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    Why do the Bengals and Browns always try to wear as much orange as possible in their games
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    Columbus should pull this out of the dumpster, complete with the original logos.
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    First time the Browns are going white over orange this season. Very happy about this.
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    I wish they had the same stripes on the pants as the helmet.
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    All Statement jerseys will have the Jumpman logo.
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    Team 43: Napier Rising FC Napier/Hawke's Bay was devastated by an earthquake in 1931, leading to nearly complete reconstruction of the city in art deco style. I've gone with a simple art deco palm frond motif and a name to reflect the resilience of the area. If I end up doing kits for these clubs I think we'd definitely see Napier sporting a 3 striped sash. I'll leave it up to y'all to say which you prefer:
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    I think if Lou was still in New Jersey, the Devils would not have ruined their uniforms like they have done.
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    I can't wait to see Winnipeg's version of this jersey.
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    I knew we were headed down this road back when they first renamed the Humanitarian Bowl the insight.com Bowl. Struck me as silly then...hasn't changed since. I just learned something new today. That is all kinds of awesomeness right there. Okay, UCF...just rebrand yourselves as the Citronauts already. You can even hybrid as CitroKnights. (Listen, it's college--if "Banana Slugs", "Boilermakers", "Cornhuskers" and "Volunteers" can exist, so can that.) Mix the gold in with the space blue and black and be done with it. Just do it. I thought USF was past this phase...or either I just ain't been paying attention...
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    No, the B&W filter isn't on, you're just looking at the Brooklyn Nets Remixes: And yes, I'm aware that they look like they were drained of all life.
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    This was posted on Icethetics. Could the Kings replace the throwback crown with the current crown, swap the purple and gold for the current colors they won Cups in, and use this concept and font for a new, updated primary logo?
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    If AB had ended up in Seattle I would have thought it a bold move that would launch the offense to the stratosphere. But because he's in Tampa Bay, it's a bad move destined to fail just like his last three stops. That's how fickle I am!
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    I love that an internet-themed logo was on the table, lol. And that top right one is definitely too similar to the Nerf logo.
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    This helmet should be Missouri's helmet full time...the block M just works better with the classic stripes than the tiger logo.
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    I can see the appeal of that combo, but I really don't care for that white jersey. Someone had pointed out earlier how this Falcons set didn't have as much of the egregious piping issues as the Cardinals or Buccaneers have. And I think that's true of the black uniforms. But these white ones, with the black underarm panels and the red-on-white piping that stands out significantly more, have way too much going on.
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    they should reschedule all the NFC East games to Thursday night since the teams are trash and preparation doesn’t matter for them anyway.
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    Winnipeg City Edition based on this:
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    Finally found hi-res photos of these. https://www.onehundredpercentnolie.com/others#/nashville-predators-edge-1-white-alternate-gnashvegas/
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    Mississippi State is throwing it back to 1969 with the Flying M helmet and retro uniforms.
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    Saints are at home. Their go-to for the past few seasons has been black on black. Why do you need a source for something that's pretty much a foregone conclusion?
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    I honestly think they would’ve stood the test of time if they chose a different number font and better helmet stripe.
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    I hated the last Falcon uniform, and would never have believed I'd be saying this, but this new one is worse, at least in the ways they've insisted on wearing it. The old one was over designed and cluttered, but had a better helmet, better font, and a much better use of red. Clean up the sleeves, get some actual pants stripes, and the old look would've been salvageable. But the new uniforms get worse to me every time I see them. The helmet is gimmicky, and prominently features colors that don't show up anywhere else. The numbers are atrocious. Now that Tampa is out of the running, the Falcons new font is neck and neck with the Titans for the worst in the NFL. But the worst thing by far is their combination decisions. As I'm sure I've made annoyingly clear, I always hate monochrome dark uniforms, but the solid color matching socks bring it all to a new dismal level, and the all white is just as terrible to me as the all black. Wearing white pants and black socks with the black jersey, and black socks with the all white would get them out of the bottom five, but only barely. Right now it's the Rams, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals, and them.
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    The Bucs have existed for 45 seasons, and it took the NFL's greatest ever QB looking for a retirement home to FINALLY turn Tampa Bay into a destination market for players. Better late than never but, good grief, you have to be really poorly run for a warm weather location with no state income tax to not practically sell itself.
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    It hints at their inevitable fusion, becoming the Cincineveland Browngals, leaving 31 teams in the league and paving the way for a London expansion team. Jokes aside, I have no clue. The white over orange looks amazing, though I wish they would wear the striped brown socks. I'm still eagerly awaiting white over white. The Bengals need to scrap everything and start fresh for the Joe Burrow era, assuming Burrow is the answer.
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    Yeah, I mean, they got 5 million people to watch a trash Broncos team play an all-time trash Jets team a few weeks ago.
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    Some of those could've had potential, but what the Nets ended up with in '97 was much better.
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    I agree...they re-introduced the classic helmet stripe pattern in 2019, and I figured this would be the year they'd unveil a new jersey and pants. Maybe 2021?
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    If that's the case, it's time for Mizzou to return to a more classic look. The helmet stripe conflicts something fierce with the tiger stripes.
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    Very vague/encompassing comment here, but NFL uniforms are a mess right now. I would say that there are about 12 teams that have their uniforms correct right now. The rest have varying degrees of crap associated with them. And I think the 12 is being pretty generous.
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    That white on black is an all time great combo for that era
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    I know it was already a thing for one year, but I'm really hoping for a white Lady Liberty...
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    Not for nothing (especially since they're gone now), but I had always wished the Falcons kept black as their primary jersey then--amd that they had worn this criminally underused combo more often: To pair with this... Those were my two favorite combos.
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    Only in Week 2 against the Rams, the game where Brees had a thumb injury.
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    I loved the template back then. I still do somehow, even if I know that it does look bad. But Hertha really had a nice retro alternative kit with that template.
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    That's a legitimate question, as the uses in both cases are almost identical. I think the difference in my mind, is that if the Vikings added black to any other part of their uniform it would most definitely destroy it, while the Falcons adding gray pants (and making those pants the primary home and road look) would be a huge improvement. So maybe I'm less advocating they remove those extraneous colors, and instead add them elsewhere.
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    The old sets didn't even have THAT much piping. Maybe around the sleeves and armpit but those could've been easily cleaned up. Fill the white and black with the matching red, you have a much stronger uniform than the current. When people say "it was cluttered with piping", you'd think it was just another Cardinals uniform but it wasn't. It was a very clean uniform. Cleaner than most people would expect from the Reebok era. It's honestly one of the better uniforms from that period.
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    I didn't think I could be more bored by a sports brand than I am by what Charlotte FC has trotted out. Frankly, this is the best of the bunch, and that ain't saying much. CLT FC could just as easily be an acronym for clusterf***.
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    Football - As is the case with the other two service academies, AFA has nice uniforms to begin with. I didn't feel the need to change much at all really. Helmets stay mostly the same, if not completely the same as IRL. Lightning bolt on sides of both the white and satin blue helmets. Thinner than normal stripe down the middle of both helmets. Like I said above, I thought that the uniforms already were pretty good, but I wish the jerseys just had something more. So I took the helmet stripe and ran it around the shoulders Colts style. AIR FORCE on the chest of all 3, above the numbers in the same font. American flag patch on one sleeve, division/unit(?) patch on the opposite sleeve. Pants pretty much match the helmet stripe-wise, AF logo on the front hip. Hockey - Realistically, I don't have a whole lot of issues with the AFA hockey jerseys in IRL, but unfortunately, those wouldn't work under this style. Helmet stripe migrates to hockey on the arms and around the shoulders, creating a phantom yoke effect. Got rid of the college hockey wordmark they currently use and just went with the AF logo. Just like football, Flag and Unit patches on the upper shoulder, right next to the collars. Pants match football pretty much exactly, socks match their respective jerseys. Alternate grey sees the AF replaced with USAFA Rangers-style. Baseball - Kept a lot from the first two teams and brought it here. Head gear is pretty straight forward, either all blue or white/blue with AF on the front. Home and away jerseys have either Falcons or Air Force in script on the chest above a smaller number. Patches on their respective sleeves. Pants have the thin stripes down the sides. Alternate greys go with the AF on the front and the number migrating to the opposite side. Blue socks for all three uniforms. Basketball - In my research for these, they had grey jerseys with wings on the shorts, like how Oregon did things. They might be the Falcons, but I've never gotten a bird sense from Air Force. So I replaced that with the same stripe as everyone else in a pretty simple and classic basketball style, with stripes around the arms, neck, down the sides of the jersey to the bottom of the shorts. AIR FORCE on all three jerseys above the numbers. But wait. There's more: I wasn't sure at first about trying to tackle the Power Legacy uniforms, because like the Army-Navy game uniforms, they are almost always homeruns. But I took on the Army-Navy game and I thought that I could at least try with Air Force. I used the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber as the inspiration for these. With that, comes a blackout uniform with lots of shades of grey. The stripes don't really change from the normal uniforms, except they curve and cut in certain places, reminiscent of some of the markings on actual bomber itself. Football - On the helmet, I went with the dreaded logo/number combo, with the low-visibility version of the 509th Bomb Wing patch, done for the overseeing unit of the B-2. On the helmet, there's a subtle outline of the bomber. Jersey has the mentioned stripes that act kinda funny, coming off the shoulders, across the chest. Full color patch on the sleeve. Grey numbers. Pants have a similarly done stripe. Hockey - Like football, we got stripes that look a little funny, with these coming down the sleeves and cutting back across the sleeve. Other than that, it's really just a blackout jersey for AF. Baseball - These ended up looking a little more traditional, with the stripe acting like a T-bar design on the sleeves. The pants do act different, a lot like the football pants, with the stripe cutting across the front of the pants. Basketball - Biggest changes here are the addition of the stripes above the wordmark on the front of the jersey and on the back, which moves the name down underneath the number. On the shorts, the stripes move up a little bit to accommodate the low-vis 509th patch C&C welcome as always!
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    It also allows for the possibility of new ownership to have a say in the process.
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    Trying to come up with candidates for Ottawa in this program and I can come up with 3 things from their history that they *might* do... - Red (or white) version of the 2000s alt with the laurel leaf trim - Black version of the "toga" jersey with the "toga" in white. Or a white version with the "toga" in red or black. - White version of the barberpole jersey they used the last few seasons (but not with the vintage white as they did for the Heritage Classic) If I had to guess, I'd probably go with the laurel leaf jersey in white or red as the most likely.
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    Well, I guess you missed the joke.
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    If it was just based on everything discussed in this thread, we're in for a black pedestal jersey with Blasty on the front.
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    Heres a standard Nuggets court current court and one before that for reference--v
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    You can just see it to the right. The Knicks began using their current logo in 2011-12, a full season before introducing the new uniforms.
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