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    The Thunder changed their uniforms at halftime First half: Second half: https://twitter.com/okcthunder/status/1365485714104856579?s=20 When's the last time a team changed uniforms in the middle of the game?
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    Interesting. I have a feeling these were the uniform designs when the All-Star game was originally going to be held in Indy. This feels very retro Pacers. Curious if they'll just carry these over to Atlanta or create something new...
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    Agree to disagree about the Flames. They finally look right again. No black needed. Once the black is in a color scheme, it's only a matter of time before it takes the entire thing over again. They fixed them this year - let's never touch them again.
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    I thought the NBA learned after this nightmare back in 2013...
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    I will say the Nashville color scheme looks much nicer when the navy-indigo is the base and the sickly neon yellow is the trim.
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    the pattern for the nets jersey is way more prominent than i was expecting. i would have prefer it to be less noticeable imo and go went for a darker look. the brick pattern on the trim is smart though
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    agreed. Kachina is great, the old color scheme is not. I really hope the team looks at these and sees what we see. if the NHL isn’t using Reverse Retro as a testing ground for new primary looks, it’s a huge wasted opportunity.
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    First Sens-Flames matchup of the year tonight. Crazy how much of an improvement this... ...is over this:
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    It definitely could use some red. On a side note, it's interesting that the NBA has never actually had a full time black & gold team.
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    This is hilariously bad, and the NBA ought to take this seriously. I can see how the apparent “glitch in the system” could cause the confusion, but why didn’t Atlanta know that OKC picked orange? OR if they did know, and the system just didn’t flag it correctly, then why didn’t somebody from Atlanta or the NBA itself raise a concern? Any way you look at it, this shows some problems in this system. If neither team was aware of the conflict, the league should’ve caught the problem as soon as the matchup was submitted and alerted the teams. If one or both teams were aware, someone from one or both teams ought to be aware enough of uniform guidelines and potential matchup conflicts to flag the matchup as an issue anyways. No matter what the story really was, it all makes it look like either 1) the league didn’t care/notice until they actually saw the game, or 2) the people responsible for submitting uniform selections, whoever that may be, dropped the ball. I know this’ll bother some, but in my opinion, this is precisely why strict home/road uniform designations are necessary. White (or gold if you’re the Lakers) at home vs. dark on the road will always prevent this problem, and no one ever has to worry about any “glitches” or miscommunications that causes messes like these.
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    Major gaffe in Oklahoma city, Thunder in orange vs Atlanta in red..
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    The sartorial history of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been a progressively worsening s***show since 2002. It's been one dubious design decision after another from that season on. There was no need for black jerseys or black pants... and certainly no need for black unitard combos. There was no need for logos on the hips. No need for black numbers and black names. There was no need for teal flake helmets. No need for wispy, barely-there piping. There was no need to drop the unique alphanumeric font introduced in 1998. There was absolutely no need for gold-to-black fade helmets. No need for a complete overhaul of the primary logo into something more akin to an illustration, when a slight tweak to the original logo's lower jaw would have sufficed. There was no need for team logo "shields" over the heart. No need for truncated insert stripes on the pants. There was no need for mustard - pardon, gold - jerseys or pants... and sure as s*** no need for mustard - pardon, gold - unitard combos. There was no need for teal pants... and no need for the inevitable teal unitard combos that followed. Bottom line? The best the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise ever looked was during the 1998 through 2001 NFL seasons when they sported a certified modern classic uniform that - to my mind - stands as one of the best in NFL history. Full stop.
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    Nashville's new away kit has been officially released, dubbed as the "Nashville Vibe II" https://www.nashvillesc.com/post/2021/02/26/nashville-sc-unveils-vibe-ii-its-202122-major-league-soccer-away-jersey I personally like it a lot. It's nothing mind-blowing, but their identity is still being built. I also enjoy having closure on why the name "Nashville Vibe" was trademarked by the team a while back.
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    Here's the Chicago Sky. Association: Icon: Statement:
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    Yes, I’m just saying that blues of that hue and value are often colloquially called “cyan.” Not me, but I don’t disagree on that particular point. The composition needs work, but stylistically, the old one is much more suited to succeed as a logo, in my opinion.
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    I don't mind cream when it's used in place of white, but having white striping/numbers on a cream jersey looks terrible. It's one of the biggest issues with the Rams bone uniform.
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    Lol, nope. Maybe this will give me a bit of leeway to get into some of it.
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    This seems like a decent idea that is poorly executed. The script decal seems small and awkward given the helmet model. However, if this means there is a possibility of those horrid lime green alternate jerseys going away then I'm all for it.
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    Took five years but Minnesota's finally looking correct again. (Well, home still needs a darker gray, but close!)
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    So is the jacket from Coming to America now considered authentic?
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    You're both right! As promised, today we have the Washington Nationals! NATIONALS HOME NATIONALS ROAD NATIONALS HOME ALT NATIONALS HOME ALT 2 NATIONALS ROAD ALT The '90s Capitals' and '90s Wizards' colors schemes are nearly identical--both using the colors of the U.S. Presidential seal--but I opted for the Capitals' brighter shade of copper. Of course, I'm not the first person on this forum to try the Nationals in Wizards/Capitals colors. I actually think the Nats pull off the traditional RWB really well, but this is an interesting look nonetheless. C&C appreciated! A surprise team is up next.
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    Does this image not load for anyone else?
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    Yes, two things can be true. But the patches in these examples are only there because they add some value to the product at retail, not because they add value to the aesthetics. Jersey patches aren't something that generally bother me. But the question at hand was to whether the patches in these examples are necessary, and I'm suggesting they aren't. In the case of the Steelers, the patch does nothing but add clutter to a jersey that doesn't need it. It looks better without the patch. And I think the Steelers are well known enough to not generate confusion with the Iowa Hawkeyes anytime soon. Their look can stand on its own without adding knick-knacks. As for the Jaguars, I can understand why someone might be bothered by the lack of gold in the jersey. But a patch, seemingly placed at random, shouldn't be the answer to a design flaw. Again, its only function is to make the jersey recognizable on its own. It's not there because it looks good.
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    I can’t see how anyone thinks the 1995-2012 Jaguars logo is better than the current. It got a much needed and ideal facelift. However, since its inception, it has been constantly overshadowed by the poor uniform choices.
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    Thought this would be fun, and it was! Enjoy I guess!
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    all on a blue floor. classic.
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    Oh my god, noticed this a few days ago in LockerVision, thought maybe it was a mistake lmao
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    I don't know where this notion that the Jaguars' full-body logo was bad is coming from, but I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree. That logo was rendered about as well as one could've rendered a full-body animal, in the mid-'90s, with that many markings on it--and in such a short turnaround time, too. (Might I remind everyone that basically the entire identity package had to be redone from the debuting of the first prototype uniforms to the first preseason game once Jaguar the automotive company kicked up static about their original logo too closely resembling their auto marque.) Anyway, none of that is why I quoted the above post...I quoted it to declare, definitely, that that jersey in particular and that uniform in general was definitely one of the absolute best in NFL history--and then they blew it. Which segues nicely into this... Straight...up. No lies detected anywhere in this. (Now, side note, and I may have asked this before a long time ago--we've been on these boards a long time: how did a Bostonian transplanted to L.A. become a Jaguars fan in the first place? I was always curious about that.)
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    Thought it was relevant to the conversation
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    Off topic, but I know a friar that lives in downtown Phoenix (Franciscans help run the basilica) just a few blocks away from Chase Field. He always goes when the Padres are in town in his brown habit and people buy him free beer because they think he's just a super fan
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    I can understand why the NBA logo is going to be diamond/silver on the jerseys next year for the 75th Anniversary but I really hope they don't do it with the Nike logo like they are on the Earned jerseys, it looks very weird. It's not like Nike is celebrating anything so what's the point? I mean, I know the point is marketing but come on.
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    This is my favorite Canucks sweater. Love the added green and the navy blue works well with it.
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    Really crazy only one to 3 years separates these pictures
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    I guess it just matters if you like your purple in the form of haze or rain.
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    I couldn't care less if players wear trucker hats in spring training. It's freaking spring training. Calm your tatas.
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    Purple? Seattle? Nah, drawing a blank.
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    IMO the new Chicago House AC logo misses the mark. I'd argue that avoiding a real-estate looking logo would be priority #1 for a team named Chicago House. Instead of leaning into the house aspect of house music I decided to go with the music aspect. Here's the official branding:
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    how do you miss this when you make a public-facing website for this exact reason???
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    In fairness, it would have been a long, long time ago if America had gotten over its gambling pearl clutching sooner.
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    The NBA's uniform program is a clownshow.
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    I’m starting to think it’s Atlanta’s fault...they must hate orange and blue teams
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    It's like people saying Tom Brady is done for when he strings together two bad games in a row in October and we see how that's worked out.
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    The ABSOLUTE LAST THING the Canucks need is yet another goddamn jersey change. The RR works as an alternate, but I don't think it'd be a good main sweater.
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    HWHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! I OTTA KICK THEIR GOT DANG ASSES! In all seriousness, yeah, this sucks. They’ve been putting the names on the home replicas for about a decade now, and it’s always looked amateurish. Not sure why they wanna extend that to the field. This team just keeps chipping away at their look, man. I hate it. It’s Braves level unnecessary and dumb.
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    Funny you should say that because I legitimately think the new Cincy primary would work better as an NYCFC secondary kit (with the royal pinstripes changed to sky blue)...
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    Looks like having a top tier generational QB in Seattle for forever was a dream too big for this city. Some thoughts: 1. I hope Tua + picks comes back; that's the only player trade worthwhile here. 2. I hope he goes to the AFC West, though the Bills have had Russ' number if he does end up in New York or Miami 3. Time for Pete Carroll to go. Seems like his act has worn thin the past few season (probably ever since they didn't run the damn ball) and the Hawks generally don't look as happy as they used to 4. Seattle probably should have done more with Russ' prime than they did. They stacked up the defense while ignoring much of the offense; it feels akin to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay where the QB has to make up for bad decisions everywhere else 5. That said, I hope they figure it out and he stays. Relevant football in Seattle is a lot of fun; I'd hate to lose that.
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