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    Hey dorks. So, like all my other projects, this was started with the prospects of making a OOTP save. I've never just played a real life game while expanding the MLB. It would be fun to build up a farm system from nothing. Obviously the first team is Montreal (although i'll send their asses to Puerto Rico if they touch my Rays), but then the crowd behind them is a little more spread out. Off the top of my head Nashville, and Portland have posted real stadium renderings. Then Vegas has been in the mix, and so has Raleigh & Charlotte equally. How was I going to cut the perfect division alignment up as I expand to 32? Would I split rivals for geographic integrity? Would two random divisions grow to 6? What if I just expanded by 6? So that's what I did! Here's my thinking for each concept. Portland Beavers The Beavers are the historic name for minor league teams in Portland. They were moved in 2008, and that allowed the Timbers to develop the stadium into one of the best soccer-specific stadiums in the country. But the name is perfect, even if Oregon State shares it. So what I did is sketch a P and put a little beaver in the negative space (the P-hole if you will). I found a font that I've used before to make scripts, including a B that would double as a cool stand alone logo. San Antonio Armadillos I was flipping between Austin and San Antonio, but the size of SA put it over the top. But the nickname was something that would follow no matter. I had visions of a deep eggplant/green/orange team. But once I put these logos next to where I plan to align them in MLB, it wasn't working. I revisited this over the course of a few days, and ended up deciding to lean into the idea that the Spurs also owned this team, plus it would allow me to dabble in the fiesta colors that everyone loves. Pretty straight forward. oh and I put this little dude on the sleeve
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    I disagree. They both look good, and this is arguably the most defining look of the 2000s vs. the most defining look of the 2010s.
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    Las Vegas Supernovas You know what I hate? PREDICTABLE NAMES. Every gosh darn list of suggestions from when the Golden Knights were nameless were like the Card Sharks, or Gamblers, or High Rollers, or Black Jacks. Cmon guys, be more creative. Anyways, I actually was stuck on this one pretty bad. I was cycling through my fonts and saw a font named "Nova Square" (which I didn't use). That got me thinking of the name Supernovas. What works is that you already have that shorthand of Novas. It's short, unique. Then it hit me to use the 4 point star on the Las Vegas sign as the center OF the supernova. bing bang boom, ya got a logo. I used the V-splosion logo in the scripts, which was a nice realization. Oh yeah, and if you love baby blue away unis you'll like this. Charlotte Dukes To fit with the predictable naming, why would I name a sports team after a different sport? Racers are out. The historic minor league name is the Hornets, so that's a no-go. Charlotte is the Queen City, which is where you get the Knights & crown in Charlotte FC. Barons came to mind because of the banking hub, but it wasn't convincing. I'm racking my brain for regal names then one made me laugh out loud. My dad went to NC State and nothing was funnier than pissing off the two biggest rivals by naming a team the Carolina Dukes. So that's 4 of 5! I'm posting these now because I have a dilemma. I have this cool logo for Nashville and no name to go with it. The historic minor league name is the Vols, which would be weird to use for obvious reasons. But it's not even the first in-state college team I'd be lifting from. The expansion proposals have Stars as a name, which was a Negro League name. but with the Astros and now Supernovas - it was a nonstarter. Help!
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    yeah, since 1-19 aren’t reserved anymore, there’s gonna be a lot of star QBs switching teams only to find their number taken by a 3rd-team cornerback - or none of those numbers available at all. it’s silly to restrict some people to a subset of numbers that are unrestricted to others that can just snatch them all up. there will be a QB wearing #57 within 5 seasons, and some people that are all for this will all of a sudden hate it.
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    I don't think it's that big of a deal and I am sure we will get use to it, but I'm more for un-retiring jersey numbers so this situation doesn't happen. I'd rather see young players honor the legacy of the players number they are wearing. I think I've read somewhere, when you get your number at Notre Dame, you get a list of players who wore that number before you.
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    What jersey did the greatest Oilers teams ever to take the ice wear, again? Certainly not the neon orange stuff they're wearing now, that's for sure. It's a nice-looking jersey connected with a bunch of the greatest players in franchise history and the reign of the greatest player to skate in the NHL. If anything, the Oilers should be emulating the Islanders and not veering away from the look that will forever define the franchise. The royal blue and orange looks good together, the navy looks like black next to the orange. Besides, eye-searing orange is louder and more obnoxious than royal blue. This looks sharp; The orange being a secondary color makes it have more impact. The Oilers aren't the Flyers, their brand isn't "rough and rowdy, loud and proud". Hell, for the last while their brand was "REMEMBER THE EIGHTIES, GUYS?!"; and that honestly worked better for them than trying to revive the 2000's trend of making blues super dark for no goddamned reason. Some teams shouldn't trend-chase. Again, see the Islanders; they chased trends and that led to a design so reviled it lasted like...three or four years before they quickly went back to a much more familiar one that resembled the jerseys that the dynasty Isles wore and swept the disasterpiece they had created under the rug forever. McDavid wearing the same jersey style as Gretzky gives a design gravitas. It establishes "this is what we are, this is our look." Does Detroit need to remake their jerseys to make them more "hip"? No, because they have jerseys that have been worn by guys like Yzerman, Fedorov, Gordie Howe, Chelios, Sawchuk. Wearing that sweater is to don the same jersey as some of the greatest players to play the game. The Habs don't change for that same reason; their look has gravitas. It's been worn by legends like the Richards, Patrick Roy, Guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden, Bernie Geoffrion and Jacques Plante. It's the look that has the most Cups in NHL history. It shouldn't change to meet some stupid trends that will change in due time like all trends do. The royal blue Oilers jersey was worn by legends like Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri, Glenn Anderson, Grant Fuhr and Paul Coffey. Why shouldn't the Oilers want to have McDavid and the boys bear the jersey that carries that legacy with it, the legacy of a team that was utterly dominant and won four straight Cups? Chasing the CR trend full-time leaves you looking awfully silly when trends veer back towards a different aesthetic. Maybe it's for the Oilers' best interests to build themselves into a Isles, Habs or Red Wings-styled "we don't change from our most iconic look because why should we" and not bother chasing trends because they have a look that defines their franchise forever.
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    Ducks wore their orange thirds three games in a row, giving me false hope once again. The Kings also wore their Heritage jerseys in those same three games. Nice to see a good uniform matchup from both teams for a change.
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    No one cares about my opinion but I’ll throw my 2 cents in anyway. I don’t like it. For the pure and simple reason that it’s different and weird and I always kind of liked the NFL being the only league to have rules with your jersey number. Growing up as a kid obsessed with sports and jersey numbers it was fun to be able to figure out those rules organically on my own. But at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal. I realize it’s just a jersey number. I’ll get used to it. It’s just, it’s a change and change feels weird at first. I think the biggest change will be felt at WR with the single digit guys like Chase and Smith entering the league. I will say though, Penn State has done a few mocks of Odafe Oweh in a #28 Ravens jersey and I kinda dig it.
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    We should end the practice of military propaganda tribute uniforms. The best we've ever gotten were from the Army-Navy game, pretty much every other attempt has been forced, drab, and ugly.
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    I always kind if liked the Patriots weird triple-stripe road socks. I know they made no sense with the rest of the uniform, but I generally have a high tolerance for strange uniform quirks, and I appreciate that the Patriots stuck with them when everyone else started going leotard. Sure, they looked odd, but anything... anything is preferable to matching the sock color to the pants color. In the following picture, neither team looks good, but the Patriots at least are aware of how an NFL uniform should be worn with respect to contrasting parts; There was a time when other NFL teams wore socks that didn't match anything else on their uniform, but at that time everyone was aware that the socks shouldn't blend directly into the pants, and solid white socks seemed to be an NFL no no. Once again, it's hard to even calculate how much better this looks than the ugly solid leg thing every team is doing now.
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    If both teams switched to these as their primaries, I would be so happy.
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    So if you scroll to the opening post of the thread you will now see I have decided to change the template for 2021.
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    10-15 years of straight SUCK, nothing going right, players demanding trades, coaches fistfighting, unwatchable, hopeless football would be the bare minimum punishment for the horrific atrocities the Patriots perpetrated over the last 20 years. See the 49ers as an example. Their fans had it better than anyone for about 15 years and then got knocked down a few pegs and now they can wrestle around in the muck with the rest of us. Cowboys fans too, I suppose. Truthfully, though, if you guys went the rest of your lives and never saw a Boston team win another championship you'd still have more than your fair share. To add to your point - punching down is lame in any situation. It's ULTRA F****** LAME when you're doing it from some high horse you didn't even earn, which is what being a fan of a good team is. None of us have anything to do with anything these teams do win or lose so don't be snotty when a usually bad team gets a piece of good fortune. I can make fun of the Bears because my team is similarly low status (even lower status, I'd argue). Patriots fans cannot make fun of the Bears unless you wanna look like a dick and get called out by people.
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    You do realize that the current alternate is just a corny, loud, and will-be-soon outdated 20’s design right? The whole “stealth mode” no white on the jersey thing? The navy and all orange thing does work on some level, but the thin stripes on the sleeves, with nothing on the hem makes it feel like it’s lacking something. It would be a fun alt if it had thicker, bolder, striping. As it is, it’s just aesthetically a mess. But that’s another thing. It should be an alternate, because it’s just a little too tacky. The current home and road set make the Oilers at least look like a hockey team. The last thing, is that the Gretzky-era jerseys aren’t just 70’s designs, they’re quintessential hockey jerseys. Striping on the sleeves, hem, socks, breezers, (all which are full colors and blocked, rather than anything crazy, like a gradient or an oil splatter pattern.) and a shoulder yoke. That’s just what a good hockey jersey looks like. If you wanna look at a 70’s hockey jersey trend, look at the Ballard Leafs.
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    Go with Nashville Generals. The city was named in honor of Brigadier General Francis Nash of the Continental Army. General - later U.S. President - Andrew Jackson made his home at the Hermitage, located 10 miles east of downtown Nashville. Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews - one of the founders of the United States Army Air Forces (which would become the United States Air Force), commander of all United States forces in the European Theater of Operations for a period during World War II, and the namesake of Joint Base Andrews (formerly Andrews Air Force Base) - was born and raised in Nashville.
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    I want everyone to remember these images the next time somebody around here starts going "BUT DEY WUN UH CHAMPEEYUNZHIP IN DOZE!!!" to justify keeping a uniform look around...
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    I hate this new rule so much...
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    The New England Revolution are the only original franchise in the MLS that haven't updated their logo since the league's first season in 1996. That logo, as anyone on this site knows is an absolute mess: Extremely outdated, over-designed, ill-suited to the sport, and not actually representative of the region. I wanted to created a design that was the exact opposite of the real design. Instead, I went for a more subdued crest that's actually a crest, featuring symbols that representing New England and the revolution without resorting to the generic AMERICA!!! theme that haunts the current look. Team Name & "1996": The top half of the inner roundel is formed by the team name using Averia Serif Libre font for a clean, but hand-written inspired look. The team's inaugural season, 1996, is located under the pine tree, flanked by two stars. 16-Brick Inner Roundel: The bottom portion of the inner roundel consists of a path of 16 bricks representing the Freedom Trail, which winds through the streets of Boston, featuring stops at 16 landmarks vital to the American Revolution and forming of the nation. Pine Tree: The Pine Tree is the unofficial symbol of the entire New England region, and has been featured on the unofficial flag of New England (which are waved at Revs matches by supporters), and the maritime flag of Massachusetts. Primary Jersey: The Primary jersey is a generally basic navy blue with white and red accents. The Revolution currently wear a white jersey featuring tonal stonework, that feels pretty generic. I decided to take that same idea and implement the theme of the crest. I created a tonal pattern based upon the actual brick work of the freedom trail. This pattern is repeated down the shirt, creating a tonal hoops pattern. The shorts are white with two red stripes, and the socks feature the red/white cuff design as a series to hoops. Clash Jersey: The Clash jersey truly lives up to its name and acts as a sort of middle finger to the MLS's white jersey obsession. This jersey has two main inspirations: Flamboyant 90s kit designs like Rene Higuita's and Arsenal's bruised bananas, and the trees of New England. In autumn, New England's combination of evergreens and non evergreens create a beautiful mosaic of red, yellow, orange, and green, and I tried to capture that feeling with a triangle fractal pattern with the four colors (the red is more of a red-orange tbh) randomized to create a chaotic, but evenly distributed pattern. The accents, shorts, and socks are brown, sticking to the tree theme. The jerseys also maintain the white numbers of the primary, but feature brown outlines for legibility. NOTE: I am aware that Revs jersey sponsor is UHC. I couldn't find a vector I liked and preferred the thematic tie-in of Samuel Adams and the Revolution, so I went with that instead. I am also aware the MLS has an exclusive contract with adidas and a single font used by all teams. I didn't use either because I simply don't like the adidas stripes nor the MLS font. I also decided against the adidas branding and used my own in order to highlight my new soccer template (based on my volleyball template) which is cleaner and much easier to work with than my old template, and just looks better in my opinion.
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    While I think the both look far from good (and the Seahawks, very far from good) I would sadly have to agree that these are among the defining looks from the modern era. Now I'm just depressed.
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    I second this. They could even give it a cheesy name like “The Legacy Series” For example, there’s no reason for Washington to have these numbers out of circulation without officially retiring them- No. 7- Joe Theismann No. 9 – Sonny Jurgensen No. 21 – Sean Taylor No. 28 – Darrell Green No. 42 – Charley Taylor No. 43 – Larry Brown No. 44 – John Riggins No. 65 – Dave Butz No. 81 – Art Monk The only officially retired numbers are 33 (Sammy Baugh) & 49 (Bobby Mitchell) I guarantee any Washington player would be absolutely ecstatic to wear 21, too. A bunch of players have lobbied for themselves to be able to wear the number, but ownership (or lack there of), has denied every request. Which is honestly one of the dumbest things. There’s a reason why so many players wear it and want to wear it yet the team insist it sits upon an untouchable shrine.
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    I think it’s chrome black, and reflecting the golds and oranges around it. It all looks horrible by the way.
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    Now, take the double outlines on the sleeves and socks and turn them into thick red outlines to closer match the pants and I think you've got a winner.
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    The Bruins in black socks and the Blues with white numbers neither look better nor look right.
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    The navy shorts for Columbus are similar to the blue shorts for the Avalanche, black socks for the Bruins, and white numbers for the Blues. Does it look better? I guess. But it doesn't look right.
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    The Northwoods League summer collegiate Madison Mallards released a new brand yesterday, and iI'm not a big fan. Here's my take:
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    I really wish the rule stated it can only be used if they ran out of eligible numbers. Similar to allowing WRs to branch out from the 80s. This is gonna be some college football nonsense.
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    This manages to look both overdone and unfinished. Like a rough sketch crammed full of ideas that accidentally got sent to print. It's The Homer as a baseball logo. There are a multitude of ways to create an "old-timey" baseball look without also making it look like something a guy from the local ad agency put together on a 3-martini lunch for $20 and a carton of Chesterfields, because it's an era when the main use of a team logo is on letterhead. Madison's only saving grace here is that Beloit is still intent on coming up with something worse, for now. EDIT: Just saw the tertiary, which is the secondary ringed by ill-rendered sausages, and I'm somehow angrier.
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    This is the moment in history where it all changes. That #2 was slowing him down and now that he's just #3 he's on a HOF path.
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    My experience in middle and high school (mid '90s) was that we followed the pro rules for offense with the exception of receivers wearing teens (but usually their 2nd or 3rd position was QB so that's probably why.) We had LBs in the 20s and 80s but because their offensive position was FB or TE or something. My middle school was so strict I had to wear 62 because I was listed as a guard, even though I was a LB and wanted 58, and I wasn't a two-way player and had no chance of getting into a game at guard.
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    the wall of chrome helmets, yuck to all
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    Absolutely not. Those are horrendous and should never be worn again They should have at least had silver striping to make it somewhat cohesive
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    Yeah, could be. They don't look like them to me... seems like too much red, not enough navy, for the previous stripe proportions, but it's hard to tell from that shot. Could be just wishful thing on my part. Gray pants take the Patriots uniform from bottom ten to top ten IMHO. Here's a comparison based on the prototype that a collector manged to snag last year...
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    Potential big news... apparently the Patriots draft manikin is wearing gray pants.
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    I can hear Tom Brady grinding his teeth already
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    I hope they mix it up and keep a balance, white over burgundy is still a solid look. They play 9 away games next season. Ideally they go 4 games with white/white, 4 games with white/burgundy, and 1 game with white/yellow just to mix things up. It should be based on what pants the other teams wear. Also for their home games, I’d like to see 5 in burgundy/white, 1 throwback, 1 all burgundy, and 1 burgundy/yellow
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    I'm not a fan of this new rule and its mainly because it goes against everything I've ever known and I liked the structure behind the old rule. Before, it was relatively easy to determine what position someone is and with the new rules its going to be really weird seeing single digits and teens on defense seeing as I never watch college football. I'm also not a fan of opening up numbers to certain positions and not others, they should've just done away with it completely and let anyone wear any number if they're gonna go this route. I would've rather unretired numbers across the league to open some more up but it is what it is.
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    I grew up in Tampa and Sebring (south central Florida), graduated high school in 1986; went to many Bandits games back in the day and they did have a Bandit Trans Am on the sidelines for many of the games I attended. Such great memories and a fun time in the stadium compared to Bucs games back then. They would throw hundreds if not thousands of beach balls out of the press box that got batted around the stadium and they left the nets down during field goals and extra points...you caught the ball you got to keep it. Buddy of mine had his hands on one briefly before someone knocked it out of his hands. I remember watching Herschel Walker, Reggie White and many, many more back then...great memories flooding back. Long live Bandit Ball!!!
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    After looking over these photos I would have to say the super bowl was the better looking game even if there was more of a navy overload
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    The space force is represented by the space of the entire uniform. The space in-which the stars exist. This is backed up by science. Hard science.
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    Backtracking on that chrome wall of hell. Why the hell did they make the Jags helmet chrome gold instead of black? Not that it really matters.
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    This is almost as cringe when the Milwaukee AA team chose that goofy Milkmen identity. Essentially, "Hey, we're a baseball team in Wisconsin" which makes even less sense when the Mallards play in a league with 9 other in-state rivals. The only thing inherently Madison about this is the capitol skyline in the back. Even the puddles don't look like the lakes surrounding the isthmus. Also, the old colors tied the Mallards back to the Madison Muskies, the Oakland A's affiliate that broke in the nucleus of their pennant winning clubs from 1988-90. THAT'S what says Madison baseball to me. The fact that it had to be pointed out that the new colors (allegedly) came from the city flag tells me they really missed the mark on a local-based identity.
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    As much as I like that look with the blue pants and dislike having different equipment colours, I think the red pants would still be needed for the blue jerseys. With the lack of hem striping and the arm/sock striping essentially being blue on blue, I think it would it be a lot of blue and end up being the NHL's version of the Saints leotard look.
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    I've never understood why numbers were restricted in the first place. It's like if left fielders were only allowed to wear 50-59, or if point guards were the only players who could wear 1-19. There was a conversation on here a few days ago about rules that are based entirely on "it's always been that way" and nothing else - this is a prime example of that. There's no other justification.
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    That one I would support him on.
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    Don't let A-A-Ron see this. He'll also be asking for the photoshop guy to get fired soon.
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    April 23, 1999: Fernando Tatis Sr. hits 2 grand slams in the 3rd inning. Against the Dodgers. In Dodger Stadium. April 23, 2021: Fernando Tatis Jr. hits 2 home runs. Against the Dodgers. In Dodger Stadium.
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