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    Carolina's inaugural unis were perfect. The original logo > the updated version. My only complaint is the existence of white pants. They need to wear silver with all three jerseys. Honestly? I find the calls for the Panthers to radically alter their look kind of frustrating. They've kept essentially the same identity since the 1990s, and it's a solid one. Here we have a modern uniform that manages to look good and not seem overdone, and it's only been ever so slightly tweaked since 1995. That should be the standard- a new team gets their look right on the first go and doesn't muck it up. Their expansion cousins in Jacksonville are perfect examples of what happens when you muck it up. The Panthers, though, are the gold standard of a new team establishing a bold new look, and making it their own through commitment to it. It's such a rarity in the Big Four that I want to see their identity stick around as long as possible.
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    If they really wanted that to be a NY/NJ and not just a fancy NY, they should have broken up the letter somewhere. Or added a small serif to the top of the right post, differentiate it from the others. As it stands, it doesn't read very well. Nobody who doesn't already know will look at those two letters and see anything but "NY".
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    NFL 2020 thread is locked, so I'm posting this here. Didn't realize it in live time, but Mecole Hardman was straight up wearing the wrong socks during the Super Bowl. How does that even happen? The NFL needs to get it's sock situation together.
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    Well, the Coyotes are making the news again, so it's time to bump the ol' thread! Katie Strang of The Athletic went deep on the current suspect state of operations, and here are some highlights: - Alex Meruelo tried to buy the Hawks from Atlanta Spirit in 2011, but got turned away by the NBA because of questions about the legitimacy of his finances. (I add this in because it's a very long thread we have, and it's good to include little callbacks like this one for the sake of continuity.) - Under Meruelo, vendors working with the team are being asked to "work with them," which means they either need to accept less payment than the team agreed to in their contract, or the team starts threatening to bring out its big expensive scary lawyers. - Ownership refused to expense pizza for the players during an overtime playoff game in the Edmonton bubble. - Alex Meruelo's son, Alex Meruelo Jr., has a front office job as a "strategic advisor of business and hockey operations," despite having never been involved in the operation of hockey at any level in his life. Meruelo Jr. has commanded influence in managing player development, but he also has a very short attention span and doesn't want to bother learning anything, so he spends the day watching YouTube videos in his office while also expecting people to follow his orders. - Meruelo and his cohorts have built a business environment that demands loyalty and secrecy under threat of termination, which is probably why it was so easy for Katie Strang to get all this stuff to leak out. - The new GM, Bill Armstrong, is both an ideal lackey and bumbling bully. - The ownership may be under investigation for workplace sexual harassment, inaccurate financial reporting, and misappropriation of league funds. - If this sounds like another casino owner's business operations to you, congratulations on being conscious at some point in the last 5 years.
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    I think the Jets new uniforms have actually really grown on me. Besides the status quo logo change and BFBS (that I can live with), I think it's an upgrade over the butchered Namath-shoulders and ugly shade of green...
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    SMH Montreal. Debate all you want about the team name and logo, but the LAST thing you could criticize about the Montreal Impact was the blue/black stripes on the kit. It was a great look and unique to them in MLS. Why would they change that?
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    If I had to describe the color, I’d say a shade of electric blue.
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    Not a big hockey watcher, but came across some highlights from the Canucks vs Flames game tonight online and can I just say how gorgeous the Flames new uniforms are? Perfect matchup against Vancouver too.
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    I think your simple fix looks great.
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    That puts the Coyotes within a few million of being equivalent in value to the net worth of Gordon Ramsay. Ask the NHL - would you rather exclusively own Gordon Ramsay in all professional capacities and have around $10M in loose cash to line some pockets and keep the lights on? Or would you prefer to have, ya know, the Coyotes?
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    The one with the full "White Sox" wordmark is actually pretty nice.
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    Man it's been 7 and a half years since the Tom Goes to the Mayor city council meeting and yet here we are, the Coyotes still managing to one up themselves
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    Oohh..I see where you're coming from, but without any red the Vegas brand would veer pretty close to drab territory. They need a strong accent colour to make something pop. Especially if their gold is basically mustard (excluding the helmets that we've seen lately of course. If that was their gold for everything, then yeah absolutely no need for red lol). I mean I do think Vegas without red could look good, I just don't think it's Vegas enough without the extra splash of colour.
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    SACRAMENTO KINGS To be honest, when it comes to uniforms, the Kings were hard to conceptualize. For most of the team's history, they wore generic-looking uniforms. But, given it being one of the inaugural NBA teams along with the likes of the Celtics and Lakers, it's okay to go with a "traditional" design. The association, icon, and statement uniforms all follow the same design, taking cues from the current uniforms and the first purple era uniforms. I also switched the front wordmarks of the icon and statement editions, plus, the latter retains the "S" background pattern from the current version. I brought back the black as a primary uniform color, since purple and granite alone looks incomplete to me. Like the current city uniform, my take on it is a mix-and-mash of ideas. First, why blue and gold? Blue symbolizes the Kings' past color scheme before purple came in, and gold symbolizes the Tower Bridge. These colors are also an indirect shoutout to the team's time in Kansas City, taken from that city's baseball team, the Royals. Second, the front script is cursive with a tail, just the way it was before the purple era, and, yes, "Sactown" is still my chosen moniker. Third, I chose white as the primary background so that they can wear it at home. Finally, the fading checkered pattern on one side, aside from the obvious homage, is a tribute to Sacramento being California's "most hipster city" and America's "most diverse city".
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    It’s actually PMS Process Blue C, whereas the Jaguars are PMS 3155 C, but we call that teal, right?
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    "Champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion," didn't they draft a guy who shoved urinal cakes in a disabled black kid's mouth just because John Chayka told them not to and they were mad at him?
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    Carolina blue, which is considerably different than teal.
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    Just pull a 1983 Blues - fold the team outright and reestablish it under a new owner, giving them all of the old team's players and IP in the process
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    Honestly, tradition dictates button downs and that's a pretty compelling reason. There also havent been significant issues related to the button downs, so it's not really an argument of function over form either.
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    I thought the original run of Players' Weekend unis worked great for this purpose. Some (a lot) of individual team design decisions were dicey, and the hats were bad, but functionally it was a decent proof of concept that pullovers can look good in the modern game. Doesn't need to be a mandate for everyone or anything. But like, maybe the Yankees will always do the classic button-downs, but why wouldn't something like the D-Backs be a better fit on a pullover template?
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    This is very exciting. If they put in a throwback, it would be incredible. I think they went a little too simple with this set but whatever. Things are pointing up for the Jags.
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    Maybe the White Sox back in the 80s-- but that was a different time. But yeah, the Jags at this point have far surpassed the Padres in the uni-schiz category. As for this "teal-is-primary" thing, this only works if teal pants are primary on the road under the white tops... if not, the whole thing is a wash. (Pretty much like the organization will be if they don't figure out fast who they are or what they even want to look like.)
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    As a Jags fan, we were rooting for a lot of L's last year, and we just got another one! We currently are now looking at "L Is Primary." which just about confirms it for me.
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    I'm not sure if this is unpopular or not but considering the amount of concepts I see with it on here it may be: Black does not belong anywhere on the 49ers uniforms in any place but the logo outlines. It totally screws up the otherwise perfect colour balance and muddies an incredible look. For some reason people act like this isnt BFBS.
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    Next up is the Minnesota Wild. This concept uses logos that were prototypes in the team's inaugural season. Follow this link to see all of the really cool unused logos and jerseys that the Wild considered. Personally I'm a big fan of all of them. This concept uses a fairly simple striping pattern on the home and away but makes the stripes jagged and rough. The third jersey uses a tree pattern on the hem which is something I always wished the Wild would have done on a jersey.
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    I have always liked the Panthers having the black jersey/silver pants combo and the white on white combo as their only combos ever. I didn't mind so much when the blue jersey came around since it was only worn a couple times a year. But once Richardson was kicked out then the mix and matching over everything really killed this team's identity uniqueness IMO. It was cool that an expansion team made little to not changes for so long and then all this happened in terms of combos. Now we got three jerseys and four pants in the rotation.
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    People are saying both electric and Carolina blue, both of which are wrong. The official shade is "Panthers blue", or PMS Process Blue.
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    Thanks! I was at Dodgers Stadium a few years ago and a version of the gold design I posted seemed to be fairly popular. Up today we have the Cubs! CUBS HOME CUBS ROAD CUBS HOME/ROAD ALT With the crosstown rival White Sox sharing a similar color palette with the Bulls and Blackhawks, I decided to put the Cubs in Bears colors. I brought back their mid-90s design for the alt and gave their home unis an off-white base to distinguish them from the White Sox. C&C appreciated! I'll have the Twins up tomorrow.
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    Home - Away: Oh Edmonton, what ever will we do with you? I don't think a return to the Gretzky-era uniforms is the answer but what they have now doesn't work for me. For starters, made some tweaks to the logo, namely separating the letters from their "drips"(?), which will come in handy later. Returned to a shade of blue that isn't navy, but also isn't the same from the Gretzky era. Orange is the brighter shade they currently use now. The stripes don't change, nor does the font. What does change is the yoke goes away on both jerseys. The stripe fits the same as Gretz era, just doesn't have that taper at the bottom. Also on the pants, the oil drop now works as a simple secondary logo. Alternate - Keeping in with the home and away's theme, yoke's be gone. But at the base of it all, it's the old WHA alternate without the shoulder yoke. The numbers also aren't on the shoulders. Thought about it, tried it, didn't like it. Also, recall the letters being separated from their drips? Well that comes in handy here, when it mixes with the oil drop for the alternate logo. + Legacy - If there was any question about what throwback would be featured, this would be the easiest answer. Went to the 80's dynasty era uniforms, or the 2013-2017 home uniforms if you fancy. Reverse Retro - I like the approach they took with their RR, but I did it to a different jersey, the 2001-2007 alternate jersey. With the jersey becoming white, the main elements are orange, with the blue acting as a trim. C&C welcomed!
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    The latest Forbes ranking of NHL team values has the Coyotes dead last at $285 million. The NHL can fold the franchise (or buy it out, whatever legally has to be done) then sell an expansion franchise in the neighborhood of Seattle's $650 million and turn a healthy profit to cover some of the losses of the pandemic. Hockey gains a (hopefully) better market, the Player's Union doesn't lose any jobs, and Bettman and the NHL gets to wash away one of its biggest mistakes under the no-fault guise of 'the pandemic' and everybody is happy, except Quebec City, because you know they'll never get an expansion team.
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    Pullovers look awful. All-powder blue uniforms look awful. Leave both of them in the past where they belong.
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    I think everyone ELSE is wearing them upside down
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    Right? It’s happening regardless, the social media team just trying to get a little engagement.
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    Basically all jerseys outside baseball are pullovers, so I’m going to have to disagree with your point here.
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    Mod here. Keep it on topic. This is a friendly warning.
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    The current uniforms are an abomination but I agree that the previous uniform had issues but they could’ve been easily fixed.
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    I considered the Stars but didn't want the Rangers looking too much like Oakland by being another green-heavy team. I may go back and do another take on the Rangers in green and black once I get through the other teams I plan to do. Thanks! I'll be doing all the teams mentioned above expect for the Cardinals, since they have to be in red by virtue of their name. However, the other teams will have different color schemes than the ones you suggested. Remember, teams will use colors worn by or previously worn by other teams in their same city/state. That's fair, but the new scheme I have planned for the Marlins will dispel any similarities between the two. Next up are the Dodgers! The Los Angeles Lakers have one of my favorite color schemes in all of professional sports, and it works really well for the Dodgers. This color scheme could also work well for the Twins, but I went in a different direction for them. DODGERS HOME DODGERS ROAD DODGERS HOME ALT DODGERS ROAD ALT C&C appreciated! The Cubs will be up next.
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    I’ll add the Rockies and Royals to the “stuck with initial look” camp. At the very least, they stuck to their “original aesthetic.”
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    Pullovers tend(ed) to rely on sleeve cuffs and collars moreso than button-downs... A v-neck pullover jersey with no cuffs or collar trim would look pretty ugly and cheap...so that's really the reason why there hasn't been a massive switch. This admittedly looks pretty good (the blue undershirt and the 80s bear help) but it only works because of the added trim elements.
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    Remove the black from the jersey, brighten the red back to the current red, and bring back the gray facemask, and it's damn near perfect.
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    Looks like the new DCU secondary shirt will be paired with blue shorts:
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    Valpo Kernels! Valparaiso is where Orville Redenbacher created his popcorn and the city has a statue of him and a popcorn festival every year
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    New Orleans Saints The Saints' uniforms are a washed up version of what they could be, much like their shade of gold. The consistent monochrome is stupid, and the gold helmet barley matches anything else. Gold pants return Brassier shade of gold from Color Rush is used Contrasting socks become standard(except for all white CR)
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