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    They are so beautiful without the ad patch.
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    There's no way the new uniforms are even close to as good of look as these beauts (even with flawed numbers/helmet spikes).
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    My dad was always a big Dolphins fan so they’ve been my second team. The new logo hasn’t bothered me as much as the color distribution. I think they’ve nailed the colors on the current set (particularly when they dropped the darker blue). The problem for me, though, is that for years, their helmet and striping looked like this: The aqua and orange were both heavily on display and it was always an orange stripe, thin white stripes, and then two aqua stripes. Even when they updated their look, it was largely the same, despite adding navy. Navy sat next to the aqua. In that regard, both of these looks continue to be a little jarring: The old set with navy: The updated set which dropped navy and I believe made the orange darker: It’s weird that I prioritize something like the striping over the logo, but the current striping doesn’t read as “Dolphins-like” to me.
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    Wow, the Nets' home whites were subtly tie-dyed too back in 90-91? Never knew this.
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    Amen. The only thing I would ever change is upgrading to the infinite regression Dolphin. It’s insane in this world of “let’s make x animal MORE TOUGHER!!!!1!” that a Dolphin wearing a football helmet got benched. Ridiculous.
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    The shirt also calls to stay humble while calling themselves legends so peddling in alternative facts is unsurprising
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    For as much as we complain about smaller details like coloring, I love these! Its somewhat different than what any other team wears without getting too experimental. It could benefit from some collar/cuff coloring or something more though.
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    "Raised in Jersey" now, are we?
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    (8/32) - Arizona Cardinals Let's take a trip to the desert! Arizona's current uniforms were bad when they were unveiled, and age has done them no favors. From a helmet that doesn't fit with the set to the piping on the jersey and pants and the shoulder yoke on the white jersey, this set is a train wreck. Then, I saw the way Kyler Murray was wearing his uniform and got an idea. Ignoring the details of the uniforms, this color combination works well. While non-traditional, white-red-red-white is distinctive and creates a strong brand for the Cardinals. With that as my starting point, I got to work. I eliminated black from the color scheme, replacing it instead with a darker red. Grey is added to the palette as well. The sleeves feature the pattern from the Arizona flag as a sublimated pattern. In it's entirety, this concept breaks from tradition without straying too far. These Cardinals are instantly recognizable, but with a unique palette and design. Home Road Home Alt 1 Home Alt 2
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    I just read that teams that go up 2-0 in the LCS are 28-3. That doesn't bode well for Atlanta, does it??
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    As I look at it more, the Mariners Northwest green is a pretty misleading color when comparing the pantone shade, photos of the jersey, and the color used on their social media graphics. The Pantone shade is way more green and darker than the jersey and the color they use on their social media. It's like if the Pantone color is one thing but everywhere else they use a shade which more resembles what the color looks like in action. I don't think I've ever seen a team with this much difference in color between the Pantone shade and the jersey and media. Of course I know different lighting and other factors are involved but I don't know if I've ever seen this drastic of a difference in tones of what is supposedly the same color.
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    Seconded. Don't single-seat shame people.
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    Maybe it's because I'm a relative loner so buying tickets for just myself doesn't faze me in the least.
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    These Raptors uniforms make me feel like a huge hypocrite. Here I am, regularly criticizing teams with overly designed, ultra-modern, trend-driven looks, practically begging them to simplify. Then the Raptors basically do just that and I can't stand them. And I don't know why. I hate how the block letters stack diagonally inside the chevron. It looks ... i don't know the word. Maybe unnatural? It's one thing to see block letters cascade diagonally, like with the New York Rangers -- as a sash. But it looks awkward forced inside a chevron. I recognize this is a trend in the NBA lately, likely started by the Raptors. The Hawks new unis are vastly simplified. The Wolves, as well, to a lesser extent. But this one just doesn't work for me.
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    You know, buying just one season ticket is not a terrible idea.
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    I agree with you 100%. Too bad there is no more "home" and "road" jerseys. The NBA needs to go back to that ASAP. There are way too many jerseys that are worn too frequently. Alternates should only be worn a handful of times. Each primary, should be worn an even number of games or at the very least, close to the same number. Kinda off topic, but not. In normal times, the home/road designations make sense. But, in the bubble, did it give a team an advantage? In the NHL, it mattered because of line change purposes and you get to pick which direction you get to shoot at twice.
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    Congratulations. You've put more thought into this than the NFL has.
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    Counterpoint: big numbers are awful
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    Apply the current colors to the 1997 through 2012 logo, 1989 through 1996 helmet, and current throwback jerseys and socks and pick a new pair of pants. (While the pair on the left resembles their old pair, the stripes are a little thinner.)
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    go and enjoy it alone or make new friends with the people around you, either way you win
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    The chevron is a fine design element to build around, I just find the rest of the identity uninspired and dull, which was already the case but now slightly moreso. The shorts will be a big factor, I kinda like what they currently have with the T. I rarely like it when Nike goes with single color necks/sleeves, so for there to be no distinction to them at all makes them seem even more like knock-offs. Glad they aren't boosting the gold at least, but I'm among those wanting purple back.
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    No, I think it says more than anything that Atlanta is a legitimately good team. For as good as the Dodgers are, they’re still kinda young in some areas, and they’ve had less than 100 games with their new superstar. The Dodgers may just be caught in a bad matchup
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    I thought returning football would be a motivating force for people to mask up in the spring. Like, "you want football in the fall? Wear a mask now!" I never once thought we would just say ":censored: it" and return live, contagious, superspreader crowds to football. The Titans crowd was legitimately shocking to me last night. But so was last Sunday's crowd in Dallas. I hate it.
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    I don't know. I still see a giant ad patch there just above the "N" in Nets.
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    I dunno, they managed to do the impossible and eliminate the Postseason Marlins.
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    Feel like both LA teams did this. Obviously the Rams handled it terribly. The Chargers definitely foreshadowed the new uniforms by promoting the powder blues last season.
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    Kershaw in his usual October mode of not helping the Dodgers win the World Series.
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    The Saints have got to stop this monochrome garbage. Gold/Black/Gold and Gold/White/Gold are all-time great color combos. Wear your damn gold pants!
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    Yes, it does. This summer, teams were making final decisions on 2022/23 uniforms.
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    Its been 4 long years since my last post here. My departure wasn't about anything other than just a slow decrease of posting until I stopped. I lurked for a bit after that without really posting. I've now moved to Portland, OR and had a kid, so my time really is even more limited. However, with the pandemic happening, I got a chance to update my website (www.pcgd.co) and with that, I decided to make a home for The America League project I did back in 2013. I've updated the stories and mockups, created a full history of the league with yearly results, added a map, listed champions, and have mapped out the next two levels on the America League Pyramid. I thought anyone that was around back then, would appreciate seeing the updates! https://pcgd.co/america-league-all
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    I've never had single-person season tickets, but it is worth noting that I have had fun at sporting events with total randos. I think it's one of those things that seems like it would be super awkward but ends up being way less weird than one would think. Sort of like going to a theater alone. It feels odd in concept, but in execution really isn't that big of a deal. I don't know, live your life. If attending games in-person is important enough, make it happen. EDIT: People tend to be people. High five a stranger... Well, after we're done doing a pandemic.
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    Forgive the video game render. 76ers debuted in the (then) CoreStates Center in 1996 wearing red-white-blue but on a black-heavy court. They'd switch to the black/gold heavy super-turn-of-the-2000s logo/unis the following season.
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    Would it have been too difficult to split the league’s 32 teams into four, 8 team bubbles? Have each team play a 14 game schedule within the bubble (7 teams twice) - AFC & NFC North (Minnesota) - AFC & NFC East (Dallas) - AFC & NFC South (Atlanta) - AFC & NFC West (LA) - Saturday and Sunday doubleheaders (or Monday and Thursday games if they really wanted) - Have designated makeup weeks for any postponed games - Top 2 teams from each division make the playoffs. No wildcard teams - Playoff bubble in Florida stadiums (Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay) - No pro bowl
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    They only good thing about that jersey is that they picked the right collar
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    I’d love it if the Rays and Braves stopped wearing their alts for the rest of the postseason.
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    They really don't. The current franchise might not have won those Stanley Cups, but they were still won by a team that called Ottawa called home. I'm sure if the SuperSonics come back as an expansion team they'll have their '79 championship banner up in the rafters. The team named themselves after the original franchise & adopted the old colours, so I don't see what's wrong with a subtle nod on a secondary logo. We've made it through the centennial anniversaries of 8 of those Cups, and the team hasn't even done any sort of celebration.
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    In the sense that Washington would have to compete with that and try to come up with something even better. I personally view the Timberwolves logo as one of the best in the Big 4.
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    Huh. Were they officially unveiled? I didn't think they were?
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    It's a tinge darker than the Marlins 90s teal but it's definitely teal. Northwest green is just the Mariners' marketing term for it, like Miami Blue for the Marlins and Dodger Blue for the Dodgers. Disregard the shoes but here's the best side by side example of Marlins vs Mariners teal I could find... I definitely wouldn't call the current Marlins blue teal, it may be mistakenly called that in certain lighting but it's definitely more a blue than a teal, very little to no green in it compared to teal.
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    Crazy side note - Kyrie wasn't even born when the throwbacks were actually worn. Worn in 1990-91, Kyrie born in 1992.
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    Threw this together quick while watching the Bengals get destroyed by the Ravens. Nothing too special, just a more simple and classic looking uniform.
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    I'm thinking after I post every team I'll go back through and make corrections. Loving the comments from everyone! (6/32) New York Giants I don't have a lot to say about these, they're a pretty classic Giants concept. I'm sure I'm not the only one to post something like these. I kept the blue at home and red on the road while creating a little more connection between the two uniforms and schemes. Home Road Home Alt Road Alt
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    I’m still failing to see what is making these “trash.” When you have examples of similar uniform designs like the Sonics arch uniforms and Portland’s sashes, and Washington’s Americans flag stripes. They are all similar elements and are loved so why are these different?
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