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    The yellow-on-white doesn't bother me as much on the white jersey, but it's awful on the red jersey. One of my sports design truisms: any red and yellow team ought to minimize white and channel the flag of Belgium. Quick and dirty mockup, but I think the color balance and readability is miles ahead anyway.
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    Buffalo vs Philadelphia looked great. Can you believe there was a time where it looked like this?
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    I'm saying it again, Baltimore needs to make the purple pants the default road option.
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    Re: Uniform Ads. My stance is the same as it's always been - Uniform ads are both bad and inevitable. I've understood they were going to come for a long time and I understand why (I MAKE MY LIVING IN ADVERTISING, GOONS), but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I understand people who don't care at all because there's lots of things I'm not the least bit passionate about that many others are (video games and pro wrestling are two examples). What I don't understand and will never understand are the people with no financial interest on either the team's side or the advertisers' side, people who found their way to a message board about sports uniforms, who take and defend the position that uniforms ads look good. WHAT THE HELL
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    No, not a fan of this at all. If there is one thing a team in Miami, a city of sunshine, doesn't need its gray or silver. Aqua, orange and white doesn't need to be dulled down. If the reason is because that dolphins are gray than that is a terrible reason.
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    Some free advice for Jacksonville: These three combinations are all you need (with teal numbers on the road and preferably gold outlines/trim)
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    Came across this image after the Kevin Green (RIP) news hit. I may be biased but this might be peak nfl uniform aesthetic.
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    I think my biggest gripe of the NBA's current jersey program isn't so much all of the designs, it's the frequency of the designs. Don't give me equal appearances of all 4-5 jerseys, give me the Association and Icon for the bulk with the Statement, City and Earned/Throwback thrown in there as a "treat." I want Color vs. Color matchups, but keep them in the Icon and Statement jersey options only. Just give some order to the madness.
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    lol self-owned, whoever did this managed to understand neither English nor French
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    Funny - while watching that game, I was thinking about how well those Seahawks uniforms have held up, especially since trash like the Browns and Bucs came and went. Not every uniform needs to be a 'classic' or a 'forever uniform', but for now, I think it's a perfect look for them and for a team from Seattle. Will it last another 10 seasons? Probably not... but that's OK. The league is fine with a balance between teams with 'old school' brands like KC, Pittsburgh, Dallas, etc., and teams with contemporary looks that evolve over time, like Seattle and maybe the Chargers. Atlanta really wants to be in that latter group, but then they go ahead and turn out dog crap. When I think 'modern classic', I think of a uniform that has some contemporary elements but can also be a 'forever uniform'. Bucs, with their use of non-traditional color like pewter, probably fall into that category. Texans probably do. Maybe Vikings, though their font gimmick sucks. I think the Eagles fall into it, but I get that might be a minority opinion. I would certainly NOT call the Seahawks uniform a 'modern classic', but it's a good uniform for 2021. That's all it wants to be, and that's all it needs to be.
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    Las Vegas is built around a service economy that has not existed for nine months and may never exist again. I wouldn't break my back getting in there.
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    I really don’t get the reasoning behind Carolina needing new uniforms. Is there any concrete evidence to support the claim? The current ones are fine, but I could see them going in a Colts+ direction. Not a total overhaul, but rather refining the current look. The first step should revolve around the shoulder number sizing issue. For whatever reason, I’m assuming cut/template issues, the shoulder numbers have received a noticeable size change. Either take out the sleeve logos and move the numbers to the sleeves or just take them off and keep the logos on the sleeves. The second step is changing the helmet stripe. It’s arguably one of, if not, the worst in the league. It gets dangerously close to the helmet logos. Either go stripeless or match them to the jersey and pants. The third step is fixing the pants stripe. Now, it isn’t a huge deal and I could live without a fix, but the bottom just looks weird. Streamline the stripe and have it even all the way down, like a normal pants stripe would be (see Texans, Patriots, etc.) Other than that, there’s no real reason to give Carolina a complete overhaul. Again, the uniforms aren’t bad. They just need a little TLC
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    This is a perfect example of the biggest issue with the Rams new set. It's not really about the new set being total garbage (which it is) but it's more about not living up to the standards that the Rams should and could have aesthetically. If the Jags or the Panthers put out a set in the realm of what the Rams just did, oh well. It's bad but it's not like they had a stout uniform history. But this is the RAMS. I remember as a kid collecting the gumball machine NFL helmets. The horn was so iconic. It's a shame really.
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    If they allow it again, should be for throwbacks only. No mix and match.
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    This is a :censored:ing abomination:
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    Cleveland ends the season with brown over white. 2020 season with Four home games in brown/orange and the other four in brown/white.
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    I'd like to see the Bengals use this guy on the unis or field again:
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    Just turned it on and, yep, to the casual viewer it would make no sense. Not only that, but the scorebugs show light blue for the Knicks -- who are in black and dark blue for the Magic -- who are in orange and white. This is dumb.
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    Hey Saints, this is it. Burn the white socks, match the golds and logo, and this is all you need to wear until the rest of time. Perfect. (Gold and white pants are both good, but never add black pants. As we've seen the past 3 seasons, they are too tempting for New Orleans.)
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    I can't get behind making Vice full-time because I fear it may feel gimmicky in a couple years, but more importantly, the Heat have the modern classic set in the NBA -- all three jerseys. That they've also had such success with an alternate brand when almost all their NBA brethren are spinning their wheels is really something. To me the original sin is simply that these jerseys have to change every single year. If Miami has found four good Vice jerseys, let them cycle through as alternates until the shtick gets tired, or just pick your favorite as the permanent Vice alt. If Utah wants to keep the desert gradient indefinitely, let them. Maybe bringing back the white Vice jersey knocks down your merchandising revenue a bit next year, but guess what, so will switching to a new City scheme that isn't as successful (which seems a likely bet based on the rest of the league).
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    As a huge heat vice lover I still think the concept and everything this year is great. But the execution, my goodness. Like what's up with the gradient in the key? it just looks like 3 blocks? this is what it should look like. Super smooth gradient all throughout. You don't get a solid color until all the way like an inch from the end But this is what we end up with:
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    Cardinals in dire need of a redesign.
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    Retros for the Orange Bowl
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    This Bucks/Warriors matchup is pretty much everything that is wrong with the NBA’s current uniform landscape. The Bucks are in various shades of blue (which is only a quinary color for them), on a court that is almost entirely green, against the visiting Warriors who are wearing white. Just terrible all around.
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    We've only had one year and you got to experience 20. Lighten up, Francis.
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    Teal is banned for life, leave him alone.
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    When making uniform decisions, the one overriding factor all NFL teams should take into account is what do Europeans think.
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    I don't know the specifics...I just know gradient floors can be done properly.
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    One of these years, there will be two threads. One for real news, and one full of speculation and lists of teams that people want to change
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    Out of all the new uniforms, the best one IMO is the new city edition for the Hornets. I can get past the whole “Buzz City” thing. It doesn’t bother me. The mint, gold, and black work so well with each other.
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    The head is good enough, and a big improvement from the B (which would be a C if I had any say in the matter).
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    Besides, the stripe was a vestigial part of the identity, from their pre-1979 set. You see how the northwestern helmet stripe fits with the Packers-style stripes elsewhere? It's why the gold pants/striped burgundy socks worked so well with the helmet (not the jersey). If Washington wants a helmet stripe to go with the 1979-present set, I suggest aping the '80s Virginia Cavaliers: Gotta stick with the asymmetrical motif.
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    Can we also note how awesome it was that the Browns did this while looking like the Browns instead wearing those clown suits they had been wearing the last few years?
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    I loved it when we all wore Heat uniforms in the early '90s, when fashion obviously peaked. Fire, or whatnot.
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    The Rockies' uniforms are not great, but they could be a lot worse. They could be a lot better, too.
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    "I don't like ads on hockey uniforms" = "internet socialist." Ok.
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    Nothing groundbreaking here lol... Turned out ok so I thought I'd share! Have never been able to stand the current Dunedin mark - looks off balance & unfinished. https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/qw94t4zjebxih1u8o4akhivwh/Dunedin_Blue_Jays/2012/Primary_Logo Thought I'd try to add a bit of regional flare to the bare spot while paying homage to the parent club!
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    It's almost like if teams wore their proper colors at the correct times, most matchups would look pretty good. (Not a dig at you, but the league)
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    Whole lot of amateur doctors coming out of the woodwork.
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    I don't think that's the issue at all, it's just that in all the databases, 'Football Team' is stored in the 'Team_Nickname' column, so the systems use it whenever the nickname is called for, which can lead to situations where you have "Eagles are visiting the Football Team", which looks ridiculous.
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    The Seahawks don't need to change their current uniforms because they're on a down slide or because they haven't had enough success wearing them. The Seahawks need to change their current uniforms because they suck.
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    It does look nice but it isn't look Rockets AT ALL. In fact, it was worsened by the fact that it was against the Kings, of all teams, who have used very similar colors before in their history and over the course of the past few seasons. Typically it would have been the Kings in light blue and red against the Rockets in black. Took me a moment to realize it was in fact the opposite tonight.
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