from a distance. Both the new blue and red look gorgeous on a black background when given a chance to actually be seen...
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    From the Panthers Twitter account- Teams should do this more often.
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    The numbers in the current Cavs font are horrendous, and making them navy on the wine uniforms has caused them to be almost illegible on TV. And they know it because they made the stroke around the numbers thicker after the first season. (It didn’t help much.)
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    Disregarding their uniform history I think honestly the cavaliers currently have some pretty nice uniforms. I dig the font it's sharp, it's "cavalier-y" and the 3D shading on the wordmark is cool too. The collar is especially cool. And I personally prefer the yellow gold rather than the dust gold I think it compliments the maroon much better. Or the wine as people call it. But yea I'm probably one of few who think this
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    Completely agree. Although I still much prefer the original teal, the shade of blue can look very nice if used in the right way. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the designers leaned so heavily into the black. Imagine how incredible their black alternates would look with wordmarks and numbers filled with the blue in the above photo.
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    This would be a great move for them, considering how pedestrian their dark blue is on its own. I'd love to see them embrace that identity and do away with the sun ray concept entirely.
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    The Rays are really starting to take ownership of "lime" green
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    Maybe cancel all Thursday games.
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    Asymmetrical helmets always look bad. That includes the Steelers.
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    I’m hoping for LA in 4 or 5 now so that we don’t see them win the title in white or black. Would just be weird.
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    Someone at Temple must be a great negotiator. Despite being a small school with little mainstream success or nationwide brand clout, they’ve been able to get their outfitters to give them a high level of customization for several years now. I’m not sure I love these uniforms, but good on them for standing up for what they think they deserve.
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    Call me crazy, but I like the Vegas third and I’m down with just having 3 jerseys of the same style, just different colors.
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    Jon Sciambi on ESPN/ABC was just complaining about the Marlins' illegible numbers on the black jerseys. It's weird when national announcers tell the world they are watching the game on 1956 televisions. /s
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    Have you ever watched a game from the stands or the press box and couldn't rely on someone to tell you who a player was? I have. TV numbers serve a purpose. I get that not everyone uses them. The fact that you don't doesn't invalidate their existence. By your own words you can almost always see the front or back numbers. I think it is more often than that, but the TV numbers serve their purpose when you can't see the front or back numbers.
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    I'd put these into the discussion.
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    You’d think the coaching staff would show this film in a team meeting and tell them they’re tucking in their shirts from here on out.
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    Before anyone says this will look ok as long as they wear black socks, don't bother. They will wear white socks and you know it.
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    Aside from looking worse, it clearly has a huge disadvantage for the player wearing it. I mean, without an undershirt, this play is a 5 yard gain instead of a sack
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    This should happen in nike hq Seriously this Jumpman on statement uniforms is dumb as f..k.
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    I had a lot of fun with the Cavs: Let me know if you want to see alternate colors for the 80's, 90's and early 2000's jerseys. Another boring one here: Can't do much with these.
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    Now that’s way to much black... I’m honestly starting to wonder how improved the Knights branding would be without black. The grey is a fantastic color on its own.
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    I think they should do at this point.
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    Can't say I agree. While you could argue the 03-10 set had "excessive striping," it wasn't a clownsuit by any means and could be easily tweaked for the modern template. And while normally I am not a fan of shiny fabric, especially for a basketball jersey, those side panels were the exception that proved the rule. Though normally gaudy, by limiting it to the panels they gives a glimpse of real metallic gold or a King's satin, which to me feels like a classy touch rather than a trash bag a la the Wizards or Mavs from those days. Still much prefer these workdmarks to anything else they've done too.
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    The grey jersey looks significantly more cohesive and thought out than this new gold version. Black appearing nowhere on the striping while being so prominent on the logos comes across as lazy. It reminds me of one of those fashion jerseys Starter made in the 90's where they haphazardly swapped colours without giving any consideration to how they'd interact with the unchanged logos.
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    Wine and Gold are Cavs colors. I’m disappointed in the fonts and crests. The recent Cavs loGos and word marks were much better.
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    Thanks everyone so far for the feedback! Once all 32 teams are posted (we're going to speed up a bit here in the next few days), I definitely want to go back and try out some suggestions from you guys as supplemental content.
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    I said postpone all league games and activities for at least one week after the initial Titans news and got ridiculed. Don’t hold your breath for a cancelled season.
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    2015-2017 was a great look, but I like what they have now, too. I think their current uniforms have a bit more of an "edge" and just feel more "energetic." I think the original Lebron look would look dated by now. That look debuted 17 years ago. It wasn't a bad look, but it would feel outdated by now. They have a very 2000's feel. I actually think their main uniforms look great now. There is not much, if anything, that I would change. (I am not counting any ridiculous 4th, 5th, or 6th jerseys that they might have as I try to ignore those for all teams and pretend they don't exist, because they shouldn't.)
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    I'm sure it's been said but I think the Jersey could be salvaged if they switched the grey for black and the white for grey.
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    It's a rough take on the diamond design. It feels like they wanted to keep some of the old UA elements, and then they added a weird diamond pattern that just doesn't fit with the rest of the set. The custom font is a nice touch though, and kudos for bringing back a glossy finish on the cherry red helmet!
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    Three years ago, I started a topic where I swapped the uniform styles of the two teams playing in the Stanley Cup Final. The matchups from 2008 to 2017 were posted. Now, it's back starting with the 2020 Stanley Cup Final between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars. As before, I tried to use elements from Team 1's past to recreate the logos of Team 2. If a color is shared by the two teams, it remained unchanged even if the teams use them differently (primary vs secondary). In this first matchup, the Stars' uniforms feature almost no black like the Lightning's uniforms. The only black is found on the stars along the pant legs. One thing that wasn't stated in the previous thread is that I kept the numbers from a team's actual uniforms. So, Dallas's single layer numbers stay on their new set. Getting back to their pants design, since it would difficult to have just one star in place of Tampa's lightning bolt, it is replaced by 3. This also provides a call back to the North Stars pants from 1988-91. Tampa's uniforms feature the letters TB from their BOLTS wordmark with added points to shape them into something that looks like a lightning bolt. Honestly, I think the Lightning's numbers look better on the Stars template, especially on the white jersey. Additional logos for the sets include each team's roundel shoulder patch and a Florida version of the Stars Texas logo used on their pants. C&C appreciated as I work on more of these.
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    Potential hot take incoming but the red accent kills the whole look for me
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    Flames website is completely in their retro colours if anyone cares. Pretty much confirms the switch
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    This jersey deserves no hate. They’re literally the GOLDEN knights, plus they’re in Vegas. It works perfectly.
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    They should ditch this yellow set and wear the green (Earned?) version of it. Not feeling this one as much.
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    Utahns mad Utahns mad Utahns mad
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    I'm still working on fixing the Lightning logo from this year's final, but in the meantime, we're jumping back to the 2007 Final between the Anaheim Ducks and Ottawa Senators. This project, and most of the ones that I'll be posting from here on out, was left half done for years before I came back to it. This was the season that the Ducks dropped the Mighty and switched to a color scheme of black, bronze, and orange. This new set of colors worked really well for this scenario: orange replaces red and bronze replaces gold in the logos. Because the Senators had mismatched home and road uniforms, the same had to be done for the Ducks. In this case, elements from their recently retired Mighty Ducks years needed to be incorporated, not just in the logos, but also the name and numbers. The white uniform uses the primary ducks mask as it's closest to the 2D senator's face while the dark uniform uses the forward facing duck mask from their secondary logo to match the Sens 3D logo. The Senators return to black as their primary color. The logo reaches slightly into the future to their 2008-11 SNES jersey. It already matched the upwards tilt of Anaheim's wordmark and it's a shortening of the original team name. The city name was added over top to complete the look. The Ducks uniforms already came with two separate primary logos, but the white uniform and pants also have versions of the Senators dual winged S's. The only alternate logo for the Senators set is found on the helmet.
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    If there's no C&C, I'll move on. Next team up is Montréal. Their uniforms (more so the home) are iconic, so I didn't want to mess with them too much. For the Home and away, I took the average size of the two striping patterns, then replaced the actual stripes with those. I also added the hem stripes to the arms on the away, to make it more consistent. The heritage jersey is a mishmash of all the 100th anniversary jerseys the Habs wore in 2009, while the Breakout is a blue version of the home jersey, which I really hope they actually adopt someday. Thoughts? C&C is appreciated!
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    Why though? Everybody loves to tout the vibrancy of Miami and the shades of blue and red they're wearing, but how can you excuse those colors being virtually non-existent in the home uniforms? As you can see in the photo I posted earlier in this thread, the home whites are basically a black and white set with the tiniest hint of color. Why on earth would a "vibrant" city with vibrant "colores" be fine with emphasizing black? The most common praise that people sing about the rebrand is how gorgeous the shade of blue is (although, personally, I much prefer the original teal), and ironically it's only really present in their ST/BP uniforms. For the life of me, I can't understand why they opted for black wordmarks on the home whites, relegating the red and blue to these thin outlines that you need to squint to even notice.
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