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    My new jersey came in on Saturday. Looks really good in person and I felt a lot less silly wearing this than I ever did in the 04-20 jerseys.
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    Potential big news... apparently the Patriots draft manikin is wearing gray pants.
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    I'm a little surprised that I feel this way, but I really have quickly gotten to like having the option of no TV numbers. The Chargers' new uniform and this one, I can't see any way that cramming in TV numbers would be anything other than a downgrade. I wouldn't want to see TV numbers go away completely for the entire NFL, but for teams with an especially unique shoulder/sleeve element, or with sleeve graphics and/or patches, removing the TV numbers is a great option.
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    The fact that real human beings with brains said "What's the difference?" when the new uniforms came out will never not amaze me.
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    Call me crazy, but I actually think he's on the right track with replacing the stripes with the B logo. (spoilered for space)
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    Alternatively, the white wouldn't be so bad if there was absolutely no bone on it.
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    Attaching a concept that I was hoping Nike would include when they did the 2019 rebrand. Based this one around a modified version of the classic 78-97 wordmark logo, changing the top "fin" to include a stylized jet contrail/vapor trail (in perspective going right to left). Also I would like to credit user Darth Brooks for his Nike vapor untouchable template used here- I made a back view of this template myself also which I will gladly share with anyone who would like it. Thanks and I would appreciate any feedback!
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    Hey dorks. So, like all my other projects, this was started with the prospects of making a OOTP save. I've never just played a real life game while expanding the MLB. It would be fun to build up a farm system from nothing. Obviously the first team is Montreal (although i'll send their asses to Puerto Rico if they touch my Rays), but then the crowd behind them is a little more spread out. Off the top of my head Nashville, and Portland have posted real stadium renderings. Then Vegas has been in the mix, and so has Raleigh & Charlotte equally. How was I going to cut the perfect division alignment up as I expand to 32? Would I split rivals for geographic integrity? Would two random divisions grow to 6? What if I just expanded by 6? So that's what I did! Here's my thinking for each concept. Portland Beavers The Beavers are the historic name for minor league teams in Portland. They were moved in 2008, and that allowed the Timbers to develop the stadium into one of the best soccer-specific stadiums in the country. But the name is perfect, even if Oregon State shares it. So what I did is sketch a P and put a little beaver in the negative space (the P-hole if you will). I found a font that I've used before to make scripts, including a B that would double as a cool stand alone logo. San Antonio Armadillos I was flipping between Austin and San Antonio, but the size of SA put it over the top. But the nickname was something that would follow no matter. I had visions of a deep eggplant/green/orange team. But once I put these logos next to where I plan to align them in MLB, it wasn't working. I revisited this over the course of a few days, and ended up deciding to lean into the idea that the Spurs also owned this team, plus it would allow me to dabble in the fiesta colors that everyone loves. Pretty straight forward. oh and I put this little dude on the sleeve
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    It looks like it belongs on a power ranger with those “eye holes”
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    That's good, because it means Nike didn't radically change a uniform again to make it "street-cool" with "bone" and gradients or something to that effect.
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    Fill in the rest of that white pants panel with black, and this would be an excellent uniform. As it is, it's okay if still an upgrade.
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    This is a great update! Very surprised nike didn't take this over the top. My one tweak would be on the primary white pants. Something about orange stripes on a white base doesn't scream "tiger stripes" to me. Would prefer having them go with something like this:
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    I hate this new rule so much...
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    A tribute to baseball managers wearing uniforms... R.I.P. Tommy Lasorda
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    What's scary here is there are still people out there who honestly believe that this was some kind of one-off experiment. C'mon, do they not understand the door has been opened? My local sports radio talked about this and said "yeah they were goofy, but at least we won't see them again." Uh... No. It's just getting started.
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    I'm not going to get into why the Browns orange-brown-orange stripes are correct again because I've done that too many times. The real issue with their pants is the stripe is too thick. They need to go back to what they had in the 80's, which was a thinner stripe, similar to what the Chiefs use. Fits the old school look better and because the size differs from the helmet it doesn't need to be consistent. What the Pats should do Single outlined numbers, the stripe mimics the stripe on the American flag (and the logo) and is consistent on every background, and you don't have that ugly red-blue-red stripe anywhere. Also replaces the useless repeating logo on the sleeves with numbers.
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    Nah, because it's actually in team colors.
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    Here, this should fix the road socks up nicely. This would work as a complete home/road set for the Pats.
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    Yeah, could be. They don't look like them to me... seems like too much red, not enough navy, for the previous stripe proportions, but it's hard to tell from that shot. Could be just wishful thing on my part. Gray pants take the Patriots uniform from bottom ten to top ten IMHO. Here's a comparison based on the prototype that a collector manged to snag last year...
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    Just a reminder, I was watching this game last night and the Padres look Damn good!!!!!!! Even, dirty.
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    The real reason why Oakland needs to retain the A's cap is so the division standings can spell ASSHAT when ordered as OAK/SEA/HOU/LAA/TEX
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    Las Vegas Supernovas You know what I hate? PREDICTABLE NAMES. Every gosh darn list of suggestions from when the Golden Knights were nameless were like the Card Sharks, or Gamblers, or High Rollers, or Black Jacks. Cmon guys, be more creative. Anyways, I actually was stuck on this one pretty bad. I was cycling through my fonts and saw a font named "Nova Square" (which I didn't use). That got me thinking of the name Supernovas. What works is that you already have that shorthand of Novas. It's short, unique. Then it hit me to use the 4 point star on the Las Vegas sign as the center OF the supernova. bing bang boom, ya got a logo. I used the V-splosion logo in the scripts, which was a nice realization. Oh yeah, and if you love baby blue away unis you'll like this. Charlotte Dukes To fit with the predictable naming, why would I name a sports team after a different sport? Racers are out. The historic minor league name is the Hornets, so that's a no-go. Charlotte is the Queen City, which is where you get the Knights & crown in Charlotte FC. Barons came to mind because of the banking hub, but it wasn't convincing. I'm racking my brain for regal names then one made me laugh out loud. My dad went to NC State and nothing was funnier than pissing off the two biggest rivals by naming a team the Carolina Dukes. So that's 4 of 5! I'm posting these now because I have a dilemma. I have this cool logo for Nashville and no name to go with it. The historic minor league name is the Vols, which would be weird to use for obvious reasons. But it's not even the first in-state college team I'd be lifting from. The expansion proposals have Stars as a name, which was a Negro League name. but with the Astros and now Supernovas - it was a nonstarter. Help!
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    Very nice! Now they need to just make purple that dominant in their everyday identity
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    Colorado ASG Logo unveiled:
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    When you look at it side by side-- what an absolutely massive improvement, especially this combo. The removal of the shoulder yoke allows the shoulder striping detail to really nicely complement the striping on the helmet and pants, instead of compete for attention. Removing the white detail from the top of the pants stripe keeps things consistent with the helmet in a nice way-- and I don't think too many people have mentioned how awkward and unnecessary the tapered point at the bottom of the old pants stripe was -- it never looked good how it wrapped around the knee, and now the new straight up-and-down pants stripe again streamlines everything. Plus, the dropshadow on the old numbers was such a legacy from like 2004-- Falcons uniforms that debuted around that time also had it. Good riddance. This redesign is what the Jaguars COULD have been if they'd made the right decisions. If the Jaguars had used a vertical teal stripe on white and black pants + a more noticeable teal stripe on the white and black uniforms, it would totally balance the large amounts of black and white. Instead, they went with the barely noticeable teal diagonal slices of color at the very bottom of the pants + edge of the sleeves. Bengals show you how a very similar minimalist design is used, with the proper execution.
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    You know, at first glance... cool! Definitely better than the previous set. Like everyone else I think the 2nd set of white pants isn't quite right, but the other thing that bothers me on the pants is the lack of orange continuing to the top and bottom of the "stripe". It feels like those are meant to be seen as "orange stripes on black". Personally I think they'd look better if they constantly had "black stripes on orange" instead: I imagine the real challenge with "black stripes on orange" is the shoulder areas. In conclusion, they should've just gone with the '81-'03 look Damn look at that beautiful consistency on both teams!
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    Much better than what they had. Not quite as good as they could be. Not a surprise to be writing that again.
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    Wouldn’t this be the California version of a Yankees cap?
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    Yeah, for my money, the '10-'17 Cavs set would've been excellent with the paneled shorts like in the original jerseys they were modeled after: It's an overused statement sometimes here, but I really do think the Cavs got it right the first time. The feathered script, the color balance, lack of anything but wine and gold on the jerseys themselves. IMO, they've never looked better, and the prior set left out the one thing that made the inspiration work best.
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    Glad they kept this, bottom line:
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    Hi all. My local baseball club looks like they are moving toward a new look, so I've decided to put up my hand and rediscover my liking for logo design. The mascot is a native Australian bird, the kookaburra (shortened to 'Burras'), and the colours are green and yellow. It goes without saying that the current primary logo (also featured on the cap) is terrible. Warning to your retinas: Here are my logos. Top-bottom, left-right goes primary, secondary, cap, patch and wordmark logos. Comments and criticism welcome.
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    The benchmark for a good redesign shouldn’t be “whether the casual fan can notice a difference.” What a load of rubbish. They took a cliche early 2000s over designed mess, stripped it down to the essential elements and came up with a clean design that still clearly reads as the Bengals. That’s a win in my book. My only complaint is the white pant with the outlined orange stripe that everyone has talked about. Matches nothing else. Should just be a black and orange panel like they’ve done for decades. I was also intrigued by the possibility of orange pants. I feel that could have been a nice look on the road or paired with the black jersey, similar to how the Jaguars use their teal pants on occasion. Overall, this is an upgrade.
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    They're :censored:ing rad and I'll hear nothing else. I'm very happy. If all they did was remove the white side panels these would've been a win. The only thing that I don't LOVE is the white pants with the orange stripes. I feel like that kills the "9 possible combinations" because that will look dumb with the white jerseys.
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    The Cavs will have had 3 changes in 11 years. They really need to stick with something.
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    I'm not an A's fan but I basically live in the Bay Area and I can honestly say I don't want to ever see them not have A's on a primary hat. I find it hard to believe people around here would be okay with that. Alternate? Sure but it never should be a primary hat, the A's hat and the SF hat are basically the California version of the Yankees hat, you can't mess with that.
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    Let's clear up a few things. First off, this forum, while "on the internet", is not the internet. We have rules of decorum here and you seem to take great pleasure in seeing just how far you can push it with those rules. This place ain't exactly the Harvard Debate Club, but it's also not the "Tommy from Malden Chowd Smack Show" either. It would behoove you to figure out the difference. Second, this isn't about people needing "thicker skin" to endure your rapier-like wit and eloquent takes. It's about you being an insufferable ass-hole whenever the notion strikes you to do so - which is bad enough. What makes it worse is that you seem to revel in it. Add in your non-stop arguments and here we are. You're certainly free to be an always arguing, internet ass-hole, you just can't do it here. Everyone here is more than capable of taking heat over their teams. Your problem is you don't know when to drop things. Finally, if you don't mind some friendly advice, it would be in the best interests of your CCSLC career to stop with the insults and never ending arguments and to do it right quick.
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    Can't agree with you - I love this road script.
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    Lots of "what did they even change it looks the same" and "they're 80's throwbacks" on Bengals Twitter. Never read the comments.
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    Boy, if only the previous logo had reminded people that the Crew were. in fact, in Columbus. If only...
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    The Northwoods League summer collegiate Madison Mallards released a new brand yesterday, and iI'm not a big fan. Here's my take:
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    Let's try this again. Green and gold, a C logo featuring the original crown in a shield-y shape, with inlines to be cohesive to the font.
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    Wow, guess who's back! After over 2 years of frustration of "looks like it's the MLB's 250th birthday", I finally settled on a formula that I fell in love with. Check out my full Behance project here - https://www.behance.net/gallery/118165525/MLB-USA-250th-Celebration And here's my map of games for good measure
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    This thread is going to end up being for surprise pants unveilings, people freaking out if a jersey tears, and me moaning about how dumb the dumb-ass dummy players look when they wear oversized-loose t-shirts under their skin-tight jerseys like a bunch of dumb-ass clowns.
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    Jazz/Lakers on Monday, color vs color
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    Changing the Crew's name is one of the dumbest branding decisions I've ever seen. You have brand equity that you simply cannot buy - 2 cups, original franchise, and the story of a grassroots effort led by fans who fought tooth and nail to save the crew. Every franchise in MLS would love to have something like that associated with their name and they're just going to toss it and for why? No amount of market research would've indicated that this was the right move, which leads me to believe that they didn't do any and this is just classic hot shot execs thinking they're smarter than the commoners. And now they've needlessly alienated fans who are forced to #SavetheCrew all over again. I can't believe I'm out here while numbskulls get paid a killing to be that f****** stupid.
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    And, amazingly, looks terrible thru every color change.
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