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    So I'm not entirely sure where or when it started, but I've heard bandied about the notion that the best sports logos, or maybe even best logos in general, should be able to be drawn by a bored 3rd grader on his notebook during class. I agree with this opinion generally, even if there are quite a few exceptions. The Flyers, 80's Phillies, Hawks, Whalers, Atlanta Flames, Buffalo Braves, etc. all have that classic 70's style logo look to them and are some of my personal favorite Big 4 logos thanks to that. So I got to thinking, what would the NHL look like if every logo passed the doodle test? And after a good while and a whole lot of doodling myself, here's my answer. I redesigned every team's emblem and tried to keep each as simple and easily replicated as possible. For creativity's sake I redid iconic and already very simple logos like Philly, St. Lou, and Montreal, and even remade the NHL logo itself. Let me know what you think of these little nuggets and whichever teams you'd like to see tweaked or elaborated, I'll tweak or do a few jersey sets and maybe small merch sets. Thanks People!
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    Here's how I'd fix the shoulder logo
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    Pacers City Uniform has officially been revealed... More images and a video on Pacers.com/City I actually really like these! It's less busy than the original pinstripe unis and their 5 stripe collars and double outlines on the wordmark and numbers, and the side panel design adds a touch of FloJo flair. I actually wouldn't mind it if they moved to this as their regular set - just need a white and yellow version. Also, I'm definitely going to need to acquire a shirt with this logo on it:
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    For those of you that know me, you know i'm huuuuge into Out of the Park Baseball. I had an itch to create a fictional league, and let the league develop and expand while I sit back and press sim. The league started in 1965, and I've simmed 5 whole seasons. But of course, the Sports Fan Fiction board was blown to rubble so i'm not here to share that side of it! I branded my teams! The first 10 teams were in large and growing markets for the 60s, and I'll rebrand accordingly. Most of the names are spiritual precursors to the first fake league I started on OOTP in 2014. But that league didn't have nearly as many big markets, so for them I tried to be pretty straight forward with their names that would make sense, and fit the time period. Houston Saturns Golden Gatekeepers New York Lancers Los Angeles Suns Boston Bulldogs Washington Admirals Detroit Mechanics Chicago Falcons Philadelphia Keystones Toronto Darts
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    I did some remixes of old jerseys with the modern teams' brand/colors along with the nike template. Would any of these make a good redesign? Let's start with the Bucks: Here's a more boring one with the Bulls:
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