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    If they go back to these, with this number font or something like it, they'll be set for years: Look at how beautiful that game could be again.
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    Ban the B. There's no other Tiger logo in the NFL and tigers are kick ass, so embrace it.
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    These would be great plus black pants
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    I've always thought the Jaguars nailed it right out of the gate with their original uniforms and lament that they've strayed so drastically from what was an instantly recognizable, unique set. Here's my take on what a modern version of that original uniform would look like. The goal here was to undo some of the "sterile, generic football team" coldness that is present in their current uniform and bring back some of the elements that were distinctly Jacksonville. They could even call this change a "return to gold" - referencing both the early success of the franchise and their recent eschewing of the color.
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    Eh, I heavily prefer the gray to gold as Vegas' primary home color. This is a gorgeous uniform, and replacing it with some gaudy golden mess that looks worse on the ice as the primary home jersey just because "it's Vegas and they're Golden Knights" is silly. The gray base is completely unique to them in the NHL; gold is Nashville's thing, for better or worse, and the gold jersey just looks too inconsistent under different lighting for me to like it as a main look; sometimes it looks alright, sometimes it looks like a revival of the mustard Preds jersey.
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    Cincinnati Bengals To Unveil New Uniforms This Spring "That said, sources have told SportsLogos.net that the Bengals iconic orange helmet, which features six black tiger stripes, will not change with the rebrand. It has been a major part of the franchise’s look since it was introduced by then-owner Paul Brown in 1981."
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    Colorado badly needs to change the away numbers to blue. They need to remove ALL black from the uniform. It has no place anymore. There is no black on the stripes, the socks, or the equipment. It is oddly just on the numbers and really sticks out. If they change the numbers to blue, it easily solves most of the jerseys issues.
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    The peasants of the general public never cease to amaze me.
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    Finally. Now here's hoping they do them right. Those uniforms were dated as could be. As much as it's overdue, at the very least, hopefully they get this right and Joe Burrow and the new Bengals have a look they can be proud of again.
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    "Minor changes" could mean almost anything. But if true, it could be promising. If were talking minor changes, here are the four that are would work for me; 1. Switch to the Color Rush numbers... single layer, white, traditional-ist block. 2. Remove the side panels... an absolute non-negotiable must. 3. Rework the top of the pants stripe to remove the white... without the jersey side panels, the top of the pants stripe doesn't make sense. 4. Switch the "B" logo to the tiger head. This would still leave them with a bit of a cluttered uniform IMO, but would definitely clean up the most egregious parts, and take them from bottom five to middle of the pack.
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    Some info from The Athletic's former Bengals guy:
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    Fingers crossed its not a Nike nightmare
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    Hope it's more like the L.A. Chargers and less like the L.A. Rams . . . That's the graph we're using, now.
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    IMO this is the best helmet in all of the NFL. I really hope they don't change it.
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    That's because Cleveland and Tampa Bay brought back (with very minor changes) old uniforms that never should have been abandoned. Seems like the Bengals' path is pretty clear. Hope they don't bungle it.
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    What's promising is the inclusion of the superior tiger head at the end. Hopefully this is the direction the new branding takes and not a 'C' or 'B' with gradients and stripes meant to represent the industry of Cincinnati or something like that...
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    If the Rams wise up and get rid of the bone, I think a red & cream set would be a great fit for the Cards. Something like this: The B definitely shouldn't be the primary logo, but I wouldn't want to see it eliminated completely. It still works as an alternate logo for hats and other merch. Definitely agree on the side panels. As for the numbers, I'm a bit torn. I like the single layer look, but I think an orange outline would help keep them from looking too much like the Browns.
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    I feel like this redesign screams Patriots 2020, where they will essentially use their Color Rush as a template but incorporate orange and black into it.
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    I feel like a lot of the general public automatically equates “new uniforms” with a total change. The bengals will still have tiger stripes, and use orange and black, they’ll just stop looking like they’re stuck in a 2005 Reebok look.
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    I agree. Orange primaries + old-school stripes = the perfect look for Cinncinnati.
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    I will be shocked if the Nike heads don’t screw this up. There is too much room with this design for them to go full Nike
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    Thank God. Their soon-to-be-former uniforms were an eyesore since the day they were revealed. Luckily for the Bengals, the bar has been set so low that it's going to be extremely difficult for them to screw this up.
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    The Bengal head is featured prominently, which seems like a good sign. Hopefully, Nike and the Bengals both take a look at how well received Cleveland's and LAC's uniforms were and how hated the Rams' are so far and know to be simple and traditional with these.
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    I've seen enough bad uniforms get turned into different bad uniforms to avoid being too hopeful. I'm always excited to see an NFL team change though. This is also the perfect place for me to promote my idea that the Bengals should make orange jerseys their primaries. Is that controversial? Maybe. It's definitely correct and courageous.
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    If the Bengals are getting new uniforms... does that mean that the Cards will get new ones too?
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    If we go on and on for years complaining about the Spanos, doesn't Rivers get a bit of a break? That he led that team to all that success in spite or organizational absurdity for the entirety of his career? And that he was against Tom Brady and Peyton Manning -- perhaps #1 and #2 all-time -- who didn't have knuckleheads running their teams for their careers? I think context matters. And for me, the context is Rivers was almost always relevant, made 8 Pro Bowls, and went to the playoffs 7 times. This is from Wikipedia: That's really good stuff! I'm not a huge Philip Rivers fan or anything, but he was a QB who mattered for more than a decade and carried a franchise for longer.
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    I hope they stop using the B logo and use a bengal head or leaping bengal again.
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    American Associations Kansas City T-Bones are renamed the Kansas City Monarchs, in a partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.
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    Just give us the Color Rush uniforms but with orange instead of white stripes and be done with it, please.
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    They made it crystal clear that they're not dropping the name until they have their new one after this season.
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    For a long time now I haven't been able to shake the feeling that the Denver branch of the Kroenkempire is about 90% concerned with the Nuggets and 10% with the Avs. It's sort of the same breakdown as MSG with the Knicks and the Rangers, except that Dolan is so toxic that neglecting the Rangers works to their benefit. I just feel like all these little oversights with the Avs wouldn't slip by if more people in the organization cared.
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    Guys like that not only get head coaching jobs, but get six year contracts, while Black coaches like Eric Bienemy, Duce Staley et al get passed over, sometimes because they "didn't have play-calling responsibility", but then the Eagles hire some white dude that nobody has ever heard of despite him never calling plays. I listened to that guy's conference and it blows my mind that a person like him could hold a "respectable" job. It furthers my point that football coaches should not be thought of as geniuses or mad scientists. They're all dumb-AF meatheads - it's just that some of them wear glasses and look smart. EDIT: Jeff Lurie is as progressive an owner as there is in all of sports and I don't feel even for a second that race consciously played into his hire, but it's a really bad look.
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    I kinda hope they keep the current sleeve cap. That and the helmet are perfect as is. Everything else should be purged. The numbers, the side panels, the weird pant stripes. You have a great base if you just touch it up a little bit. You don't have to get fancy with these to make a great set. The color rush would be a perfect start, just add some orange and fix the pants and you're perfect.
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    I remember when people said this about the Rams and Falcons. They're the Bungles. They will always bungle it.
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    Old Joey really did it...
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    I'm gonna say it, I don't like the old uniforms. Especially the tiger pattern, the stripes today are MUCH cleaner. Now, that base design with the modern type stripes on them? I dont think that would be bad. I just think the old ones are a bit overhyped
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    Predictions: solid execution is tainted by stupid addition to the helmet, like a chrome facemask or something; a classic Nike-couldn't-help-themselves gaffe custom block with same-color stroke, ala the Jags stripes will be horizontal and along the lower thigh/knee region of the pants and shoulder sleeves
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    Put RiverKings on the flag instead of In God We Trust and it vaults into the top 10.
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    Hope they don’t go crazy with it, they just need to simplify what they have and it’ll look great.
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    While we’re talking about players who need to be in the HOF, one comes to mind immediately who will likely be a snub
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    This graphic is a visual representation of how every NBA team has at least one WTF uniform. Every row is like a family picture where you can easily identify the drunk uncle.
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    I think its something like this. Hope the prowling tiger returns!
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    Gold should definitely be the color of their primary home jersey. --- The grey looks a little off, when it's used as the secondary color with the alts. A bit more black might compliment the gold better, perhaps black pants? But that specialized gold color with the glistening effect is definitely perfect for a team in Las Vegas. Now they truly are the "Golden" Knights, not the Silver Knights. I'd be okay if they tried gold helmets, just to see what they'd look like. It would be consistent with the Knight's head armor on the crest.
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    Yup. Perfect. No need to change or add any stripes on the jersey if you go with blue numbers
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    THANK YOU JESUS! Cards y'all are next!
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    Found these in a quick google search. I dont *love* everything about it, but it shows how the stripes can be done in a prominent way that's not ridiculous and overbearing. Hoping they revert to a bengal head for a logo, the monogram B is just significantly inferior
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    They're not wrong on that one either. It pains me to side with the NFL, but the other side being the XFL sort of helps.
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