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    Midnight Green ≠ teal ≠ aqua ≠ Panther Blue
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    They're 2 different colors. 1 is Aqua PMS 321 C, and the other is Teal PMS 3155 C.
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    These look so much better than I thought they would.
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    Sure. But on this site, we aren't lay people. We can debate whether or not yellow or gold are the same in Pittsburgh and Green Bay. But we should also know that aqua, teal, and [location name] blue aren't the same in Miami, Jacksonville, Carolina and Detroit. BTW - I have always effing loved that Detroit's blue is Honolulu blue. It makes no sense, but I love it.
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    This is one of those things where building a league now ought to be different than building a league a century ago, IMO. English clubs are limited by tracing their history to times where there were like 5 colors of cotton fabric available, Aston Villa's sphere of influence was enormous and black kits were reserved for referees. MLS is at the point where teams will share colors, sure, but I'd rather see an emphasis on using colors in distinctive ways -- patterns, unique trim colors, etc. -- to set off teams' looks. Doubly important in MLS since you don't even have the unique trim elements to offset teams the way the other Big Four leagues do.
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    They are definitely different enough compared with each other. Lighting may make them look similar sometimes, but still noticeably different.
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    Brewers Hank Aaron sleeve patch...
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    There you go, it's Panthers blue. If you want to use the Pantone name, it's Process blue. If you want to be non-specific, light blue tends to work best, at least in my opinion.
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    It's rumored that someone somewhere heard that someone hoped to talk about it.
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    Honestly, the Jaguars current set has grown on me quite a bit since it was initially unveiled. Sure, it is a bit simplistic and may at worst even look somewhat like a "practice jersey," but as @oldschoolvikings said, that isn't really much to complain about given some of the uniforms we've gotten over the past few years. Having teal as the primary is absolutely a huge upgrade, as wearing the combos that include teal really improves this set. Not to self-plug, but I think a combination of elements from each of the Jags' past sets (except the Reebok piping years, I didn't like those at all, beyond the helmet) I think the Jaguars could come upon a perfect set for themselves. Using a number font similar to the 2013 redesign, the striping from the current set, with the inclusion of bits of gold from the inaugural uniforms, I can't think of anything else I would change:
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    I think he meant football players in general, who used to play on those inexcusable carpet-on-concrete surfaces like the Vet and the Astrodome.
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    Home - Away: Vegas is still young enough as a team that I didn't feel a whole change was necessary. Which resulted in a single minor change, adding the red stripe from the sleeves to the hem line. Alternate - I love the introduction of a glittery gold uniform to the NHL, but I feel like the way Vegas approached it missed the mark a little bit. Particularly the use of white, which is visibly grating against the gold. To fix that, white is pretty much minimized completely. The sleeve stripes are now black, grey and red. I also introduced a black helmet which works better here than the grey one. City - With the Legacy being poured into the Reverse Retro, I give you probably as close to a true City jersey in this series as we're gonna get. Decided to dress up the Golden Knights like their new city mates, the Las Vegas Raiders. Introducing a gold helmet, with a finish similar to their gold jerseys (and how they should have approached the gold helmet from the start). Stripped down jersey, black, gold and white, with just the laurel stripe. Still the Knight head on the chest, this time with Vegas above the logo, akin to the Raiders logo. Gold, yes gold pants, stripe down the side. Laurel stripe on the socks. Reverse Retro - Kept the Reverse Retro pretty much as advertised, but brought the black helmet from the alternate over, which works a hell of a lot better than the grey. C&C appreciated!
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    Also, why wouldn't the Preds wear yellow helmets tonight of all nights? Facing navy Columbus.
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    No shame at all - not only was it not common knowledge until a couple years ago, it wasn't known at all. For years the Broncos themselves treated the short-lived horse as though it was brown (when they thought of it at all). So you had merchandise like these pocket pro helmets: Former players were asked about it, and they said it was brown. The official team files showed brown. The GUD had a brown horse in their graphic. But there was one fan of the team at the time who kept proclaiming on Uni Watch that the horse was blue, and after years of insisting that his childhood memories were right and everyone else was wrong, the team finally researched it and learned that the horse was in fact blue. https://uni-watch.com/2011/04/27/what-color-was-the-1962-broncos-helmet-logo/ https://blog.denverbroncos.com/jsaccomano/saccomano-mystery-solved-horse-was-blue-in-62/ Still one of my favorite uni-related stories. David and Goliath, one lone fan telling everyone that the team and league were wrong about their own uniform history. And. He. Was. Right.
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    If Detroit's never debuts I'll be a happy man.
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    geez, I miss those uniforms...
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    A simple number outline can do wonders for Jacksonville:
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    Thanks! Thanks. I have a Rangers set in Stars colors prepared that I'll post at the end of the series. Up today we have the Minnesota Twins! TWINS HOME TWINS ROAD TWINS HOME ALT TWINS ROAD ALT While @Jake3roo suggested I put the Twins in purple and gold, I opted instead for the forest green, scarlet and harvest gold colorway used by the Minnesota Wild. Something about these colors just screams “Minnesota” to me. The “Minnesota wheat” trim color is used as the base for the road uniform. C&C appreciated as always! The Marlins are on deck.
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    "The Coyotes are a financial house of cards yet again but have you considered that the Sabres fire their GMs often?": off-topic from Edmonton football, off-topic from sanity
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    Even putting aside the Favre thing, that is one ugly-ass, weirdly laid out room
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    Glad he said teal on teal would maybe only be a once a year thing. Not a fan of monochrome teal.
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    Canucks will wear their's tonight for the first time
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    I think there's a lot of factors at play -- MLS brands being very risk-averse, the presumed easy popularity of a black shirt, desire to establish one brand before confusing the marketplace with a second color scheme, kit clashing and contrast issues when third kits aren't an option -- some of these I can agree with and some not.
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    I'm not going to cry for Brandiose after they've been rolling out the same local flavor/unique name/snarling logo formula (with hometown research visit!!) for years now, but does this mean MLB is trying to lock out all independent designers from their minor league system now? I wonder what cut rates MLB can offer to their new affiliates to make them change their minds or if it's clubs simply agreeing with Sodboy's thoughts above. From the article: “Now that the PDL system has been formalized and we are officially an affiliated team, we have the chance to collaborate directly with Major League Baseball’s branding, licensing, and apparel experts and their vast connections around the nation to bring our new team identity to life in even bigger and better ways,” the team said on its website. “We’re excited to be the first Minor League team to have the opportunity to take advantage of these resources to showcase the team identity chosen by our fans on a national stage. To allow time to take full use of these new resources, we will be unveiling the new team name following the 2021 season.”
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    So you're telling me "Polka Pike" didn't exactly set the Stateline afire, then.
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    Is it just me or does that red/orange section look like an added material on the helmet? It appears to be raised a bit from the white part.
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    To be fair, it worked out really well for them, to the point where it's considered one of the most successful rebrands in North American sports. Sold out games for 9 years straight and a stark increase in merchandise sales. One of my favorite stories from their creative director was that they were 17th in merch sales during a time where there were only 16 teams, behind generic merch with only the MLS logo. After their rebrand, the club has done a complete 180. Sometimes these pseudo-European rebrands work for MLS teams. Also, I'll take any of their kits from the rebrand over those boring kits from the cobalt blue days as the Wizards.
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    It is quite different than the surface from yesteryear.
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    Not really. Here's two photos of the uniforms under a bright sun. You can easily tell that these two are not that similar at all. One is more blue while the other is more green.
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    Upon hearing all the criticism, the person who designed that hat was like, "Wwel, I thinnk itt's prrety ggodd."
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    Thanks! I think you'll be happy with how the Nats turned out. I actually like the athletic gold, as it breaks up the shades of green and red which are both fairly dark and muted and keeps the design from looking too "Christmas-y." Thanks! I will say you guessed five teams correctly. I don't think I'll be doing the Yankees, because changing their colors sounds sacrilege (also, Nets colors would make them look just like the White Sox). I'm on the fence about doing the Cards x Blues (that would basically just mean swapping out navy for royal blue, correct?) but I suppose if there's enough demand I can do it. Next up we have the Miami Marlins! MARLINS HOME MARLINS ROAD MARLINS HOME ALT 1 MARLINS HOME ALT 2 MARLINS ROAD ALT I decided to go full Miami Vice for the Marlins with colors from the Heat's City Edition uniforms. I honestly think this is a look the Marlins could pull off assuming MLB could get over its "no pink in baseball" insecurities. And it's not terribly far off from their current colors--just tweak the blue a bit, replace red with pink and stop emphasizing black so damned much. C&C appreciated! The Indians Cleveland Baseball Club will be up next.
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    Pleeeeeease. On-field product is going to disappoint Eagles fans like me for the foreseeable future, at least give us something aesthetically pleasing to support!
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    I wonder what the overlap is between CCSLC posters and McMansion Hell readers. Probably pretty high. We appreciate an art. That bathroom is an unintentional Necker cube.
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    The Eagles Deunion Tour claims another player. This time it’s DeSean Jackson.
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    Whalers throwbacks tonight...
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    Southern Division Temecula SC Temecula, California Founded: 2013 Here's another rare instance of a real-life team being included in the CSL2. Temecula FC is a team within the fourth-tier National Premier Soccer League, and their Tottenham-style quail crest was just too good not to include in my league. I redrew the existing Temecula quail-on-a-ball and put it into a new shield resembling a wine glass, as Temecula Valley is famous for its wineries. I darkened the red into a classier wine color, and I moved the team name out of the shield into its own banner. The home kit is a simple wine-colored kit with a diagonal sash taken from the Temecula city flag, and there are some sublimated grapevines on the sash. For its annual clash kit, Temecula SC crowdsources its kit design to residents of the cities of southern Riverside County (which also includes Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Murrieta, among others): the 2019 kit represents Lake Elsinore and its massive "Superbloom" of spring 2019, with the kit consisting of a orange and purple blooms. The kits are supplied by Nike, and the sponsor is the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association.
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    Good point on the wool, ha. I'm of two minds on the re-emergence of these sublimated graphics. I actually like them overall, I guess, and prefer that as the standard design element over, like, the superfluous colored panels of the mid-00s. I'm glad this year's crop of jerseys seem to be going more toward bespoke patterns instead of the recycled/teamwear ones so many MLS teams had last year, but yeah, just doing them all tonally kind of lessens the effect when you're watching an actual game. (I'm gonna start posting that Barcelona teal/black training top in this topic as often as the yellow LA Rams painting in the NFL thread.) And maybe subtle is good not just for us design nerds but also for the average fan, gives them SOME reason to drop $100 on a shirt, but it doesn't help the MLS Generic-ness for TV looks.
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    It looks like they've swapped out the helmet ads for this one, going back to logos.
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    I feel like they are over using this technique, too. It feels like a lazy approach to try to make a uniform more unique without actually doing anything.
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    We'll see if I decide to do something with the Yankees. I'm warming to the idea. Thank you! Yeah, I'm very happy with how the Cubs and Twins turned out. And I too would love to see the Marlins return to teal and black, but in lieu of that the Vice colors would be my second choice. I think you'll be happy with how the Rangers look in Stars colors. Never thought about the Yankees in maroon...So are you suggesting a straight swap of their dark navy for maroon? Up today we have the Cleveland Indians! INDIANS HOME INDIANS ROAD INDIANS HOME ALT INDIANS ROAD ALT The Indians get the Cavaliers treatment of wine, navy and gold. Who knows if the Cleveland Baseball Club will change its colors when they rebrand, but if they do maybe they can go this route. I really like how the athletic gold pops against the muted wine and navy. C&C appreciated! I'm going to keep the next team a surprise so watch this space.
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    Wow that white helmet looks gorgeous
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    Fantastic job as per usual. However, I'd get rid of the skull patch. It just makes things look too busy. The ship logo on the sleeves adds enough detail on its own.
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    Hello fellow Pinoy! I'm glad you like it! I did look at the Philippine national team kits for inspiration, and you're definitely right about the white primary kits. But yeah, I definitely think that the Philippine team needs a refresh and hopefully some World Cup representation one day! --- Southwest Division AFC Santa Monica Santa Monica, CA Founded: 1987 Before I go into more detail about Santa Monica's team, I would like to give a MASSIVE shoutout to @Brian in Boston! He PM'ed me very detailed suggestions about what design directions to take from a Santa Monica local's perspective, and this team's identity wouldn't have been as localized as it is without him AFC Santa Monica actually began in the CSL after its first set of expansions, but had to move to the CSL2 after some financial difficulties in the mid-90s. Since then, Santa Monica has thrived in the CSL2 and has exported talent to the CSL and to other leagues abroad. The crest is a combination of the 1934 Art Deco "Santa Monica" statue at Pacific Palisades Park and the iconic Santa Monica Pier sign, with fonts that are taken directly from the sign. A blue "sun" adorns the top of the crest, and that can also be interpreted as the pier's Ferris wheel. The colors are taken directly from the Santa Monica city seal. The home kit is a navy blue kit with vibrant colors that is inspired by nighttime scenes of the pier, with a Ferris wheel pattern in the middle. The clash kit references the role of the Douglas Aircraft Company in Santa Monica history and is based on the metal exterior (complete with rivets!) of the Spirit of Santa Monica Douglas DC-3 parked outside the Santa Monica Airport. The kits are supplied by Adidas (the pier sign naturally lent itself to 3 Adidas stripes) and the sponsor is Snapchat.
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    Good first step, now pull a Bucs and return to this uniform.
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    Ew gross, Jimmy Clausen.
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