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    I don't think that's the issue at all, it's just that in all the databases, 'Football Team' is stored in the 'Team_Nickname' column, so the systems use it whenever the nickname is called for, which can lead to situations where you have "Eagles are visiting the Football Team", which looks ridiculous.
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    At this point I'm just hoping for any name. WFT has to go. It's ridiculous they'll be unnamed for yet another season
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    Careful what you wish for. Player involvement doesn't offer much more than fire emojis.
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    Kornheiser is wrong. "Washington Football Team" is and has always been a copout. Just because some people are bound to complain about whatever name they choose doesn't mean they aren't obligated to stop this nonsense and pick a new name ASAP. This isn't soccer. As for the argument that WFT fits a team that's been around since the '30s: football teams had actual names in the '30s. This particular team was founded in 1932 as the Boston Braves, not the Boston Football Team. Their current non-name and non-brand would have stuck out like a sore thumb back then just like it does now.
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    Great reminder of how much I loved the 18-19 OKC City Ediitons
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    Just thought this was cool. And to think SOMEONE out there probably has ALL of threes.
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    Hot take: keep Washington Football Team. It’s unique and quirky and kinda fits a team that’s been around forever, giving like a 1930s type of feel.
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    I'm glad that Packers beat Rams because we don't need to see anymore those ugly ass bone uniforms in this season. I hope Rams already started designing new uniforms.
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    WFT is fine, but I wish websites and apps would use Washington instead of Football Team.
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    Considering how many people HATE the Rams new look, and consider how many also thought their update would be a slam dunk classic, YES the Bengals could possibly look worse.
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    This is exactly the reason. Most places you see team names are automated procedures that pull team nicknames in. Especially with 2 LA and NY teams, much easier to use nicknames.
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    The amount of people who think "Football Team" is their new nickname is unbelievable
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    Already tired of hearing about fragile Jared's grittiness and toughness. Good gameplan on the Packers, but yeah, it was nice to have a live demonstration of the difference between a unicorn QB and one who is merely paid like one.
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    Bearsian sequence of botched snap, intentional grounding to avoid a safety, and an injury to the quarterback.
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    I'm saying it again, Baltimore needs to make the purple pants the default road option.
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    Warren Moon's in the Hall, dude.
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    Horrible. Just horrible. With "Impact", the name could be used in either English or French. The USL Impact was the most successful Montreal soccer club and keeping that same identity when they joined MLS was the right thing. The upgraded fleur-de-lis crest was awesome and it gave Montreal its own identity. Absolutely hate MLS's current EFES trend... European For European Sakes.
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    It's like I've been saying: Chicago is where quarterbacking careers go to die. It's not Mitch Trubisky being bad, it's more that even Patrick Mahomes can't succeed in an organization stuck with Halas nostalgia.
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    Regardless of the helmet ads, I think this is easily the best the NHL has ever looked from top to bottom. I think only the Ducks/Oilers have sub par jerseys at this point.
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    They added the game in Minnesota on 2/27, so that should be beautiful game between 2 of the nicest Reverse Retros.
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    I thought the Grizzlies wearing a jersey designed to resemble the signage at the motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated was peak NBA Meaningful Uniform Cringe. Then the Thunder decided to do a Murrah Federal Building uniform. Now, the Atlanta Hawks have said, screw you all, we're doing a jersey with Dr. King's initials on the front, and we're getting it blessed by the Pope for social media cred.
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    ‘Tis but a pebble in the pond
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    This is exhausting. I haven't had to care this much about sports in like 15 years.
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    Alright, that last one was not well received, so let's try again. I made some changes. Block font like the current color rush. Better pattern on the sleeve. Inclusion of white on the black jersey. Gold pants at home.
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    Ughh, I hate Aaron Rodgers. And the Packers. Go Bucs.
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    The one thing the Rams got right is that shade of blue, it’s gorgeous.
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    When the "oh yeah if ballet is for girls, why does my teacher say football players do it" guy grows up and gets a job at an ad agency
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    It might make sense for smaller suppliers to focus on just one school and make them their "Oregon" or "Maryland" instead of stretching their resources too thin across a bunch of schools. The mistake Under Armour made was thinking they could compete with goliaths like Nike and Adidas by copying their business model. If I'm a program like (for the sake of an example) NC State, I'd rather get the undivided attention of a company like Champion or Puma or New Balance instead of being just another Adidas school that will never get the resources that Louisville, Kansas and Washington get.
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    After two games the Avs look right in blue. Just fits perfectly. Seeing black helmets with the bright burgundy and blue looks jarring now.
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    Navy only appears on their third jersey, though, and they already have navy equipment for those jerseys so it can't be excused as a matching thing. Unless they replaced all of the uses of slate with navy (which good luck there), then slate was the better call. I'd be alright with burgundy for the road, but the home should be slate equipment because it blocks better than black or navy would with the rest of the uniform.
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    I'd almost say it may be the best looking sports league in the world. I never watched an entire hockey match, but I play these EA NHL games every other time because nearly every matchup looks stunning. I'm a huge fan of hockey asthetics, even though I have no clue about hockey at all.
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    The only bad matchup is any including the Rams, but thankfully if they make it we'll be spared from a bone jersey appearance. My favorite might be Bills vs Packers, since the colors contrast so well and the designs are classics, though a Bucs vs Ravens matchup might be interesting too because both have what some might call modern classics. Really exciting possibilities!
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    "Kyle from Schaumburg, you're on the Score" "hey guys well I was AT the game, and"
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    Heck. They could have combined the snow flake and fleur de lis elements and come out with a nice identity that transitions well between the old and new identity (new name not withstanding).
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    Nope. I also just realized that I have a general rule for such things. The helmets should match the pants, unless the helmet is white. Likely why the yellow buckets are jarring to me.
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    A mascot should NEVER remove his head. Ever. Also - what's up with the garters on the girls' legs?
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    You know how 80s cartoons weren't actually cartoons, but instead 24-minute commercials for toys? I think that's sports branding in the 2020s. Nike and the leagues know that fans will buy whatever the hell teams put out. Nice, ugly, cool, whatever. The diehards will always buy the new jersey and hat and sweatshirt every single season. What I think they're chasing now is the core of people who would otherwise never, ever ever buy sports-branded merchandise. And, to be honest, prior to MLS, that was pretty much me. I always thought sports-branded merchandise was so garish that I would never wear it. But then some of the late 2000s MLS gear, to me, actually looked cool. Not cool for sports, but cool in and of itself. Now I have a closet with about 10 different MLS jerseys from different teams because I think, in general, they're nice aesthetically in and of themselves. That new CF Montreal logo is a head turner (in apparently Indianapolis too). I could totally see a CF Montreal toque becoming a hot thing in Montreal, the same way this became a hot thing in Seattle for a while: (Seriously. That season those hats were uniformly everywhere but also impossible to find.) Merchandising has always been part of pro sports, but I think it's driving far more decision-making than it ever has before. You can only sell 70,000 tickets to a game, but you can sell 7,000,000 knit hats. That's a lot of potential $$$, so you better be casting the widest net. Hence hypebeast gear now, whatever else the next trend is next.
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    When making uniform decisions, the one overriding factor all NFL teams should take into account is what do Europeans think.
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    I won't front: I'm rooting hard for the Browns, but I think I'll be okay with either result. On that front...if the Chiefs do win out, I suspect by the start of next season they'll go the way of the Seahawks and become everyone's new favorite team to hate (on). Championship fatigue is something else, ain't it? It may just be due to living up here in South Dakota now, but I promise I never saw as much red and yellow until after they won the SB and now everyone and their auntie seems to be donning the red and yellow around here (in territory that's decidedly purple and yellow along with green and yellow--along with a surprising small scatter of black and teal; I sure didn't expect that). I personally have no reason to hate (on) the Chiefs--unless these fans up here become just insufferable and then it could change, haha. (Also, I'm in and out of KC these days almost as much as I'm in and out of SD, so I've gotten to know some of the town and it's people rather well.) But that ain't got nothing to do with this weekend's games...go Bills, Browns, Packers and, I guess...Bucs??? (Wow...how long has it been since I said THAT??)
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    This is what I miss about WSU’s deal with Russell Athletic. What I don’t miss, however, is how hard it was to get a decent replica and how some of the unis very clearly didn’t measure up to Nike in design quality. Our last set of Nike uniforms were near perfect — then we had to go and ruin them by removing the shoulder stripes and making them plain and boring in the name of mixing and matching. But I’m super glad we don’t use Adidas... I can’t stand their football leotards that are strrrrretched to the max over the pads. I already see that too much between Eastern Washington and UW.
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    i feel like that’s how many jerseys each NBA team has now to choose from each game.
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    The rare exception to the "helmets should match the breezers" rule is dark jerseys with red breezers. The Jets did it. The Rangers do it. The Jackets do it. The Coyotes should have done it.
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    The "best of both worlds" is never as good as the best of one world. Logos have no business breaking up stripes on sleeves. It's not as egregious on pants since the 95% of the stripe would lie below the logo, but still not good.
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    I read "K" and the Cyrillic I ("И") KИ
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    They've been due for a new set since the day they unveiled their current clownsuits. I'm convinced that the only reason they didn't rebrand years ago is because Mike Brown is too cheap to commission it.
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    Just my two cents: - The name is ridiculous. I audibly laughed out loud when I read it. The market speak is beyond awful. - It really seems like the Alouettes’ recent rebrand may have inspired them to go the lifestyle brand route as well, and I don’t think that’s a bad idea. - To be honest? I love the crest and the branding. Again, not the name, but the branding itself appeals to me. The modernist snowflake made up of arrows and M’s is something I like a lot. - For those opposed to Helvetica, I think it’s actually a perfect typeface selection. Canadian modernist-era design is very Helvetica heavy, and I made that connection instantly. (On a related note, I highly reccomend Design Canada for those who love documentaries. A very excellent deep-dive into Canadian Modernism). This is one of my favorite archival design sites to reference and study, and shows some good examples of Canadian Modernism that may help visually explain what Montréal was going for graphically (I’m assuming, at least): https://canadamodern.org
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    The Jaguars without gold accents will always look cheap, like a high school team that knew a uniform order would be more expensive by the color.
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