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    I wish BYU would decide if they were a royal or navy blue school.
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    Miami continues to irritate me with its color choices. Look at all the pink in this photo - pink scarves, pink detailing on the team building, This really shows how fantastic a pink and black team looks, especially this amazing saturated pink, and yet they still don't have a pink shirt. Own the color, gentlemen.
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    Yeah it’s weird how Chicago wore a jersey inspired by the 1937 sweaters against another O6 team. Chicago plays Detroit 8 times this year (6 more games than a normal season) and you’re losing your mind about one game in February? C’mon. Chicago will wear it twice more, but not against Detroit.
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    Yeah no thanks to that. That's worse than what they've been wearing. Every concept I've seen is trying too hard and looks worse than what they should do, which is a Chargers-like modern revival of their classic uniforms.
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    I keep clicking your underlines hoping something will open up.
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    The 2008 All-Star Game was kinda confusing to watch.
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    Is it a bad shirt in a vacuum? No, not really. The pattern is kind of interesting. Is it a bad shirt for the Crew, though? Without a doubt, and it’s made ten times worse by the fact that it’s replacing their classic yellows.
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    The Florida Panthers actually had claws on their gloves when they unveiled their inaugural uniforms. They were scrapped before the team took the ice.
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    Just posting to say how much i HATE that blue line ad. It sticks out so much and looks so tacky. Unlike the painted ice ads, the virtual one doesn't get covered as the period goes along and worse, it jumps around.
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    Add a sixth "String" to this and it'd be ideal for Nashville. Not a fan for Atlanta, though. Nashville's badge still sucks, BTW. Sometimes these things grow on me over time, but their logo and Chicago's aren't getting better.
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    I actually really like chicago's, I think they would be a perfect third jersey. It solves the logo outline problem and the stripe matches the pants better.
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    Man they look so good in royal.
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    I really don't believe the Red Wings should be a Relatable Brand on Twitter. They should only be self-serious and boring.
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    It's amazing how this is the only suburban team (well, teams, since there are two of them) that draw these comments. The Football Team plays in Maryland and nobody says anything about that. I honestly believe if New York State and New York City didn't have the same name, nobody would squawk. If the city was called Gotham, New York and the Gotham Jets and Gotham Giants played in the New Jersey suburbs of Gotham, nobody would care. Otherwise, where's the "Maryland Football Team" bandwagon?
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    Hawks RR looks pretty nice on the ice.
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    Hey Inter Miami, do you hate making money? Is there something in the water there? Between Inter, the Marlins, and I would argue the Dolphins, teams seem to do the opposite of what they should from a uniform/branding standpoint.
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    That Kings jersey is kind of fun and introduces a new logo and tries something. Same for the Islanders of the 90's, which is only reviled due to what team wore it and when, but if it'd been for an expansion franchise called the New York Islanders it'd be perfect. It's got personality, the colors are fun, it makes a statement, and it has a logo where someone who knows what they're doing put in an effort. In the fisherman's case the problem is the context not the concept. In the OP's case, if that black uniform was worn by an expansion franchise called the New York Islanders nobody would have any love for it. It's devoid of any redeeming design quality or charm.
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    Back designs can work, but there's was a case of how horribly wrong back designs can go. Those numbers weren't legible at all.
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    Home - Away: While there isn't anything wrong with the current home and away in all honesty, I wanted to get away from a complete throwback look. So the look is pretty damn similar, but the stripes on the sleeves have been reduced drastically, and now terminate at an angle, somewhat similar to the late 90's uniforms, but more on those later. A new pants stripe that mimics the sleeve stripes is found on said pants, and the socks mirror the stripes on the hem. Alternate - Before I knew there was going to be a Reverse Retro program, I had borrowed inspiration from the uniform that would inspire said RR uniform. So basically the sleeve stripes stay the same, the hem changes to more of an angular design. I contemplated using the triangle-less penguin or Robo-Penguin but neither of them worked for me. Equipment is the same as the home/away, save for the helmet, which is gold. Legacy - Back to the very beginning for the Pens. The baby blue 1967 uniforms in their original glory, not the Winter Classic version we got some time ago. Since this was before the era of required helmets, wanted to do something different with a baby blue helmet just for fun. Reverse Retro - Since the Reverse Retro inspiration went elsewhere, I put the other Winter Classic inspiration to use. The 1970-71 uniform is now black and gold, with a twist. The often golden triangle is now baby blue. Hey, its a Reverse Retro isn't it? C&C welcome!!
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    JJ Watt on Twitter: "source: me. https://t.co/1Y6okQBUy5" / Twitter JJ Watt has signed with Arizona. Source: Himself.
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    Getting a foot cut off isn't technically as bad as having your leg cut off below the knee, which technically isn't as bad as having it cut off at the hip, but they all would be absolutely horrible and I'd never want myself or anyone else to be subject to it. I feel like that's what we're talking about here - there gets a point where they're so bad, that they're impossible to rank against each other.
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    Regarding full-body logos, check out this old Eagles one worn by recently-deceased Irv Cross:
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    BYU introduced 2 new helmets, navy and royal blue, as part of their "updated football identity". Interesting route to go in here, but not surprising. The navy is a bit meh for me, but the royal blue helmet is a nice change of pace though. I still prefer the white as it is an integral part of BYU football history. This certainly an attempt to put themselves into the modern trend of mix and match. Apparently they now have 26(!) combos to choose from. I also expect to see much more monochrome/color rush looks with the new helmets as well.
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    The numbers are what get me in that concept. Either the concept's creator didn't take the time to ensure the stroke wasn't rounded or else (and worse) the creator chose numbers with rounded corners. While the Viking's uniforms of 2006 to 2012 were pretty bad in total, one element that made them even worse were the inexplicably rounded block numbers. There were no actual corners on those numbers even though they really weren't "round" numbers either. It was as if the designers of those uniforms intentionally looked for ways to make them worse in an almost subliminal way. (I feel like the Cardinals also suffer from this.) And I'm immediately getting the same feeling from this concept's numbers. They're awful and it makes a uniform set that I could potentially live with into something that just makes me question why?
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    "TiGeRs aRe OrAnGe, sO tHe UniFoRms ShOuLd bE aLL oRaNge" This falls into the same trap as the current uniforms, being a tiger costume instead of a football uniform with tiger elements.
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    I feel bad for your girlfriend/wife
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    I always questioned why a professional sports franchise would choose to adopt a logo that depicted its namesake mascot with its "tail tucked between its legs"?
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    Eagles had a pretty nice one too
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    I couldn't possibly agree more. As I said back in January of 2020... Sigh...This represents such a missed opportunity on Inter Miami's part. They should have really owned pink in their primary kits. Pink jerseys, black shorts, black socks for evening matches and either a pink/white/white or pink/white/pink ensemble for day games. A white or black jersey could have been the centerpiece of their change kits. This... this just strikes me as "meh".
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    I wouldn't say wide open; it's gonna be a desperate knife fight.....between multiple Super Bowl contenders.
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    That royal blue helmet looks really nice on its own, though not with the color as head to toe. I'd rather they dump the navy set, and then swap the two helmets and pants.
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    I've always loved the Eagles' full-body logos. But that cap looks badly photoshopped on his head.
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    It doesn't look as egregious there as it does on video (in a small window on my phone):
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    The idea is that by signing JJ Watt, the defense already is tightened up. Whoops. If JJ Watt had gone to the Bills, he would be poised for a resurgence. That he hasn't mean he's a garbage player put out to pasture.
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    I'm surprised it took this long for this one to be mentioned.
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    It's among the ten worst for sure. Truly a "What if the owner let his 7th grader design a uniform?" look. It checks all the boxes of bad design, none of the design elements are nods or references to the Islanders aesthetic history, but it also has that extra thing that takes it from just bad to memorably bad in which it was created for seemingly nobody and for no reason. But my vote for worst ever goes to that yellow and blue Sabres alternate. That was also created for nobody and for no reason and was so bad it provides a glimpse into the specific type of bad decision making that has plagued the franchise under the stewardship of the Pegulas. It's also really close to what the Predators wear when viewed just from the front so in addition to looking bad it was also stepping into another team's territory.
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    Exhibit A: Stoke City vs. West Brom in 2017 Yes, one team is in red-and-white stripes while the other is in blue-and-white, and Stoke was wearing red socks to West Brom's white...nevertheless, there's an awful lot of white in this matchup and, especially on television, could become a bit more difficult than it should be to pick out which team was which.
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    I have an idea in my head for what I would use as the ideal Miami kit and it’s glorious. Pink shirts (real pink, not that muted, nearly invisible pink), white shorts, and pink socks. ——— On another note, something I haven’t seen mentioned about Atlanta is they are still using the gold patch for the Piedmont Healthcare sleeve sponsor. I suspected it was a rushed addition last year when they allowed sleeve sponsors for the first time but fully expected them to update the design for the new kits. A gold logo against the black would be so much better and cleaner. See the LA Galaxy for an example of what I mean. No containing box for the sponsor.
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    You see it all the time because the default stroke option in Photoshop is rounded corners, for some reason. This person typed out their digits, stroked them, then called it done. There's other, better ways to do it in photoshop, but noobs don't know. I find the easiest way is just to make my numbers in illustrator and then copy them into photoshop as their own image. And you're right, those Vikings numbers were so annoying the entire time they wore them. It's a small thing, but made the uniform look super amateurish, on top of everything else that was so "Pop Warner All Star Team" about those uniforms.
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    You know what else that concept got wrong? Contrasting socks/pants. The nfl (unfortunately) loves the leotard look and the new white leotard look cause it’s “clean” on white and “fire” on color (farting sound)
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    I mean it’s decently aesthetically pleasing. It’s weird as heck for a club like the Islanders, but definitely not the worst. That title belongs to the abomination that was the Atlanta Thrashers red alternate from 2008-2011 when they moved. There wasn’t BFBS or GFGS but there was everything else like this Islanders jersey, but worse. The shoulder logos were only a partial logo, and huge. The side panels didn’t even have a cool diamond effect to defend itself. And the socks are by far and away the worst socks in the history of the NHL. That Thrashers jersey makes other horrors like the Turdburger and the Bolts stormy jerseys look like classics.
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    It looks like knockoff garbage and there's no excuse for wearing it against Detroit in white, which is normally one of the best uniform matchups in the league. I hope they never wear it again. Kane hit 400 in a flea market sweater. How awful.
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    Change your name to Arlcowboyfan92, and THEN you can :censored: about them being called New York.
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    Yeah that decal is way too small for that helmet.
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    The sartorial history of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been a progressively worsening s***show since 2002. It's been one dubious design decision after another from that season on. There was no need for black jerseys or black pants... and certainly no need for black unitard combos. There was no need for logos on the hips. No need for black numbers and black names. There was no need for teal flake helmets. No need for wispy, barely-there piping. There was no need to drop the unique alphanumeric font introduced in 1998. There was absolutely no need for gold-to-black fade helmets. No need for a complete overhaul of the primary logo into something more akin to an illustration, when a slight tweak to the original logo's lower jaw would have sufficed. There was no need for team logo "shields" over the heart. No need for truncated insert stripes on the pants. There was no need for mustard - pardon, gold - jerseys or pants... and sure as s*** no need for mustard - pardon, gold - unitard combos. There was no need for teal pants... and no need for the inevitable teal unitard combos that followed. Bottom line? The best the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise ever looked was during the 1998 through 2001 NFL seasons when they sported a certified modern classic uniform that - to my mind - stands as one of the best in NFL history. Full stop.
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