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    Potential big news... apparently the Patriots draft manikin is wearing gray pants.
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    Let's clear up a few things. First off, this forum, while "on the internet", is not the internet. We have rules of decorum here and you seem to take great pleasure in seeing just how far you can push it with those rules. This place ain't exactly the Harvard Debate Club, but it's also not the "Tommy from Malden Chowd Smack Show" either. It would behoove you to figure out the difference. Second, this isn't about people needing "thicker skin" to endure your rapier-like wit and eloquent takes. It's about you being an insufferable ass-hole whenever the notion strikes you to do so - which is bad enough. What makes it worse is that you seem to revel in it. Add in your non-stop arguments and here we are. You're certainly free to be an always arguing, internet ass-hole, you just can't do it here. Everyone here is more than capable of taking heat over their teams. Your problem is you don't know when to drop things. Finally, if you don't mind some friendly advice, it would be in the best interests of your CCSLC career to stop with the insults and never ending arguments and to do it right quick.
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    Yeah, could be. They don't look like them to me... seems like too much red, not enough navy, for the previous stripe proportions, but it's hard to tell from that shot. Could be just wishful thing on my part. Gray pants take the Patriots uniform from bottom ten to top ten IMHO. Here's a comparison based on the prototype that a collector manged to snag last year...
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    Reads like a St. Louis Cardinals roster.
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    My heart is broken for your hardships.
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    Yes they would. It's why jokes have endured on these forums regarding a handful of insufferable fans from other sports teams. Ever heard of "New England-jacked" in a thread? No, you haven't, because it's "Clevejacked." Anyone ever joked about turning the TD Garden into a parking lot? No, you haven't, because that's what those 1-2 Coyotes fans are for. The people here don't target you because you're a Boston sports fan. They target you for your method going about it. We're not victims of a blown call during a game or concentrated attacks from other fan bases. Let other teams celebrate and have hope before talking about how meaningless and insignificant their teams are. It's SPORTS. We don't need to convince others how successful our franchises have been. They disagree? COOL. Let them. Move on. We've had/currently have some really great Boston fans here who have shown that not all Boston fans are Medford asshats. We've done a great job building that up. We prefer you don't ruin it. Are we defensive about our teams? Absolutely! But you need to maintain perspective. We've had an amazing run for our teams since 2000, and we're speaking from a position of privilege. We cannot forget that. Not all have been as fortunate as we have been. We have n-o-t-h-i-n-g to complain about now nor for the next maybe 10-15 years. I don't know, ask @Sport. He mentioned something like that a while back. Gave a solid timeline. Not trying to play mod here, so if I am overstepping the line, please edit.
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    I don't give a flying about Boston fans. You could be a Buckeyes/Browns/Indians fan who believes Toledo, Ohio is the Paris of the Midwest and I still would have said the exact same thing to you. Being a jerk is being a jerk. Geography has nothing to do with it. Perhaps you should grow some thicker skin. (sorry, you walked right into that one.)
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    The issue with this theory though is that the Browns mannequin had orange pants. Those pants supposedly didn’t even exist in April 2020. I think whoever set up those mannequins had no idea what they were doing.
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    I don't think Fields and Trubisky are even remotely comparable. Trey Lance played fewer snaps/games than Trubisky in college and went 3rd overall, ironically to the 49ers. Fields had an actual NCAA career and more accomplishments than Trubisky ever did, plus his arm, vision, decision making, ability to read a defense, and go through a progression are all things Trubisky has never done, and Fields hasn't even played an NFL game yet.
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    I can hear Tom Brady grinding his teeth already
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    It's 2019 GTOV Champion Clevejacked, sir.
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    The guy from the city with the greatest twenty-year stretch in pro sports history who enjoys belittling other, less successful, teams doesn't understand why this behaviour is annoying. That checks. Perspective is a hell of a thing.
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    Rightly or wrongly the continued regular success of Boston teams across all 4 sports so far this century means that Boston fans getting involved in the general hurly-burly of sports trash talk, especially when concerning teams who aren't necessarily their rivals, does have a tendency to come across as "punching down" and making fun of those less fortunate. It's somewhat of a cliche on both sides by this point tbh, but those are the breaks of being a sports fan. This board ≠ the internet as a whole. Just because people are saying it elsewhere doesn't mean similar things have to be aired on this forum, or anywhere else for that matter.
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    As a Viking fan, I'm not inclined to wish for anything good to happen to the Bears, but it's gonna be hard for me to not root for Fields. I know this gets thrown around a lot, but he certainly seems to be an absolute amazing kid. Humble, crazy hard worker, transferred into a major program as an anointed starter, and rather than being resented the whole team fell instantly in love with him. Great leader. Tough as nails. He got his knee bashed sideways against Michigan in '19, missed like three plays, then came back, scrambled left and threw a dime bomb for TD on the first play. Most reports say he mostly likely fractured a rib on the spear from the Clemson LB in the playoffs, missed one play and came back in to play the game of his life. As a lifelong tOSU fan you can trust me when I say it isn't just his playing style that isn't comparable to Cardale Jones or Dwayne Haskins. Plus, this is his dog...
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    Blow it out your ass. Good luck with MacCorkle.
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    AustinFromBoston was going on about how Toronto teams always choke ten minutes or so before the Raptors won the NBA Championship. He's a spoilt Boston fan who enjoys grave dancing on other franchises so much he can't even wait for the body to be lowered.
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    Something tells me we are entering a very awkward transitional period where all the vets will be wearing the proper jersey numbers for their position, but all the rookies will be running around in single digits and weird looking numbers. It will slowly shift into full chaos as more rookies enter the league and guys join new teams and don't have to make up for the lost revenue. Oh and did I mention that I hate it and view as another pointless rule change this league insists on coming up with year after year when there was nothing wrong with how things were before?
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    There absolutely should be a yellow or red option for the refs, but that doesn’t solve everything. IMO there should never be a case where the home team has to change from their primaries because their opponent doesn’t have a kit that provides sufficient contrast, but that’ll likely be the case when Austin hosts Seattle and could be (but I’m suspecting it won’t be) the case when Portland hosts Seattle this year as well. Third kits should be allowed. I also happen to think Seattle’s primary should be classified as a dark kit and their secondaries should be light, but it wouldn’t matter if third kits were available.
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    Well hopefully these do see the field because it's a better look than SNN.
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    God I hope they didn't accidentally showcase a prototype that won't see the field. My hopes are way up.
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    Well, the number font is definitely a mistake, but how do you mistakenly create brand new pants?
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    That's easy to say, but they cut the statistically worst guard in the league who caused the injury, Jonah Williams looked good in his first season at left tackle, signed Reilly Reiff, brought back Frank Pollack whose lines and running backs had solid numbers when he was here a couple years ago, and they'll draft oline in the second round of what's supposedly a deep lineman class. Booger McFarland called it "football malpractice" last night. This idea that they did nothing about the offensive line, even held by many Bengals fans, is just not true. Penei Sewell would've helped for sure, but he can't play all five positions and they determined the dropoff between OL Second Round Guy X and Sewell was smaller than the dropoff between WR Second Round Guy X and Chase. There's also the argument that a guy like Chase unlocks the offense's potential and gives them way more options. Last year they didn't have a deep threat with AJ Green being old and John Ross being doggy ass so defenses could stack the box and make them one-dimensional. Shane Falco.
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    How are you going to bring up the Ewing Theory and NOT link it to its originator, Bill Simmons? It's one of his greatest and lasting legacies! https://grantland.com/features/the-ewing-theory/
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    This would also explain the old Bengals uniform on display. I wouldn't be surprised to know the NFL had all these displays already prepped before the pandemic hit last year, then just rolled them out as-is this year. The Bengals is the only significant change in that time, and we've already documented the issues the Patriots had in having some players wearing the old number style on new jerseys last year.
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    Speaking of camo -- Caught a few minutes of the Pirates game last night and noticed something. Remember how a few years ago they inexplicably added the 2018 Memorial Day uniforms to the rotation? Well they're still wearing them. Only one catch - The five stars were supposed to represent the five branches of the US military - however, since the end of 2019, there are now six branches of the military with the addition of the space force. So an already lazy alternate got even lazier.
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    If we are just talking about "representing Boston," I would argue that this: says "BOSTON" way way way more than this: Another thing, and I say this as someone who has never lived in Boston, and has not even been to Boston since the early 1990s. Now obviously I am a sports fan, so take this with a grain of salt, but literally the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Boston" is "Red Sox." Literally the first image that comes to mind when I hear "Boston" is Fenway Park. I am of course just one person, but I've got to think that a lot of other people, or at least most sports fans, have the same first thoughts upon just hearing "Boston." My point being that for probably a large percentage of the population, the Red Sox basically ARE the main representatives of Boston. No one thinks of yellow and baby blue as "representing" Boston.
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    Agreed... they have such a beautiful color scheme, and I remember fans - not just Charlotte fans, but pretty much all NBA fans - being so happy to see that classic purple and teal look again. Then, just a few years later, what did we get... "BUZZ CITY." "CHA." Black jersey. Mint jersey. I want exactly what you want, but that seems like reasonable request for like 15 years ago, not today. Nike's strategy seems to be to ignore the simplest, most elegant solution and instead come up with weird ugly convoluted designs and colors ... and then have the team wear them too often.
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    Wow, guess who's back! After over 2 years of frustration of "looks like it's the MLB's 250th birthday", I finally settled on a formula that I fell in love with. Check out my full Behance project here - https://www.behance.net/gallery/118165525/MLB-USA-250th-Celebration And here's my map of games for good measure
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    Sestercentenial - the 250th anniversary of something This idea has been in my head for a year. In my Sun League Sim Baseball thread(which you should check out), the Marlins moved to Indianapolis out of nowhere after the first season. That got me thinking about my old abandoned idea. I brought it up to a friend at work and he fell in love with the idea and has not stopped talking about it for a full week. What's the idea you ask? When the MLB played at Fort Bragg in North Carolina in 2016, it was the first MLB game to be played in the state. What if the MLB just went ahead and crossed off every other state in the USA. An idea fit for America's Past Time, one week in the summer of 2026, every team will venture out and play a single game at the best suitable ballpark the state has to offer. Them and another team will each play a home and away game with a travel day in between. Three series will play 3 games, provided that the travel wouldn't be too much to handle. The MLB seems comfortable enough to do this, an example would be the MLB games in Williamsport the last two years for Sunday Night Baseball. I can get into the match-ups and ballparks later, but I need help with my logo before I go nuts! My goal was to represent America, the MLB, make it classy, and make it seem like it truly is an existing logo. So here's a refined idea of what I've thought up the past week. A 250 with the MLB logo above. My issue is, on one hand, it looks like the MLB's 250th birthday. Sestercentenial doesn't really fit into the logo because it's such a clunky word. Also, if possible, get the state the games are in to be represented smoothly in the logo(to sell merch, of course). However, I ran into some problems. Mainly Utah's abbreviation spelling OUT. Also we have two rectangle shaped states. I kept texting friends pictures of the concept, and kept getting "it's not American enough", so I went ahead and tried a firework exploding in the 0. This was by far my favorite. The state name idea was axed, with the best solution being listing it underneath Here's them on caps! So yeah, C&C?
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    I’m still slightly bitter that People Who Tried To Outpizza the Hut didn’t make more of a run.
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    refs also need yellow uniforms too
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    Is it possible this was mocked up last year and just now rolled out for the this year's draft? That would make more sense. And New England still had issues at the start of last year with players wearing the previous Color Rush jerseys mixed in with the new jerseys.
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    "Oh, and it's also pastel blue and yellow instead of our classic colors with numbers that have a white dropshadow on a yellow base. Because, uh, city flag. That's great civic pride, right? Definitely doesn't make us look like UCLA."
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    That somehow makes it even stupider. “Look, we know you already have this tribute uniform you wear on a special day. But this year, you’ll wear your special day uniform just after that special day because we want to celebrate that special day that you created a uniform for with a new uniform we just created for it.”
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    The problem with the Nike "tribute" to Boston is that it's so hollow and artificial. Nothing represents the city of Boston and the communal healing after the marathon bombing better than the classic Red Sox identity. It's also incredibly sad to replace the original Patriot's Day uniforms that worked well for their purpose, especially considering that they were cobbled together mere days after the tragedy. Those uniforms struck me as being genuine whereas these yellow monstrosities are nothing more than a shameless corporate cash-grab. From an objective design standpoint, the set is also lacking. The yellow looked a little too gaudy from the brief clip posted here. The fabric almost looked too highlighterish in a college/high school kind of a way than I originally feared.
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    We would if you pulled the same never-ending jackass schtick. Then again, that'd probably be worse because "Bawwwston" fans usually have to be excused for their obnoxiousness before they even say a word.
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    I’m guessing the league thought that Austin’s primary kit would clash with both the navy and green ref kits. I can definitely see the potential issue with Austin in primarily black and the refs in navy, and I suppose the kelly green on the front of Austin’s shirt is little too close to the green of the ref kits: The same issue will likely come up when Austin plays Seattle this year. I doubt the league will allow them to wear their primaries against Seattle’s green.
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    Maybe you should learn to temper your holier-than-thou schtick and don't yuck a yum. Bears fans rarely ever have anything to be excited about. Let us enjoy it for, like, a friggin' day before posts from you and others like: ...this crop up. You guys don't know dick about the Bears beyond the merriment of dancing on their misfortune and errors.
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    I'm not really a stickler for the whole positional number thing, but I'm not a big fan of established players changing numbers while playing with the same team. Even Kobe doing it was a little annoying to me. Fournette hasn't been in Tampa for long, but I'm sure plenty of people bought his jersey with the old number.
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    I'm more of a college football fan where a numbering system like this is commonplace, but this is so weird. It will take some getting used to.
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    I mean, at some point some Ohio State QB has to accomplish something in the NFL...right??? (Seriously, someone name me the last Ohio State QB--or the first, for that matter--to accomplish anything of note in the NFL...)
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    If you're Russell Wilson why on earth do you agree to that? Let's not act like he wouldn't have to sign off.
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    Couldn't agree more. I tried to tackle the balance issue some more in this updated concept. Also took some time to clean up the lines a bit.
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