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    The Cavs will have had 3 changes in 11 years. They really need to stick with something.
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    Sounds like they're all over the place with this.
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    The M is... fine. It's just fine. But that's just it - it has no character. The TC makes you think a bit - at least as a little kid collecting baseball cards in the '80s, I had absolutely no idea what TC was for. I can't remember when I figured it out, but I thought it was the coolest thing. I never got to see the caps other than the ASG but I wanted one (unfortunately, there was no easy way to get one back then.) It's not the best that an interlocking TC could be, but it definitely has charm that the M lacks, and should be their cap forever.
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    My greatest disappointment with the Brewers is that their last branding had a really good idea for a script on the jersey (cursive old-school brewery font to tie in with the team name), but they just mangled the crap out of it with so much unnecessary crap and terrible design ideas (drop shadows, outlines upon outlines, a terrible muddy color scheme) that it ruined what was otherwise a pretty solid idea...a lot like many late 90's-early 2000's rebrands did, actually. Like, this script on it's own without all the fluff does work for me; But instead of a nice, simple script on the jerseys, we got this; Which completely :censored:ed the font's strengths by covering it in three different goddamned outlines to make a drop shadow. If they'd just kept it to base color + the first outline, I think it could've aged a lot better; but then, that era was all about that kinda crap, so I guess I'm not surprised it aged as well as an apple left in the sun for 5 years straight.
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    But that's the beauty of it -- it's not. They're the Twins, a name derived from "Twin Cities," so the TC is actually a pretty clever representation of the team name. I agree with @MNtwins3. I have that same '47 Brand "M" cap and wear it almost every day. I also have a fantastic Mitchell & Ness replica of the '87/'91 dugout jackets with a big embroidered 'M' on the front. I adore it, but only because of what it represents. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing the "M" reincorporated as an occasional alternate.
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    Isn't the giant 42 on the back of the jersey essentially a tribute patch? Seems a little redundant.
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    I imagine a good part of it was also Karmanos wanting to avoid another Hartford situation in making their market too small; better to be "the Carolinas' team" than "Raleigh's team" in the late 90's.
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    I tried to say that in my post, but you did it much better. I think I read here (but haven't found it elsewhere) that the Twins wanted to be the "Twin Cities Twins" to the point that the "TC" hat was designed with the "place name" before the American League said no. So while I always assumed the "TC" was to avoid the perception of an "M" being for "Minneapolis" it's also possible that it lingers as symbolic of a somewhat prototypical name, which would be a pretty cool story. I'm not aware of the consideration of "Minneapolis Saints," but that would have been an interesting solution and may have flown since naming big league teams after states was so rare back then.
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    And one more for good measure...
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    I mean... it's been explained plenty of times in this thread why NFL had to do it, but if you think your opinions are more valid than trademark law, then have at it. But while I'm here... how the F is the NFL "crushing a league" by making a team change it's obviously-ripped-off logo? Talk about an overreaction. The goddam league isn't even really a league right now, and is essentially starting over at some point - that team had no brand equity, and may not even exist in XFL 3.0.
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    Picking Raleigh or Durham gets you both in a Twin Cities situation AND being one of the smallest markets, so casting the Carolina net makes a lot of sense there. Triangle Hurricanes doesn't work I don't think for obvious reasons. Golden State had that brief period of barnstorming with home games in San Diego. Willing to bet they would've switched to San Francisco when they moved across the bay if they hadn't gone on a historic, game-changing run of success that's got us stuck with Golden State forever now. (That embrace of Oakland proper on their way out the door remains one of the most cynical ploys in sports branding I can remember!) The Patriots, we may remember, initially planned to become the Bay State Patriots upon moving to Foxborough. Between having the most exurban stadium in the NFL and the general climate of Boston white-flight during that time, I think we can guess why. Being arm-twisted into becoming "New England" may have been a blessing in disguise given how much sway the Giants held in parts of New England, historically.
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    I had a similar thought, and it makes a lot of sense, but then I remembered that the Charlotte Hornets joined the NBA in 1988 -- 7 years before the Panthers. To me, that kind of undercuts the notion that Charlotte couldn't stand on its own. EDIT: So, sort of like @NicDB already said above.
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    It also works as a tribute to a mediocre family comedy from 2007.
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    Demon... Cats.... ?
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    Are we sure these surveys are from the team? That is a ton of names to sift through, and many are just terrible. Washington Monarchs and Washington Royals? They can't seriously be considering names that stupid. And what the hell is a Belter?
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    Most Twins fans generally agree that the TC is superior (including yours truly), but we all love the M for sentimental purposes (I literally have an M cap that got delivered today from '47) The TC is more historic, and has been around since literally day 1 in Minnesota. The M is mainly connected to our two world series wins. Personally, I hope we always have the TC as an option, preferably the primary hat. The M can be a nice throwback every once in a while
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    Los Angeles Rams I know most of you might hate it, but I decided to lean into the gradients and horns featured in the Rams new logo. I think the team intended to go with gradient horns on the helmet, but decided against it after backlash with the logo. The helmet and shoulders feature gradient horns on the home and away jerseys. Block numbers return, and no gradients in any of the pants stripe. For the yellow alternate, I decided against horns on the jersey, and instead went for gradient pants. White pants are interchangeable for all. Most importantly, no bone.
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    Hi all. My local baseball club looks like they are moving toward a new look, so I've decided to put up my hand and rediscover my liking for logo design. The mascot is a native Australian bird, the kookaburra (shortened to 'Burras'), and the colours are green and yellow. It goes without saying that the current primary logo (also featured on the cap) is terrible. Warning to your retinas: Here are my logos. Top-bottom, left-right goes primary, secondary, cap, patch and wordmark logos. Comments and criticism welcome.
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    The annual Jackie Robinson tribute has been tweaked slightly. This year, the patches feature each team’s specific number font. Up until now each team used the exact same patch, in Dodgers styling. Personally, I think they were waiting for the Brewers to ditch the worst custom font in baseball.
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    You’re about 12 pages late.
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    If the teams have a good idea and seem to consistently choose larger geographic identifiers I would say that's a pretty good sign that more often than not it pays to be Carolina instead of Charlotte. In the case of a team like the Rockies I could definitely see a fan on the western slope with existing loyalties feeling more represented by the Colorado identifier than the Denver one. If you live on the other side of a mountain range and 5 hours from Denver why would you feel more connected to that team than the existing fandom you had? It won't work for everyone but in some of these cases I think it makes a lot of sense that some people would be more amenable to a team with a broader identifier.
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    I'm actually glad to see Redhogs on the list. That's the only name I like as much as Redtails. Either one would allow them to salvage things that have already been part of their identity for decades.
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    Typically these kinds of surveys include x amount of names and each list is randomly generated for each respondent. In theory, with enough respondents you will get a sense of what options are the most favored out of the group and can assess how they are rated. Each name will be placed in a list with every other name and the cream will rise to the top by being repeatedly selected. That's part of the reason you would allow people to choose two names because you don't care that some random guy likes a disliked name. You care that the most liked names by the most people are found. You would only do this type of survey at this stage when you have too many names to just let people vote. Nobody is going to take a survey where they have to choose their 5 favorite out of 50 names but people will do this 5 times on lists of 10. This is how this should be conducted... but this is Washington and Dan Scneider we're talking about so it could be a conspiracy to popularize their pre-selected favorites.
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    I work in DC frequently and lived there for a while. 1) I've never heard that term before, nor have I heard anyone from DC use it. But 2) I did immediately understand what it was referring to. (Again, likely only because I have experience in/with DC.)
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    Yeah, of all the cities to use a royal themed name, Washington makes the absolute least sense. It's absurd that those names are even on the list. A great way to alienate fans like me who aren't from DC. Is "belter" even a term that people use? I want to believe that most of these are throwaway filler names to pad the surveys, but I've learned not to underestimate the stupidity of Dan Snyder
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    I've written several times that I have zero problem with road teams wearing something other than gray jerseys, so I'm not going to touch on the Marlins here. But the Braves wearing red at home for Jackie Robinson Day is avoidable and somewhat disappointing. I'm not generally too opposed to seeing teams wearing colored jerseys at home either, but "special" days should be the domain of white jerseys only.
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    I think it has the potential, certainly. But at the same time I think they can build a strong brand with the centurion as well. History is important, but its still a disjointed history. I don't look at the current Senators and think of the historical Senators any more than when I look at the Washington Nationals I think of the Washington Senators. I think a strong identity could be built from the =O=, but the modern team is far more integrated with the Roman aesthetic. I'd honestly be fine with them going in either direction, I just wish they used the updated Roman head.
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    Here's one for DC United to go with the rumors that they're exploring a cherry blossom kit. I have zero confidence that they'll go with pink, and only a tiny bit of hope that they don't sublimate to the point of invisibility. I think this would pair nice with black shorts and patterned socks.
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    The TC stands for the Twin Cities. That’s what we call the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Places like Bloomington, White Bear Lake, Woodbury, Coon Rapids, they’re all a part of the Twin Cities. Sure the TC is a little confusing for outsiders, but that’s not who it’s for. It’s meant to represent the Twin Cities, and it does a perfect job. And the M cap is ok, but that extra underline is dumb.
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    Is there a roundup of actual upcoming 2021 NFL uniform changes? Not all of us obsess over and show up on this website every single day to follow where these threads go. It's also impossible to sift through all of the off-topic banter and infighting to find actual to the point discussion/information about the topic at hand. Do mods even exist here? It's probably a good idea for the first post to be updated periodically
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    Next up is Saskatoon: Saskatoon's logo is fine, certainly better than what it replaced, but it doesn't really look like anything (not even the skate blade it's meant to be.) I just figured I'd turn it into the Traffic Bridge for the City of Bridges. A saskatoon berry is the shoulder patch logo. Also, I figured they could be the WHL's yellow-dominant team, so they get a simple jersey design because they already stand out enough! still lost on how to change regina eek
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    Dallas Cowboys I decided to go full in on navy blue and silver in the Cowboys home and away set, with a royal blue and seafoam green alternate. Star added to the home sleeve. Not too much different.
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    What's funny is that in the article, the "artist" talks about being able to identify with a Lakers jersey when the NBA is changing jerseys 56 times a year. So how is someone suppose to identify with a team. Even if they come up with a great design, it will be gone in a few years anyway.
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    I feel like we've had this discussion about painting vs decals. I'm pretty sure the final conclusion was that, although you can find individual examples of helmets with decal stripes and that remains an option for whatever reasons, the majority of the current helmets have painted stripes. I think I remember someone posting a linc to a team equipment manager comment explaining the process.
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    So now having worked through the list of teams who are actually playing this season (Buffalo is still up for debate), it's time to show off the youngest NHL team to join the fraternity: Home & Away: These are not the Seattle Kraken are they? So you're getting a Seattle two-fer here. This first half is what I came up with as a school project before we even knew that the Seattle NHL team was going to be the Kraken. Using the history of flight and aviation, as well as the natural scenery and surroundings in the Seattle area. And while the Seattle Pilots trademark does currently reside in Milwaukee, no reason I can't share this with you guys. To the designs themselves, a lot of this was rooted in NHL 19, (which also explains why Mitch Marner is the jersey model for these) where I first came up with the Pilots idea. Double green forms the base of the colors, a bright gold gets mixed into the bunch, a nod to pilots wings as well as the original baseball Pilots. The primary logo plays off the idea of the pilots' wing pins, set with an S in the middle. On the shoulders, is a Space Needle inspired logo, with the wings taking the place of the observation deck. Socks match their jerseys. Blank pants, primary logo on the front pant leg. Alternate: A bit similar to what Vegas did, their first alternate being a color swap. In this case, the jersey becomes a shade of grey, yellow goes away, as do the primary and secondary logos. A roundel featuring a fighter jet now becomes the main logo used on the jersey and the helmet. Stripes are still the same across the board here. Contrasting nameplate on the back, can't remember the rationale for that, but I liked the look and it stuck around. Legacy - While Vegas does have something of a hockey history, it doesn't compare to Seattle's hockey history, which is why that this expansion franchise gets a throwback as opposed to a City jersey. In this case, we throwback to the Seattle Totems, the former professional team, not the WSHL team. This jersey comes from the years 1963-1966. The gloves were a little bit of guesswork as not too many color pictures exist of the team in these jerseys, and a blank white helmet, as this was before the days of helmets being regularly worn. Reverse Retro - Sticking with the retro theme, the Reverse Retro for the Pilots splits time between the Seattle Breakers and Seattle Thunderbirds, the latter of whom would adopt their uniforms after the identity switch. Since I didn't have a dark green jersey, the base is dark green, with large stripes on the sleeves, numbers in the middle of that, with some underarm stripes going from armpit down. The socks and pants are a little bit of guesswork, since the Breakers and Thunderbirds don't have a lot of photographs of the entire uniforms from these days. Some pictures from those days show the team wearing Cooperalls, others from the similar time period showed pants with a large stripe down the side. Socks were even more of a mystery, so I just went with a scalded down version of the jersey stripes. If anyone shows any interest in the Pilots identity, I can show y'all more of those logos and that identity. Home & Away: But the Seattle NHL team is the Kraken, not the Pilots. To that point, we haven't even seen these jerseys hit the ice yet, so there's not much change that happens to the home and away. I think the only changes are to the collars, which are now contrasting against their jerseys and the gloves, which now have a little bit more of the team colors added to them. Alternate: Much like the Pilots and Golden Knights, the first alternate for the Kraken isn't much of a departure from the normal home and away jerseys. Light blue base, stripes are pretty much identical to the H/A jerseys, minus a couple shades of blue. The Kraken logo goes away, with the Space Needle anchor anchoring itself to the chest. Legacy: Kept the same one as the Pilots, no reason to change it up, except for who's on the jersey, TJ Oshie, whom, I firmly believe will either get expansion drafted or be part of a deal to not expansion draft someone else. Reverse Retro - A Reverse Reverse Retro? Took the Breakers design in Pilots colors and flipped it around to the Kraken colors, which was the original plan all along. Well that completes the list of teams, All Star Game and the Outdoor Games will be coming in the near future. But until then, C&C welcomed as always!
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    And, amazingly, looks terrible thru every color change.
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    It's not necessarily being petty. If you don't defend your trademarks you risk losing them.
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    Also I know we like to assume that the teams have the data to support these decisions but it’s equally likely that people who think they’re smarter than they really are are making galaxy-brain decisions whether it’s wise or not. So.
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    Yeah it sounds like the white jersey and white pants are going to be heavily influenced by the color rush. Most concepts I've seen based off the leaks from earlier have mostly black with little orange on the white jersey. Which you won't hear me complain because I loved the Bengals color rush.
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    I don't know. Seems like a missed opportunity to have even more halo-A's on their uniforms.
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    This may be true. The world is smaller now and there are more (for example) Bills fans in Missouri or Orioles fans in Florida than there probably were before so many people had access to all the games or even highlights. Though I still do think most fandoms are based on geography more than anything. Two early examples were the Vikings and Twins going with "Minnesota" and I think it was to not "alienate" the fans in (presumably) St. Paul by naming the team (presumably) Minneapolis. I don't think it would have hurt the fanbases in the long run but I understand the logic. In more recent decades we've seen more examples, particularly in one-metro states like Arizona and Colorado. I also think the Florida Panthers and Texas Rangers (being the second teams in their state/sports) were probably going for "lets get the fans in the middle." ** Then we have Carolina, New England, Golden State, etc. I'm not saying it works, but I am saying it's common practice. **I suppose there are several other factors with the Rangers and Panthers. They sort of have similar situations to Minnesota (though the other three Miami and other three Dallas teams seem to make it work). Also, I am aware that both "Florida Panthers" and "Texas Rangers" make more sense than replacing with city names but maybe that's why they chose those names.
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    In practical terms, this wouldn’t be an issue. The Oregonian doesn’t have a national footprint, plus Oaklanders would likely associate it with what they know: I was thinking about this the other day, though. It’s kind of odd that this relic of typographic convention persists, even in 2021, on nearly every major newspaper masthead, both in print and online. But then I realized that every time we’ve shown a blackletter concept to a team, someone at the team has mentioned the local newspaper, so there is a definite link in the minds of the audience between a blackletter initial (particularly if it’s the initial for the city) and newspaper mastheads.
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    The Uni-watch website usually has a post before the NFL season detailing all the changes.
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    How about potentially all five MLS teams advancing to the quarterfinals of CONCACAF Champions League for the first time ever?
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    Thanks! Here's the home set with a wishbone "C." I actually used the Bears logo: WHITE SOX HOME: Thanks for the feedback! My next design is actually inspired by your post in this other thread, @O.C.D: Also, @Ark: PADRES HOME: PADRES ROAD: PADRES HOME ALT: PADRES HOME/ROAD ALT: Here's the Padres 2020 redesign swapping out athletic gold for pale pink and making the home uniform off-white for the full Neapolitan ice cream effect. I also added a new home alt to really embrace the pink. On a side note, spumoni >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Neapolitan. C&C appreciated as always! Another take on the Dodgers is up next.
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    I like the Oakland "O" cap because it's a great way to connect the team to the city. Dare I call it a City Connect cap for the A's?
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    Doesn't look anything like Oregon - no black, anthracite, or diamondplate anywhere to be found.
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    You might want to look into trademark law before you start commenting on something you clearly don’t understand.
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