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    But the other leagues limit major departures from team brands to special dates and occasions. The NHL RR sets are based on established team looks, and the MLB specialty uniforms mainly tweak caps and jersey numbers. Even baseball's comparatively crazy "Players Weekend" was a 3-4 game set in the middle of a 162-game marathon. Meanwhile, the NBA decided its 2019 champion with a game between a red "NORTH" and a daaaaarrk grey team from "THE TOWN" on a blue and yellow "GOLDEN STATE" court: It makes zero branding sense for a league's crowning moment to look like this. The Finals should never be considered an occasional "opportunity for teams to wear something different." This pervasiveness is the problem. Now, if the NBA wants to dedicate specific days to the City program, I'm down. Let each team pick 1-2 home games per month to show some civic pride. But the Grizzlies shouldn't wear black in San Antonio, and the Finals should never look like the above again.
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    Hey man, I totally get that you like these jerseys. That's totally ok! I'm glad you can enjoy these different looks and I wish I was able to as well. However, for myself and many others here, we dislike seeing alternates that don't adhere the our team's established brand and what we expect our team to look like. In addition, it can be tough to determine who's playing if teams aren't using their traditional colors and that's a real issue, especially for those who don't keep up with the yearly uniform designs like we do. For example, someone complained about the Lakers wearing blue against the 76ers on the Sixers' majority-blue court, which is an issue. As I've said before, I really like some of the City jerseys. Every Miami Vice uniform (even the gradient one), Utah's red rocks, Charlotte's mint unis (even though they shouldn't say Buzz City), Spurs' fiesta unis, etc. I also personally don't mind teams wearing colors at home (in fact, I prefer it), but it comes to one thing: consistency. There's no consistency is when teams wear these uniforms and where. Teams wear white and colors at home regularly, teams wear off-brand City jerseys on the road, teams don't look like themselves anymore. Nike's yearly jersey system has ruined any sense of cohesion among teams' sets and it negatively affects their brand. For example, let's look at the Hornets, because I know them the best: Their "Icon" and "Association" jerseys are color swaps of each other, using double pinstripes. The Icon reads "Charlotte" and the Association reads "Hornets". They're in teal and purple, the color scheme the Hornets are known for. They look like the Hornets. Their "Statement" is a holdover from the old set, reading "CHA" and featuring a completely different design from the two primary jerseys. They still look like the Hornets, but it's disconnected from the main set. Finally, the "City" jersey is in Mint, Gold, and Graphite, a completely different color scheme from what the Hornets have established. It reads "Buzz City", which you have to understand the reference to in order to understand that it's the Charlotte team, in addition to pinstripes, which are done differently from the main set. There's no cohesion, it seems like you have three different jersey sets mashed together. Again, I'm not trying to undermine or devalue your appreciation for these jerseys, it's totally ok to like them. But to simply reduce our opinions to "old head traditionalists that hate change" is simply wrong. I can't speak for everyone that agrees with me, but when I watch my team play, I want them to look like my team, with cohesive colors and design elements.
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    The Bulls jersey doesn’t really make sense — it looks like someone who knows Chicago is an architectural mecca, but doesn’t actually know anything about it, so they picked colors and a font that they thought looked architecture-y. And Bulls jerseys don’t even need to nod to Chicago architecture! The Bulls are as much a piece of Chicago culture on their own. Just be the Bulls. It’s all very “the food is terrible, and such small portions”.
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    It's really inexcusable for another team to wear yellow at Staples Center:
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    Perhaps we could dedicate this thread to the Bengals new uniforms? There is a whole other thread on NFL 21 changes and speculation
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    I see this uniform program the NBA does and I feel they wanna be like soccer so badly with all these different colored alternatives but at least soccer teams keep their traditional colors at home. You'll never see Liverpool wear BLUE at home. Teams wear these alternatives so often with their different courts and it's just too much. Some of them look like they're suffering from an identity crisis. The Heat are an example. They're suppose to be a Red/Black team, not Blue/Pink.
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    I think this is the dumbest game of the year: The Bulls look ridiculous The Lakers are palette-swapped The court doesn't match either team. All of these looks are superior in every way: There's a wide variety of looks there, but fundamentally, you can tell it's Lakers vs. Bulls. That should be the most important thing.
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    To answer your question, no, I don't think the Hornets have a cohesive set. Here's what they have: Those are the four jerseys the Hornets are wearing this year. There is one thing that unifies these jerseys: the same font. That's it. And the Hornets got off lucky, many teams (Chicago, OKC, etc.) don't even get that. The teal and white jerseys have almost no purple, the purple jersey has a completely different design, and the mint one uses a different pinstripe design and is in completely different colors. And I agree, the mint jersey is nice and the pinstripes are a great touch that reconnect the jersey to the team. Each jersey says a different thing on the front. Why? What is CHA? What is Buzz City? What's wrong with just putting Charlotte on the damn jersey? Imagine you're a prospective fan watching a game for the first time and you see the Hornets in their mint jerseys. Imagine the surprise when you realize that the team usually wears teal and purple. It's not representative of the team at all. Additionally, this is the first season since '02 when the Charlotte Hornets wore pinstripes on their main set, which is most likely longer ago than many of these fans were born. So no, I don't think anyone "with half a brain" automatically associates "Buzz City" and pinstripes with the Hornets, especially when it's not in their quote literally iconic colors. So yes, a jersey should be in a team's primary colors. I should be able to tell what team is playing at a glance. You didn't call me out on anything, I maintain that Charlotte's uniforms are not cohesive. The four look like they come from three different jersey sets, because they do. The first two are the current primary jerseys, the Statement is a holdover from last year, and the mint is doing it's own thing. I'll reiterate, because you don't seem to get it: Charlotte got off lucky, and I still think it sucks. We can compare to a team like Chicago or Brooklyn or Atlanta or Dallas or Milwaukee or Philadelphia or New York, who got this crap: These are all from this year. There's been garbage since 2018. At least a few of these teams got their city name on the front, others got nicknames and the Hawks got MLK. This doesn't look good. All of these teams have established color schemes and every single one of them were thrown out the window for these jerseys. The Bulls, Sixers, and Knicks all got theirs in as accents and the Nets have black/gray as their main color (but none of the others on the side) and I guess blue is technically a Bucks color (but only the top one, iirc). The Hawks and Mavs got something completely disconnected from their brand. And let's be clear: I prefer teams to connect to their city over their nickname. I think it more accurately represents that a team is a representative of the city and should act as such. However, most of these teams have identities separate from the city. My ideal NBA would have the city name on the roads like they should be and that's it, no stupid nicknames (especially unofficial ones, like Buzz City or Rip City), no anything else on the front (no logos, no state names, no "City Never Sleeps", no BKLYN, nothing like that). Look, we're going to have to agree to disagree. But it's my opinion that teams are throwing away decades of brand identity to make a quick buck and it should stop.
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    It is easy enough to figure out that Dallas are silver and gold for a night, sure, although the lack of scorebug consistency from the broadcasters is still a sore spot. But for the most part people feel an attachment to their team’s brand, which I think ought to be obvious to anyone on this board. Doesn’t mean nothing can ever evolve, but it also doesn’t mean longtime Bulls fans are gonna just be cool about watching their team wear some ugly grey and gold number instead of what we all know and love as the Bulls. You see anyone walking around with a piece of merch in that kelly green color and it’s a safe bet it’s Celtics merch, and has been that way for literal decades. Sorry if you find it boring but longevity and history has value. Some people might want a different jersey design to buy but I think a lot more people want their team to look like their team.
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    I guess even a uniforum needs an edgelord to keep things interesting.
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    The Minnesota Wilds' current set is top-10 in the league in my books, they really have it right now. That white jersey might be my favourite in the league. Yes the name is stupid but it's been 20 years, at this point does it even register as dumb? It's just the team's name, I don't think about it anymore. The North Stars colours are fun for an alternate but the Wilds' current identity looks so :censored:in good.
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    Solid uniform identity before but they were missing the double pinstripes and outlines on the numbers... Then they do this bullsh** They need to go back and ADD purple to the icon and association. Change the statement to read "Charlotte or Hornets" And keep the Mint and Gold but eliminate that "Buzz City". Easy peasy honey squeezey
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    Something like this that allows you to upload uniforms and design your field on the computer, then download it in the game is the best way to set up team builder teams. Since they don't have to deal with how stodgy the NFL is over logos, at least they previously haven't had to. It would be a better setup than the old EA teambuilders. Adding all of the numbers fonts used by NCAA teams, and all of the striping patterns each manufacturer uses, would make for a better teambuilder as well. having at least 20-30 wordmark fonts would help too.
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    TORONTO RAPTORS It's been a while since my last post, but yeah. This is for everyone who yearns for purple to return to the team full-time. While the current logo brought a championship, I thought that the previous logo set had more character. Nevertheless, with the current trend of flat design and simplification, I'm not going to bring back the Raptor and call it a day. Thus, my logo for the Raptors is a combination of the current logo and the team's former longtime paw print logo. Did I say I'm not bringing back the Raptor? As a primary logo, it won't be back, but as an alternate, it is back in the form of the Raptor chomping on a ball. When the current chevron uniforms were unveiled, I instantly disliked 'em. I feel like the overall design is incomplete (no sleeve and collar trim) and out-of-this-world in a wrong way. I much prefer that the chevron should stay on the sides, and that's exactly what I did on the association and icon uniforms. Of course, all chevrons point north, because of the team's motto "We The North". For all uniforms, I went with a block font that's similar to the one used for the wordmarks, since the current font doesn't jive well in my opinion. Like what was worn before, the primary alternate (statement) has no touch of purple whatsoever, to symbolize that this is the only remaining NBA team from Canada. The jagged lines stay on the sides, and a sublimated chevron pattern dominates the entire uniform. The black-and-gold motif remains on the city uniform, but I brought up a sublimated pattern taken from the flag of Toronto. While I placed the pattern on the front of the jersey, I placed it on the back of the shorts though, to avoid an unintentional design flaw, if you know what I mean. Since the city nickname "T-Dot" had been represented by the sides on the team's championship-winning shorts, I thought that it can also be represented front (literally) and center, although for some, it might be misread as "T-Dot-Dot".
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    Sorry, I was thinking of the theme of those jerseys and the Art Deco buildings recalling the prohibition era and Miami Vice look inspired by the TV show, wasn’t really thinking of how it sounded as names for a player owned league. Edited the team names out
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    It's pretty easy to cherry pick examples to make your point, which is exactly what you did here. You're right on Charlotte. While it's not in the traditional colors, it's at least in a color that says something about the city, and is using a template that resembles the base Hornets uniforms. So yes, there's a semblance of cohesion there. But they're one of the rare examples that actually works. You can't throw that out there but ignore the Nets going full Basquiat or the Bucks deciding they're a blue team for a quarter of their games or -- to me, the worst offenders -- the Bulls and their art deco art project and the Mavericks' homage to the Solid Gold dancers. (That's an "old head" reference in case it's lost on anyone.) So the math doesn't really add up on the NBA getting it right 90% of the time.
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    If you have to look up "edgelord" you're officially an "old head."
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    When they dropped home and way designation I thought it would more work like soccer where teams would have a primary uniform and would only wear the alternates when they needed a clash. Like let's say the Lakers would start wearing yellow on the road when playing teams wearing colored uniforms. Obviously teams would still wear alternates at home sometimes like Lakers wearing white on sundays. Just some way to keep some tradition and better guidelines.
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    All I'm asking for is the return of Teambuilder, or some comparable creation suite, so that I can create FCS teams and play as the Alliance of American Football!
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    The biggest issue I have is that the uniform schedule is all over the place and makes no sense. The NBA dictates what is worn now and it's completely random, they show zero logic in how they schedule any of it. It's out of teams hands and so you get dumb things like the Lakers wearing white on the road on a Tuesday. They should have never dropped the Home and Away designation. I wouldn't care so much if I knew that you would either get the home uniform or the alternate uniform at home like it use to be before Nike came in.. Now you can ALL UNIFORMS at home. That's stupid. I'm all for alternates but now nothing seems to be a true designated uniform. This is the only major sports league in America that does this. Why? NFL doesn't, NHL doesn't, MLB doesn't, so what's the deal? It's not innovative, it's just irritating.
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    My problem isn't with the number of uniforms. My biggest issue lies in the fact that these teams can wear them all 82 games if they wanted to do so. The NFL at least puts a limit on games that teams can wear their alternates.
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    At first I liked this, but then I took away the like because of "Gangsters" and "Drug Lords." WTF?
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    Can you go an entire post without name calling and insulting posters who disagree with you. Come on dude. Everyone else has been fairly polite with you.
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    I can't tell if that's more patronizing to the Greeneville area or insulting to absolutely everywhere else in the country.
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    The awful nameplate automatically cancels the Top 5 look argument imo
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    The Bengals? What do they have to do with this thread?
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    Knowing EA though, this will probably be the “team builder”
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    Ah, that makes sense for your situation. Usually I do a Google search of "___ logo vector" and it usually leads me to Brands of the World or other similar sites. It's quite a search, though. I'm happy to help! Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it~ As someone who passes by Morgan Hill all the time as I travel between Salinas and the Bay Area, I surprisingly know very little about Morgan Hill. I appreciate the feedback, and I'll probably make an acorn-themed team (although mushrooms are a thing there too) with the Poppy Jasper's color scheme for Morgan Hill! That Palo Alto idea actually sounds amazing! I'll combine it with Stanford red and Palo Alto should be set! Lone Cypress FC may be a difficult name and crest due to the tree's copyright, so we shall see if the Pebble Beach Company lets a soccer team use that imagery! I'll definitely use your Santa Maria ideas, and a Twins-themed Yuba City/Marysville team sounds wonderful! Thank you for your feedback You have some solid team identities right there, but I'll be using those for different cities (Burbank for the movie stars and probably East LA for the street theme). I greatly appreciate the suggestions, and I'll definitely use those when I get to those teams --- Northwest Division Calcio North Beach San Francisco, CA Founded: 1990 San Francisco's third* team is first of several ethnic teams in the CSL2, and this one is for SF's North Beach neighborhood, a historically Italian-American neighborhood. The crest features the Saints Peter and Paul Church, which is the center of activity in North Beach and was famously the venue for Joe DiMaggio's wedding with Marilyn Monroe. I was kinda stuck about how to tackle this crest until I found this Juventus crest concept on Reddit. This team also maintains the Italian theme with a different take on the traditional Italian colors (taken from these badges I found on Dribbble) and a name reminiscent of Italian naming traditions, as "Calcio" translates to "football" in English. The green home kit features a diagonal sash that references Columbus Avenue, the neighborhood's main avenue that diagonally cuts through SF's street grid. The clash kit is a reference to the neighborhood being the center of the 1950's Beatnik culture and the Transamerica Pyramid that's highly visible in North Beach; I wasn't able to find much about Beatnik graphic design, but I found that designs that reference the Beatniks usually have mid-century geometric designs. The clash kit is pink as it's a unique color used by Palermo and Juventus; shoutout to @alexandre and @woody86 for pointing that out! The kits are supplied by Puma (like the Italian national team) and the sponsor is the Boudin Bakery located in the neighboring Fisherman's Wharf tourist district.
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    Next up is another Washington Capitals concept. This time using a prototype Weagle logo from the 2007 rebrand. I think I like the version that they went with a little more than this prototype but this one still does the job well. The jerseys are similar to the Capitals Reebok Edge jerseys bit with the design going all the way up the arms and having more defined side panels. The third jersey is a bit of an update the Capitals original jerseys with the updated logo and stars on the front. Link to the Icetheics NHL Prototype video. This logo appears at 7:25
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    To be honest with you. I myself prefer to play in sleeves shirts but on the other hand I wasn't a big fan of sleeves jerseys in NBA mostly because of their bad execution (and looks really weird in a pro game). Ok there were a few good designs that I like to this day like Clippers nautical or Suns Noche Latina but most of them were bad and convertion from sleeveless to sleeves like Rip City, Spurs & Raptors Camo, Bulls Alternate, Lakers Hollywood, Motor City or St. Pats day jerseys were even worse. We also need to remember that most players complained about them, so is wasn't like only fans hated sleeves. IIRC revenues wasn't good either (shirsey are cheaper) so decision to abandon them was good. P.S: I still don't understand how adidas could miss an opportunity to release probably the only sleeves jersey that would make a sense. Of course I mean this one:
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    NOTE: This is an update of this post on the Carolina Twins, but with a significant name change. I have copied over all of the research, but have swapped out the names and some explanations. CAROLINA TRIPLETS - Triad Troubles in Triplicate We’ve reached the mid-1990s. The Tampa Bay Sweepstakes have played out, with both St. Petersburg and Phoenix getting expansion teams. However, relocation remained an option for many of the cities left out (as we’ve seen with the Virginia Fury and Sacramento). One of these regions was North Carolina. From 1996-1998, businessmen and politicians in the Piedmont Triad area of NC (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point) made a big gamble: instead of building new minor-league stadiums, why not try to lure a major-league club with a new stadium? They came up with a plan for a $210 million stadium, one situated at the Interstate 40-Interstate 40 Business interchange in between Guilford and Forsyth County. This site was under dispute leading up to the referendum, but the general area of the site would have been in the area highlight below. 1 Don Beaver, a North Carolina businessman (and then-owner of the Charlotte Knights), would have paid for a third of the stadium, with the other two-thirds coming from taxpayers in Guilford and Forsyth County through a $0.50 tax on baseball tickets and a 1% tax on prepared foods. Of course, this tax proved unpopular, with restaurateurs and citizens organizing Citizens Against Unfair Taxes (spending $33,000 on their campaign, compared to the $899,000 spent by the “Say Yes Baseball” campaign).2 Beaver also entered into negotiations to buy the Twins from Carl Pohlad, who was having financial problems with the Twins. He reported that he’d lost roughly $26 million since 1994 (over half of his reported losses since 1984), while team revenue was 40% below league average ($70 million) at $42 million. He had been trying for some time to extort the Minnesota Legislature to buy him a new venue to replace the barely 15-year-old Metrodome (I get that it was a crummy stadium, but still!), to no avail. However, he saw an opportunity with Don Beaver to put pressure on the state government. Pohlad signed a letter of intent on October 3, 1997, to sell the team to Beaver for $150 million, contingent on the Twins failing to get a stadium deal in Minnesota and the stadium tax measure passing.3 Unfortunately for Beaver, the Guilford and Forsyth County voters had different ideas. The May 5, 1998 referendum for the taxes failed hard. The two-county election ended with “no” defeating “yes” by 96,433 to 55,262 votes. The votes were 59% to 41% in Forsyth and 67% to 33% in Guilford. While Beaver investigated a stadium opportunity in Charlotte, talks stalled out. The North Carolina effort was so defeated, Beaver admitted that Charlotte had no interest in the Expos’ relocation.4 Pohlad and his successors, who reportedly had little interest in North Carolina, continued in their pursuit of a Minnesota stadium (which included failed public ventures and a threat to contract the team that fell flat), eventually getting Target Field in 2010.5 Of course, this plan was a horrible idea. Quotes from the period showed concern from residents about traffic near the exurban complex. I’d say that @sc49erfan15 summed up the problem here: Even if the vote went the other way, the results would still be terrible. You can best sum up what happened with this over-referenced moment from Fred Ottman’s wrestling career: The voters should be commended for refusing to pay for two-thirds of Beaver’s stadium. However, what if the Guilford and Forsyth County voters went the other way and Pohlad wasn’t bluffing? I figured that the name should stay, with the identifier of “Carolina.” However, a recommendation from @NicDB: ...convinced me to update the team to the Triplets, with the Minne and Paul designs representing the three cities of the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point). Navy and red would also remain with the addition of flesh/tan for outlines and the men (taken from the Twins’ 1972 roundel alternate). Part One - Dome-style Design The first approach is an attempt to merge the Metrodome era look with the new setting, while incorporating pieces of the 2010 typeface cleanup. The primary is a direct riff on the ‘87-’09 design, while the secondary incorporates the triplets representing their respective cities and the cap logo. The insignia is a “C," while Rockwell Bold is the lettering font. EDIT: I have updated the wordmark to fit with @raysox's suggestions about the wordmark. Here are the original logo sheets, home & road, alternates, and jacket. The uniforms feature "Triplets" and “Carolina” wordmarks, with the secondary on the home uniform and the primary on the road. The big change from the Twins’ 1987-2009 uniforms is that the NoB’s are direct-sewn and red with navy outlines. The “C” is on the socks. The alternates include a navy top and a red-billed cap, along with a fauxback. This one uses a “Triplets” script with a vintage-style "C" on the cap. The jacket features the home wordmark, the “C” on the back, and white and red stripes on the trim. Part Two - A 1960s Revival, with contrast! The second approach modernizes the 1960s Twins set (what the 2010 Twins should have done) with a contrasting color style (inspired by the first secondary logo). The primary is a roundel, featuring the team script (which I debuted in the current MLB thread on the Sports Logos section - using the 1959-60 Washington Senators’ tail design). The secondary/insignia features the “C” from my custom “TC.” An adjustment of the first set's "triange" is the tertiary. The uniforms follow my updated Twins concept, except without any Minnesota imagery. Additionally, the home uniform uses a white base instead of creme. The primary is a sleeve patch for the road, while the secondary is on the home. The alternates also develop the co-dominance approach by alternating each Friday. The red jersey includes a matching cap, while the navy jersey features white front numbers (for contrast as a lighter element). The jacket now has red sleeves and the “Carolina” script. This move would have been an utter boondoggle had the voters and team gone through with it. While the Twins/future Triplets could have had some fantastic looks there, it’s for the best that it didn’t happen. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we dive into a strange merger of fictional clubs! 1 Justin Catanoso, “Architects Present Ballpark Options,” News & Record, April 2, 1998, sec. Triad/State; Meghann Mollerus, “MLB in NC? It Struck Out 19 Years Ago | Wfmynews2.Com,” WFMY News 2, July 17, 2017, https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/local/mlb-in-nc-it-struck-out-19-years-ago/455758206; John A. Nagy, “The Baseball Question,” News & Record, May 5, 1998, sec. General News; Eric Okurowski, “StadiumPage.Com - North Carolina 1999,” accessed March 16, 2019, http://www.stadiumpage.com/concepts/NC1999_R.html. 2 Mollerus, “MLB in NC?;" Nagy, “The Baseball Question;" Jim Schlosser, “One Year Later, Opinions Remain Firm on Stadium - Land Set aside for a Triad Big-League Baseball Park Remains Vacant, and - Proponents of Big-League Ball for the Area Remain Convinced an Opportunity Was - Missed.,” News & Record, May 4, 1999, sec. General News. 3 Compiled from reports by staff writers Stan Olson and Michael Whitmer, Associated Press and Knight Ridder/Tribune., “Twins Sale Was Never Intended, Book Says,” Charlotte Observer, April 3, 2000, sec. Business Monday; Justin Catanoso, “Was Baseball Deal Charade? `Well, Sort of’ - Triad Business Journal,” Triad Business Journal, May 3, 1999, https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/stories/1999/05/03/tidbits.html; Nagy, “The Baseball Question.” 4 Dana Damico, “Stadium Site, Not Tax, Was Key in Kernersville,” Winston-Salem Journal, May 6, 1998, sec. A; Scott Dodd, “Charlotte and Baseball: Nothing Major League yet - City’s Sports Promoters Quite Happy with the Minor-League Knights,” Charlotte Observer, September 22, 2002, sec. Metro; David Rice, “Triad Says No to Baseball Decisive: Voters in Forsyth, Guilford Reject Food Tax,” Winston-Salem Journal, May 6, 1998, sec. A; Schlosser, “One Year Later, Opinions Remain Firm on Stadium;” Patrick Sweeney, “N. Carolina Voters Vote down Stadium Tax//as Triad Area Says No, Charlotte Group Makes Move to Lure Twins,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 6, 1998, sec. Main; Jay Weiner, “N.C. Voters Reject Taxes to Help Build Twins Ballpark - Now the Attention Falls to Charlotte,” Star Tribune: Newspaper of the Twin Cities, May 6, 1998, sec. News. 5 Catanoso, “Was Baseball Deal Charade? `Well, Sort of’ - Triad Business Journal;” Compiled from reports by staff writers Stan Olson and Michael Whitmer, Associated Press and Knight Ridder/Tribune., “Twins Sale Was Never Intended, Book Says;” Foon Rhee, “Twins Tentatively Agree to Deal Keeping Them in Minnesota,” Charlotte Observer, July 23, 1998, sec. Metro.
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    The Rangers missed one important detail and ruined the whole jersey. The names and numbers on the original had white outlines. Without them, the grey seems muddied and blah.
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    First off, in the hyperbole department, literally nobody —and this isn't hyperbole — is suggesting that this is the "end of the world." What's true is that many people here, myself included, believe that in fact, no, teams should not have "1 weird alternate that doesn't align perfectly." Whether they're called City, Statement, Suggestion, Question, or Quip Series jerseys isn't really relevant. The fact that you would even describe it as weird -- accurately so -- is the point. They're weird. It's possible, then, to assign negative value to weird uniforms that bear no resemblance to a team's brand, but at the same time not think of it as, you know, world ending.
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    This. Thank you. Took the words out of my mouth. Also, am I considered an old head, when I'm still younger than the league's current most seasoned household stars?
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    Nice add-on...forgot that one. IMHO, gray facemasks are okay in some situations where silver or gray is used in the color scheme. I'm fine with the teams like the Giants, Raiders, Cowboys, even Eagles using gray facemasks, but on teams like the Colts, Bills, Cards and formerly Browns, I hate it.
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    “It’s 2021” is a good argument against racial inequality, not uniform design.
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    While it remains to be revealed what we will see yet in 2021, this is my list of things I DON'T want to see: gradients piping gradients chrome gradients unitards gradients solid socks that match the pants, regardless of jersey gradients eyesore numbers like the current Falcons, Titans or digital Bucs gradients
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    Just because it's 2021, doesn't mean we should tear down iconic brands. And you've proven my point: it's ultimately about money, nothing more. I'm not saying that each team should share the same template at all, in fact, I love when teams differentiate themselves (Hornets' pinstripes, Bulls' diamond shorts, etc.). What I am saying is that I dislike how disjointed teams' identities have become. In regards to jersey sales, none of the other Big 4 leagues use a similar disposable jersey system yet their jersey sales still bring in more than enough money. And I like some of these jerseys. I love the Utah red rocks and the Miami Vice, but there's too much crap to make this brand dilution worth it. Teams are selling out for money and I don't like it.
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    Same with a certain Texas team doing it every year just to constantly hover around 8-8
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    Watching a team wear white-on-white every week en route to finishing 4-12 sounds mind-numbingly boring
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    Those socks look better and better every time they're posted.
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    I could not agree more on #2. The other night I had NFL Network on as "background noise" and the highlight film for Super Bowl VI was on. I couldn't believe how much better those Cowboy uniforms looked (even with a slight mismatch of the grey pants with the helmets, though that could have been the film's color levels) than the mismatched mess Dallas has worn for the past 20 years now.
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    The RR just feels off. Possibly because they didn't flip the socks to match the shoulders.
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    I like the Flyers' RR. The orange is darker, and the addition of black makes the jerseys heavier and meaner. I think it suits the Flyers well. I've got tired of their bright orange and white jerseys, especially with the new template how the collar area is all messed up.
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    This is what the Falcons and Saints remind me of when they go with their unitard look. Essentially long-johns without the butt-flap, but knowing Nike, they'll try that at some point. The only difference is the presence of numbers on the NFL uniforms. Just say "NO'. It's a bad, bad look.
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    Sure glad the Rams didn’t wear Cleveland’s brown jersey. That would have looked silly.
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    Philadelphia Eagles 1.0 The Eagles's Midnight Green is unique, and fans are torn between that shade or the more classic Kelly green. I decided to combine the two shades of green into one, "Evening green" No more charcoal-gray; a brighter silver is used instead.
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    New Orleans Saints The Saints' uniforms are a washed up version of what they could be, much like their shade of gold. The consistent monochrome is stupid, and the gold helmet barley matches anything else. Gold pants return Brassier shade of gold from Color Rush is used Contrasting socks become standard(except for all white CR)
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