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    I'm saying it again, Baltimore needs to make the purple pants the default road option.
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    We've only had one year and you got to experience 20. Lighten up, Francis.
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    Patriots fans shouldn't get to complain about being "sick" of another team until at least 2040.
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    The Ducks have the worst uniforms in the NHL. They seriously need to ditch the side panels and go back to the mighty ducks look.
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    Ottawa looks amazing at home with the black jerseys and the old logo. Classic look.
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    KC-CLE is such a beautiful matchup of warm colors. Very classic style game.
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    So barring some out-of-left-field surprise, like when Warren Sapp leaked that the Bucs were getting new unis despite nothing being mentioned prior, we aren't getting anything of note for 2021. Maybe a patch here and there, maybe some tweaks to the WFT helmet (though nothing even hinted at by the team), but no full overhauls. Pretty dull offseason.
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    So Columbus is ditching their yellow kit one year after they had an internet meltdown over Nashville daring to use yellow, and in the same year they move into their new stadium chock full of yellow seats. Bizarre. They'd run out of ideas on what to do with yellow jerseys anyway, but still, pick a trademark and stick with it.
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    Gorgeous uni matchup. No painted endzones for the Chiefs this playoff season. The yellow endzones are so sweet. This sites effing ads drive me insane!!!!
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    The Browns uniform change has to be one of the best ever. These white over orange with matching striped socks are simply stunning.
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    Packers and Bills is a dream matchup, color wise. Green and gold vs blue and red is great on the eyes.
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    Good job penguins for making that change. Much easier to digest that over the blue. Hopefully it’s not blue on the away whites too
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    Looks fine to me. It's not fair to judge them off a blurry YouTube screenshot in the most unflattering possible lighting - pretty much any uniform would look worse under those circumstances.
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    He was just a body lined up for the Montana 9ers to knock down.
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    I mean, it is possible the chiefs win, but look at what happened to Pittsburgh
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    Yes, but racism would have been just as much a problem for Moon at other stops too. There's a reason he started his career in Edmonton.
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    Personally still think they should've gone with the white-striped version of this design, personally, but pretty much anything would've been an improvement over that Reebok holdover disasterpiece they had.
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    I thought the Bucs had absolutely no chance today. The defense, who I absolutely lambasted coming into the game, played lights out. My best friend is a die hard Packers fan, and we’ve never had an opportunity to play against each other in the playoffs since we met. This is going to be so much fun!
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    Sit Mahomes. The Chiefs still have all their other playmakers. Win, and you'll likely have Mahomes back by the Super Bowl. Lose and go at it again next year with a Mahomes who isn't risking becoming a vegetable. Frankly, making the AFC Championship Game at least satisfies the base expectation I had all year.
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    I can't answer that. Steve Young and Troy Aikman started collecting concussions at the ends of their careers. One doesn't lead to another, of course, but the Chiefs just invested a ton of money in Mahomes. Should they risk him getting hurt again -- which could be career-altering? -- or sit him and protect the next ten years? I totally expect him to play. The prudent decision to me, as some dude on a coach, is for him to watch from the sidelines.
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    I’ve noticed a lot of people, usually 40+ yrs in age, in the surrounding DC area still use the old name. Most younger fans have accepted the new temporary name. Overall it’s been a pretty decent and easy transition. Obviously there's been resistance, but the vast majority have welcomed the name. As far as a name starting with R? I’d wonder if an identity involving Renegades would be accepted on the condition that it mimics the current temporary logos For the uniforms, I love the current style, but if they want to focus on team tradition and history, I’d suggest do a little bit of merging between past uniforms. The team should consider over the shoulder stripes similar to this- Bring back the helmet stripes and swap the numbers color to white like this- Always have three stripes on the pants. Including a new pair of white pants to match the gold pants. Relegate the burgundy pants to an alternate away option-
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    I’d like the Saints look much more if they just darkened the shade of gold on the helmet ever so slightly. It’s far too light.
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    I think the fact that Mahomes could barely stand up or walk has a lot to do with why people think he should sit this one out. This wasn't just an average concussion, it was one of the worst-looking concussions we've seen in a while.
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    He shouldn't play because you could see his brains leaking out of his nose 75 minutes ago.
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    Oilers shouldn’t be lumped in with the Ducks. They might use the ‘wrong’ shade of blue (I don’t share that view but it’s a personal preference), but most everything about their uniforms is sound; correct logo, traditional striping, good font. The Ducks have got everything wrong. The logo sucks, the colours suck and the design sucks. There’s nothing good to be salvaged from their current identity.
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    My order is: 1. Bills 2. Chiefs - Mahomes is great 3. Packers - Rodgers is a hardass but also great 4. Browns 5. Saints 6. Bucs - Tom Brady
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    Seems as if the Penguins and PPG have listened to some of the criticism, the sponsor helmet decals are black on the home uniforms. Of course that may have always been the plan - the original press release only showed a photo of the white helmet, and they've only played away games until today.
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    The owner of the team doesn't necessarily have to be racist if general organizational incompetence is enough to piss away talent like Deshawn Watson.
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    It's the helmet. If the helmet shows glossy, it's fine. If the helmet shows matte, it's bad.
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    The blue pants make a huge difference.
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    I'm glad that Packers beat Rams because we don't need to see anymore those ugly ass bone uniforms in this season. I hope Rams already started designing new uniforms.
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    Craig Morton was the first. Dallas (to get to Super Bowl V), and Denver (to get to Super Bowl XII).
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    His idol, Joe Montana, did. His Kansas City Chiefs lost to Buffalo in 1994.
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    ... that's why they have Jameis Winston
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    If that happens, the only logical decision is to trade Chad Henne to Houston. They'd probably trade an extra 1st round pick if we threw in some dry beans and said they were magic.
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    Agreed. But the NFL doesn’t actually care about player safety. Just care about the appearance that they do. That concussion was honestly one the scarier ones I’ve ever seen in the NFL, purely because it seemed like he suffered it with minimal contact, especially to his head.
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    To be fair, he went back and added it.
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    That's really really scary to watch. Mahomes' brains turn into scrambled eggs and then 2 minutes later we all cheer for the big play. Ugh. I don't feel so good now.
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    You're really trying to be a reductive know it all aren't ya? Is trying to prove that Dan Marino technically "almost won" a Super Bowl so you can say Warren Moon and the Oilers failed because of racism that important to you? You picked the wrong hill to die on. BTW the last Houston Oilers starting QB was Steve McNair. Another black guy. He made it to the Super Bowl with that team. Granted it was after they moved to Tennessee, but they had the same ownership structure in place. And McNair came a hell of a lot closer to winning in his Super Bowl appearance than Marino did in his.
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    Excited to see Austin FC announce their Mascot: Anthony Precourt.
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    It doesn’t matter if you don’t win it.
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    That happened to Dan Marino. He was white, and that was in Miami. Doesn't seem like a "black QB in Houston" problem.
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    I've never been able to get a great read on Ravens fans but I've suspected it's a lot of government contractors who quote The Wire too much.
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    Something I just realized. Teams with the same base shell helmet color have only met three times in 55 Super Bowls. Jets-Colts, Panthers-Patriots, and Broncos-Seahawks. That’s a useless factoid for you!
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    Yes. Though it probably didn't help that they played a lovable losers franchise that I'd reckon most non-Jets and maybe non-Pats fans don't mind seeing them have their moment
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    The one thing the Rams got right is that shade of blue, it’s gorgeous.
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    Next up is the Hartford Whalers. This concept uses a set of logos that were a few of many considered for when the Whalers cam into the NHL from the WHA. Many of the concepts shown in this article are earlier versions of what the Whalers would end up going with but the one I chose is something very different. This logo features two abstract whales that form a W. The concepts shown also show a blue and orange color scheme. The Whalers obviously didn't go with this but I though it would be fun to use for this concept. I'm thinking the Whalers maybe went with blue and green to differentiate themselves from the Islanders and Oilers. To deal with that I prioritized orange over blue in this concept with an orange primary jersey and helmet to give them a unique look to the NHL.
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