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    ...and we will never speak of the alarm clock numbers ever again.
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    Look, we've seen examples that you CAN have a "standardized system" AND still be different and creative... So there's no excuse. The NFL is just being lazy with these current Super Bowl logos and now, even facebook meme pages are calling it out.
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    And now they win the Super Bowl bringing back the 1997 uniforms. We can all agree it would not look right if they won them with the 2014-2019 alarm clock mess.
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    Wild idea: Make the roman numerals in the Super Bowl logo a different color that the Lombardi trophy
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    Mahomes could've had two of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history -- if not league history for this particular one -- and instead they're just drops. Wish the game was close so Mahomes would get more credit for his effort.
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    People have Super Bowl halftime show amnesia. Every year we go through the annual excoriation of the halftime show holding it to a crazy standard, as if it was ever that amazing, forgetting that it's pretty much always just slightly better than something you'd see during the American Music Awards. These are the same people who go nuts whenever it in snows in March despite it snowing in March every year I have been alive. Prince's performance in 2007 was the best ever, if we're arguing.
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    We went 44 years without the trophy in the logo. People still knew what the trophy looked like.
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    That’s your takeaway from this game? Mahomes is a great QB, not a serviceable one. He’s the best in our game currently. He made some absolutely ridiculous throws tonight that no QB in the league could even attempt let alone make. One of them would have been a top 5 throw of all-time and on highlight reels till the end of time had the receiver caught it (it hit him squarely in the face mask while in the endzone). All tonight proved is that no QB, no matter their talent level, can survive with a porous offensive line giving up pressures on more than half his drop backs. No one. The real story of the game was that KC allowed the most pressures in Super Bowl history and TB allowed the fewest. We give far too much credit to QB’s for wins and blame them far too much for losses IMO. If that stat was reversed, we’d be talking about how great Mahomes is and how old Brady looked. OnWis was right earlier when he said the game was over early in the game because of KC’s o-line.
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    Eh...I don’t know about that. The name “Super Bowl” in and of itself is instantly recognizable and has branding clout that, by now, has reached most of the world. It’s the only event that uses the name, unlike “Finals” or “Championship” that could be applied to multiple events. Roman numerals are also strongly associated with the game, whereas other major sporting events tend to use years. So, I’d argue that the Super Bowl already has what it needs to be instantly recognizable in the name itself, aided even more by Roman numerals, and I don’t think it needs the trophy to communicate what it is at all. Now, I’m not entirely opposed to its inclusion if it can be added in a creative and functional way in which it 1) doesn’t read as a Roman numeral and 2) doesn’t create awkward shapes like XLV and similar ones did. However, given the clout the name itself carries, I really don’t think it needs it and is certainly not malpractice to leave it out. There have been plenty of past Super Bowl logos that have served the event very well without it, in my opinion.
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    If the cyan/magenta version is official (I’m betting it is), then I’m dissapointed but not surprised this system is still kicking around. This template they’ve run with has some flaws that I just can’t wrap my head around. The most minor of these is that the silver/grey lettering doesn’t stand out very well as a patch on white jerseys, at least not nearly as well as old non-templates patches did. If only that were the only problem, but there’s three more major ones that irk me about it too: 1. The lack of “local flair” and geographic identifiers in each Super Bowl’s brand makes the game’s brand seem less special than predecessors who’ve embraced thier hosts, as well as other major events that brand according to host (Final Four, Olympics, World Cup, various league All-Star games, etc). It’s such a “placeholder” look and seems uninspired compared to local-inspired branding. The only elements that do help each game’s brand stand apart from each other is the color scheme, which leads to the second problem... 2. The color schemes don’t appear to have much rhyme or reason to them, and don’t seem too inspired by host either. With this system, it seems any color has been on the table for any host and doesn’t seem to tie into the host in a recognizable way (and if it does, it does so too abstractly). LVI - again, IF the cyan/magenta version is official - will make this problem worse because cyan/magenta are very strongly tied to Miami, and yet the game is being played in LA. So now there’s a problem where there’s finally a color scheme you could strongly tie to a specific city, and yet said city isn’t hosting the game at all. And finally, 3. The Lombardi Trophy, when used in this present context and capacity within the Roman numerals, always reads like it’s supposed to be an “I” to me. This year looked like “LIV” rather than “LV”, and next year’s looks like “LIVI”. It’s such an egregious typographical error that it baffles me how it keeps happening year after year. Having worked in the design industry professionally for two years now, I know better now than to ever call professional designers at the NFL’s stage “lazy”; there’s just so much time and effort that gets put into these kind of events, so I don’t think these problems come from laziness, perhaps it’s more that the current system is “misguided”. That said, these problems are so clearly problematic to me - and thier solutions so clear - that it does give off the impression of laziness, and has led to what I consider to be the most seemingly-uninspired event branding of the last decade or so. I hope there comes a time when Super Bowl branding becomes as bold, fun, and host-specific as it used to be, but I’m not holding my breath that the time’s coming anytime soon.
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    Even though I guess it's grammatically wrong, I still prefer Elks to Elk. However, either way it's still my top choice. Eclipse and Elements are easily the worst.
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    And the finalists are: Elk Evergreens Evergolds Eclipse Elkhounds Eagles Elements The team has posted a survey online at https://www.esks.com/name Let's keep the discussion here focused on these seven names, rather than what could have or what you feel should have been on the list. Also, please don't dredge up any discussion around the reasoning behind the name change in the first place. We've gone around in circles on that, and it's happening whether you agree with it or not.
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    Looking at the logo for the last Super Bowl held in LA and comparing it to the logo in the OP makes me genuinely sad.
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    I've seen about two minutes of the Preds in their RR sweaters and, while far from perfect, these are much better than what they currently wear.
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    Not sure I love it but I do like how this adds all three colors into the bolts logo: Then you can add some black and silver back to the sweaters... It looks ok on the current sweater but would look so much better with added colors.
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    Except that the trophy is instantly recognizable and iconic. It would be malpractice NOT to incorporate the trophy.
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    The unique logos were an important identifier of the importance of the Super Bowl and provided guide post in remembering past SB's. There is zero reason to apply the Larry O'Brien trophy treatment to the NFL, the SB is a level above and beyond the rest of American sports and should be treated as such.
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    Yeah, anyone blaming Mahomes is a talking crap. He actually did better than he had any right to do given the relentless pressure he was facing all night. It's incredible he wasn't sacked more. Hell he had few insane throws made nearly on his stomach that could/should have been caught.
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    Andy Reid's son NOT getting a Super Bowl rings is a W
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    I’m not really sure where this opinion lands on the scale of popular to unpopular, but I think I like the Bucs’ whites better than the red. Both look beautiful, but idk, the white jersey over pewter pants just looks so damn good to me
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    The Predators just found their next home uniform
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    If you look really quickly, it looks like a weird Arizona Cardinals logo.
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    First off..... Go Bucs. I was 8 for the first title, and rooting for the literal worst Big 4 team in terms of win percentage has been a slog for my entire adult life. Last night kicked tremendous ass. Jeez, the last 9 weeks or so did. That was a fun run. I saw a stat on twitter that Mahomes ran 498 yards total. I don't buy into the QB vs QB hype that we get every year, because football is such a team sport. But the second half felt like Mahomes playing the Bucs. The Chiefs had more drops in the first half (5) than Mahomes had completions (4). That's not even accounting for the lacrosse style diving throw off the helmet, or the one that hit the back pylon that probably could have been caught if he wasn't held slightly (though that may be generous because I believe that got tipped by a defender too). Eric Fisher being out wasn't talked enough leading into the game in my opinion, and turns out that ended up being the deciding factor. It was like a turnstile to the backfield, and credit to Pat who only got sacked like 2 or 3 times. Kid is a stud, just wasn't his night. I've become such a big fan of Devin White over the last few weeks, and I'm glad that everyone got to see how tough these guys were. Oh and the Winfield deuce to Hill absolutely rules.
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    I hope the branding system evolves. You can have a system of common brand elements while allowing for individuality. For the record, the OP’s post image screams placeholder.
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    Knocked it way out of the park. This is what everyone should have been doing LAST year, I think, instead of rationalizing that arbitrary shoulder stripe template as something special. It's a bit odd now that neither Galaxy kit has navy and gold, but that's the fault of their terrible home kit.
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    This is a terrible take, imo. I agree the Chiefs likely won't have a dynasty, especially once Mahomes's extension kicks in since no team has ever won a SB with a QB at > 13% of the total cap and Mahomes will probably be well north of that. But this isn't on Mahomes even a little bit. In fact, I think his greatness was evident just in how they almost scored a few times. The Bucs got pressure on 57% of Chiefs pass attempts in the first half despite blitzing only 9% of the time (over the entire game). No QB would have had a chance. They dropped guys in coverage and still abused KC's line.
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    Seriously? That's the best a multibillion dollar sports league can come up with?????
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    Then there was the time that Maroon 5 blue-balled everybody with the "Sweet Victory" insertion.
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    I think having the trophy can work, but there needs to be an application that allows local landmarks to have a place as well. The NCAA Final Four does this, minus the trophy at times. Imagine something like this for New Orleans with the trophy in the middle of the fluer de lis, and something else replacing the basketball.
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    This is me just spitballing, but I don't think the players are fighting for the privilege of wearing the patch on the jerseys. They're fighting to win the damn trophy for their team. Wearing the patch means that they got to play the game, but not necessarily that they won it.
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    Wonder if they would just port the print from the Arsenal away kit. But uh, desaturated so none of the red bloodspatter.
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    I say Brady cemented himself as an enabled cheater and liar. Period.
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    There you go -- you need to have serifs in the numerals on the SB system logo. That looks like LII and not LIII.
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    Why? WHY GOD WHY
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    There is ZERO need to have the trophy in the logo.
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    3rd and 33 No, Patrick, not like that...
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    Narrator: They didn’t.
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    YES on this year’s logo looking like “LIV”, it’s been driving me crazy. I think with respect to the current branding, there’s probably a “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation where far too many people are involved with the game’s branding and this is the only thing they could agree on. It’s lame and I really hope it changes soon. When it does this era will look even dumber in retrospect... which might be another reason they might be keeping it. Hoping we will just give in if and accept it if they keep it going for a few more years.
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    What the hell just happened? I retire the Bucfan56 moniker and they almost immediately win a Super Bowl. Sorry, Tampa. I was the problem. I’m so happy right now. I can’t believe my sorry ass Bucs just won another Super Bowl!
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    **Run Out of the Building
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    Blasty uniforms looked pretty good last night. I wouldn't want the Flames wearing black too often but once in a while, why not
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    IMO, Tom Brady has cemented himself as the greatest to ever play and win his sport. There were arguments to be made for Montana and Manning but that's moot at this point. This puts him in the same company as Jordan and Gretzky. I don't think baseball has a "GOAT" yet, definitely a distinguished number of guys who are/were great during their time or a period of time but not ALL-TIME. That distinction is reserved for Brady, Jordan, and Gretzky.
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    One thing that I hope even the hot take artists in media will avoid the urge to do tomorrow and moving forward when looking back at this game is thinking "gee whiz Patrick, you could only get 9 points and zero touchdowns in the Super Bowl?". Mahomes was incredible tonight. He was let down by his defense and by his completely overmatched offensive line, not to mention those two could've-been touchdowns that he scrambled around and was somehow able to get the ball exactly where he needed to only to be dropped once they got there. He was the least of their problems, and 9 points doesn't do him any justice. I will legitimately be angry if this gets overlooked in favor of absurdly simplistic and incorrect "analysis" because nobody who watched the game would arrive at any conclusion like that. They just need better luck with health next time around. Your LG from last season opted out; his replacement ended up on IR. Your All-Pro RT didn't play after Week 6. Your LT tore his Achilles last week. Your LT was your usual RG. Your RT was your backup RG, if I'm not mistaken. You were on backups at the guard positions at well. That's not failing to set your OL up for success; that's your OL getting completely obliterated. No team could be prepared for that kind of disaster scenario.
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    Just gonna point out that this "sorry-ass franchise" now has the most titles in their own division. Bucs fans deserve this moment.
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    The Bucs almost won a title wearing these. They got rid of them just in time...
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    Talk about jinxing oneself.
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    This is a damn good looking game. Field is in perfect shape, new CBS scorebug looks fantastic, and the uniforms are top notch.
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