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    Every game should look this good. Take a damn hint, Sharks. You're not good enough these days for the excuse of "hem stripes are weighing us down" to be valid (not that it was ever valid in the first place; at least you didn't blow a 3-0 series lead while wearing hem stripes).
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    "TiGeRs aRe OrAnGe, sO tHe UniFoRms ShOuLd bE aLL oRaNge" This falls into the same trap as the current uniforms, being a tiger costume instead of a football uniform with tiger elements.
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    Finally, the Sharks look good after quite a while ! Let's hope that management will realise it too and make the right thing to do
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    Only flaw is the Wild numbers really should be green. Very poor legibility on TV. Edit: Another shot showing the front of both sets
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    This is one of those classic things you point out to your friends and everyone turns to look at you like you're crazy.
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    They had stripes in 1997 but got rid of it after for some reason.
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    MIAMI GATORS (fictional former Cleveland Indians) - You can still bet on the Cubbies! I'll issue a spoiler warning for a pair of 31-year-old movies. If you don't like spoilers, watch the cited movies or skip to the concept. While Cleveland had a close call with relocation in the mid-'60s, 1989 would prove to be the final straw. New owner Rachel Phelps (the trophy wife of her deceased husband) set about attempting to move the team to Miami. Using an attendance clause in the team's lease and intentionally-poor performance, she tried to get attendance under 800,000.[1] While this effort failed in the main timeline, the "Biff Tannen gets the almanac" timeline created a diversion. In that history, Phelps succeeded and completed the relocation for the 1990 season. The club, now known as the Miami Gators, remained in occasional contention throughout the '90s and early '00s. The 1997 and 2007 teams, in particular, caused a stir for the rest of the AL. They even made the World Series in 2015, heartbreakingly losing to the Chicago Cubs.[2] The Gators have gone through a rebuilding period as of late, letting stars walk for little in return. At least they're not in Cleveland or the Indians anymore! Marty McFly burning the almanac voided this timeline, but what if he hadn't? Going off of just Back to the Future II, the Miami Gators' identity looked something like this: I didn't want to do a direct riff on this fan rendering/screengrab, so I set about incorporating the design language of a semi-fictional team that almost moved to Miami, Major League's Cleveland AL. Using the '95-'01 and '48 Cleveland clubs as design inspiration, I set about creating scripts and wordmarks for the uniform package. Navy and red are out, replaced by the aqua and orange of the Dolphins. The primary logo uses art deco/art nouveau influences. The shape itself references this image of a walking alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) and this mouth-open picture. The secondary is the "M" cap logo, using the Belgrad font (my "Miami font"), while the tertiary is the primary in a text roundel. Uniforms feature a cursive "Gators" script (using modified FenwayParkJF, my favorite cursive font) and a Belgrad "MIAMI" wordmark. The primary is on the sleeves, while the striping takes influence from the '48 Cleveland jerseys. The alternates include an orange and an aqua shirt. The second set of alts include an all-orange gear version of the home uniform and a "Miami-fied" version of the 1989-93 Cleveland racing stripe design. I even incorporated the head of the movie gator on the sleeve as an homage to Little Red Sambo. The jackets are pretty simple fare, with orange sleeves on the primary and the full-bodied gator/"MIAMI" wordmark on the throwback. For those wondering, I even have a reclamation/modernization of the movie gator! As seen with the Rainiers before them, the Cleveland design formula works well when applied to multiple clubs. Up next, the big attempted relocation that's torn one fanbase apart. 1 David S. Ward, Major League, Comedy, Sport (Mirage Enterprises, Morgan Creek Entertainment, 1989). 2 Robert Zemeckis, Back to the Future Part II, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi (Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, U-Drive Productions, 1989).
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    This is my 2nd annual post acknowledging how wrong I was resisting the Padres going back to brown. Feels like a classic look that will last for decades.
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    As long as they don’t bring back this stripe.
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    I always questioned why a professional sports franchise would choose to adopt a logo that depicted its namesake mascot with its "tail tucked between its legs"?
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    That seems like the kind of concept UniSwag would drool over with a billion emojis. I like the number font, leaping tiger and the pants stripe. I don’t like monochrome and the full shoulderpad stripes (just keep them in the UCLA-stripe zone). But overall good effort by the artist.
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    I love the black and silver more than the purple and gold kings. I'm in camp of add a hem stripe to the white and call it a day.
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    Those Sharks jereys are so much better. Also it makes a lot more sense include GREY when you are the Sharks......
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    Is there any chance San Jose goes back to that look? It’s just so much better.
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    Shark are to the NHL as the Jaguars are to the NFL.
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    I’ll never understand why they spent the 25th season with vanishingly few teams actually digging into their own archives, but instead paying tribute to Liverpool’s kit from two years before MLS.
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    Yeah no thanks to that. That's worse than what they've been wearing. Every concept I've seen is trying too hard and looks worse than what they should do, which is a Chargers-like modern revival of their classic uniforms.
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    Yes network 2021 scorebug. What they had before
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    You have knocked it out of the space/time continuum, my friend!! I seriously need these heritage items in my life. Get HatClub to make the hat, and some Chinese knockoff on Wish to make the jersey and jacket. Shut up and take my money!!
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    The Kings vs Wild game is freakin beautiful.
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    This is the undisputed king of that category
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    Hey all! I've got another concept to share, this time for North Carolina's NHL entry, the Carolina Hurricanes. As some of you may know, I'm not at all a Canes fan despite being from NC simply because they're from Raleigh, not Charlotte. However, some inspiration struck and I've put together a unique design for the Canes. That's right! Taking inspiration from the Canes' previous alternate logos, I really wanted to lean into the "Carolina" part of the name. With two warning flags being used for a hurricane warning and two Carolinas, it was the perfect opportunity to make something unique for the team. The primary logo is a stylized version of North and South Carolina as storm warning flags in front of a black triangle (the points of which just so happen to match up with Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, the three cities of the Research Triangle) and flying from a hockey stick. I'm not the first person to use gray as the Canes' road jersey, nor will I be the last. But I named it "Storm Gray" and used it as the base of the road. I brought back the italicized font from the 90s and put the warning flag front and center, as it should be. This will help differentiate the team from other red and black teams like the Devils and Senators. On alternating shoulders are North and South Carolina, a nice nod to the two states. At home, the Canes don the bright "Warning Red" jersey, a simple color swap of the road. This red is bright than the red they currently use because you want a bright red flag to catch the eye of those who would need to know about a hurricane. This has the additional benefit of further separating the team from other red and black hockey teams. Finally, the third jersey completely removes gray in favor of bright red and dark black. It's technically a color swap of the home and road, as the design hasn't changed, but the color blocking sure has and I think it makes this the cleanest use of the "stealth" style of jersey where colors are reduced. It's also the brightest! Here's the full set, with all the gear. I put the flag striping on the socks but kept the pants clean. Black pants, helmet, and gloves for the home and alt, while the road gets a gray helmet for contrast reasons. The two states find themselves as the helmet logos, as I didn't think the primary would fit very well. There it is! My redesign of the Hurricanes. I think the team could look really good, but they need to emphasize what makes them special, gray and the flag striping. I think this design successfully pulls that off while giving them a locally-appropriate logo that avoids the "flushed puck" of the current one.
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    There have been plenty of trainwreck matchups. Even before the Nike era. 70 percent of the games I watch are the Celtics and even with that I can confirm white/grey, white/powder blue, green/teal matchups that were awful to watch. Actually based on all that, I’m pretty surprised that this matchup resulted in a halftime uni change and subsequent negative press, given that so many others we just dealt with.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I never thought of those colors together for the Royals, but I guess they could work! And I'm glad I'm not the only fan of the volt era Hawks. Thanks again! The anti-Spurs colors for the Rangers message is coming through loud and clear. I'll be uploading a version of the Rangers in Stars colors at the end of the series. This evening we have the Milwaukee Brewers! BREWERS HOME BREWERS ROAD BREWERS HOME ALT BREWERS ROAD ALT This is probably the most '90s concept I've ever done. Again, the Brewers aren't a blue and red team, but I wanted to inject some more green into MLB, so for the Brewers I looked to the mid-'90s Milwaukee Bucks. I made the home uniform cream ("Cream City") and used wheat as a trim color. The home alt is probably my favorite of the bunch. Let me know what you think! Speaking of green, the Red Sox will be up next! P.S. With all these new purple teams in the league, maybe I'll have to tweak the color scheme of a certain historically purple team...
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    Kings could do with a refresh. Those purple jerseys look great. Not sold on the logo, I think ideally they come up with a nice white crown instead. As long as they don't wear yellow helmets I'm all for them though.
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    Now that they've seeming exhausted their navy ideas, hopefully they won't be tempted to stray from brown again. They've reached the promised land after wandering in the vast, navy wilderness.
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    I remember in the last few years, we have seen the hornets grey uniforms go up against white and the sixers cream against white as well.
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    I've followed Sacramento Republic FC's "Indomitable" story from the earliest whisperings of a Sacramento-based USL franchise being granted to Warren Smith and Joe Wagoner in December of 2012, through the unveiling of the club's striking identity seven months later, forward to the absolute electricity of an attendance record-shattering and championship-winning inaugural season in 2014, and onward through six subsequent USL campaigns and the various twists and turns of the quest to attain Major League Soccer membership. As I sit here today, in the wake of Friday's announcement that billionaire Ron Burkle was pulling out as lead investor of an MLS club in California's capital city, I can't help but think that Sacramento Republic FC's fairy tale has become a cautionary one. I don't mean or wish to disparage any of the figures that have played a role in growing Sacramento Republic FC from a mere gleam in the eye of its founders to the verge of MLS competition. That said, it seems to me that with each change of lead investor in the club's ownership group, the increase in financial resources has been accompanied by a commensurate decrease in the gut-level passion for the team that said principal has brought to the table. That's not to say that the likes of Kevin Nagle or Ron Burkle wouldn't be committed owners of a Sacramento Major League Soccer team. Rather, I question whether the thought of owning and operating an MLS side excites them as much, fills them with as much joy as it did Warren Smith? Waren Smith possessed the vision and enthusiasm to bring pro soccer to Sacramento, and the passion and commitment to build an organization that would put the city on the radar of MLS officials as a potential expansion candidate. That said, he didn't have the financial wherewithal to secure and operate a major professional sports franchise. Kevin Nagle brought more financial resources to the table, and clearly thought enough of the possibility of wanting to bring Major League Soccer to Sacramento to get involved in the venture, but he still didn't possess the net worth necessary to be the lead owner of a modern top-tier pro sports franchise. More importantly, I question whether he "lived and breathed" Sacramento Republic FC soccer to the extent that Warren Smith did as the team's founder? Finally, while Ron Burkle clearly outstrips both Smith and Nagle in terms of financial resources, I just never got the sense that Sacramento Republic FC represented anything more than an investment opportunity to him. A Major League Soccer club was an entry on a ledger in his eyes. In fact, I may be misremembering things, but didn't Burkle openly grouse at the event announcing Sacramento's entry to MLS about the league's expansion fee having increased from $150 million to $200 million? In any event, Burkle's heart never truly seemed in the venture. My heart truly goes out to Republic fans. One of my favorite memories as an LAFC supporter is of hosting Sacramento Republic at Banc of California Stadium in the Round of 16 of the 2018 U.S. Open Cup. You folks truly brought some passion to the South End of the Banc that night. Such a sad state of affairs.
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    Eh, I feel like it's time to ditch the black and silver for the main look, personally. Leave it as the look of that championship era of the Kings and do something new to mark the next step in the team's history. Black and silver can represent the Doughty/Kopitar/Quick era like a return to the purple and gold can represent the coming of the Byfield/Vilardi/Petersen era. They can always keep the pure 90's black and silver look around as their alternate, anyways, so nobody really loses out except the 5 people who think their fossilized Reebok holdovers are good.
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    That wasn’t the case originally. LockerVision had orange vs red a few days ago
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    Pre-season game in 2016 in London, Ontario. Florida thought Dallas would be wearing green because they would be playing again a couple of days later in Texas, so Florida obviously brought only their white jerseys. Nothing is really going to beat this example.
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    This full body logo I love. I know it is way too detailed to work on a uniform but it would have been cool to see it used in some form.
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    Change your name to Arlcowboyfan92, and THEN you can :censored: about them being called New York.
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    but yes, please everyone continue to tell those of us who are frustrated by the nba’s jersey program that we are “old heads” and need to get over it because jersey sales and
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    I don't know where this notion that the Jaguars' full-body logo was bad is coming from, but I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree. That logo was rendered about as well as one could've rendered a full-body animal, in the mid-'90s, with that many markings on it--and in such a short turnaround time, too. (Might I remind everyone that basically the entire identity package had to be redone from the debuting of the first prototype uniforms to the first preseason game once Jaguar the automotive company kicked up static about their original logo too closely resembling their auto marque.) Anyway, none of that is why I quoted the above post...I quoted it to declare, definitely, that that jersey in particular and that uniform in general was definitely one of the absolute best in NFL history--and then they blew it. Which segues nicely into this... Straight...up. No lies detected anywhere in this. (Now, side note, and I may have asked this before a long time ago--we've been on these boards a long time: how did a Bostonian transplanted to L.A. become a Jaguars fan in the first place? I was always curious about that.)
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    I’ve never had an issue with the Bengals’ “B” logo. I have long had an issue with its placement below the collar, though.
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    Thanks, bud! You guessed it! Today we have the Philadelphia Phillies! PHILLIES HOME PHILLIES ROAD PHILLIES HOME ALT PHILLIES ROAD ALT Since neither the Flyers' nor Sixers' colors would really work for the Phillies (the Sixers being because they're nearly the same as the Phillies' actual colors anyway) I decided to put them in the Eagles' classic Randall Cunningham-era colors of Kelly green, black and silver. The Phillies actually wore green briefly for the 1910 season, so it's not that huge of a stretch. Big thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller for the idea and for helping with this set. C&C appreciated as always! The Rays are on deck.
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    Oops, had them switched in my mind. It is the black ones that need a stripe added.
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    Knowing the Padres, they'll have a navy alt in like 2 years and start the whole cycle over. Because if there's one thing the Padres love to do, it's rebrand.
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    It was still too much black. If Calgary feels like they need to have black in the uniforms, it should never be ahead of yellow or white in the colour hierarchy. Pants & helmets should always be red. The league has enough red & black teams as it is. I’ve already heard talk about how bad the Habs have played in the blue jerseys.
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    Sharks and Fake North Stars lookin' fantastic, but I could always take or leave the purple/gold Kings.
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    It’s a shame that the Ravens’ original Winged B-Shield logo (and likely the full-bodied Raven and prototype head) are effectively locked away due to the lawsuit that they had with the fan who designed the Winged B-Shield. (Then again, that was under Art Modell’s ownership, so maybe the sentiment has changed.) I even think that their current Maryland shield or full-bodied Raven would look good on the helmet. And finally, I totally agree on the black pants—they badly need stripes.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what I can do about those last two. COLLINGWOOD MAGPIES For my adopted home team, I made a new logo with a more streamlined bird. Ever since the AFL began using clash jumpers, the Pies have for the most part went with something similar to their classic stripes, but more predominantly white. My concept clash is also mainly white, but also incorporates gold, a color currently used only as an accent color for their logo.
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    There was this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1964:
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    Toronto Raptors Made by 2003-2006 jerseys of Raptors and with wordmark of 2020-2021.
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    I swear when I was a kid I saw a highlight of the Heat sometime in the 90s and they changed uniforms at halftime. They went from black unis to red unis. They were the away team. I don't know if I am remembering it wrong or not, but that was the first time ever I recall a whole team changing uniforms during a game. Does anyone have any recollection of this? We remember Knicks vs Hawks. Also in 2013 we got this:
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    The Ravens have an achingly close to good uniform. I take two issues with it though. The black pants are awful. I feel like, at the very least, they need a purple/white/purple stripe. My second issue is the logo. The Ravens have had some pretty nice logos. Their Maryland shield is pretty cool. The full bodied raven was nice. The full bodied Raven's head is perfect for a helmet logo. Even the prototype of the current raven head in profile was better than what's being used now. I generally dislike the "they only need a few tweaks" argument because it's usually followed by a complete redesign, but this is one case where those two changes would make me love the Ravens' uniforms.
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    If the Bengals HAVE to keep the B logo, I would prefer if the B and the Bengal head switch places, with the B being an alternate and the Bengal head returns to being the primary. From what I've seen, the Bengals never said it would be the Primary logo, did they?
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    yeah it's really misaligned, but I still prefer the original. Maybe it's mid bite and it's about to chomp on some prey? It doesn't bother me. The original logo toes the line nicely between detailed and simple. It's also got some good action and movement where the new one is stagnant. It's perfect as a sports logo whereas the current logo is perfect for the wall of a high school gymnasium. It's an overly detailed illustration that you might find on a stock logo website. It's awful and I'm amazed it was approved with all that detail. A lot of people have tried to combine the two, but I think the best course of action is fix the lower mandible on the original and call it done. two things can be true at the same time. But why do you think they should lose the patches? Especially the Jaguars and it being the one element of gold on the entire jersey? Football jersey patches is one area that people seem hot about that's just never concerned me one way or the other.
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