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    Outrageous because the NFL not only has the moral right to defend its trademarks, it has a legal obligation to do so. Calling that obligation “bullying” or “crushing” the people who infringed upon their property is just silly hyperbole.
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    I'm guessing he did realize that which is why he started his post by saying "silly idea."
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    Mediocre is being far too generous
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    MLS has actually posted all of the kit matchups for this weekend’s games: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/kit-matchups-what-your-club-is-wearing-for-mls-week-1 They used to include these kit assignment graphics as a part of the match previews, but they’ve been missing for 2-3 years now. Hopefully they continue posting them each week this season, as it’s always nice to look at the kit matchups beforehand. Really looking forward to seeing the Galaxy and Rapids debut their new secondaries in their respective games, and NYRB vs. SKC and DCU vs. NYCFC both figure to be nice looking matchups. I’m biased as a Timbers fan, but I think Vancouver vs. Portland might be the best matchup of all.
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    Reddit post with a snap of a cbs article saying orange will be the new primary. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet but we'll see.
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    Updated cap logo. The club has a history of block G cap logos, hence the rather generic look. Updated wordmark logo. I found a better font. Bat colour change comparison The main issue with the primary logo is the use of the location needs to be central. As you're probably aware baseball isn't a well known sport in Australia, hence the location name has to be at the forefront rather than the nickname. I guess the roundel can fill that void, but there's something I like about the primary logo. I'm trying to capture a hardball style feel if that makes sense..
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    Hi all. My local baseball club looks like they are moving toward a new look, so I've decided to put up my hand and rediscover my liking for logo design. The mascot is a native Australian bird, the kookaburra (shortened to 'Burras'), and the colours are green and yellow. It goes without saying that the current primary logo (also featured on the cap) is terrible. Warning to your retinas: Here are my logos. Top-bottom, left-right goes primary, secondary, cap, patch and wordmark logos. Comments and criticism welcome.
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    Wow, what a drab, ugly, depressing uniform matchup, court, and environment. Not too long ago, this matchup would have looked more like this:
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    Eh. While I agree this is a publicity stunt, I honestly don't care what/who a team wants to put into their own "ring of honor." It's more or less an Employee of the Month award. Want to put in a kid with cancer that spent a lot of time with the team? Sure. Want to put in your mascot? Sure. Want to put in the owner's dog? Why not? I think people put way too much emphasis on hall of fames and even more unnecessary emphasis on team's individual ring of whatevers. Anybody spending substantial time arguing against "honoring" an athlete should probably find a healthier obsession.
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    “... one that’s sort of meant to be together” is interesting, but I’m afraid of what that might imply.
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    "The 2s played like #2 today"
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    We don't need another team with numerals in their team name.
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    I understand the pain of losing a team. But hurt feelings do not change intellectual property laws.
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    Here's one for DC United to go with the rumors that they're exploring a cherry blossom kit. I have zero confidence that they'll go with pink, and only a tiny bit of hope that they don't sublimate to the point of invisibility. I think this would pair nice with black shorts and patterned socks.
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    Another thing I was thinking of related to this is teams that downplay their location ID so as to be more inclusive and maybe get more fans. For many years before the Washington Nationals existed, the Orioles had almost no location identifiers anywhere in their identity... they even removed "Baltimore" from their primary logo in the mid-90s. I don't think they had "Baltimore" anywhere on any of their uniforms during the 80s and 90s. You could probably look at their entire uniform set and logos from, say, 1995-2004, and see no explicit mention of their location ID (not even a "B" on a cap), and off the top of my head I can't think of too many other MLB teams who have ever had logos and uniform sets like that. I've gotta think that this was to make baseball fans in DC and Virginia feel more included. Then once the Nationals existed, the Orioles seemed to embrace Baltimore and Maryland a lot more... putting "Baltimore" on their road jerseys, in their alternate logos, even getting an alternate logo that featured the Maryland flag, etc. So I am not saying that by downplaying "Baltimore" that the team necessarily attracted more fans, but it did seem like a conscious decision on the organization's part to remove almost any explicit reference to the city or even the state they play in, until the Nationals came along. I guess my point is that it does seem like teams consider emphasis (or lack thereof) of location ID when figuring out how to best cater to (or grow) their fanbases, and don't just depend on being "the geographically closest team" to attract potential fans.
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    The Leafs and Habs have classic brands that go back over a hundred years. There are no appealing alternatives. Those are the brands.
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    The Washington Nationals are a more apt comparison for Ottawa. A new team based in the nation's capital that chose a name that honoured the city's past team. People don't seem to have a problem with the Nats using the old Washington Senators' logo as their primary, so I don't understand why people have such an issue with Ottawa bringing back the barberpole stripes. Member hockey week did a great series of concepts on here a few years back on what the Sens would've hypothetically looked like today if they never moved/folded. The logo below is a great way to add a little more substance to the O without too many drastic changes. I'd be a proponent of them going the Rangers route, by having a more detailed primary logo, but still just using the standalone O on the jerseys.
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    At least they did not go with "Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks"
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    And one more for good measure...
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    My greatest disappointment with the Brewers is that their last branding had a really good idea for a script on the jersey (cursive old-school brewery font to tie in with the team name), but they just mangled the crap out of it with so much unnecessary crap and terrible design ideas (drop shadows, outlines upon outlines, a terrible muddy color scheme) that it ruined what was otherwise a pretty solid idea...a lot like many late 90's-early 2000's rebrands did, actually. Like, this script on it's own without all the fluff does work for me; But instead of a nice, simple script on the jerseys, we got this; Which completely :censored:ed the font's strengths by covering it in three different goddamned outlines to make a drop shadow. If they'd just kept it to base color + the first outline, I think it could've aged a lot better; but then, that era was all about that kinda crap, so I guess I'm not surprised it aged as well as an apple left in the sun for 5 years straight.
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    I mean... it's been explained plenty of times in this thread why NFL had to do it, but if you think your opinions are more valid than trademark law, then have at it. But while I'm here... how the F is the NFL "crushing a league" by making a team change it's obviously-ripped-off logo? Talk about an overreaction. The goddam league isn't even really a league right now, and is essentially starting over at some point - that team had no brand equity, and may not even exist in XFL 3.0.
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    I'm picturing that with a white number, tiger stripes, and a not chromified helmet and I think that would look really good.
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    Smart move by the Bengals switching to orange home uniforms.
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    So if that's correct, they're going full tiger costume. Ugh.
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    Weren't the Sharks also dumping Fanatics to go on their own? Could be related to that.
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    Thanks! Here's the road alt with the black cap you suggested: DODGERS ROAD ALT: Today's team is the Kansas City Athletics! ATHLETICS HOME: ATHLETICS HOME ALT: ATHLETICS ROAD: ATHLETICS ROAD ALT: This one is purely a throwback what-if. The Chiefs and Athletics both played at Municipal Stadium from 1963-67 before the A's headed west to Oakland in '68. In keeping with historical accuracy, each set is the same design just in different colors. C&C appreciated as always. A new Rockies set is up next!
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    Yes. Fighting is really, really stupid, whether you "win" or not.
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    The Sharks are having a huge clearance sale, doesn't this usually happen before logo changes? https://www.nhl.com/sharks/news/sharks-retail-clearance-sale/c-323651434
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    What pro sports team has ever been “vital to the community” that’s absolute hyperbole. It’s just entertainment at the end of the day. Might bring in some extra money but every single market would survive if every sports team decided to close up shop. They did at the beginning of the pandemic
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    What would the rams Blue jerseys look like with a white outline on the numbers? I feel like it would pop and make it fresh/modern while still nodding to the past. I don't love the orange gradient by any means (even compared to what they did introduce) but if you're going to use it, it feels like it should be incorporated in some other places.
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    This above is exactly what the Rams tried to do: take the beloved throwbacks and put a modern twist with gradients and breaks in the horn. Execution, however, is what separates the above beauty from the Rams’ bone-headed(get it?) uniforms.
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    At the risk of getting “too political”, considering our current political discourse, and the fact that this particular name sounds alarmingly close to a lame dis one side tosses at the other, I don’t think that’s gonna fly.
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    To add another Twins fan’s opinion into the discussion, I’ve never been a fan of the M logo, either. Sure, both of the World Series wins happened with that cap, but even then the TC was still present on the sleeves. My appreciation for the TC as a logo, both aesthetically and symbolically, has only grown over time. I too have had friends often ask me in the past what the TC stands for whenever they see the logo. It’s a fun little trivia tidbit to inform them about that, making for one of the more unique cap logos in the league, in my opinion. Beyond the TC though, I think the Twins could use a major overall that drops the gold & just simplifies the brand down to its most important, iconic elements.
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    Next are two teams with truly horrendous logos, the Washington Federals and the San Antonio Gunslingers. Yeesh. Anyway, this forces me to do some logo design, which I admit is not my strength. Still, I'm a big fan of green in general, and with kelly green and royal blue together in particular, so I have to give it a go...
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    The NFL is not some ultimate evil here. It's just a legal actor, doing what is legally required of it. And as it just so happens, the law is on their side. It's not a subjective opinion, it's an objective reality. The NFL has the legal upper hand here.
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    Football lends itself to regional fanbases because they play the fewest games and the overwhelming majority of them are on weekends when most people are able to travel. That's why you'd never see a situation like Green Bay in any other sport. Also why you have college teams playing in the middle of nowhere outdrawing even most NFL teams. Basketball and hockey play half their games on weeknights during a time of year when travel conditions tend to be less than ideal in much of North America. Then there's baseball where nearly every game is during the week, so it behooves teams to play as close to a major population center as possible. Not a lot of people are gonna drive a couple hours down the freeway and back to see their team on a Wednesday night.
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    Picking Raleigh or Durham gets you both in a Twin Cities situation AND being one of the smallest markets, so casting the Carolina net makes a lot of sense there. Triangle Hurricanes doesn't work I don't think for obvious reasons. Golden State had that brief period of barnstorming with home games in San Diego. Willing to bet they would've switched to San Francisco when they moved across the bay if they hadn't gone on a historic, game-changing run of success that's got us stuck with Golden State forever now. (That embrace of Oakland proper on their way out the door remains one of the most cynical ploys in sports branding I can remember!) The Patriots, we may remember, initially planned to become the Bay State Patriots upon moving to Foxborough. Between having the most exurban stadium in the NFL and the general climate of Boston white-flight during that time, I think we can guess why. Being arm-twisted into becoming "New England" may have been a blessing in disguise given how much sway the Giants held in parts of New England, historically.
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    Ask and ye shall receive! DODGERS HOME: DODGERS ROAD: DODGERS HOME ALT: DODGERS ROAD ALT: With the recent revelation that the Los Angeles Dodgers may have considered switching from blue to purple in the '90s, and, inspired by @jwinters' suggestion, here are the Dodgers in late '90s-early 2000s L.A. Kings colors. I decided to lean hard into the late '90s aesthetic, which means lots of busy piping, black and silver and, of course, vest uniforms. The basic design of the home and road uniforms is based on this one season alternate from 1999. C&C appreciated! The Athletics x Chiefs are next up.
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    Looks like they have one name per list that's better than the rest of the list. Notice how Redtails, Redwolves, and Warriors aren't on the same list.
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    Sounds like they're all over the place with this.
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    The Cavs will have had 3 changes in 11 years. They really need to stick with something.
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    One day, someone will once again ask this question for the 800th time instead of scrolling back through this thread which happens to be the lone internet destination where literally every single piece of knowledge about 2021 NFL uniform changes that can be legally disseminated by members of the boards is harbored, and someone will come out of the woodwork to leak some scoop they were holding onto which no one else had any idea about until that moment, and all they were waiting for was someone to ask. Today is not that day.
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    That probably confirms orange pants will be part of the new set.
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    You shouldn't be their target audience, though. They have you hooked the moment they mention uniforms, so it doesn't matter if the video is 10 seconds or 10 minutes. However, most people saw it was seven minutes long and skipped to the end. The social media video should have been a small portion of that with the full video posted on their YouTube page or homepage, where people like you can watch it in its entirety and they can monetize the page views.
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    Why? What would chasing those fads do, other than requiring a change in 5 years when the trend has changed.
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    New Orleans Saints For NOLA's team, I updated the gold to a more old gold, opposed to Vegas gold. I updated the wordmark to a more blockish/gothic font that fits both the Saints and NOLA well. The fleur-de-lis only has one outline now. The shield that is featured in this logo has been updated with the new wordmark, and is on the left chest. No alternate for the Saints.
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