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    Yo, I’ve done something like that, @FinsUp1214! Also, the ‘90s Astros looked like dreary trash.
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    Mandatory Color Rush was a trip. The same league that wrote like a five-page single-spaced handbook on how to pull your socks up and only wear regulation-length fanny packs turned around and came up with a Brand Dilution Initiative. Go figure.
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    Like the Panthers, they’re a team who got it right the first time. Both don’t need to go through any significant changes. They are timeless.
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    SEATTLE STEELHEADS And that's all 32 teams!. But the project's not done yet, stay tuned!
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    Go back to San Diego where you belong.
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    These:Are better than these: But not as good as these:
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    This is why I refused to dignify you "the ALCS is the real World Series" turds. It's baseball. Now, the Astros could win the next 4, but it still doesn't mean the ALCS was the real World Series.
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    Amazing throwback game tonight between Portland and Sacramento!
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    That straight-ahead view of a baseball is so charmless compared to the yin-yangy one in the original. No one can leave anything alone.
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    The best unveils this offseason have been throwbacks. Take that as you will.
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    Just a quick photoshop, but it looks much better with your suggestions
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    Yeah, but still need the 2002-2008 red socks back for road games. Also, once in a while the old red pants (with navy socks) away would be cool.
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    Exactly. However those jerseys are unimaginative trash. Should have done something different. Like orange. Sure they went 0-7 in them back in 2012, but that shouldn’t be an issue with THIS team.
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    On a black court that makes it look like a neutral site game
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    Why can the Saints have that shade of gold on the C but not the rest of their uniform?
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    I'd argue the "inner city" (BTW, cities are where people are rapidly moving to, rapidly gentrifying typically "inner city" neighborhoods along the way -- see: Oakland as the greatest example but there are more) look is designed to be far more appealing to white dudes who remember Boyz N the Hood rather than black dudes who lived Boyz N the Hood. It's 2019 and the early 90s are in again, whether that's reflected as wearing scrunchies and Birkenstocks or appropriating the most reductive of images of LA culture for fun and profit.
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    Dubs in yellow in LA is super confusing
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    I like it very much! The thin trim/pinstripes combo is far better than I imagined it would be, while the sand/brown road uniform and the full sand pinstripes are also fantastic. I like that they're being honest about wearing the brown jersey on the road more than the sand set. It'd be nice if other teams did that (e.g., Pirates and White Sox). While the cleaned up wordmarks are good-looking (especially that "San Diego"), I do wish the home wordmark was a touch smaller and the brown top had no white outlines, but those are minor quibbles. The Swinging Friar's return is also very welcome. The swoosh is whatever - I'll live with it. They've managed to go back to their proper colors and put a fantastic spin on things. Well done! The Padres might just have turned the corner.
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    Barrel Man, the Swingin' Friar, Mr. Met... These are the things that make baseball great.
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    Spoilers: They do this for every logo that's been released in the past decade or so. I did laugh when I first read the anchor part. "Our club is here to stay. For now." Just sounded so non-committal for a second there.
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    Arsenal Stadium • Highbury (Arsenal, 1913-2006) Emirates Stadium • Islington (Arsenal, 2006-Present)
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    Sorry if im still upset, but this was SUCH an easy move and they really botched it IMO. Just use this and be done with it, EVERYONE would be happy.
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    #HeatTwitter, man this is lamer of the lamest. I understand on instagram they will have #HeatInstagram and on facebook #HeatFacebook?
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    My first thought was this: They're going out of the box very loud. Kinda like a TATC.
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    Gotta love how the “9” vaguely resembles a beer barrel. If the Spring Training signage is any indicator of the new Brewers’ uniform numbers and scripts, I for one will be very happy.
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    This was my old concept, tried to make the old arched shooting star more dynamic by skewing it two ways: The 93-99 Astros set wasn't that great, and they made it worse by changing the team's colors. Baseball teams shouldn't change colors, especially not after 30 years.
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    “We're light-years ahead of probably every other team in structure..." -Joe Lacob, 2016 "The rest of the league is going to catch us at some point." - Joe Lacob, October 2019 Joe, it occurred tonight.
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    I understand what forum this is and whatnot but I find it kinda hilarious how everyone wanted the logo back and we're gonna get it but now we gotta to hate it. I'm just happy it's back period. This could have been much worse.
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    Except arguably they were doing their job right up until the private equity brosephs who had acquired Gawker took exception to being outed as such in a feature Deadspin article and then pulled the Darth Vader "I have altered the bargain" shtick.
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    3 more years until they can change back to these beauties? Classics for them.
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    Similarly...i.e. not current...this is the best gray jersey the Rockies have ever worn (no black, no silver, just purple and white, and gray): Was it better than the homes? Homertively no, objectively yes.
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    Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Bryant is pushing to bring back Bucco Bruce full time.
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    Yes, I understand all that. Truly, this has nothing to do with the actual team on the court. I know the roster they've put together and their expectations and all of that. This is about perception and identity. Yes, and that sucks. I hate what Nike has done with these uniform rotations, and I think it's spawned some of the worst basketball looks we've seen. Some of it works for the team and city (see: Miami Vice), and a lot really have been terrible. And I mean worst in two ways. Worst in terms of actual looks and aesthetics. And I mean worst in looks that have nothing to do with the actual franchise and its history. Examples are the Hickory High uniforms for the Pacers (sure, they look fine in a traditional sense, but what the hell does Hoosiers have to do with the Pacers NBA franchise?) or the Clippers' LA Express-looking alternate from last year (again, what?). And to show you some objectivity, however far that'll go, the Lakers "Magic Johnson" jersey from last season. The black, the "pinstripes," etc. Just ugh. Not only was it ugly, but it didn't represent anything resembling the visual brand of the Los Angeles Lakers. Not really, no. As explained above, you can try stuff, sure, but it has to make sense. To me, these Clipper uniforms don't make sense. They feel inauthentic to what the Clippers are or represent. The Heat definitely went off board with the Miami Vice jerseys, but does it work for them? Totally! But these GTA San Andreas things? They don't work for the Los Angeles Clippers. Then maybe we should stop.
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    Puma has some beautiful away kits on tap
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    We exited baseball aesthetics' dark night of the soul circa 1993 when the last of the powder blues and pullovers were retired. From there, we should be sticking to buttoned white/grey orthodoxy but some teams have to ruin it, I guess. We even have teams re-installing plastic grass. It's a real problem.
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    Nike is deliberately making the colors not match because the Cowboys insisted that the colors not match. It’s pretty simple. This one is not on Nike; the Cowboys have been doing this since well before they took over the league’s contract. Nike is just giving its customer what he wants, even if what he wants is really stupid.
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    I think switching the red and black around would give this set more life, but I won't complain too much. The worst offenders have been dealt with.
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    I thought these looked good. Hopefully there will be no combination of soutache and pinstripes.
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    That's okay. It's your right. And I understand it, especially from a Packer fan. I've been there. Hard to turn your back on all that history, hard to give up the sport where Wisconsin is not only important but actual sacred ground. But that doesn't change the fact that the people who run our sport have done some very, very bad things. Bad enough to make some of us think about giving that all up. Even if you're personally not at that point, it's hard to ignore what they've done and continue to do.
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    How bout that Bryce Harper was right. Congrats Nationals!
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    GOŠK Dubrovnik was founded in 1919. In 1980. the club merged with their city rival NK Jug and changed it's name to GOŠK-Jug. During the 1980's the club has been a regular member of 2nd Division Yugoslavia League. In 1991. the club merged with NK Dubrovnik and played 1. HNL for 4 years. After that things started going south. Over the years the club relegated to the 5th Division and are now competing in 3. HNL. The new logo is inspired by the crest of the city of Dubrovnik. Oh, and if you are wondering why HBO as a sponsor, Dubrovnik was the main filming location for King's Landing in the TV Show Game of Thrones so it's a little easter egg.
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    It's not asinine, it's good-looking. Most people here like the plume, since it balances out the design a bit and fits with the image they were trying to achieve. You don't need over 1,000 words to express this opinion.
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    October 25-30 Brewers team store at Miller Park everything 50% off. Team store will then get remodeled and re-open November 18th. Could that be a reveal date?
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    I hope this post comes the day before they lose Game 1 and the rest of the Series. #YesImBitter#BSstrikeoutCalls Thank you so much. That was definitely the goal in mind. I’m really happy with how it turned out, @coco1997 and I bounced a lot of ideas off of each other. Yeah, that might be my favorite part. It brings it all together. Thank you, bro. ***************************************************** Continuing our tour of the NL Central, it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates. For all their iconic looks (pretty much anything Clemente wore), no uniform made quite the ‘Statement’ that the “We Are Family” unis did (1977-1984) Still not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, lol. Can we modernize this look 35 years later? You be the judge: The ‘Stargell Stars’ make their long-awaited return along with the Pittsburgh script worn by Barry Bonds in a uniform design sure to please even the most selective Bumblebee/Wiz Khalifa fan. The sleeves feature the silhouette of the Roberto Clemente Bridge (tying in their most iconic player and the backdrop of their gorgeous ballpark) in an attempt to combine as much of their history into one cohesive...I hope...look. C&C appreciated.
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    Just saw a tweet from Reviewing The Brew that the Brewers might be getting new primary uniforms... so it looks like yall are getting your wish.
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    Yeah, except that they didn’t allow Kroenke to skirt them. Goodell secretly worked behind-the-scenes to prevent an owner from exercising his contractual rights, and publicly stopped him from doing so on at least one occasion. If any rules were skirted, it was in St. Louis’s favor. That notwithstanding, the NFL absolutely should make any allowances that put the Chargers back in San Diego with fresh and untainted ownership.
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