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    The Knicks went 181-348* in the rest of their jerseys, so a losing record shouldn't deter them. *As of 04/27/2021
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    A tribute to baseball managers wearing uniforms... R.I.P. Tommy Lasorda
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    I'll go full Ferdinand Cessarano and stop watching if that idea comes to the major leagues.
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    NFTs are digusting. It's a fake product sold to people who have more money than they know what to do with that somehow destroys the planet in order to exist. Everyone's going to act all surprised when we have a 2029 Great Depression and someone suggests without irony that maybe we need to think about guillotine again. I won't be.
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    They’re not really that similar at all. Under trademark law generally in order to show infringement it must be shown that there’s confusion between the marks and unless you have a universally known brand or one that has established itself in many different markets and industries (Apple, etc.) the infringing company has to be in the same (or very similar) industry or stream of commerce, and must also be operating in the same general area (aka, if they only serve different markets, confusion is unlikely). For instance, up where I’m from there’s the Sea Dog Brewing Company and the Portland Sea Dogs. One’s a beer company, one’s a baseball team, so even though they have extremely similar names, they can both hold those trademarks. That’s why the Taylor Swift case failed. It is highly unlikely that people are going to see that Taylor Swift released an album utilizing a relatively commonly used phrase and buy it, taking away from the theme park’s attendance numbers. In the Kraken Bar and Grill vs. Kraken Bar and Lounge case, they’re in the same market, they have almost identical names, and they’re in the same industry (sure it’s run by the hockey franchise, but it’s a restaurant). There is a significant likelihood that there will be confusion created that could take away from the dive bar’s business. That being said, there’s no way they should get the money they’re going after since they can’t show actual damage. And since the team already said they’re changing the name, relief has been granted to them. TLDR: You have to show that there’s a high likely hood of confusion and industry/market plays a big role in that analysis. Kraken have a case but shouldn’t get money, Swift case utter nonsense.
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    If I don't know which player wears what number I look up at the board. Then I am going to remember that that player wears #38. Then that's it. I'm good for the rest of the game.
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    Okay, since they're going to rename the unbuilt restaurant, is there really any need for the lawsuit to continue on? If anything, it might end up adding business to the bar.
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    And they're all incredibly ugly and should never see the field/court/rink on any jersey ever.
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    Yes, you can. Let's not let anyone use the Pandemic to excuse truly offensive event caps like these.
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    Attaching a concept that I was hoping Nike would include when they did the 2019 rebrand. Based this one around a modified version of the classic 78-97 wordmark logo, changing the top "fin" to include a stylized jet contrail/vapor trail (in perspective going right to left). Also I would like to credit user Darth Brooks for his Nike vapor untouchable template used here- I made a back view of this template myself also which I will gladly share with anyone who would like it. Thanks and I would appreciate any feedback!
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    Isn't this exactly why they've always sold programs and scorecards? I agree "that's the way its always been done" is weak by itself. But literally every ballpark nowadays has a giant video board for this exact reason. Also, aren't NOBs just ultimately a waste of material? I dunno... I've just always preferred NNOB. The cleaner look just says "baseball" to me.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing the 49ers change uniforms again. As much as I like the Montana era uniforms I felt they did a very half assed job with bringing them back and they don't seem the same. It would be nice to see more gold in the 49ers pants and jerseys that doesn't look beige or khaki.
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    A friend of mine back in high school couldn't return a CD he bought called "Picking on Jimi." He thought it was a Jimi Hendrix compilation; it was instead banjo covers of Jimi songs. Maybe that sounds cool now, but now when you're a broke teenager and CDs cost $17.
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    Multicam patterns are patented. It bit the Army in the backside when they decided not to use the pattern the Marines eventually went with. As a result the Army rolled out the ACU pattern, which everyone's made fun of for years, before replacing it with ACP. This may not be about being cheap, but they just can't use it without getting blessed by the Department of Defense. The Padres seemed to be the lone MLB team that got that blessing, using versions of Navy and Marine MARPAT patterns, but other than the academies, most teams attempts look more like someone made a jersey out of hunting gear.
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    September 11, 2005. Seattle Seahawks at Jacksonville Jaguars. 1 15:00 JAX 30 Josh Scobee kicks off 64 yards, returned by Josh Scobey for 31 yards (tackle by Alvin Pearman).
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    Personally, I find it best not to ask what another man does with their sausage.
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    Eh, that pic isn't really representative of the Knicks orange, it's much richer.
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    I completely side with the dive-bar! This reminds me of the time that I went online to buy tickets to see the Tampa Bay Rays. But instead I bought some Big Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. My life was never the same again! . . . . . . . . . . . </sarcasm for those who need this>
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    I'll go ahead and make some of those edits in the next couple days when I have some more time. For now, here's today and yesterday's teams, since I missed a day. First up is the Cleveland Barons. Arguably the NHL's most embarrassing franchise, the Barons had a long life prior to their tenure in the NHL, but they only lasted a few short years in the big league. They were plagued by poor attendance and even worse performance, which both lead to the team's eventual merger with the Minnesota North Stars. Anyways, these jerseys are based on the Barons' 1965 season in the AHL. The season doesn't hold any particular significance, but I like the team's design and logo. Here's the inspiration: The Reverse Retros I designed are, essentially, those jerseys in the NHL Barons' black-and-red color scheme rather than the AHL Barons' blue-and-white color scheme. They use that loveable, cartoony logo, and try to balance out the colors in the current scheme. The second team I'm posting today is the California/Oakland (Golden) Seals. Their name is all weird and stylized, as in their short 9 year tenure in the league, they went through three different names: the California Seals, the Oakland Seals, and the California Golden Seals. The team was marred by the same problems facing the Barons, as the team switched owners several times in the course of only a few years, and also faced less than stellar production on the ice. The games were almost always empty, and the team seldom made the playoffs. These jerseys are based on their uniforms from the 1969-70 season, their last before they became the Golden Seals. For the Golden Seals, I have two designs. The first is a recolor of the original jerseys, swapping the green out for blue... While the second recolors the jersey in the Golden Seals' most infamous color scheme, with bright teal and gold. And that's that! Sorry for missing yesterday. What do y'all think?
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    The fetishism knows no bounds. Pretty soon they'll start issuing rank stripes/insignia to players based on seniority with the club.
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    I’ve always been a bit torn when it comes to managers in uniform. One one hand, there’s something quintessentially “baseball” about a guy like, say, Casey Stengel in uniform; he absolutely looked goofy in it, and that was part of the charm. I don’t think he’d have looked the right part of “Stengel” as we know him if he were in a suit: On the other hand, I can also see the argument for more variety, more personality, and something that helps the manager stand out a bit. I see nothing wrong with a manager branching out a bit in that regard. I’ve always liked what Chris Woodward has worn on occasion and think that strikes a fine balance between team-wear and uniform: I don’t think managers should ever go full suit, though. I know Connie Mack did it, and he should have been the most professional looking manager of all-time, but to me he looked far more like a lost spectator who wandered out of the stands and onto the field than a manager. The suit just didn’t look right for baseball.
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    It's not that arbitrary. The original designations for players on the line were centers = 50, Guards = 60, tackles = 70, ends (split or tight) 80. So it looked like this: 80 70 66 58 67 77 87 82 It's arbitrary that they picked 50 as the "middle of the line", but once they did that, 80 wasn't arbitrary. There was just something cool about seeing someone in his "professional" number. It was just another way of separating the professional game from the version where kids fake that they go to college. With the other uniform-rule relaxings and stupid undershirts, there's practically no difference on the field anymore.
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    I'm glad that the B logo is off the front of the jerseys. It's not a good logo, even as a tertiary logo. Using the full nickname was the right call. Losing side panels that didn't do anything but clash with whichever pair of pants was worn was another good call.
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    Those were the days.
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    And bring back 3 stripes and striped socks!
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    Schenectady NY The Electric Grinch was a bar with awesome food. They were literally down the road (Erie Blvd which was part of the Erie Canal) from General Electric plant #1. It was a joke name, with a purposely stolen logo. At least GE had a sense of humor about it. Seems the bar wants attention
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    I'd honestly rather see the Pipers.
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    As a die hard fan of my team I feel ashamed of myself if I can't identify a player by face and/or number but at the same time I can't expect the same level of knowledge and commitment to the team for every fan at a game so I'm not cool with this idea that fans are too lazy to look up the roster on their phone. Do you expect people to do that after every pitching change or other substitution? That's silly. If I'm casually at a game with my family I just wanna look at the field and know what's happening without having to whip out my phone and google things so I can see how NOB does help the casual fans. Not everything has to cater to die hard fans.
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    I realize the sarcasm here, but it reminds me of when I was working in customer service for a ticketing company. I dealt with someone on the phone who wanted a refund because they thought they were buying Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, but they ended up buying tickets to the Red Hot Chili Pipers.
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    This is my first concept ever. Thanks to Darth Brooks for the template.
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    I still don’t understand why some sports are on TBS and some are on TNT. Pick one. Or make CBS Sports Network actually useful.
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    I agree. What will actually happen, though? Nothing. NCAA has no teeth after the Penn State thing.
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    Really great to see the Warriors spend so much time, money, and effort to make their arena “green”, and then almost immediately flush it all down the toilet with crap like this.
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    For Hornung, that might be the case. Wasn't Baugh technically a halfback, remember he played in the single wing where the QB was more of a blocker and the halfback or tailback was the passer. The numbers on defense back then weren't as strict and that's most likely leftover from when almost everyone played both sides of the ball. 1973 was the season the NFL got strict with numbers, but they didn't make anyone with an existing number out of whack change it, that's why someone like Alan Page wore 88 into the 80's. Also when you see old Cleveland Browns footage with Otto Graham a QB wearing 60, Marion Motley a FB wearing 76 and Lou Groza an OT wearing 46, that was from their time in the AAFC which had a its own numbering system.
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    Boston Red Sox The Red Sox are kind of like the Celtics in the way that there's not a whole lot you can do with their uniforms without causing a stir; case in point the divisive City Connection uniform. So I went with a white and red home and a full red away; replicating their red alternate jersey Home Away
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    I'm guessing a Knicks orange jersey design is already somewhat in the works, since they're basically forced to churn out some new crappy uniform each year. They went with a black jersey this year, I've gotta think that another try at an orange jersey can't be too far behind, but I don't expect it to look anything like what's pictured above. That would make too much sense and look too good.
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    I can't imagine there would be any confusion on the two etablishments. In fact, the pub MIGHT draw more business on the basis of the NHL team name. Waiting for anyone who actually KNOWS this area of law to chime in ETA - haha - they want money because they want to remain a dive bar and don't want their punk rock clientele to be confused with hockey fans. Get the flannel out.
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    Totally agree, it's so intense and vibrant. I love their color scheme in general, I really just wish that the rest of the brand could catch up with it.
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    You sell more jerseys if fans can't re-use them for new players.
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    Good topic. As a casual observer of the NBA I think their problem is what many of us have always worried about if teams and leagues went to too many alternates - they've diluted their franchises' brand strength in pursuit of short-term one-off jersey sales. I don't know what teams look like anymore. I couldn't describe to you what the Houston Rockets primary brand and uniform is right now. I don't think they know. That's a bad thing. This is going to make me sound like an old grump, but here's what I'd do if I was King of Basketball and the solutions are simple. 1. They need a 5 year rule like the NFL has that applies to a home, road, and one alternate. That builds some stakes into each uniform decision, makes teams consider their uniform more thoughtfully and invest more into each redesign. As of now if a team comes out with a new look there's no reason to care because they can just redesign in another year or two. It's the college football problem. Even if you like a look you're better not to get too attached to it because it'll be gone soon. It also guarantees recognizability. Also the alternate needs to resemble the home and road in some way so the Raptors black and gold alternates or the Warriors black and yellow alternates wouldn't fly. 2. Also in pursuit of rock solid recognizability - there's 41 home games and 41 road games. Mandate that the designated home and road uniforms must be worn at least 30 times each. That still leaves 22 games for alternates, throwbacks, and City Edition jerseys, which is more than enough. This means that most of the time people see a team they'll be in a consistent look. 3. One team needs to be in white (or yellow in the Lakers case). There's too much that can go wrong in color-on-color matchups. Don't leave any room for guess work and just write it into the rules. 4. Throwback uniforms can be worn a maximum of 4 times. If the uniform's good enough to wear so often then make it your full time primary look. Keep it around for a few fun nights a year, but not so many that it steps on the message you're trying to instill with your primary brand. 5. "City" Edition uniforms as the fourth jersey are fine, but they really need to rein them in because these are the biggest problem. They're worn too frequently, they're too different from the regular team brands, and they change them before fans and casual watchers can associate them with their respective teams. There needs to be strict protocols about how often they can be worn. I say twice a year. Also there needs to be something that connects each city edition uniform to the pre-existing IP of the team. Example: Portland's this year is brown and says "Oregon" on it. Fine, whatever, but why not take that stripe they have on the side and use it in sash form the way the other Blazers unis look? Connects to the team in an unmistakable way, but you get a fresh look too. Also they need to mandate that the city uniform needs to be around for more than one season. 6. NO THROWBACKS, ALTERNATES OR CITY EDITION UNIFORMS IN THE PLAYOFFS. PERIOD. The Cavs and Raptors proved the teams can't be trusted to handle decisions themselves and won championships in STUPID looking alternate uniforms that neither team even wears anymore. Best moments in those franchises' histories and they're forever going to be in those uniforms. You have to put policies in place to protect the teams from making dumb decisions.
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    Yes, some rules should be changed and that’s the way. But just as “it’s always been that way” is not a reason to keep everything static, so too “rules can change” is not a reason everything must be constantly altered.
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    As iconic as it might be, the Lakers logo counts. It really needs to be cleaned up. Lines around the basketball except they stop a little short of the wordmark. The wordmark is different from the one used on the jerseys. I've seen some concepts that make the lines a little cleaner and use the jersey wordmark and I think it's a big improvement.
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    I couldnt really care less what a manager wears, and think it’s rather silly that they have to wear full uniforms to sit on a bench for 95% of a game.
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    I think star WRs wearing numbers in the 80s is basically lost to the game and that's pretty sad. The only superstar WR I can immediately think of who wears a number starting with 8 is Landry, and he'd be wearing 14 if it wasn't retired at the Browns. I know it's arbitrary and probably doesn't really make sense when you think about it compared with other positions, but it's something I grew up with and I liked it. This is probably the only discussion on this board where I am unnecessarily traditionalist. The 90s and early 2000s when modern WRs grew up were a golden era of legendary WRs and all bar Larry Fitzgerald wore numbers in the 80s. Does nobody wear a number because of their childhood favourite player anymore?
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    Much better than Atlanta's unused ASG 2021 logo. Rockies need more purple in their uniforms.
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    Sorry man, the Ravens are already doing this in the same division.
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    Matching dark pants and jerseys is never the best anyone ever looked.
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