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    I loved it when we all wore Heat uniforms in the early '90s, when fashion obviously peaked. Fire, or whatnot.
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    As a huge heat vice lover I still think the concept and everything this year is great. But the execution, my goodness. Like what's up with the gradient in the key? it just looks like 3 blocks? this is what it should look like. Super smooth gradient all throughout. You don't get a solid color until all the way like an inch from the end But this is what we end up with:
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    If the Panthers would stick to silver helmets and pants, I'd like to see them keep what they have. Maybe just a bit of detail clean up. But since they've more or less destroyed their continuity with the endless parade of stupid looking combinations, it's hard not to think of them as an ugly team, even though there's a solid look under all that nonsense.
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    While not perfect...we must be careful what we wish for. The odds on a rebrand being an improvement is about 10%.
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    I don't know the specifics...I just know gradient floors can be done properly.
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    I don't understand how a team of paid professionals not only designed this mess but that no one stopped it from being presented to the world. Bad uniform concept, even worse execution on the floor paint. Yikes.
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    Yeah, a bigger stroke is one of the things I'd improve if I redid the concept. Yeah, a 25-year-old team with two Super Bowl appearances and two other NFC championship appearances is historically bad. A gimmicky rebrand would be a disaster for our brand identity.
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    or, as us normies call it, "greed"
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    They look ridiculous. A completely unnecessary uniform that was precipitated by a completely unnecessary early obsolescence of the uniform(s) it replaced.
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    When I think of the Panthers, I think of a team that historically is average to slightly-above-average. Certainly not bad, and certainly not great, despite a few bad and a few great seasons. They could do a black helmet and build their look around a lot of black, but I really think what they have now is what's best for them if they just got rid of the gimmicky combinations.
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    that Heat paint area is maybe the worst of all time...yeeeesh. certainly makes me want to not watch them.
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    This is a :censored:ing abomination:
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    The whole thing looks like someone who has learned that Photoshop has a gradient tool but hasn't yet got the hang of it.
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    I am totally burying my head in the sand for this one. It is so utterly offensive to brand your divisions that some tether in my brain has wilted and died. All that's left now is to remember the golden days before we were all whores.
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    Adam Silver punching the air that he couldn't do this first
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    I think the blue helmet is an improvement.
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    I'd say this is minor-league :censored:, but I can't even think of any minor leagues that have sunk to this level. Bettman is the worst.
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    Can't wait to hang the MassMutual division championship banner next year!! What an honor!! (I know the game is the same but these changes are taking a huge hit to my NHL fandom....)
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    Just waiting for the league to go full NCAA football and announce it will now be called the Tim Horton's Stanley Cup Finals.
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    I really don’t get the reasoning behind Carolina needing new uniforms. Is there any concrete evidence to support the claim? The current ones are fine, but I could see them going in a Colts+ direction. Not a total overhaul, but rather refining the current look. The first step should revolve around the shoulder number sizing issue. For whatever reason, I’m assuming cut/template issues, the shoulder numbers have received a noticeable size change. Either take out the sleeve logos and move the numbers to the sleeves or just take them off and keep the logos on the sleeves. The second step is changing the helmet stripe. It’s arguably one of, if not, the worst in the league. It gets dangerously close to the helmet logos. Either go stripeless or match them to the jersey and pants. The third step is fixing the pants stripe. Now, it isn’t a huge deal and I could live without a fix, but the bottom just looks weird. Streamline the stripe and have it even all the way down, like a normal pants stripe would be (see Texans, Patriots, etc.) Other than that, there’s no real reason to give Carolina a complete overhaul. Again, the uniforms aren’t bad. They just need a little TLC
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    Cardinals in dire need of a redesign.
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    People thinking that the ads on the uniform are aesthetically pleasing is like Stockholm syndrome and it is really sad. I don't like ads on uniforms, I don't think anyone here does. It's like we're watching an endangered species dwindle or a relative about to pass away. I just don't have any hope it's going to reverse or get better. It would be nice to be wrong.
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    Reading of this on twitter and reddit depressed me. A lot of people were saying things like, "I'm so used to this with soccer that I actually kind of like it," or "I don't know why anyone cares." The ambivalence or even embraceful attitudes toward the ads is the doom of sports design, and we get to fiddle while it burns.
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    I don’t mind the uniform, but I think the court should’ve been black with the vice colors as accents
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    How about Packers/Browns? Packers by far in the NFC. I would say a dog fight between Chiefs, Browns, Bills in AFC. But man, the Browns got it right.
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    The best super bowl uni matchup would be the Chiefs vs Packers. Hopefully that is not the matchup we get tho lol.
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    Behold. Tennessee State Tigers unveiled updated identity | Uniform Authority (uniauthority.com)
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    I don’t mean this as an “I hate this because I’m a traditionalist grump” thing, but am completely serious: this is literally hurting my eyes. Wow. These looked softer and more like trix yogurt when they were revealed, but these look WAY more saturated and stark on the court. Speaking just for myself, my eyes are fairly sensitive and strain easy (always have to wear blue light glasses when looking at screens, can’t watch 3D movies, harshly saturated old color films give my eyes fits, etc); so I truly don’t mean to sound dramatic, but this is an unwatchable uniform for me personally. Something about the saturation of the cyan and magenta, the starkness of the gradient, and the colors competing everywhere on the court is too much. Terrible.
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    I don't think a colored helmet for the Panthers would transition well in real life. One of those "better idea on paper" deals.
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    FWIW, I think the RBNY’s primary kit should always be white and trimmed out in red. Go crazy on the clash kit.
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    Yeah, that's the point. The silver is superfluous in the identity and axing it in favor of a blue helmet is the right way to go. Not to self-promote, but I did explore this concept about a year ago: I removed silver, burned the black socks, and replaced the sleeve logo with TV numbers. As long as there are no blue pants, this set would be pretty much perfect. The only thing it requires is a new logo with a preferably black stroke, to avoid the awful blending that happens too often with the current logo.
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    All those things you just said are true, but I can live with them if they would just stop playing mix-and-match so much. Just have silver pants. That's it. If they need black, then they should only be worn with the black jersey maybe once a year. at this point, they have Titanitis, where it takes you a few seconds every time they're on TV before you recognize who they are. They had a very solid brand for close to 25 years, but they've really chipped away at it the last few.
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    Corinthians FC Corinthians Football Club was officially born on December 17, 1882 in London on the initiative of Sir Pascal Frederick Watson who wanted to bring together all the best amateur players in the kingdom under one team. Although the first name chosen for the team was Wednesday Football Club but it was changed to Corinthians Football Club on the suggestion of Henry Stonebridge. The club began to play friendlies with all the teams in the country, humiliating them with results like 10-3, a famous phrase says of the club: "Within thirty years the Corinthians were to become the greatest and most attractive team that football had then known. With an intelligent nonchalance and in their tailored shirts and well-cut shorts they brought a quality and culture to the game ". And so it happened on his debut in the newly formed Premier Division and immediately began to make it clear that it would not be easy for anyone to compete with the club. Despite this, the first success was slow in coming. The first Premier Division arrived in 1910, the second in 1922, the third in 1930 and the last before the Second World War in 1937. After the war the real domination of the North London team begins. From the fifth title in 1952 it was a rapid rise that led the team to conquer 15 championships, thus reaching 20 national titles in the 2020 season making it the most titled team in the country. Another record of the team is that of never having been relegated. The club has won every trophy it could win making it one of the strongest teams in the world.Corinthians is a true icon of world football, its history has inspired the birth of many clubs around the world. The Corinthian fans are one of the hottest and most passionate in the UK and the world. There is a very strong rivalry with Kensington FC with which they form the Capital Derby, one of the most intense and famous derbies in the world. The Corinthians Football Club crest has a very special history. The symbol of the club has always been the two crossed keys, which symbolize the intent to keep the secret of the beautiful game and the true noble values of this sport. I do not know to be confused with the crossed keys symbol of the keys of heaven of St. Peter. The coat of arms has remained virtually the same over the years. The most recent change was a complete modernization in 2011. Corinthians fans are famous for their two tattoos on their forearms which are shown crossing them effectively forming the club crest. Map Kits Since its inception, Corinthians adopted white shirts accompanied by black shorts. White was chosen as a symbol of purity and black as a symbol of strength. Since 2009, the giant Nike has provided the club with all the technical material and is one of the most profitable sponsorships ever. Since 2018 the company Saudi Aramco has won the competition to appear on the white jersey of the club.
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    "Meet the new NFL Changes thread, same as the old NFL Changes thread."
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    Out of all the new uniforms, the best one IMO is the new city edition for the Hornets. I can get past the whole “Buzz City” thing. It doesn’t bother me. The mint, gold, and black work so well with each other.
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    If you believe they'll get rid of an extra revenue source just as fans start getting used to it, I've got a bridge to sell you.
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    Home - Away: Florida's uniforms are still newish for me and I'm still sort of in that space where I think that their uniforms are still in a feeling out process. But one big issue I have with them is that the uniforms feel red, gold and white, and navy is just there as somewhat as an afterthought and makes some of the elements feel disjointed from each other. With that, I sought to bring a little more continuity from a color perspective. The uniform construction stays mostly the same, with the chest stripe and sleeve stripes staying mostly in place. There's now a navy stripe in between the gold and white stripes. Panthers shield on the chest of the home, Florida shield on the road. Went with the leaping panther as the shoulder logo rather than the state flag logos. Socks match their jerseys. Pants are navy with the leaping panther on the front. Alternate - In what is probably the closest thing to an NBA style City jersey in this series, I went with a different approach on these alts. I celebrated the idea of the Sunshine State. Navy is minimized to just the state flag logos on the shoulders. Brought the old FLA sun logo out of the grave on a white jersey. Red and yellow stripes on the sleeves, sublimated Florida flag design on the front and back of the jersey. Socks and pants have the same style stripes. Legacy - Went with the 03-06 home jerseys. I always struggle with what to say here, because I'm just recreating old uniforms for y'alls viewing pleasure. Reverse Retro - Florida's RR underwhelmed me. Not that it's bad or anything, it just doesn't feel very different from the actual retros. So to that end, staying with the same era as the the Legacy jersey, we see the alternate red jersey turn yellow, with red and yellow flipping places. C&C welcome!
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    What does this have to do with anything? Felt like throwing in your 2 cents? Pretty sure they didn't even lose money, they just went back to 2007 levels of profits lmao. Greed, man. It knows no bounds Quiet, SOCIALIST!
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    "The NHL is supposed to be different! they need to get rid of those boring geographic division names that Gary Bettman put in!" [monkey's paw clutches hockey stick]
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    They did, the decision is just now coming back.
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    I hate that it's SOOOOOO BIG. I just hate that it exist.
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    I would be perfectly fine with duplicating this games in its entirety. The Ravens won 21-0 and had 11 sacks.
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    The only thing the Panthers need to do is make sure that they always wear blue socks with the black pants. Otherwise it's just about perfect.
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    Next up is the Rocky Mountain Extreme (commonly known as the Colorado Avalanche nowadays). This was a proposed identity for the Avalanche in 1995 which has gained some publicity in the past few years. This name and logo set screams 90's and I really love it. The team never showed off a color scheme so I kept the Avs colors as they are one of my favorite in the NHL. The home an away jerseys are similar to the Avs jerseys of the era but much more going on to fit the team name. The third jersey features a giant X that spans across the front of the jersey and onto the arms. Link to the story on the Extreme logos.
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    Feel like they could have done one or the other, but not both. That court would have worked with the old Vice, but not these ones.
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    They look like the Lightning? lol do the Lightning wear burgundy jerseys?
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