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    This is the undisputed king of that category
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    how do you miss this when you make a public-facing website for this exact reason???
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    The NBA's uniform program is a clownshow.
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    Only flaw is the Wild numbers really should be green. Very poor legibility on TV. Edit: Another shot showing the front of both sets
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    I'm really glad the Eagles didn't fall into the "body around the head" trap. I can't see any way to pull that off without it being a complete train wreck of a bird. EDIT: Ad me to the list of people that never realized just how bad the crawling jaguar was (the stomach lol) but I don't care. I still love it, and those jerseys, and the original logo.
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    This is hilariously bad, and the NBA ought to take this seriously. I can see how the apparent “glitch in the system” could cause the confusion, but why didn’t Atlanta know that OKC picked orange? OR if they did know, and the system just didn’t flag it correctly, then why didn’t somebody from Atlanta or the NBA itself raise a concern? Any way you look at it, this shows some problems in this system. If neither team was aware of the conflict, the league should’ve caught the problem as soon as the matchup was submitted and alerted the teams. If one or both teams were aware, someone from one or both teams ought to be aware enough of uniform guidelines and potential matchup conflicts to flag the matchup as an issue anyways. No matter what the story really was, it all makes it look like either 1) the league didn’t care/notice until they actually saw the game, or 2) the people responsible for submitting uniform selections, whoever that may be, dropped the ball. I know this’ll bother some, but in my opinion, this is precisely why strict home/road uniform designations are necessary. White (or gold if you’re the Lakers) at home vs. dark on the road will always prevent this problem, and no one ever has to worry about any “glitches” or miscommunications that causes messes like these.
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    but yes, please everyone continue to tell those of us who are frustrated by the nba’s jersey program that we are “old heads” and need to get over it because jersey sales and
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    The Thunder changed their uniforms at halftime First half: Second half: https://twitter.com/okcthunder/status/1365485714104856579?s=20 When's the last time a team changed uniforms in the middle of the game?
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    MIAMI GATORS (fictional former Cleveland Indians) - You can still bet on the Cubbies! I'll issue a spoiler warning for a pair of 31-year-old movies. If you don't like spoilers, watch the cited movies or skip to the concept. While Cleveland had a close call with relocation in the mid-'60s, 1989 would prove to be the final straw. New owner Rachel Phelps (the trophy wife of her deceased husband) set about attempting to move the team to Miami. Using an attendance clause in the team's lease and intentionally-poor performance, she tried to get attendance under 800,000.[1] While this effort failed in the main timeline, the "Biff Tannen gets the almanac" timeline created a diversion. In that history, Phelps succeeded and completed the relocation for the 1990 season. The club, now known as the Miami Gators, remained in occasional contention throughout the '90s and early '00s. The 1997 and 2007 teams, in particular, caused a stir for the rest of the AL. They even made the World Series in 2015, heartbreakingly losing to the Chicago Cubs.[2] The Gators have gone through a rebuilding period as of late, letting stars walk for little in return. At least they're not in Cleveland or the Indians anymore! Marty McFly burning the almanac voided this timeline, but what if he hadn't? Going off of just Back to the Future II, the Miami Gators' identity looked something like this: I didn't want to do a direct riff on this fan rendering/screengrab, so I set about incorporating the design language of a semi-fictional team that almost moved to Miami, Major League's Cleveland AL. Using the '95-'01 and '48 Cleveland clubs as design inspiration, I set about creating scripts and wordmarks for the uniform package. Navy and red are out, replaced by the aqua and orange of the Dolphins. The primary logo uses art deco/art nouveau influences. The shape itself references this image of a walking alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) and this mouth-open picture. The secondary is the "M" cap logo, using the Belgrad font (my "Miami font"), while the tertiary is the primary in a text roundel. Uniforms feature a cursive "Gators" script (using modified FenwayParkJF, my favorite cursive font) and a Belgrad "MIAMI" wordmark. The primary is on the sleeves, while the striping takes influence from the '48 Cleveland jerseys. The alternates include an orange and an aqua shirt. The second set of alts include an all-orange gear version of the home uniform and a "Miami-fied" version of the 1989-93 Cleveland racing stripe design. I even incorporated the head of the movie gator on the sleeve as an homage to Little Red Sambo. The jackets are pretty simple fare, with orange sleeves on the primary and the full-bodied gator/"MIAMI" wordmark on the throwback. For those wondering, I even have a reclamation/modernization of the movie gator! As seen with the Rainiers before them, the Cleveland design formula works well when applied to multiple clubs. Up next, the big attempted relocation that's torn one fanbase apart. 1 David S. Ward, Major League, Comedy, Sport (Mirage Enterprises, Morgan Creek Entertainment, 1989). 2 Robert Zemeckis, Back to the Future Part II, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi (Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, U-Drive Productions, 1989).
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    The Kings vs Wild game is freakin beautiful.
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    I swear when I was a kid I saw a highlight of the Heat sometime in the 90s and they changed uniforms at halftime. They went from black unis to red unis. They were the away team. I don't know if I am remembering it wrong or not, but that was the first time ever I recall a whole team changing uniforms during a game. Does anyone have any recollection of this? We remember Knicks vs Hawks. Also in 2013 we got this:
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    Spoilered for space:
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    And if you've been to New York City and/or MetLife, the stadium is so clearly placed just about as close as it can be to the city proper. There's a lot of stuff already in the city! Not a lot of room for a football stadium!
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    I’ll never understand why they spent the 25th season with vanishingly few teams actually digging into their own archives, but instead paying tribute to Liverpool’s kit from two years before MLS.
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    Change your name to Arlcowboyfan92, and THEN you can :censored: about them being called New York.
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    It’s still monochrome, jersey, pants and even the helmet are all the same color. the socks are just separating it for looking like unitards.
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    No idea why they didn't go for a horizontal logo that, I don't know, looks like a horse(?) instead of turning the Bronco into a furry thirst trap.
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    A perfect microcosm of the season.
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    This is one of those classic things you point out to your friends and everyone turns to look at you like you're crazy.
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    the NBA is the goofiest of the major 4 leagues. they keep on coming up with new ways to make bad uniform decisions (sleeved jersey's, random colored mismatched shoes, alternate uniforms using non-team colors, airport city code/city nickname word marks)
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    Best look yet at the full Minnesota secondary: Should’ve gone with black shorts to really lean in to the Kicking and Screaming vibe:
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    I thought the NBA learned after this nightmare back in 2013...
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    I don't know where this notion that the Jaguars' full-body logo was bad is coming from, but I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree. That logo was rendered about as well as one could've rendered a full-body animal, in the mid-'90s, with that many markings on it--and in such a short turnaround time, too. (Might I remind everyone that basically the entire identity package had to be redone from the debuting of the first prototype uniforms to the first preseason game once Jaguar the automotive company kicked up static about their original logo too closely resembling their auto marque.) Anyway, none of that is why I quoted the above post...I quoted it to declare, definitely, that that jersey in particular and that uniform in general was definitely one of the absolute best in NFL history--and then they blew it. Which segues nicely into this... Straight...up. No lies detected anywhere in this. (Now, side note, and I may have asked this before a long time ago--we've been on these boards a long time: how did a Bostonian transplanted to L.A. become a Jaguars fan in the first place? I was always curious about that.)
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    That's what the crawler has looked like this whole time. It definitely has aged about as well as, well, its head. Id love to see a fresh crawler on the sleeves.
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    Pants and jersey same color = monochrome.
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    Toronto Raptors Made by 2003-2006 jerseys of Raptors and with wordmark of 2020-2021.
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    Eagles had a pretty nice one too
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    That's fine. If MLS is going solid-color jerseys with minor patterns/embossments, that's better than the shoulder stripe absurdity of last season. It's basic, classic design that actually probably would have been a better fit for their 25th season.
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    I agree. The blue is nice, but it being on the inside only is kind of weird. The city of Miami is really blowing Mi Colores, isn't it? I'm still not convinced Miami FC has made a better Miami FC jersey than Seattle.
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    Getting rid of the gold pants unwittingly made a distinction between the GSoT and the 2007-2011 Rams, who were maybe the worst show on turf. The Rams in all navy felt like a moribund team, a spent force.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Finally(although it did happen in 2013). So glad this happened and even got press. There's only one way to express the happiness I feel now, take it away RERUN(R.I.P.)......
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    What do you mean these aren’t monochrome? These are the definition of monochrome.
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    I was just coming to post about the Atlanta/Oklahoma City mess... here's another pic
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    I hate that the 90s Houston/Tennessee Oilers uniforms haven't been seen in almost 25 years and the late 80s/early 90s set hasn't been seen in almost 30 years.
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    That was never the problem. I think that was the consensus opinion, because whereas yellow can blend into a white or red background, the black outline provides clear delineation against either of those. I've mentioned before, but the frustration over how things have worked with Calgary's uniforms is absurd. Because we had...*those*...for 13 seasons after only having these much better looking sweaters for three seasons before that. During that time, the Flames began to bring those throwbacks into the fold more and more, were properly well-received, and finally upgraded into being the full-time look once again and then, and only ing then, what does Calgary do with their RR sweater? Bring their early '00s template back! The only thing, IMO, that would've been better than going back to the days of Nieuwendyk and Roberts and Lanny McDonald would've been bringing back the template from what they wore when they went to the Final in 2004, and all their RR sweater confirms is that they could've done that at literally any g-ddamned point over the last decade or so, and actively decided "...nah". Pricks. You deserve "it was(n't) in" for that reason alone.
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    I just can’t get down with that design at all. It’s not necessarily a bad looking kit in a vacuum, but it’s a needless deviation from the red and black stripes and IMO is a massive downgrade from their previous two primaries. Red socks would’ve at least given the kit something interesting, but instead they predictably chose to go with the all-black. Truly a pity that their two main kits this year will practically be solid black and solid white. Hopefully their third kit is worthwhile.
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    Major gaffe in Oklahoma city, Thunder in orange vs Atlanta in red..
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    Maybe, but the unnecessary black, side panel striping, and nascar number all make it look worse.
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    The sartorial history of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been a progressively worsening s***show since 2002. It's been one dubious design decision after another from that season on. There was no need for black jerseys or black pants... and certainly no need for black unitard combos. There was no need for logos on the hips. No need for black numbers and black names. There was no need for teal flake helmets. No need for wispy, barely-there piping. There was no need to drop the unique alphanumeric font introduced in 1998. There was absolutely no need for gold-to-black fade helmets. No need for a complete overhaul of the primary logo into something more akin to an illustration, when a slight tweak to the original logo's lower jaw would have sufficed. There was no need for team logo "shields" over the heart. No need for truncated insert stripes on the pants. There was no need for mustard - pardon, gold - jerseys or pants... and sure as s*** no need for mustard - pardon, gold - unitard combos. There was no need for teal pants... and no need for the inevitable teal unitard combos that followed. Bottom line? The best the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise ever looked was during the 1998 through 2001 NFL seasons when they sported a certified modern classic uniform that - to my mind - stands as one of the best in NFL history. Full stop.
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    So is the jacket from Coming to America now considered authentic?
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    If the Bengals HAVE to keep the B logo, I would prefer if the B and the Bengal head switch places, with the B being an alternate and the Bengal head returns to being the primary. From what I've seen, the Bengals never said it would be the Primary logo, did they?
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    Using a B gives you more surface area to work with than a C does. I've yet to see a concept with a tiger striped C that looks better than the B. I've tried to create many myself and I'm a world class logo and graphic designer If I, a genius, can't crack the code then the code is uncrackable. My issue with that logo isn't that it's a B. My issue with it is that it's bland and they have better logos locked away in a vault. (see: my avatar*) *I think I'll explain the joke of my avatar here: In my early days on the boards people would critique that logo with, "the head's too small". I see now that they're not wrong, but I was a dumb brat 15 year old teaching myself illustrator and I took criticisms of my favorite team's logo personally so I made the head bigger. Way too big. That's the entire joke.
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    The single yellow outline on the font and their crest is good enough. The Sabres have and the Bruins of the 70's to the early 90's also had a single yellow border on the font on their whites. The NFL Chiefs have the exact same bordering format and colours as the Flames. As long as the yellow isn't the main colour of the font on the whites(Minnesota Wild Retro Reverse) and the yellow is touching the dark coloured font as bordering is more than acceptable in my books.
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    It was just a sketch, but my source confirmed that it was a pretty good representation of what he saw, especially with the colors. The pattern will very likely be a little different, as will the mix between the dark blue and purple in the pattern. Those elements were the hardest for my source to describe based on the catalog mock-ups that he saw. I used the pattern from Juve’s orange third kits, but that was just for the purposes for the mockup and it was the closest match among existing Adidas patterns for what my source was able to see and describe. As always, take all of this with a grain of salt until there are further leaks or info to corroborate my mockup, but I do trust my source and the info I was given. Also, I talked to that Sounders Nightly guy on IG, and he has not seen the new kit or gotten any additional info on it. He was just going off of the Footy Headlines article that featured my mockup.
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    Nike authentics since the vapor untouchable template came out have the elastic sleeves and and the shoulder area are cut the same as the game worn jerseys, basically chest down though is cut looser to fit Joe Shmoe at a bar, and it might not even really be looser because I accidentally ordered the wrong size. But they are cut shorter and don’t have the elastic waist like onfield do.
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    "small differences". Are you sure you're on the correct message board? I'll cry if they go back to the old uniforms and fix those "small" differences.
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    Ummm, so the Cubs call the city of Chicago home? Also, clean/traditional logos are usually undefeated when up against anything created in the mid-2000s.
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