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    I tried to change my name to "forum poster" to honor this stopgap switch and the board told me it wasn't allowed. Then I put in "iloveboobs69420" as a joke and that was allowed! Great, just great.
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    The Mariners wished they thought of the anchor logo.
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    It's best to rip off the bandaid 100% in these instances. From something I saw on twitter, their chosen new name is being held up with trademark issues.
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    when the name is the worst, but the visual identity is so :censored:ing good
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    This is a great look, and huge improvement over their previous set.
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    Now if you are going to go with a basic font, the least they could have done was bring back the unique 80's template.
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    The current 2D logo is like, one of my favorite sports logos ever. Really hope they're just using it.
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    I never claim to be a historian, however, I have to emphatically reiterate that we do our research (and lots of it) because we know there are people out there who will appreciate those intellectual details (or, in your case, become infuriated by them ). Kidding aside, I only took offense to the way you characterized it because it implies that we just wing it and generalize without knowing better or even trying to learn or understand the history and significance of the material we’re using as inspiration. I learned far more than I ever wanted to about the origin of this legend, but it was very clear early on that it just wasn’t going to work for people if we were completely authentic to the original stories, so we had to bend it a bit to make it successful in a commercial context (unfortunate, but this is America, after all). Believe me, I understand your frustration as an actual historian. In hindsight, though, I’m proud that we did our best to intelligently link together seemingly incongruous things and respect the authentic history of the myth as much as possible while making it accessible for the audience (more on that a few quotes below), and I think the balance is working pretty well. Could it have been better? Sure. Nevertheless, it’s exceeding expectations (especially my own), and I think it’s shaping up to be a benchmark identity, which is cool. To put the Clash/Pirates/pop culture debate to rest, at no time during the process were any of these things mentioned by the ownership group as a reason for choosing this name. It was more than likely in the heads of the fans who suggested and trumpeted it, but the ownership group was never intent on using its pop culture cliché-ness as a springboard. I’d be surprised if they didn’t embrace some of it, though. We’ll see if the “Release the Kraken” slogan sticks around or was just limited to the launch product. Solid discussion. Definitely. We tried to give every piece a little connection to Seattle, the sea, the folklore, and/or history. If I had to guess, a person who posts online as “VancouverFan69” with a Canucks avatar is rock bottom on the club’s priority list, and I think they’re just fine that you have no interest in their club. Surprisingly, he was reluctant on this name. Opinion was very split on it in general, but they committed to it because they were convinced that it was what the fans wanted. Honestly, the design of all this stuff was just finalized in the past couple months. There’s not even a physical prototype of this jersey yet. Obviously, there are all kinds of circumstances that dictated the strategy a bit, but people were getting antsy for news. To that point, I understand why they pulled the curtain so early, and also why they passed on having product in the pipeline pre-launch, as they were able to suppress leaks and truly do the unveil on their own terms. Ultimately, the unveil seems like it’s been a success even if it’s not quite as polished or tightly planned as anyone would have liked, and I think having the uniforms as part of the unveiling contributed to that success. You’re right. It’s a tough one to find an alternative name for. There are some nice nautical terms that you might be able to spin a Kraken mascot into, but there’s also a risk of creating dissonance for your audience with that approach. Boundless Blue and Shadow Blue are the tonal complements to Deep Sea Blue and Ice Blue. They’re essentially just support colors (though Shadow Blue does take on a minor role in the sleeves and socks). Primary colors are always Deep Sea Blue, Ice Blue, and Red Alert. Yes. The keyline is always tethered to the monogram to contain the eye. Without the eye, you could just reverse the logo and you wouldn’t need a keyline at all, but the eye just doesn’t work without the darkness behind it. See above. Not ideal, but those are the circumstances everyone’s dealing with. I would say prepare for summer 2021? I’m glad you brought this up, because it’s a big reason why the creature is so ambiguous in the mark, and why there’s only one tentacle depicted. As you noted, the myth has been conflated and misinterpreted over the centuries, but I think what we have here can reasonably reflect any of the historical depictions, whether it’s a more snakelike form, the giant fish with the tentacle-like necklace, or the modern squid/octo forms. Seattle Hockey Club was tossed around a little, even as a name for a Kraken-based identity. I think that would have materialized more like the Greyjoys; a group of people who use their habitat’s most ferocious beast as a symbol for their clan. First, I don’t love the name “Kraken,” but I like it a lot more than I used to. I think the identity is doing it justice and catalyzing a similar shift in public opinion. That said, Seattle Kraken *sounds* decent. Not great, not terrible, but fine. Whether it’s professional or appropriate Is obviously up to the individual, but Edmonton Kraken and Washington Kraken both sound atrocious, so no, it’s not the same thing.
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    I can’t believe the Hawks beat the Rockets to return to red and yellow.
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    Only 20%? Why anyone would want to be named after a bunch of losers is beyond me.
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    Well, Hitler never won three Super Bowls in nine years.
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    But “Redtails” has the benefit honorIng a military unit that long went unsung and ignored, unlike the rest of the military fetishism our country has endured since 1990.
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    Really no different than an NFL team celebration in the end zone...it’s just really awful that players are clever and like to have fun...
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    I'd be willing to bet good money that you're the only person in this thread who thought of that.
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    Boy, I go away for a couple hours and this thread gets all negative and nasty. So I'll counter. Having let it sit for a couple hours... I like this identity more. I love that their primary is a monogram. I think the secondary Space Anchor logo is brilliant. I love the color scheme, uniquely theirs and yet appropriate for the locale. I love that they don't have any white on their home uniform. This is already one of the best jerseys in the NHL. I think they knocked the thing out of the park, and can't wait to see them on the ice. Personally, I'm not a fan of being a fan of team you don't have any real geographical connection with, but given my local options here in New York I might have to make an exception. And while the plural of anecdote is still not data, I know four people in Seattle (well, okay, three in Seattle and one in Tacoma) who bought season tickets today on the strength of this unveiling. Sure seems to be resonating with the locals.
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    Adding the Space Needle in there is awesome. Love it
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    Psst... you. Yeah, you. Wanna know a secret? You don't have to hate everything. The name is fine, and the uniforms and logos are spectacular.
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    Okay, I hate the name but the "S" logo is siiiiiiiick.
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    Embedding GIFs of celebrations and then whining about them is one of the stranger thread-derail tactics I’ve seen here.
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    normally he doesn’t but he’s nervous about visiting a barbershop during these times.
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    I think Red Tails is an outstanding name. For one, the red-tailed hawk is also known as a red tail. There is a strong connection between a Red Tail and Washington. The red-tailed hawk is very common in the city and it the most common raptor in all of the USA. That piercing "eagle" cry that people associate with the bald eagle? Actually, it's a red-tailed hawk. Every sports team in DC uses an eagle in their logo. As their nearest rival is called the Eagles, an eagle is not an option for the Washington football team. Two, red is the color of the city and the main color of every major professional sports team in the city. Three, feathers have been part of the team identity since the beginning. Using a bird in the team identity enables them to link with team tradition. Four, the Tuskegee Airmen are a very appropriate legacy for this exact team to honor. The creation of a black air unit was ordered from Washington. And the Tuskegee Airmen were an important part of desegregating major American institutions like the NFL by being an example of how blacks were equally capable of achieving elite success. The NFL was desegregated only one year after WWII, by the LA Rams. Like DC itself, the Washington football team has a horrible history of racial insensitivity. Former-owner George Prescott Marshall was the last team owner to integrate in all of the big three leagues. Marshall thought his team was the team of the White South. During the beginning of the civil rights movement, the lyrics in "Hail to the Redskins" was officially changed from "Fight for Ol' DC" to "Fight for Ol' Dixie". The lyrics were only changed back when Jack Kent Cooke became part of the ownership. To go from the Redskins to Red Tails honors American history and military success, a theme in DC professional sports culture. It honors the city's main demographic group and how the city has itself gone from a bastion of white supremacy to a city proud of its African-American identity. Lastly, Red Tails can appeal to all fans. It is a unique name, unlike Warriors or Red Wolves or Red Hawks. It is also capable of being different things to different groups... an animal, member of our armed forces, or a connection to the team's former identity. Real, unique, indigenous and specific animal names work better than generic ones. Think Diamondback vs. Snake, or Terrapin vs. Turtle, or Seahawk vs. Hawk, or Bengal (not indigenous of course) vs. Tiger, or Oriole vs. Bird, or Marlin vs. Fish. MOD EDIT: Let's keep the party politics out of it.
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    The Krakens are now my favorite team and I want a goddam hat NOW NOT NEXT YEAR.
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    Finally, they look like the Padres. Very nice.
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    Well, twenty year cycle. They join the Wild in the “horrible name, but amazing logo and uniforms” club. It took twenty years for another name this trash heapy.
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    I can't imagine how anyone involved in management of the Ottawa Senators could look at these logos and come to the conclusion that the mark on the left is the more well-designed, aesthetically-attractive of the two. It's absolutely mind-boggling to me. The floating plume... the alien, lizard-man visage... the rudimentary overall styling - the mark on the left strikes me as inferior in every way.
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    Nah man. Houston oilers are missed for their awesome colors, not as much for the actual name. Washington’s gonna keep their colors so I don’t think theirs any real fondness for the name in 20 years. Probably more shame in it.
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    Yeah, there's literally no chance that I'd ask you to call me that. If you did, you'd most likely find yourself getting up off the floor. I don't care what its origin is, it's a slur and it has been from day one. Period. Just because you've never heard someone use it as a slur doesn't mean it's not a slur. And I'm pretty sure you already know that.
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    At least it's just a sports team's nickname being taken away and not your land and life.
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    Clearly the name is the reason they have had so much pressure to change, but it'd be best to move on from the identity including the logo (despite the "not racist" declarations). You have great colors, great uniforms, just find a dignified name and slap a new logo on the helmet. Clinging to remnants of the Redskins/Native identity seems like folly to me. Red Wolves is cool. Red Tails is cool. Some sort of pig reference is great. This move could take the team's identity from pariah to one of the top brands in the league (in terms of perception, I know they're already worth a :censored:-ton).
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    Still a better logo than the current look.
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    Why did they remove the helmet stripes? All they had to do with the helmets was trade out the logo for the numbers.
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    The Hawks finally look like the Hawks again. Reminds me of the various sets used from 1974 - 1982, particularly the '78-'82 unis. I like it.
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    First off, let the mods handle the moderating. Second, it's been four people out of 29 pages of posts who have caused problems. I can't speak for the entire mod squad, but if you had told me going in that we'd hit 29 pages with only four trouble spots in this thread, I would have said you're being ridiculously optimistic. Finally, if you feel you can't contribute to the thread without getting in trouble, that's on you, my friend. We aren't going to lock a thread because one person has concerns about what they might say. If it's any help, use the old adage I learned working in radio - if you're wondering whether or not you should say something, you probably shouldn't say it. You know the rules. Follow them and you'll have nothing to worry about. Fair enough?
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    I think that's the biggest reason this identity has turned out so well in terms of reception, despite how controversial the name itself was before now here and elsewhere; it feels like an identity that had a single direction to it, a single endgame instead of an identity that had 30 different endgames at various points. The entire package has a vintage simplicity to it that I think a lot of people, myself included, weren't expecting with a name like "Kraken"; they were expecting stuff that was much louder, much more...well, kitschy. A logo of a cartoony giant octopus tearing apart a hockey stick with some goofy snarl on it's mug, jerseys with tentacle-shaped stripes, wacky colors, that sort of deal. Sort of a peak 90's minor league look. The fact that Bruckheimer was involved didn't exactly assuage my worries at the time, but I'll be damned if this wasn't a huge success. There's tasteful reservedness with it; the logo feels like it's been around for decades without actually having been around for decades, if that makes sense. The similarities to the Metropolitans logo helps in that regard, but the use of negative space kinda hearkens back to the Whalers logo. The secondary is fantastic, as well, very classic in style. I actually like both versions of the primary a lot, but I gotta agree that the eye was a good call in the end. Without the eye, it still evokes the kraken image with the tentacle...but it loses a lot more than I thought it would. Just that little splash of red completes it visually: I'll be honest; as loud a hater of the Seattle Kraken name as I had been before? The actual identity has fully converted me into a fan with just how much it shys away from actually depicting the titular creature. It evokes the imagery without...well, evoking the imagery, if that makes sense. The eye and the tentacle imply the monster that the team is named for, but they don't show it; which makes it even more intriguing. In a leagues-deep sea of direct and to-the-point logos, something that focuses more on the implication of the name is a really smart move, especially with a name like this. It's also a great use of negative space. What does the Kraken lurking in those shadowy depths look like? Well, it has a tentacle and a red eye...and everything else about it is purely up to the imagination of the fans. I think my one minor quibble with the identity is with the format of the wordmark; I don't really care for the combo arch+straight format of wordmarks, and much prefer both words be consistently either straight or arched. But that's just personal preference speaking; the design is still great, and the calligraphic font is a perfect choice.
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    Within about 10 seconds of seeing the new Charlotte FC logo and secondary monogram I started wondering why they didn't design the main logo to include the monogram. That and I cannot recall having seen a soccer logo with a crown where the crown was not above the shield or rondel. So, here is my version, along with the original. I made mine quickly so the font size and all the lines are not exactly how I would want them, but you get the idea. Actual logo My version:
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    Perspective: Heat - verb or a condition Magic - concept Avalanche - singular phenomenon Thunder - verb or singular phenomenon Wild - obscure adjective Jazz - singular noun Lightning - singular phenomenon --- Kraken - proper plural noun
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    Why eyeroll? The reference couldn’t *be* more direct and authentic to hand-carved quarterboards: No salmon. Just red. Again... Scandinavian : Seattle :: Irish : Boston The fisherman in the teaser vid was wearing Scandinavian waders for cryin’ out loud. They decided on this because the fans told them that’s what they wanted (something new and unique that’s not tethered to the past). Seems to be going over well where it matters.
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    I mean, it's a turd of a name, but the logo and wordmark and colour scheme are actually pretty nice.
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    Canada doesn't want people traveling back and forth from the most infected country in the World, despite how "thorough" the protocols are. Citizen safety trumps Major League Baseball any day of the week.
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    Nah, the backlash was always there from minority groups too. It's just that those in power could afford to ignore them until recently.
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    The name and the logo go hand-in-hand; I don't think you can change one without changing the other. Letting the logo stay would just keep the wound partially open, especially if the new name doesn't really have any indigenous significance. As @_J_ said, just rip the bandage off. I think, in all likelihood, we'll get the Washington Football Club for at least a season, with blank maroon helmets and maroon-and-gold jersey with either a "Washington" wordmark above the front number or no wordmark at all. They might even pull a Browns and use the helmet as the primary logo.
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