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    You are a great person. Never change
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    There hasn't been much to cheer about this season, but hey, have some fun and ruin the party for a few teams. I could just Suck the rest of the year and earn that #1 draft pick. Naw, I'd rather be pain in the butt. Good luck this week Ice-Cap!
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    @3DBUMPERS are you offering the back bumpers to high schools yet? Interested in front & back for next season.
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    What's up man, it's ThePurplePeopleEater from FI.
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    The Arizona Rattlers are leaving the Arena Football League for the Indoor Football League. https://t.co/KElaXxCruD
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    FYI -- Mitchell and Ness DID make both BING (in his rookie white - 1966, and 1973-74 versions) and Lanier (the 1973-74)....
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    Hi Justin Heard that Dennis has asked you to join Ice Breakers FHL next season. If you know of anyone else that wants to be in the Canadian division give their email to Dennis McCabe so he can invite them for next season. Wanted to also share some of the work that i did to give our league that spit shine quality. Click on this link to see who won trophies this year. Share it with anyone who loves fantasy hockey. http://s601.photobucket.com/user/BigMacDaddy1/slideshow/Ice Breakers FHL/Hardware Send me any concepts that you have in mind for the Long Island Gunners team. Thanks Mac Moore
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    Viper, Thanks for fixing my goof on the Week 4 line ups! How's the weather up there in Minnesota? Unusually mild Winter here in KC. Our family reunion will be in Maplewood (Near St. Paul) this Summer. KCScout76
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