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    Because it's better to ask than assume? Maybe Wentz went in to the conversation assuming he was going to have to change his number, but figured he'd ask just in case Pittman was open to it. I feel like that is a pretty normal way to go about things. You assume you have to go with Plan B, but why not just confirm whether or not Plan A is possible first rather than assuming it isn't.
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    The way the Indianapolis Star reported it, Wentz asked whether Pittman was willing to give up the number. Pittman said he wanted to keep it, Wentz basically said "OK, cool." Pittman then called Wentz a "great dude" for being respectful and asking. Not exactly sure how this translates into Wentz being a liar and a baby. SOURCE: Indianapolis Star
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    The issue with that aquafresh piping was that it went through so many changes under Reebok depending on what kind of template was used. And for players like MJD, he wore all three. A design function that can't translate well through different players on the same team is not good.
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    Good call. His number should reflect his play style.
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    Leak session continues.
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    The jags should be teal with black and gold accents. Any uniform that doesn't include all three should be thrown away. Stop trying to be the Raiders (black primary) or the Saints (gold and black). Be the Jags. Teal with Gold and black.
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    I never said they "look just like the Flyers". I said "an orange-dominant jersey works for the Flyers, but not for the Oilers". It doesn't help that the Oilers insist on the most obnoxious shade of orange possible and combine it with a navy so dark I could say it's black in certain arenas. And besides, orange as the primary color has been a Flyers thing for infinitely longer than it has been for the Oilers; they've been "the orange team" for pretty much all of their history except for the period in the 2000's they used a black jersey...but by that point, orange had been in the rear view mirror for the Oilers for years prior in favor of copper. This look is what most people associate with the Oilers. It's simple, it's gorgeous, it's timeless. The Oilers should be a team like the Islanders that keeps their dynasty look because it just looks so nice regardless of era. This is, by comparison, a hell of a lot worse. The navy is so dark it looks black, the orange is utterly obnoxious in how garishly bright it is and it just looks so much worse. Even if they wanted to say this was an homage to the WHA look, they'd be wrong, since the Oilers never wore anything like this in the WHA. The orange look they did wear in the WHA was this; Legitimately, I think the Oilers managed to take the Adidas transition the worst of any team in the NHL. At least the other problems introduced from the transition were overall fairly minor, the Oilers managed to take a set that was perfect and completely it up. They had a perfectly timeless look, they didn't need to mess with something that was already great as it was.
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    Well, the solution there is that MLS needs to get Seattle to get their kit act together.
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    The kids replica version of the Timbers’ new primary shirt has leaked on soccer.com: https://www.soccer.com/shop/details/kid-s-replica-adidas-portland-timbers-home-jersey-20-21_A1048596?gclid=CjwKCAiAyc2BBhAaEiwA44-wWxX2gM7DTdh0OgKj7vju9oDgPfD3pyCi6jvduHhilR1GvuSeWbcCYRoCBHMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Assuming this is indeed legit, it’s another really sharp effort from the Timbers. I’m a sucker for henley collars, so I’m really happy to see one here after the 2019/20 home shirt had a v-neck collar. I’m guessing the authentic version will have some gold piping on the cuffs. I like the half and half chevron design as well, which is a nice callback to their inaugural primary shirt:
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    Nice touch at Brewers ST making up a locker for Hank.
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    since it's Pittman speaking and not Wentz, he's probably paraphrasing the discussion. I know Wentz didn't leave on the best of terms, but kicking him in the shins on the way out the door just seems like sour grapes. So does Wentz go with 13 or do people forget Andrew Luck existed and give him 12?
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    Tom Coughlin should never be allowed near uniform design ever again.
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    The chevron has been part of the brand since the first uniform update in the Vince era. They flipped it to point up when they began embracing the "We the North" slogan, and starting emphasizing it more, culminating in this: I'm not the biggest fan of it, but it is an element that can differentiate them from the other red & black teams in the league. The new jerseys should've kept the white chevron instead of making it black though. As for the leak, I never thought I'd be disappointed in a purple Raptors jersey, but here we are. The old contrasting back look only worked because the side panels created a clear divide. Also the name & numbers need a red outline, otherwise it'll look like they're playing Kings dress-up.
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    Wentz asked Michael Pittman if he could buy #11 from him and Pittman refused (he apparently told the story while playing video games on twitch) and Wentz said it didn’t matter because he was going to change anyway. So it didn’t matter because he was going to change anyway, but he asked about buying it - which is it? Dude is such a bad liar. He’s such a baby he probably won’t throw to Pittman now and will work behind the scenes to get him traded.
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    You do have some really solid points here! I think the thing that makes American soccer logos much more different than "traditional" logos in Europe and Latin America is that soccer is much newer to most American audiences. The already-established naming conventions and logo styles (seen in American football and especially Minor League Baseball) have been applied to new soccer teams, creating a uniquely American style to these soccer teams. Your insights about Spanish naming styles and Latin American crests is actually very helpful in the context of this series, as California is a place with a large Hispanic population and many, many Spanish place names. In fact, I used your final point to name my next team! Thank you very much; I'm glad you enjoyed Palo Alto! --- Basin Division Club Atlético de East Los East Los Angeles, California Founded: 1989 East Los Angeles (which is 97% Hispanic) is the center of the lowrider culture, which is considered by many to be a huge part of Mexican-American culture. The crest combines the architectural stylings of the Whittier Boulevard arch and the tailfin of the 1959 Chevy Impala, one of the more popular cars in the lowrider community. The community's shortened "East Los" nickname adorns the center of the crest. The home kit is a hooped turquoise jersey with chrome stylings, whereas the black clash kit combines the arch design with a stylized Impala tailfin. The kits are supplied by Nike, and the sponsor is Lowrider magazine*. *I was so tempted to put the fictional East Los FM from Grand Theft Auto V as the sponsor, but the sponsor I ultimately chose made the most sense with the lowrider theme I ended up going with
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    Just had some fun after the Lake Tahoe game got postponed. You haven't seen ice melting until you saw it on the outskirts of the Everglades.
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    I think the Phillies are missing a big opportunity by not using maroon full time. No other team in the Big 4 leagues wears maroon and only three teams are close (Avalanche, Cavaliers, and WFT). The Phillies could easily be known across sports for wearing maroon. They should also wear grey roads, this looks so much better than the powder blues
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    I liked it when it was home/away/clash.
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    Only because he got caught. It's not like his opinions aren't shared by executives across the entire league. They're all trash.
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    I'd much rather have this as our Statement Jersey then the gold one. This is GORGEOUS! The Jazz should always have a green jersey in their rotation.
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    https://twitter.com/Ben_Baby/status/1363932128325558277/photo/1 Bengals will not change the helmet
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    I thought the change in the 90s was pretty cool...tbf I was 12 or so and thought all new uniform changes were pretty cool. There was an episode of Boy Meets World where Ben Savage wore a "new" Phillies jersey and hat and I thought it was a nice new jersey. However, nearly 30 years later, I find myself liking the maroon more and more, but don't mind the look they have.
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    It's better to assume the worst about players and people and their intentions. Right?
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    What are you going off about? How are using seamless, form fitting, moisture wicking, lighter, stronger fabrics cheap and cost cutting?
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    I personally don't like the RSL kit because it looks like a semi-pro kit, to me, no offense to those who like it I can understand why one might, I just don't. The latter two are fresh as hell, especially SKC. Which leads me to ask... Is the trend that pretty much everyone has been piling on, of kits in MLS becoming a bit more rote, because Adidas isn't coming to the table with as bold designs, or because the League doesn't want bold designs? Is it both, or one more than the other? Because I know Adidas pitches several kits to clubs, usually, for them to sign off on. At least with DC a year or two ago that Athletic story came out saying they had a Marble kit and a Cherry Blossom kit that both got rejected by the club. So is it Adidas not bringing their game, is it the league setting stricter criteria, or is it on the clubs themselves making boring choices, or a combination of all three? Cause LAFC have yet to have a really, really good kit by my standards and it'd be helpful to know if that was coming from Adidas, the league, or the club itself. And both of the DC kits, the Marble and cherry blossom ones, that leaked in that Athletic story looked dope as hell. Just I always see people pile on Adidas but the clubs and the league are the ones signing off on the kits and setting the criteria. Hence me asking, I know there are people far more well-versed in the specifics and underlying facts of MLS kit design and selection who post in here on the reg.
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    Wow the first version was actually not that bad imo. Still missing a bit of gold but it looks alright
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    The contrast here is way better than expected. What a beautiful game.
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    I never noticed that tiny ass “tasty!” at the bottom of the old one
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    Or , . . . you know . . . have a third kit available?
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    Any support for this set is just reminds me how little people really watch the Jaguars. They were not only plain in concept, but were also just garbage on the field. The only features on the entire uniform were the toothpaste piping and single number outlines (the sleeves COMPLETELY blank??), both of which ended up serving no visual purpose other than looking fuzzy and non-distinguishable from more than ten feet away. Watch any clip from the period (especially the white and black jerseys) and just watch in horror as the teal accents get just suffocated by by the black and white. I truly think this was a trial for single number outlines being not a great idea for the Jags. Double or nothing, and currently? Nothing works fine. And, of course, there was Reebok deciding to use the Jags to demo their hideous experimental template that ended up being a precursor for Adidas's infamous techfit, leaving skill players like MJD and David Garrard looking like absolute clowns until Nike cleaned up the template before moving on a year later. And, honestly, I don't even want to hear about the teal flake helmets. That's how I know you REALLY didn't watch any Jaguars football. Even with our brand new hd TV, my dad and I tried and struggled so hard to see if we could make out a crumb of teal in that paint. You just weren't passively noticing it. Every couple of weeks you would see a little glint during a super closeup, and we would joke "omg! its The Thing! look! The Thing!!" and no more frequently than that. That picture with Tyson Alualu in it is the only one out of the several in this thread where it actually makes out. Great idea with lame execution, tbh. I remember being a kid in middle and high school watching this team week in and week out (except 2009, we don't talk about 2009) and thinking "Man, they did my boys dirty." It had few features, and the ones that it had were non-descript at best and completely stunk at worst. The only things it had in its favor is that it was the last time they wore teal and was replaced by, head-to-toe, some of the worst superhero costumes this league has put up with. What a marred uniform, given the only events of significance during its reign were a hail mary, MJD's rushing title, and the team getting sold.
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    I wish they'd just bite the damn bullet and go back to their dynasty look. The orange-dominant look has never worked for the Oilers, it's a Flyers thing and should stay that way.
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    I would be too, considering there's been numerous sources that say they aren't changing the helmet, like 3 posts above yours.
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    The authentic version will no doubt look better than this replica, and I’m guessing there’ll be some gold trim on the cuffs and/or collar. I actually think the half and design works way better here than on the inaugural shirt. That shirt would’ve benefitted by either having the half and half design OR the white sleeves, not both. This new shirt makes better use of the half/half design IMO, but it should have the darker green on the right sleeve.
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    The problem is the Jags went from having splashes of gold on their uniform to none, save for the logo which is on the front of the jersey instead of the sleeves. the Raiders have been a plain looking team since 1962, when they switched over to silver and black. The Jaguars don't even have pant stripes anymore. They look more like a college team than a pro team. Minimalism is a thing, but when you've never been known as a minimalist, changing over to that is a bit depressing visuals wise.
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    I mean, I had different reasonings behind it... 1+1=2 Indianapolis being his 2nd team
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    They both ditched MLMs for real(?) things. Good for them! Honey is a completely different service than Bumble, but still fun to see both of those bee-based companies sponsoring LA's now two lesser-than franchises.
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    If you’re changing anyway, then why ask the guy how locked-in he is? He obviously wasn’t planning on changing anyway. It’s admittedly nit picky, but considering how he behaved here whenever he didn’t get his way, I’m sure he’s plotting Pittman’s trade or release. I mean not really, but not not really.
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    At the end of the day, the decision lies with each club's front office. Adidas and MLS have their restrictions, yes, but this doesn't mean that every team has to go with all-white or all-black options. Clubs are just taking safer routes because, often times, it's a safer bet and may likely sell better. Jersey nuts like all of us may go crazy over it but, in the end, money talks. Thankfully, boring kits may be having an effect on sales (considering that apparently only Atlanta broke the 100k barrier to get a third this year). I hope MLS can return to some of the bolder, more distinct designs of the past eventually but, until then, I guess Philly is our ray of hope.
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    sometimes I do logo designs to entertain myself even if they don’t make logistical sense (thanks for the last comment though, I do really like those colors together)
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    Needs something like a red stripe to seperate the black and purple, otherwise, it's still meh.
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    Now that the series is technically over, I'll post some of the updates, fixes, and suggestions some people had. Starting with the Milwaukee Bucks reverse retro in black. I still personally love the craziness of a full blue uniform, and the fact that they have never worn a blue uniform like that, I like a unique style for a one off alternate. But the black can work as well. I guess it fits more into their current look, something that would fit easier into a full time alternate.
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    Did not have Washington Journey on my bingo board, I'll admit.
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    I think the biggest mistake NFL teams consistently make in redesigns is number font choice. The Jags Brunell era uniforms were the best they've ever looked. Once they started to tweak them during the Leftwich era they've gotten progressively worse each version. They need to go back to the Brunell era numbers and use teal numbers on the white jersies They need to reintroduce the original shade of gold they used during the Brunell era and use it within the same ratio they originally did. Helmet should go back to glossy black, although the teal fleck version could work too, black would be better.
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    I actually didn't realize that the cuts on the soccer jerseys have changed since then, but honestly it would be way too much of an ordeal for me to change the templates after already making 60+ teams. When I first did my hand-drawn concepts in 2015, I always looked up to this Raysox template because of its simple and easy-to-use look. Now that I have the design skills to use Illustrator, I'm very satisfied about finally using these templates and having a deeper focus on the design details. I may try to figure out an updated soccer template for a future series, but that is honestly a really low priority for me at this point. I never would have thought that someone would notice the side panels because it's such a minor issue, but I have edited my two Adidas CSL2 teams with extended side panels and will continue to use those going forward. However, I will not update the 16 CSL Adidas teams because that will take too much time for me to fix just a minor problem. I'm sorry that you aren't satisfied with the way I'm making this series, but this "MS Paint paintbucket" style of concepts is serving me very well. My main focus with these concepts is to give these California team a localized and unique identity, even if it's in a format or style that doesn't satisfy everyone. To move this conversation forward, I'm genuinely curious what specifically makes these logos and kits more "American" instead of European. My crests take inspiration from real-life crests from all over the world, mixed in with some traditionally American-style nicknames for the team name. --- Western Division Palo Alto Colliders Palo Alto, California Founded: 1990 The focal point of Palo Alto's CSL2 team is the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, which is used by Stanford researchers for some intense physics stuff that I will never understand. I took an Albuquerque Isotopes direction with this team (shoutout to @woody86 for the suggestion!), with the crest consisting of an atom in motion like the baseball in the Dodgers logo. The name "Colliders" comes from the types of research done at SLAC, which involves atom collisions at the speed of light. Stanford University colors find their way into the Colliders' color scheme, although a pinker, more "science-looking" color is the primary color. The home kit is a pink/cardinal gradient jersey that highlights the atom in motion. The clash kit references El Palo Alto, the 110-foot tall redwood tree that gives the city (whose name means "tall stick" in Spanish) its name; the vertical stripes reference the aerial footprint of the 2-mile long SLAC. The kits are supplied by New Balance, and the sponsor is Hewlett-Packard (which had its beginnings in a Palo Alto garage).
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    You have options here and none of them are "continue to argue."
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    Thankfully the white cuffs didn’t stand out too much with the gloves, and it looked like a bunch of guys had them rolled up a little when I don’t think they often do that. At any rate, they definitely looked great. I think they’re wearing them two more times, would love more. Also would like them to wear the socks with their homes a few times.
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    What is with the recent proliferation of lowercase letters used as primary initials lately? It might just be me, but capital letters strike me as "bolder, stronger", while outside of a very few certain instances, lowercase letters just come across as, well, "weaker", I guess. And for a corporation called GENERAL Motors, that's just not working at all.
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