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    "Tigers have white stripes on their bellies" is the actual stated rationale behind the white side stripes. That's why I've always called them tiger costumes. I think the best way to do it is to show some restraint. The reason so many concepts feel off is because they want to cram so much tiger stuff into the jerseys and pants. I think the 80's uniforms were the right balance, they let the helmet do the heavy lifting, let that be the star of the show, and used a simpler uniform below it. Just do that and we'll be happy with the new uniforms.
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    All the votes mysteriously came from an account named “CaptObvious69420.”
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    These were perfect. I said it before and I'll say it again, I loved how each team got to choose who makes their uniforms.
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    Hi guys! So I've been away for a little but kept browsing the forum. I've been inspired by a lot of people posting their reimaginings of NBA teams like @Tore and @jb1322 (among others), and decided to give it a go! Some considerations before we start: - I'm a HUGE fan of 90's aesthetics, so some teams might incorporate elements from that era, but not in all the wilderness saw in those years - While it started as a good idea, the City Edition concept has started to run it's course. There are some amazing models (Memphis, Miami come to mind) but there's so much you can do with the story of a city. Some jerseys like Portland don't even remind me of the team they represent. So I've decided to keep it simple: Association, Icon and Statement. I'll try to keep them original enough to incorporate the team's colors, and don't fall on the BFBS jerseys seen all around the league. - I've started doing this during the pandemic, if there are mistakes in the templates please let me know. All said and done, let me present the first team: the San Antonio Spurs. As you can see, I decided to embrace the Fiesta colors fully. The script on Association & Icon is based off the Ebbets Vintage collection released some weeks ago (modified to fit into the design) and the terminations on the three straps around the jersey feature a silhouette of the iconic Alamo Mission. The Statement jersey features the script found on the City jerseys IRL, and the Alamo is more notable here. The pattern on the sides is based on the one found in the warm-up shirts used in mid 90s by the team. Let me know what do you think about it, and all feedback is welcome!
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    what are you talking about, literally the exact same striping template as the original white uniform. Only change is the shoulder patch
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    Proofread your work, people!
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    Sure, that's a fair opinion. When the manufacturer logos starting popping up on uniforms in the late 90s/early 2000s, I just thought the new Adidas logo looked cooler than Nike, Reebok, or Champion. And I appreciated that Adidas used maroon and yellow as well; it felt pretty modern for the moment.
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    I've never thought an apparel logo looked cool on uniforms.
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    The first two posts of yours here are just confusing...."They feel really cheap but there's clear evidence of creative choices..." The second and third post see you claim that "almost non are colour swaps" then "at least half a dozen are not" color swaps (out of 31) but there are only 1 or 2 in your own list that aren't color swaps...so it's not even half a dozen... You're all over the place. How can you not recall seeing the Devils with "that many hem stripes"? The Sharks have a unique template design? The RR is the modern adidas template, but the design is 99% similar to the 90s unis. The Panthers have a "totally unique striping design"? I mean the RR changed up the color order...but the striping design looks really familiar. The point of the RRs was to use old jerseys as inspiration and switch up the colors. That's why each of them have a " '96" on the inside collar or whatever. Some aren't great, but we've talked about that. IMO, the RR program is overwhelmingly a success.
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    Hate to ruin the joke, but he replied to one of his twitter comments that he purchased this from DHgate, a Chinese website that sells counterfeit jerseys among other things. So, you really do get what you pay for.
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    The shorts are black and the socks are blue with black at the top. Now after seeing the full thing and the authentic version of the shirt, I can say that this is a very solid kit overall. Definitely their best kit since the blue/black/blue kit worn from 2014-2016. I’m glad the authentic version at least has white trim on the collar to better tie in to the white cuffs, but it still bothers me that they don’t match. Other than that, though, this is a very good effort.
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    It's great seeing even casual fans trashing the Red Wings RR. Reactions like this will hopefully cause teams to put more effort into jersey design in the future. They could've salvaged it by changing the silver stripes to red & using this logo instead:
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    Team Icon vs Team City...? The offer letter from Nike is in the mail, congratulations.
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    Man, if the Jets had just done a powder blue base for their RR, it could've looked really nice.
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    I thought the Adidas logo looked really cool on the old Washington team:
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    Today we have the Boston Red Sox! RED SOX HOME RED SOX ROAD RED SOX HOME ALT RED SOX ROAD ALT This one is a pretty straightforward swap of Boston's navy for Celtic green. The key rule is to not allow red and green to touch (except, I guess, on the cleats) so no outlines on the home and road primaries. Red is emphasized at home and green on the road, although I suppose the green alt could be worn at home, as well. C&C appreciated! The Mariners are next.
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    I had forgotten how great those uniforms really were. They were discontinued so that the team could look like this:
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    Good for them getting Matthew Wolff. Their current identity is by Doubleday and Cartwright. D&C does some great stuff, especially with motion and illustration, but Matthew Wolff is so good at soccer identity. LAFC, NYCFC, Oakland Roots, Tusla FC...all beautiful.
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    I really like that San Jose. I’m so glad SOMEONE in this league still wants to do a middle, and beautiful, shade of blue. (Side panel is fine, nice tribute I guess and endearingly retro these days.)
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    Yeah, those Devils jersey are absolutely gorgeous.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I never thought of those colors together for the Royals, but I guess they could work! And I'm glad I'm not the only fan of the volt era Hawks. Thanks again! The anti-Spurs colors for the Rangers message is coming through loud and clear. I'll be uploading a version of the Rangers in Stars colors at the end of the series. This evening we have the Milwaukee Brewers! BREWERS HOME BREWERS ROAD BREWERS HOME ALT BREWERS ROAD ALT This is probably the most '90s concept I've ever done. Again, the Brewers aren't a blue and red team, but I wanted to inject some more green into MLB, so for the Brewers I looked to the mid-'90s Milwaukee Bucks. I made the home uniform cream ("Cream City") and used wheat as a trim color. The home alt is probably my favorite of the bunch. Let me know what you think! Speaking of green, the Red Sox will be up next! P.S. With all these new purple teams in the league, maybe I'll have to tweak the color scheme of a certain historically purple team...
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    It has been over 2 years since I posted any concepts on this website and finally I am back with a new thread. While I might be wrong here, I believe this is the first time on the boards that a crossover has happened between a traditional sport and eSport teams. At the current moment I have only started working on the Overwatch League teams, because of the teams are named like traditional sports team: City/Area/State and a Nickname. Depending on how this thread goes I might start doing third uniform sets as well as the COD League and then maybe eSport organizations. One thing I will say now all uniforms will share the same fonts when it comes to the nameplate and the numbers, that is the only similarity between the jerseys the players wear and these concepts. If I get into third uniforms that is when I'll make it more unique for each team. Overwatch League: Toronto Defiant - Update Guangzhou Charge - Update Washington Justice Hangzhou Spark - Update London Spitfire - Update - Third Los Angeles Gladiators and Valiant - Update(Gladiators) update(Valiant) - Gladiators(Third) Dallas Fuel - Third Paris Eternal Boston Uprising - Third Chengdu Hunters Houston Outlaws - Update - Third Seoul Dynasty - Update Vancouver Titans - Update Philadelphia Fusion - Update Shanghai Dragons - Update - Third Miami Mayhem - Update Atlanta Reign - Third New York Excelsior - Third San Francisco Shock - Update You found the secret. Congrats So to get started, I am going to choose 1 of the 2 Canadian teams in the OWL. The Toronto Defiant. The main goal I had when designing this was to differentiate away from what the Leafs wear. Granted the colors are the Raptors colors. I ended up with the sleeve design being a "T" that extended to the front and back of the jersey. As well as the little notches in the stripe to mimic the notches is the logo. And the nameplate being the only thing that breaks the stripe. The pants and sock share the striping that is on the jersey just without the notches. I do currently have a couple teams done and this might be one of my favorite sets so far. Thank you for looking at the Defiant. I'm really excited to be posting concepts again and look forward to the rest of this series. As always C&C is welcome. Also I do know this is the adidas template, I put Staple as the uniform provider because they are the jersey manufacturer for the OWL.
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    https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/storm/seattle-storm-unveils-new-logo-the-first-major-redesign-since-debut-in-2000/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=owned_echobox_tw_m&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1614708209 Well, there it is! Fits it well with WNBA uniforms feeling more like soccer-style jerseys than traditional basketball uniforms, what with sponsors being presented more prominently than team logos. And it wouldn't be a Seattle-based logo without the Space Needle!
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    That is an INSTANT upgrade over the font they currently use, why not make the switch?
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    It's just so...tacky, that's all! I'm glad you like it! You know what, that's actually a pretty cool idea! I mocked that up real quick just for you: In retrospect, I still prefer just the WB logo because of how easily I can tweak that logo to blend in more with the design. However, since many shirt sponsors IRL (especially for a tier-two team) don't recolor their logos to fit in with a team's look, this may be doable realistically! Thanks! I'm glad this got the approval of a a Valley resident! --- Gonna leave SoCal for the next few teams, so here's one from the Central Valley! Valley Division Clovis SC Clovis, California Founded: 1986 Affiliated with: Fresno SC Fresno's eastern neighbor prides itself around the Western cowboy lifestyle (which they call "The Clovis Way of Life"), as they host an annual rodeo, various cowboy-themed festivals, and prominently feature a cowboy on their city seal. I decided to represent the team with a C-shaped horseshoe with a Western-style font. I used the brown/cream from the Sacramento Republic FC and took inspiration from the Indianapolis Colts and this Racing Louisville FC concept by @mcrosby. The tan home kit brings the horseshoe design of the crest into a center stripe, and has a sublimated khaki pattern. The brown clash kit features a subtle pinstripe pattern with one line representing the Western Pacific Railroad's path (which was influential in the city's growth) through Clovis. The kits are supplied by Adidas like its parent club, and the sponsor is the Fresno-based Pelco security camera company.
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    Fun fact: they wore them in a 2000s game against the Yankees in the regular season.
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    It's a wonderful tribute to the era in San Jose pro soccer history that saw the revival of the Earthquakes' identity and the MLS edition of the club capture its first MLS Cup title. This jersey pays homage to the 2000-2002 uniform without feeling the need to slavishly replicate every stitch and embellishment. It's the very definition of "less is more"... without so heavily leaning into the "less" that you find yourself wondering whether the team has simply repurposed a training top. Kudos to the 'Quakes!
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    What are the Thrashers to fans of the Winnipeg Jets? You could argue, "what are the Nordiques to fans of the Colorado Avalanche?" or "what are the Whalers to fans of the Carolina Hurricanes?" but the Nordiques and the Whalers are far more culturally significant in the NHL's history than the Thrashers ever will be. Hell, Turner Boradcasting used the money WCW made in 1998 to pay for the Thrashers' expansion fee. Did the Atlanta Thrashers kill WCW? I'll let you decide.
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    And Mt. Rainier, if you believe the brandspeak.
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    Also the white uniforms. And a little extra, he's wearing the revolution helmet I believe it was called. I thought it was so cool back in the day lol.
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    This is really good! I find the addition of the lighter green unnecessary, but while I did like the nostalgia of the old one it was showing its age. This is sleek and fits with the more soccer-ish WNBA identities. That arch at the bottom looks ready to be flipped vertically to resemble the Sonics arch, and I wouldn’t hate it at all I do find it slightly amusing that they chose to name their main color “Thunder”
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    Pardon, but why couldn't the inspiration provided by "the iconic architecture and sharp angles of @CrewStadium" have been rendered in varying shades of yellow?
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    Qatar World Cup continues to be an atrocity. F*%#ing hell. FIFA should be permanently dismantled for allowing this.
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    I don't mean to be a dick or nothing, but you're wrong about every single one of these lol. Even the Panthers. It's just a recolored version of the original red jerseys
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    Dear San Jose, This is YOUR look. NEVER change.
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    He is right that the 9's used in the Cardinals' Tweet are a different font than what is used on the Cardinals uniforms. But, the Cardinals social media team has been using the incorrect font for these types of posts for the last couple of years, so it's no evidence of new uniforms. Interestingly enough, they did not give JJ a jersey to hold up at the press conference yesterday, so maybe that is evidence of new unis coming! But probably the real reason for that was him finding out earlier that day that he would get to use #99 which was previously retired by the Cardinals.
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    Let's go... I just love this template.. Colorado Buffaloes... Home, Away, Alternate 1 and 2... Colors codes here >> TruColor - The definitive source for Professional and Collegiate team color information. Pac-12 Conference (1915-1916 through present)
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    It's as if DG and BBTV had a logo baby.
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    The Red Wings looked like they wanted to do "What if Red Wings in SPACE????'", but chickened out halfway and wound up with whatever this is. Took me a half period to notice that they weren't wearing their usual white striped pants until I saw that Jonathan Bernier was wearing his regular pants. During the game Jody Shelley asked Jeff Rimer if the uniforms reminded him of anything and Rimer said "I was gonna say practice jerseys". Shelly said they looked like Ohio State uniforms and then that's all I could see for the rest of the game.
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    I wish they would just modernize the 80s-90s world series logo and stick with it
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    Nordiques Whalers Oilers Rangers (except for the collar) Islanders Capitals Sabres Panthers Lightning Coyotes Canucks Flames Senators Canadiens Red Wings (color swap x 2 of home red jerseys) Blue Jackets (change in shoulder patch) Predators (change in shoulder patch) Kings Ducks Sharks Devils Penguins (change in shoulder patch) Flyers et al These were all color swaps from the original jersey. Seriously...take another look at them
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    OK, so here are the Brewers and Padres, which finishes off the entire MLB. I actually feel like both of these teams made major upgrades when they changed last year, but both dropped the ball a bit and the same ways. The navy the Brewers went with is inferior to royal blue, for them anyway. And the Padres brown is nice, but still a little darker/duller than I would've used... it's like they're still just a bit embarrassed by the fact that they're wearing brown.
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    If they're not selling them anyway, using team uniforms is a great idea. The 1998 ASG has had a lot of airtime lately due to the Kobe v Jordan factor, and it's such a cool look. One team in white, one team in colour. Then to satisfy Nike they can sell a bunch of already made uniforms with an allstar patch for $20 more. Everybody wins.
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    I really do hope they change again. I actually tried to design something a few years back for them, but never posted it anywhere. It's supposed to form the initials of Chicago Fire FC. I think something like this could work along the other Chicago sports teams.
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    Oddly enough, the Hawks' RR kinda resembles the third jersey from a Drummondville Voltigeurs concept I did back in '09. Not an exact match, but very close. Borrowing @Ted Cunningham's words, the Hawks' RR effort looks like any other hockey jersey ever. Far from the worst they could've done, but...um, yeah, as far as its presence, it's just there. Kinda like the random journeyman player you look at and wonder what the heck he's actually good at.
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    The Florida Panthers actually had claws on their gloves when they unveiled their inaugural uniforms. They were scrapped before the team took the ice.
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    Decided to go back and make some tweaks to the Nats. The primary home now uses the "W" crest rather than the "Nationals" script, I lightened the road gray and flipped the colors on the second home alt and the piping/trim is changed across the board. NATIONALS HOME NATIONALS ROAD NATIONALS HOME ALT NATIONALS HOME ALT 2 NATIONALS ROAD ALT Let me know if you think this is an improvement or not!
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