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    This looks like the ucla bookstore was vandalized by someone with a boston stencil.
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    Next up is Prince George: Prince George is the Spruce City, so some sprucing up was in order! I went for a more foresty double brown look for the Cougars with wood rings striping. The current Pacman cat logo becomes a circular saw, and the sleeve patch is based on the city's welcome sign. C&C appreciated! Also, I'm having a hard time with ideas for Regina, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat, so let me know if you have any thoughts.
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    I just think the Red Sox should always wear red and navy and use their fonts. That’s it! It’s a brand not worth changing. The occasional green thing has somehow worked, but no more. I don’t think they need to have a marathon alternate to be friends with the marathon, any more than the marathon needs to deviate from its established course and have its finish line at Fenway because that would be nice and Boston-y. (Plus that ramshackle alt they put together after the bombing already has become the day’s alternate, anyway. This feels like Nike saw that and said “ah but we’re not making money off that nice gesture”.)
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    First of all, this is just a one-off. It’s not replacing the regular uniforms. They’re still the Red Sox, they’re still red/white/blue. The City Connect uniform, as the name implies, is supposed to represent the CITY, not just the team. I know this board is for uniform enthusiasts, but it’s getting more like an echo chamber for those who can’t stand anything different then the way things were in their childhoods.
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    Somebody hasn't been following the MLS uniform thread...
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    It's like when LeBron James suggested the Heat draft Shabazz Napier, they did, and then he went back to Cleveland anyway. Don't take advice from people not under contract to your organization.
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    Awful. I can't decide what I dislike more; the uniforms or the sales pitch word salad.
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    As a reminder, the previous most egregious thing in Boston sports branding:
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    Let me tell you about this league called the NBA...
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    Yes, but Under Armour would've given us some other abomination.
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    Difference is, the O's still used their usual script and logos even if the colors were different. I think that goes a long way in keeping their identity/branding. When I watch these NBA highlights, their colors, logos, everything are all over the place and rarely connect to the team's identity at all.
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    Honestly, this is better than any of the old holiday uniforms. The approach has always been to use the same one-size-fits-all idea across every team, and said idea has always been the lowest-hanging fruit, having the exact same significance (or lack thereof) to every team and market. If there’s one thing you can expect from Nike, it’s going to be more individual content tailored to the teams and the local markets. This is no different than covering a Red Sox jersey in flags or pink/blue, except for the fact that it’s local to Boston. I’m not liking the cap, though. I wish they would have gone all the way with a B in a circle or something inspired by the T.
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    So, starting with the Boston (or New Orleans, or Portland) Breakers... great color scheme and easily in the top 5 of all-time helmet designs...
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    Did those Players Weekend uniforms replace any regular uniforms? Or even became an alternate? All that happened there was it became an annual event, like when they started dressing up in Stars and Stripes for Memorial/Independence/Patriot Day
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    Nobody is pretending that teams are going to change their identities. The issue is that nobody wants to see teams like the Red Sox wearing hideous, gimmicky uniforms for large chunks of the season. That's a very real and imminent concern. Just so that NIke and the owners can further line their pockets.
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    All cross-sport uniform tie ins are best left to the concepts boards and should never see the playing field. With that being said, I think the marathon should reciprocate and have the runners wear knickers, stirrups, and spikes.
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    Did a quick tweak of the new City Connect uniform:
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    MLB Store on 6th already pushing a ton of new merch for these one-offs EDIT -- also worth noting, the jerseys appear to be screen printed. They're not patches. The sleeve patch is real though.
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    Maybe pro sports are full of a bunch of knuckleheads who get jobs because they partied with coach back in '93.
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    Or perhaps don’t take advice about coaches from players so great they basically coach themselves.
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    I really do like the new NYCFC kit, and am thrilled that it has white shorts, but I still can’t help but feel like navy accents work better for them. For me, the 2017/18 primary kit was pretty much perfect, especially when paired with the white shorts: I loved the navy accents and the hint of orange, and even though the white shorts were my preference, the kit still looked great with the navy shorts as well:
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    No, it's not a bad take at all. But it's also tinged with that same degree of optimism that had some people thinking NHL helmet ads would be a one-season-and-done thing. Add Nike into the equation, and the precedent it set with the NBA, and the relentless cynicism becomes justified. There 100% is a way to expand MLB's color palette and jersey program without it becoming overkill. I just have 0% faith that Nike has any interest in showing restraint.
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    That's one way to unite to the forum lol
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    I feel like I should be protesting this jersey with pitchforks and angry shaken fists in the air, but honestly ... my first reaction was ... "oh, it's Nike ............. I wonder if I have any of that leftover ham from Easter?"
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    As it pertains to relaxing one-helmet rule For each one of these we're gonna get a dozen of these
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    I'm in a real long stretch of wanting to use Belgrad for everything I make. Love it.
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    Next up is yet another 90s concept for the Flyers. This concept comes from a set of logos that were just recently shown off in Icethetics NHL Prototypes video. These logos were part of the design process to try and bring teal into the Flyers color palette. The primary logo this time features a modified version of a wordmark logo that the team considered and also a liberty bell logo that went unused. Link to the Icethetics Prototype Video. Logos can be seen from 8:02 to 8:15
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    The Jets change quarterbacks like I change pants. This team will forever be the butt of the joke. Unlike their fellow brothers in misery in Cleveland, who has a bright future; the Jets have no future. I know Darnold isn't the best, but they threw him to the wolves. He had no offensive line, no one could catch a cold on that team, his confidence got shot to pieces and they're surprised he was regressing? Gee, I wonder why. You never gave him the chance.
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    They have no restraint because of one thing:
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    The problem with the current Blues (not including the white numbers) is the navy blue hem. It makes the navy dominate when the royal should shine more, and more egregious is because the hem and the pants are the same color, it makes the jersey look really small.
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    At least the NHL RR's have relevance to the team's history. What this is and most of what NBA does feature absolutely nothing close.
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    *fires up MLB The Show 2024* *Selects Cubs* *Goes to uniform select* *Cycles through over two dozen uniforms and a couple hundred combinations* "OK, looks like I'm going with the home pinstripes."
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    U! *clap* *clap* clap* C! *clap* *clap* clap* L! *clap* *clap* *clap* A! *clap* *clap* *clap* U! C! L! A! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
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    Thank you! Curious what you mean "college-y..." Are you talking about the arched wordmark? And now, the team that has beautiful colors but desperately needs a new logo, Kelowna: The Rockets get a "Black Diamond" theme, inspired by both the team's retro logo and the local ski resorts. The Ogopogo lake monster is integrated into the wordmark, and appears in the water below the Okanagan Lake Bridge. The shoulder patch is an apple tree based on Kelowna's "Orchard City" nickname.
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    First Canadian team in the series, Kamloops: The Blazers' logo is fine, but I'd prefer a K for Kamloops rather than a B, so I split the difference. The team's real Oilers-esque jerseys are really nice, so not really any room for improvement on that, so time for something new. The Y-shaped striping is based on the city coat of arms. The sleeve patch is a mountain campfire.
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    Chicago Blitz. Nothing else much to say...
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    Also a great color scheme and top ten helmet design, the Michigan Panthers...
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    You say that as if it's one over the others. It'll probably be all of them plus a few.
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    I don't know why everyone is freaking out. I like them. They have significance because of the flag and the marathon's finish line, and in my opinion, I think they look nice with the colors. I'll probably still buy it because I like it but you all are entitled to your own opinion. I just hope they don't :censored: up the Nats one in a few years with the "DC is only the capital and nothing else" bs.
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    I’m kind of surprised that using 0 and 00 aren’t being brought up, though I feel as though it’s only a matter of time before players can wear 0 and/or 00. My guess is that if/when wearing 0/00 is permitted, 0 gets use from the general K/P/QB crowd and 00 getting use from the OL/DL/LB/TE group. Also, is it me, or have any NFL TEs worn anything in the 90-99 range, or is that more of a college thing, if anything at all?
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    The Tuscon Roadrunners tried their own version of the Kachina with purple trim and a slightly different striping pattern. Tbh I've seen a lot of concepts that try to update the Kachina look (simplified striping, sticking with brick/sand/red, etc.), and not a single one has looked better than the actual jersey. I'm expecting Arizona will just bring back the white version of the throwback, and will keep the purple RR around as a full time alternate.
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    I knew it was coming, but I thought we would get one more season before the attack.
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    Glad you like it! Next is Portland: While the Winterhawks name is not necessarily a problem, Portland's current primary logo needs to be phased out. I propose a much more literal take on the name. The striping is tilted for a Portland Rosebuds callback and some Trailblazers synergy, and forest green replaces black for some Timbers/Thorns synergy. The font is a bit weirder, because Portland asked for it.
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