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    Crappy numbers look crappy regardless of clarity.
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    It’s fine, nothing special. The shirt is paired with orange shorts again, which is definitely a mistake. I’m really not a fan of mono-orange for them, so I’ll never be all that fond of their primary kits unless and until they go back to white shorts or go orange/black/orange.
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    There's only so much space on the shoulders in that picture because shoulder pads were enormous back then. That wouldn't be an issue today. There's a very easy solution - Use the late 90's stripes that matched the helmet's striping and size better and then put the numbers on the sleeves. And I think the Bengals should wear black socks with the white pants. It's the best of all worlds.
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    The numbers would be a pain to read.
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    I’d still rock this though lol
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    Looks like the NBA is going with what was planned for Indianapolis before the game was moved to Atlanta. This is stupid. Should have just worn team jerseys in this case.
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    The first two posts of yours here are just confusing...."They feel really cheap but there's clear evidence of creative choices..." The second and third post see you claim that "almost non are colour swaps" then "at least half a dozen are not" color swaps (out of 31) but there are only 1 or 2 in your own list that aren't color swaps...so it's not even half a dozen... You're all over the place. How can you not recall seeing the Devils with "that many hem stripes"? The Sharks have a unique template design? The RR is the modern adidas template, but the design is 99% similar to the 90s unis. The Panthers have a "totally unique striping design"? I mean the RR changed up the color order...but the striping design looks really familiar. The point of the RRs was to use old jerseys as inspiration and switch up the colors. That's why each of them have a " '96" on the inside collar or whatever. Some aren't great, but we've talked about that. IMO, the RR program is overwhelmingly a success.
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    Per the ESPN article: "The plans, announced by MLB on Thursday morning, include an annual tribute in which uniformed personnel will wear a jersey patch celebrating Gehrig, and a "4-ALS" logo -- commemorating his No. 4 -- will be displayed around stadiums. The league will use the occasion to raise money and awareness to battle ALS and pay homage to ALS advocacy groups like the LG4Day committee, which turned an off-the-cuff text into a cause that will bring together the sport."
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    Next up is a double dose of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins rebrand in 1992 to the robo penguin was a very long road as online there are tons of different logo and jersey concepts that can be found. There are so many unique concepts with some cartoonish penguins and some amazingly wild 90s jerseys. I decided to pick my 2 favorite logos of the bunch for my concepts. Here is a twitter image with some great images of the prototypes Here is an Icethetics link to an article on some of the prototypes First up is a concept using a sleek penguin head logo. I decided to bring back powder blue as it's something I could have seen the Penguins doing in the 90s. The jersey design is a little unconventional with some curved striping that follows the logo. The second concept goes a very different route that is much darker with an aggressive buff penguin logo and a vegas gold, black and grey color scheme.
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    Houston press release: Our new icon jersey reflects our new team name, symbolic of they way we bent over backwards to make James Harden happy.
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    Hi guys! So I've been away for a little but kept browsing the forum. I've been inspired by a lot of people posting their reimaginings of NBA teams like @Tore and @jb1322 (among others), and decided to give it a go! Some considerations before we start: - I'm a HUGE fan of 90's aesthetics, so some teams might incorporate elements from that era, but not in all the wilderness saw in those years - While it started as a good idea, the City Edition concept has started to run it's course. There are some amazing models (Memphis, Miami come to mind) but there's so much you can do with the story of a city. Some jerseys like Portland don't even remind me of the team they represent. So I've decided to keep it simple: Association, Icon and Statement. I'll try to keep them original enough to incorporate the team's colors, and don't fall on the BFBS jerseys seen all around the league. - I've started doing this during the pandemic, if there are mistakes in the templates please let me know. All said and done, let me present the first team: the San Antonio Spurs. As you can see, I decided to embrace the Fiesta colors fully. The script on Association & Icon is based off the Ebbets Vintage collection released some weeks ago (modified to fit into the design) and the terminations on the three straps around the jersey feature a silhouette of the iconic Alamo Mission. The Statement jersey features the script found on the City jerseys IRL, and the Alamo is more notable here. The pattern on the sides is based on the one found in the warm-up shirts used in mid 90s by the team. Let me know what do you think about it, and all feedback is welcome!
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    Playing around with an idea here. I've long thought soccer kits could do a better job of representing the franchise, city, and supporter culture that is unique to them. Seems to me that often designs are disconnected from that base beyond maybe crests and colors. Stripes, checkers, hoops, sashes, etc. are all great (and for some clubs those design elements become iconic), but more often they're just an abstract design chosen by a designer. No basis in narrative. No story behind it. So for this Timbers concept, I swung the pendulum back for a more literal interpretation of what the Portland Timbers culture is. Crunchy, muddy, rainy Pacific Northwest chic. Roots in logging culture, an evolution towards recreational enjoyment of the outdoors - camping, hiking, and hot coffee mixed with soggy soccer. So this kit is inspired by this little "Timbers Off-the-Pitch Starter Pack" I cooked up: I softened the color palette to mix in more natural greens (olives, sages, khakis) that you see in the forest. Heathered the jersey fabric for a more organic feel. Used the soccer socks to mimic classic hiking socks (can't go wrong with a Kirkland 6-Pack from Costco, imo). The crest on the jersey, shorts, and the league patch are embossed leather patches, that are tough enough for the elements, but still natural and crafted locally. Hopefully this is a kit Timber Jim would be proud of. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feed back. This may or may not become a series... I do want to explore a few other teams and see how their on-field look could better reflect their off-field culture. We'll see if inspiration strikes...!
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    Remember this isn't just about the folks sitting at home on their couches. You've got announcers, coaches, spotters, officials not to mention fans in the stands that much prefer legible numbers.
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    It's easy to call the Fisherman Jersey the worst based on being radically different but at least it had a consistent theme. The black Islanders jersey had no theme. Someone got a little too chaotic in Create-a-Uniform mode. The timing of the jersey also made no sense. It was right around the time the Mets and Knicks removed black from their colors. That era of BFBS seemed over. Islanders were those people who jump into a trend as it ended.
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    There was something unique about every team having their own manufacture. I just missing seeing different brands other than Nike and Adidas in US sports. If the NFL never went with 1 sole manufacture, I wonder if more teams would have different uniform templates? Kinda like what goes on in College Football.
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    I agree the stripes on the shoulders and the numbers on the sleeves were the better version before they moved the numbers and added the logo in the 90s.
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    I don't mean to be a dick or nothing, but you're wrong about every single one of these lol. Even the Panthers. It's just a recolored version of the original red jerseys
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    Hate to ruin the joke, but he replied to one of his twitter comments that he purchased this from DHgate, a Chinese website that sells counterfeit jerseys among other things. So, you really do get what you pay for.
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    Numbers need to be instantly recognizable. If you have to look for a few seconds to figure them out, no matter the size of your TV, its a bad font.
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    It’s 2021, buy a freakin 4K tv dude
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    That’s kinda great, but those faux Pacers unis are gonna look so stupid on top of it.
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    LOL I think you're reading way too much into it. Confirmation bias is a powerful thing.
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    I’d go with orange socks all-around, to avoid any leotard looks (like the Chargers did).
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    The new Rams and Chargers uniforms prove you don't need to have TV numbers anymore. Just push the tiger stripes up a tad bit and have the tiger on the sleeves.
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    That is an INSTANT upgrade over the font they currently use, why not make the switch?
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    Dear San Jose, This is YOUR look. NEVER change.
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    Proofread your work, people!
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    That game was literally HARD to watch. Like it was physically uncomfortable. Why would the Bengals choose that opponent to wear their orange jerseys against? Why would the Browns in turn choose to wear their orange pants making the problem worse? Couldn't have worn their brown pants that day? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS4Z6LEryvk Look at that silliness?
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    I keep clicking your underlines hoping something will open up.
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    I think this would’ve been a good time to revert to 1998’s ASG as well, and just have players wear their team specific Home or Road uniforms. It would be great to see again. As far as the court for this year’s game, it’s decent. It makes me think of the court from the 2018 game, or at least the baseline designs seem to callback to it for me.
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    Eh, I find Ayn Rand to be a truly terrible author and human, but I think this is a reach.
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    I think the point is that the tiger is redundant considering there's tiger stripes in the same area, which I never really though about but I think I agree with now. The solution is to simply have the shoulder stripes and that's it. Nike's going to force their big advertisement patch in there anyway so there's no real room for a number or a redundant logo.
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    I really thought the 2018 big-logo jerseys were gonna be the template going forward. Wild.
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    I'd expect the Coyotes to bring back the white Kachina and go with the throwbacks full time. Beyond that, I don't see any other teams making major changes to their home/away looks. I'm not sure what the plan is with the reverse retros. I hope they don't go the NBA route and force every team to come up with a new RR design every season. There are definitely some teams that will want to bring back this year's as a full-time alternate (Panthers, Yotes, Capitals).
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    Last month I learned my Samsung TV has blue, red and green channels in case this happens again. Probably not the sole reason, but it's there. Sunderland and Newcastle United would do this too, the main differnece would be one team wearing black shorts. AC Milan and Inter Milan do this too.
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    Possibly an unpopular opinion: The old Bengals unis were good, but one could argue the tiger logo on the sleeves were unnecessary. They don't ruin the jerseys in anyway, but the tiger stripes on the shoulders were enough.
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    what are you talking about, literally the exact same striping template as the original white uniform. Only change is the shoulder patch
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    Thanks, man! I have the Rockies ready to go, but they won't be in Nuggets colors. I might try them in Nuggets colors sometime down the road. I remember those. Much more muted green, so the red touching green actually worked on those jerseys. Up today are the Seattle Mariners! MARINERS HOME MARINERS ROAD MARINERS HOME ALT MARINERS ROAD ALT At this point I may as well have titled this series "Recoloring most of MLB" because the Mariners again are not a blue and red team. I do, however, feel their current look has gotten a bit stale, so I decided to bring back the more streamlined early Griffey era look and combine it with the colors of the Seattle Kraken. If the Marlins refuse to bring back the teal, then maybe the Mariners could own this shade. C&C appreciated! The Rockies are up next.
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    Finally some distinction before San Jose and Montreal! Kidding. The Earthquakes look great. I'm not the biggest fan of black and blue together, but they blue San Jose is running with is an awesome shade. It'll look fantastic in the sun.
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    I've never thought an apparel logo looked cool on uniforms.
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    The Florida Panthers actually had claws on their gloves when they unveiled their inaugural uniforms. They were scrapped before the team took the ice.
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    Angels-Rangers on Sept. 28, 2013; Rays-Twins on Sept. 15, 2013
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    The 2008 All-Star Game was kinda confusing to watch.
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    I'm trying to think of NBA examples besides red vs. orange and white vs. gray, which I think were already mentioned in the other thread. This may not be the most egregious example out there, but in 2011 the Bucks played the Knicks in a green-vs.-blue matchup (this also happened to be Carmelo Anthony's debut as a Knick). Knicks were at home wearing blue throwbacks, Bucks wearing their regular road greens. Back then, color-on-color matchups were still somewhat rare in the NBA, so I remember this game looking pretty bad/weird and wondering why the Bucks didn't just wear their white jerseys to get better contrast. This was still before the NBA went insane; home teams back then normally wore white (or yellow), and on the rare occasion a home team ever wore their "road" color, the road team would normally just wear white. I mean it's not THAT close of a color matchup, but it's the best "older" NBA example I could remember that wasn't mentioned yet.
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    Thanks! Today's team is the Tampa Bay Rays! RAYS HOME RAYS ROAD RAYS HOME ALT RAYS ROAD ALT This one is actually adds another red team to the league, but I have my justification for it. The Rays have one of the blandest sets in all of MLB, and there’s no reason they should look like a dollar store version of the Yankees. I thought it would be fun to try them in the classic colors of another Tampa team, the reigning Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. I brought back the Rays’ early 2000s scripts and logos because, colors aside, they're my favorite the Rays have ever had. Let me know what you think! C&C appreciated! I hope to have the Angels up tomorrow.
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    I'm not going to lie. When it was first introduced, I thought the Avalanche logo was an abstract of someone tubing down a snow hill. Why I thought that I have no idea. Later on I had someone tell me they thought the Avs logo was an avalanche covering up a tire. They thought it was due to the Red Wings-Avalanche rivalry of the '90s, and that the Avs were taking a swipe at the Motor City.
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    As a kid I actually didn’t realize the Minnesota Wild logo was supposed to be a bear head. I thought it was just an arbitrarily shaped wilderness scene. When it was pointed out it blew my mind.
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