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    "On the fifth year, they will rise again"
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    i'll see you all in the 2025 Rams New Uniforms thread
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    For those curious about my recent suspension, Indeed I did. I really needed the week off for being such a s--thead. Since some time last year, I've felt kind of directionless here. I haven't been posting in my big concept series (or doing much of anything on the concept front), so I just wound up drifting into being a "general" poster. This was also around the same time I found other communities, some of which I really enjoyed (a few discord servers) and others I found to be toxic trash heaps (KF). I got a bit too deep into "my internet," researching questionable people and exposing myself to all kinds of madness and depravity. When you read about certain malevolent furries and their exploits don't faze you, you know you've gone too far. I didn't think the deep dives were wearing on my system, but I now think they did. It made me argumentative, angsty, and addicted to fighting. I started fighting when I didn't need to fight (the reveal fights, where I tried to generalize the upper echelons of the community as a bunch of rigid traditionalists). I stopped being respectful (see my mcrosby rants and my direct callouts of several posters), and completely gave in to my disregard for rule four (if I saw somebody supporting native american mascots, I'd have a rant ready for them). I always wanted there to be a situation where a bunch of people came to my aid and forced a serious discussion (a kind of "righteous anger," if you will), but I never got that because I was going about it like a sewer rat. My transition from "historian/concept guy with well-argued points" to "dingus who posts internet weirdness and attacks anybody he mildly dislikes" turned me into the kind of poster who brought down the level of discourse. Yours truly also exposed people to far too much nastiness (regular internet convos don't need people name-dropping Dahvie Vanity). But no more! I want out of this spiral. Therefore, I resolve not to engage in forum arguments (let the mods handle rule four stuff - don't engage, just report), stay away from threads when I don't like their direction, and never personally attack people here again. Aside from write-ups, I've got the next batch of concepts ready. The concepts were why I was here in the first place and I'd love to get back into them. They gave me a sense of belonging here, especially in regards to putting the historical info out there. I'll take more time away from here, as I liked being away from all of the discourse here for a week. This is my final apology, as the best apology for one's actions is to follow through on improving your attitudes and mending bridges. Thanks for your words of support, guys, and I hope to be back to my old mellow self once again. TL;DR: I became a douchebag, got rightfully called out, took time away, and now I'm back. Expect concepts here again by the weekend.
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    Imagine publicly declaring that you like this.
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    Like how Army annually dominates the NCAA?
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    Sorry you got boned Rams fans.
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    Everyone stop saying bone!
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    Hi all -- I posted a couple weeks ago looking for some critiques on a Rams logo I was working on and I got some helpful feedback there so I wanted to share an update. I finished the project and made a little reveal video for it And the full project can be seen here https://www.behance.net/gallery/96924663/Los-Angeles-Rams This was a ton of fun to make - hope you enjoy!
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    The sleeves look like an ad for a radio station. LA’s Hottest Country, 99 KLAR, The Beach.
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    Imagine thinking that these are inferior.
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    This is a super rough mockup, but getting rid of the patch, switching Bone to white and using the home sleeves makes a huge difference.
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    Hello all! Recently I fell into an obsession with NBA 2k20, and after seeing the customization options available in franchise mode, I picked up the Sacramento Kings and moved them back to their original home (and my hometown...) Rochester, NY! Did this pretty quickly and it's just for my fun video game team, so not a seriously thought out suggestion or plausibility. So I whipped up a simple identity system for them, blending elements of the past to create a simple, old school, regal lookin basketball club. I wanted to stick with only one color, as I wish there were more of those (like the Celtics). For uniforms, I wanted simplicity and stripes. And check out those old school Royals shorts, HAD to include them in the alternate). Used some Rochester icons as the nameplates! Finally, put them on the team in game and we're looking like kings of the court (with new draft pick Peja Stojakovic!) Thanks for lookin!
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    Yep, the gradient numbers could’ve been done pretty tastefully by just going with something like this:
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    Lurker to mod in one post flat ... that's legendary hustle.
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    Looking forward to turning 100 so I get the chance to be bothered by things like this.
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    Brutal opinion from the Los Angeles Times. https://www.latimes.com/sports/rams/story/2020-05-13/column-rams-new-uniforms-dont-fit-with-iconic-brand "Rams fans wanted their horns back, they wanted their blue back and they wanted their yellow back. They weren’t providing arbitrary talking points to take back to an artist to reimagine a new look to, as Demoff said this week, “match the style and design” of SoFi Stadium. The fans wanted the throwback jerseys of Eric Dickerson, Jack Youngblood, Deacon Jones and Roman Gabriel that they were already wearing to the Coliseum. Demoff might have thought he was listening, but he didn’t hear."
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    Disgraceful. The Rams should be ashamed of themselves.
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    If you think Titans is a generic name, wait until you learn about: Cardinals Falcons Panthers Bears Cowboys Broncos Lions Chiefs Rams Vikings Raiders Eagles
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    It blows my mind that people would do crossovers but not make the effort to change the ball to a football.
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    "The TV numbers over the crescent shaped horn embodies the history of the Rams, while also embracing the surfing culture that dates back to 1970's LA." I made that up. Can I copywrite for Nike now?
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    Jags uniforms still suck. Just a different flavor of lousy...
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    Thank you in advance to the CCSLC moderators for sending steaks and lobsters and champagne to all the board members, in an overarching celebration of the greatest NFL offseason for uniforms. All of us could use a good meal in these difficult times.
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    At least the Brewers look respectable and are by most counts an improvement on their previous set. The Rams, really are not.
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    This thread has become a constant stream of spit-take inducing phrases.
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    I can't believe it, the rams somehow did the impossible. They made these somehow look better than theirs.
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    Quick little take on the 14 current North Carolina players in the NBA - using each player's current team's aesthetic and Tar-Heel-ifying it. Vince Carter | Atlanta Hawks Marvin Williams | Milwaukee Bucks Danny Green | Los Angeles Lakers
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    I'm sorry, I'm still hung up on the guy who registered an account just to tell everyone to get back on topic. Welcome aboard!
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    A white patch on an off-white jersey with yellow stitching?!? What the hell is this? This is awful!
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    Looks like the Rams are preparing for ad space on their uniforms for the future ... But why, WHY is there ANY reason at all to include yellow squiggly lines on top of the ad patch!? What's the point! With all the bad there is on these uniforms, this just makes no sense, and I cannot see any purpose for this at all. Why is it needed? What's the point? WHY?
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    And now we know why so many choose horns.
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    They should really tag a video NSFW if it's going to contain that much rampant masturbation.
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    To me the white pants would be a slight improvement with the navy jerseys because IMO anything's an improvement over mono-dark, but it still isn't good. Gray pants, dammit... it's just so obvious.
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    I’m just gonna say it. 2013-2017 Jaguars were better. The white patchwork on the bone jersey is egregious.
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    Man those road jerseys are so much worse than these
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    I don't think that Dolphin font gets enough hate... it's a mess. It's more or less a standard block font with the upper left corner randomly rounded, except for the 5 which has the lower left rounded, the 4 which has the middle bar rounded, and the 8 and 0 which have all the corners rounded. What?
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