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    My newest drawing (since there's no Bills game today)… I think this passes for "fine art" in Buffalo, NY!
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    I did some remixes of old jerseys with the modern teams' brand/colors along with the nike template. Would any of these make a good redesign? Let's start with the Bucks: Here's a more boring one with the Bulls:
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    THE (EXPLETIVE) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS I already had the Saints done, pretty much, but went back and tweaked them today after getting some inspiration from the new Vegas Golden Knights jerseys (which are AMAZING). The change was to add, much like with Cincinnati, some detail in the sleeve cuffs and jersey collar. I sublimated some French ironwork into the cuffs, collar and jersey stripes, but the intention here is for the pattern to be VERY subtle -- something you can see while holding the jersey in your hand, but not too distracting on TV or in person watching the game. If you use social media, you may notice the new SAINTS wordmark. That is the font the team uses on its social posts now, and I quite like it as an upgrade. The gold is, out of necessity, switched back to a brass color (because, why in the world are the Saints not brass?). We also go back to the original logo without unnecessary strokes, which is made much larger on the helmet. There's also some LSU inspiration here: the shoulder stripes are straight out of Baton Rouge, and the white primary home uniform is a nod both to LSU and the Saints' past as a team that loves to wear white at home. The BIGGEST intention with this concept was taking one of the plainest NFL uniforms of all time, in their current state, and giving them the the identity that truly fits the wonderful brand. I used a version of clarendon, which complements the ironworks design really well. The numbers are dark enough on the white jersey to be visible, and have a brassy, shiny finish. And of course, a "Mardi Gras" themed alternate. I did not want to go super crazy here, so the move is just to recolor, as the shoulder stripes and pant stripes naturally can be sequenced like the Mardi Gras flag. The helmet is plain, instead of striped, to look more like a bead.
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    Umm... Okay. I'll just stay over here continuing to feel like that they got it pretty much right, and being glad there's not another crappy uniform in a league that seems bent on filling itself with as many crappy uniforms as possible. You know, like that other uniform being discussed in this thread.
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    The red on the falcons jersey represents their leads because it fades
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    The orange pants are beautiful. Two great classic uniforms(I know the real classic was white pants),
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    Hey, did I miss something? Did everyone decide to turn on the Chargers new uniforms and I never got the memo? I'm saving my hate for the debut of those pointless and dopey color rushes. In the meantime, I continue to like these versions they've shown so far.
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    What if they replaced the white with black, and changed the bottom stripe to black like this?
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    What the hell is that player doing? His jersey is tucked in and you can see he has a belt on. Where's his Performance Skirt?
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    Why do the Bengals and Browns always try to wear as much orange as possible in their games
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    top one by far
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    For some reason most of the fans seem to hate it. I don't mind it (I have a hat with the logo on it), but personally I like the wings. I think the best move would've been to use something that blends the two.
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    Looks like they foreshadowed the ban on mass gatherings, too
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    If those pants don't work out for football, your idiot cousin Travis can wear them as sweatpants while he makes plans to kidnap a governor.
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    It's criminal that they don't wear the red billed caps with this alternate. They should wear it with everything, of course, but especially this.
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    I'm still not over them changing from this set to this:
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    First time the Browns are going white over orange this season. Very happy about this.
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    That bottom Jags uniform is bad but I'm a sucker for that teal flake helmet.
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    Something about that wolf face makes me think of furries. I don't wanna think of furries.
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    From the Panthers Twitter account- Teams should do this more often.
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    I noticed something strange regarding the Colts. Everyone recalls how they changed the swooshes to black on their white jerseys: Their pants still use the blue swooshes, which creates a mismatching look on the road. This is likely due to the fact that the pants are also used with the blue jerseys which have no black at all, but it further emphasizes that it was a completely unnecessary change. In this case, both swooshes are on a white background. Both should be the same color for consistency. It looks bad.
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    There's no way the new uniforms are even close to as good of look as these beauts (even with flawed numbers/helmet spikes).
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    Just say NO to all-white socks.
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    Yup I am! And thanks for all the positive feedback from everyone. I did the Heat here in two colorways: And here are the Hornets: (That's right. I didn't use black for the Buzz City Jersey)
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    I know I'm weeks late to this, but I had to comment. I enjoy that whenever suggestions for the Jaguars uniforms come up, the collective feedback ends up accidentally designing their uniforms from 1998.
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    Before anyone says this will look ok as long as they wear black socks, don't bother. They will wear white socks and you know it.
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    City editions are the best thing uniform-wise the NBA has ever done. They are all over the place. Some are fantastic, crazy, ugly, boring and I'm here for all of it.
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    Heard here are some of the new city jerseys that I've heard are in the pipeline: CELTICS- red, white and green 'North End' jerseys, the numbers will be in a giant meatball ala the Warriors' cable car jerseys. NUGGETS- REDRUM jerseys. Icy blue and white, axes in doorways on the side panels. ROCKETS- black Rothko jerseys, no names, no numbers, etc. Just black. BULLS- Willis/Sears Tower jerseys. Complete with clear observation deck side panels. MAGIC- Waffle House design, all yellow, complete menu on front and back. CLIPPERS- David Hockney inspired jerseys, with this painting serving as inspiration.
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    Find a thread for people that care
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    Kind of striking how many people in a design community don't know Basquiat.
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    I don’t think Carolina needs updating. Unique colors, good balance. What they need to do is adjust the tv numbers, don’t wear white-white so much and don’t wear the black socks with the black pants. If you ask for an update, what you’ll get is an oversized logo, chrome mask, black-black home with black socks and white-white road with white socks, some weird font and a blue jersey with gradient.
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    The answer is simple. They don’t want three stripes on the sleeves.
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    Well, IMO, it isn't the combinations that make it a terrible uniform, the pointless parade of mix and match confusion just highlight how bad it is. The details make it awful in any possible combination. Taking a barely passable logo that was obviously meant to go on a white background, adding cluttered outlines, and putting it on a navy helmet was a bad decision. Going all in on the sword motif was a bad decision. Adding in a second shade of gray was a bad decision. Having those sword elements be double gray in some places, but gray and white on the helmet? The double bands on the pants? The glowing red Nike logos? The God awlful number font that needed adjustment after just one season? The light blue armpits? I dunno... It all seems pretty unsalvageable to me.
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    I hated the last Falcon uniform, and would never have believed I'd be saying this, but this new one is worse, at least in the ways they've insisted on wearing it. The old one was over designed and cluttered, but had a better helmet, better font, and a much better use of red. Clean up the sleeves, get some actual pants stripes, and the old look would've been salvageable. But the new uniforms get worse to me every time I see them. The helmet is gimmicky, and prominently features colors that don't show up anywhere else. The numbers are atrocious. Now that Tampa is out of the running, the Falcons new font is neck and neck with the Titans for the worst in the NFL. But the worst thing by far is their combination decisions. As I'm sure I've made annoyingly clear, I always hate monochrome dark uniforms, but the solid color matching socks bring it all to a new dismal level, and the all white is just as terrible to me as the all black. Wearing white pants and black socks with the black jersey, and black socks with the all white would get them out of the bottom five, but only barely. Right now it's the Rams, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals, and them.
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    There's a few things you know will happen in every NFL season. The Vikings will play the Seahawks. The game will always be in Seattle. The schedule makers will make it a prime time game. The Seahawks will break out a uniform that is amazingly even worse than the one they normally wear. And the Vikings will play as bad as the Seahawks look. Every year. And all this will happen tonight.
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    Here is a weird one...
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    Obscene. Our military fetish is not the sign of a healthy democracy.
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    I had a lot of fun with the Cavs: Let me know if you want to see alternate colors for the 80's, 90's and early 2000's jerseys. Another boring one here: Can't do much with these.
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    Only the service academies should be allowed to wear camo, anything else is just fake patriotism.
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    No, the B&W filter isn't on, you're just looking at the Brooklyn Nets Remixes: And yes, I'm aware that they look like they were drained of all life.
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    The Saints have got to stop this monochrome garbage. Gold/Black/Gold and Gold/White/Gold are all-time great color combos. Wear your damn gold pants!
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